Stress Management to Boost Your Mental Health and Happiness | Jason Lee | Skillshare

Stress Management to Boost Your Mental Health and Happiness

Jason Lee

Stress Management to Boost Your Mental Health and Happiness

Jason Lee

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Use Workshop

    • 3. A Warmup exercise: Smiling!

    • 4. Affirmations

    • 5. Tracking

    • 6. Summary

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About This Class

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At long last, it's finally here! A mental health workshop that gives you all the basic tools you need to successfully get you through those long, stressful days.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy with just about everything?

Do you sometimes feel mentally exhausted and want to completely shut down?

You're not alone...

Welcome to Trigger Happi™, your guide to navigate you through those stressful moments in your life and transform them into happiness. This workshop will give you the necessary tools to find the emotional balance in your life. In addition, you'll learn to tap into the core of your stress which will provide you with longer lasting relief and resolution. You'll learn to become more productive, instead of feeling stuck focusing on your stress.

What makes this workshop unique?

  • It's short - Your time is valuable, thus this workshop is designed to be brief yet effective.

  • It's easy - The videos are engaging and use everyday examples with conversational language.

  • It's visual - We absorb information better when we can actively see what we're learning.

  • There's action steps - You'll get loads of tools you can use daily that are practical and effective. The step-by-step tools can be hacked to your liking and personal style.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn quick, simple and effective stress management tools.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their well-being and quality of life.
  • Individuals experiencing depression.
  • Individuals experiencing anxiety.
  • Anyone who has experienced trauma or childhood abuse.

Enjoy the FREE sample lectures!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jason Lee


Hello, I'm Jason.

I'm an Author, Speaker, Mental Health Hacker, Blogger and Instructor.

But most of all, I'm an advocate in mental health from Vancouver, BC, Canada. My goal is simple: I want to help improve everyone's quality of life by promoting mental wellness into their daily lives. I've worked with mental health organizations across the country, promoting awareness, reducing stigma and educating my audience through engaging discussions and meaningful conversations.


