Stretch Woven Fabrics: How To Pin Loom Weave 101 | Sajata Epps | Skillshare

Stretch Woven Fabrics: How To Pin Loom Weave 101

Sajata Epps, Designer, Textile Artist

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4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting Your Pin Loom Stitch

    • 3. Filling In Your Woven Stretch Fabric

    • 4. Removing Your Fabric From Loom


About This Class

Hello My Creative Thinkers,

Thank you for taking this class today. For today's lesson we will be covering the 101 basics of pin loom weaving... but with a twist. instead of working on a Pin Loom we will be working on a large potholder loom. This shift in equipment is just to show you that you can do this stitch on just about any square loom you can get your hands on.

We will be covering the following to todays lesson introduction:

A) What we will be weaving

B) What you will need in order to create your project

After you have gathered your tools please follow along with this easy lesson on how to weave a stretch woven fabric using the Pin Loom Weaving Method.





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Sajata Epps

Designer, Textile Artist

Sajata Epps (AKA SAJATA-E) is a designer and textile artist. She has run her creative lifestyle brand company SAJATA-E for over 18 years. Sajata-E makes a lot of the tools she uses to design but she also up-cycles used machines in order to create less waste in the world. Growing natural textile dyes is her passion and she does this in the comfort of lovely community farms she helps develop in the Bronx.

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