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Stretching painted watercolor paper

Victoria Diaz, Teaching Art

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The first part

    • 3. The second and final part


About This Class

Has it ever happened to you? you're painting in watercolors and you took out the masking tape around your paper because you were ready but turned out your paper was not? it still had a bit of moisture that made the paper buckle a little? and now you don't have a flat work of art but a wavy messy work of art?

Well, for some of you that might not be as important, but if you decide to frame your work, that buckling will show! and if you collect your artwork in a folder or a nice box they will definitely take up more space than they really need. It just looks bad!

So, in this class I will show you how to solve this, you don't need anything you haven't used before. Just watch and you'll see. 


1. Introduction: Hi. My name is 60. Ready? Yes. I'm a watercolor artist. And in the previous class, we painted a magnolia Magnolia in water color also. And I didn't take down my favorite like I always do because I wanted a paper toe. Tobacco made these ways. Okay. You know, um, maybe formed with water so I could teach you in annual lesson How to fix this issue. When once you already painted your project. So way are going to fix this smuggling and we are going toe leave this paper flit. 2. The first part: - we grab our brush, earn water, and we are going to brush over the painting because we put water on this side. All our baby will get smudged, so way flip it down. We make sure no water gets down here. That's very important. And we are going toe with diarrhea of the paper, different directions and make sure it's completely shiny. Chinese with tired area in different directions. And you wait a few seconds to live their water so into the paper, getting to paper and then repeat the process. What? Whatever you can tell to to see it's completely shiny and wet. Even you can see here have still right maker and asked, You do these paper will start toe gain some area because the water will start to expand and that's what we want. Way wanted to expand so we can take it down. We're going to tape it down. We're going to wait a few seconds and then tape it down. Let's at least three free masking tapes. Three layers. So while these gets dry again, it will start to shrink. It will be take down so that they wouldn't let it get buckle again. Way get tight. It preys Titan and ones its completely dry waken Stay out there masking tape and it will be flints. Make sure all your musket tape is very, very secure there. Now, you wait a few hours. I will wait until tomorrow. Maybe because we are having a very rainy and moist, um, a very rainy day. So the air is very moist, and it'll take sometimes sometimes for my painting to get completely trying. 3. The second and final part: So now it's completely trying. As you can see, there's no shine, and it's really, really flat and flat and stretched. It looks straight list. Now we're going to take take off the mask it day If you're using, um, 100% gotten paper, you don't have to worry about tearing your paper when you take off the musket taste, because cutting paper it's is really hard to damage. But if you're using wood pulp, paper like student, great, then you have to be very careful when you take off the tape because you might there paper so way. This is a cultural crater. But if we assume this is would fall Piper, tell you loves I would take off the mask intact like this. Slow and very hurry, sandal parallel to the paper. A boy. Terry, if I do this, I might, um, damage to my face. If you notice some off, the papers starts to come off. What I would do is keep taking it up from this site. Now I'm going to continue like I was doing it before. A little faster. I want to show you against this board how flat the paper is. It doesn't have those waves in heart before. You see, it's very flat and debating is intact. So now you know, guys, When when you paid something and you failed toe tape it down for some reason, I don't know. You can always do this. I hope you enjoyed this class. And it was very formally for you. And if you have any comments, remember toe right down. Oh, are you can email me or find me on Instagram by