Through lived experiences of childhood abuse, trauma and a family history of depression and schizophrenia, I struggled with managing my own personal well-being and mental health. After doing a ton of personal development work with  some exceptional counselors, along with my u... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hi, I'm Jason Lee. Welcome to my trigger Happy Workshop to transform stress in the happiness. Stress is a daily part of everyone's lives. And like millions of others, I struggled with managing stress and my emotions for the better part of my adult life, affecting me in my relationships, my mental health and even my physical health. And it got to the point where I was constantly asking myself, Why am I so unhappy? Out of frustration from the recurring cycles of unhappiness, I decided it was time I did something about it to prove my well being and quality of life. After years of personal development work, I knew that I could make a positive impact on millions of others out there, which led me down the road to become a mental health speaker, a blogger and online instructor and author off the highly acclaimed personal development book Living With the Dragon, Healing 15,000 Days of Abuse and Shame. So I spent hundreds of hours to develop a package of the very best tools to help you manage stress and a guide you to feel lighter, brighter and happier. So what makes my workshop unique? While for one. It's short. My lectures are intentionally designed to be shorter to deliver material that sticks. There's a greater attention valley for you. When the materialist brief about highly informative, did you know that less than 20% of people who registered for online courses actually completed? That sounds a bit discouraging, doesn't it? And that's because of materials just too long. And there's just so many other distractions going on that would much rather be doing so. My approach is simple, and, quite frankly, I just like getting to the point Number two. It's visual. Your brain is much more engaged when you could see the information as well. You'll save time by learning a lot quicker and can begin applying what you learn as soon as possible. Number three, There's action steps. I believe that change happens when we take actions. Otherwise, it's just someone talking on and on, which doesn't turn it to results. I provide you with simple and specific action steps in the exercises, and lastly it's easy. Let's face it, managing stress can be a beast, and the tools that provide you make managing stress so much easier. I promise you I won't bombard you with a lot of technical terms. Are you simple, everyday language and examples that you can relate to. So whether you're managing stress from work relationships, past trauma or life in general, this workshop is palatable for everyone, regardless of the stage you're at in your life. So let's move forward and get started on changing your stress in the happiness enjoy the workshop. 2. How To Use Workshop: I know your time is valuable and you're eager Start, So keep this real brief. This workshop was designed for you to go through however you feel like and that's the beauty of it because it allows you to customize what you want to watch and try. However, I do encourage you to go through all of them and to try it exercises. But most importantly, give them a fair chance before deciding whether or not it works for you. Because just like anything else worth pursuing, it takes time, patience and practice. These skills I'm sharing with you are the ones I use every day for many years now. I just pick and choose which ones I want to use. Depending on the stressful situation. Now you have all the same choices to use against stress and great place to start is with a little warm up exercise in lecture number one. So when you're ready, let's begin 3. A Warmup exercise: Smiling!: Hey, welcome to the very first trigger Happy Workshop. Learning to transform stress in the happiness, going to start out with a little icebreaker today to loosen things up. Consider this the warm up exercise before embarking on that road toe happiness, you know, started like stretching before going for a jog or having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper before going into work. Well, what's the warm up exercise before? Happiness? That's easy. It's smiling. And Casey, I'm figured out yet today you're gonna practice smiling. This sounds silly or even a little awkward to you. Well, why should it weighs two small all the time We were kids, and somewhere along the way, hormones kicked in life got busy with work. Things became really hectic with relationships and growing families, and we lost a bit of that beautiful smile of ours. And after all, you are taking a happiness workshop, aren't you? You can't practise smiling and having a little fun being silly. Well, maybe you need to take my tent. Small workshop. Okay, I'm just teasing. Let's look at it this way. You could do this in the privacy of your own bedroom in the washroom or in front of the mirror, and no one has to know. So if no one knows that the only person who's judging you is you and if it helps here I am practicing my smile. So for today's easy exercise that you're gonna ace, I'd like you to pick up your phone. Go ahead. Now I know you've got one. Set the timer on for two minutes and practice delivering that beautiful smile and while smiling, try introducing yourself and speaking out loud with confidence. Hi, I'm Jason Lee. I'm an author, a dad, and my favorite meal is banking related to breakfast. You can repeat something similar that's fun and funny a few times during the two minutes, and the more you practice it, easier it gets and the less weird and awkward it becomes. Before you know it, you'll rediscover and notice that beautiful smile again. See if you can practice smiling for two minutes straight every day for the next five days. You can even set up a reminder on your phone so you won't forget I did the silly and fun exercise for 30 days straight. The take away information from today's lecture is there's a lot of health benefits to smiling. Did you know that smiling improves your immune system and is a great way to combat stress? You could learn more by downloading the fun facts of provided you number to get comfortable with smiling while you speak. You want to generate a positive attitude, and what better way than to smile while you speak will lighten up everybody's mood. It was known to be said that most smiles are started by another smile, and lastly, stress can make us forget about our smile. Let's face it, life can be stressful. So this exercise is smiling for two minutes is a fun icebreaker to remind yourself, but it's okay to be silly and smile bonus points if you take a selfie. 4. Affirmations : Doesn't it feel good to receive? Likes pop up in your most recent social media post, whether it's your latest picture of the tallest mountain climb, a selfie or even a silly picture of you in your friends at a birthday party. Is this something rewarding whenever we get liked? There's just a momentary feeling of happiness and delight when that heart shaped icon fills up in red. Why is that? I mean, why do we get so obsessed over receiving all those likes? Well, research has shown that 89% of us admit that getting likes and social media makes us feel happy. It's no wonder we keep posting on social media, and the reason behind all this is because we're getting the social approval from our friends and families of what we're doing, how we look like or what we think. What happens when we don't get like this much? Yeah, doesn't feel it. Doesn't some people even go as far as changing their posts to get more likes? I might have done that a few times, too. Affirmations air, Great tool to help boost your self esteem and approval without relying on social media to do that. Why is it important to generate your own healthy self esteem? One. It helps you to produce your own happiness rather than relying on everyone else to give it to you with a healthy dose of self esteem. You don't look for others to approve of you. And when they do, that's just the bonus in the cherry on top to develop your courage and confidence to pursue just about anything. I mean, you do things because you want to rather than what everyone else is doing. You discover your own voice. Not everyone wants to be an astronaut, right? I mean, I personally feel more comfortable being a writer and blogger Number three. It reaffirms the belief in yourself you're able to recognize all the great qualities you have. You feel good about your decisions and stand tall and proud of your achievements. Plus, you could even laugh for yourself when you make some silly mistakes except yourself. Warts and all self esteem begins with you. No one else is responsible for filling your self esteem tank. You can get all the social media likes in the world from others, which will temporally boost your self esteem. But eventually dies down because you need to discover your own approval first. So what are some great qualities about you? Let's discover them today in the worksheet that you'll need to download. Make a list of 10 great qualities about yourself. Here's your chance to break yourself and show off a bit. It's OK. It's perfectly healthy two year old horn once in a while and feel good about it after you generate that list, recited out loud. Or, if you're more comfortable, somewhere private, pay attention and feel those positive vibes like the tingles When you say these things out loud, these little tingly sensations you might feel, by the way. That's when you want to get used to, cause that's a good, happy feeling. Practice saying these great qualities about yourself in front of mayor for five days straight. Oh, and remember, exercise one. That's right. Remember to smile while you say these fabulous and true things about yourself, you must believe and feel it 5. Tracking : tracking your mood is like keeping a log book on how you're feeling through a period of time. Maybe you had a tough day at work and feel frustrated. Maybe you got great news from a family member and are filled with joy. Maybe you met someone new in your life and feel like you could fly to the moon and back. If you don't track your mood, it's a lot harder to tell how long you've been feeling down and to press for how stress you've been lately. So why is it important to track your feelings? Number one. It's a good indicator for change. You start seeing a trend of feeling down. It can spark you to look for ideas. Improve your mood number to quantify your feelings. We all learn better with visuals. This helps to keep you motivated. Plus, that allows you to reevaluate when you need to make improvements. You usually see how your mood's been. It gives you the opportunity to be scientists for a moment on assess what could be some of the reasons for your feelings? Number three. It's easy, but it's effective. There's a lot of great free ops he can use to track your mood. I use one called mood Track, and it's an application where I enter and how I'm feeling at the time, and it plots it on a graph. Over time, I can see how my mood's been and analyze the weapons and the wise. This gives me a lot more control, predictability and consistency with my mood. So let's put on your lab coats and pretend to be scientists. Get to work by tracking how you feel. Download the worksheet blow and let's start plotting out your mood today. 6. Summary : and there you have it, the very basic skills you need to trigger happiness. You have a wide variety of tools you can now use easily, just about anywhere. Whenever you're feeling stress, use your four second breathing tool. If you're feeling a little anxious or worried, or if you're feeling a little low on energy, needs a motivation. Pull up the affirmation to build that self esteem back to where it needs to be. It's that simple, and now it's all yours. Customize your tools and hacked them. Tow away. That works for you. Add to them as you see fit. For example, you might do the four second breathing exercise just before bedtime. Or you might do the mindfulness exercise alongside of the affirmations. One. Pick and choose the tools that work best for you. I know not all these tools will have the same amount of impact for you. I totally understand that, and that's why it's up to you to shuffle, juggle and use accordingly. It takes time and practice before you get good at these important life skills to be patient and stay committed to. It's even more effective when you practice these skills When you're not feeling stress because your brain will be able to take in its information lot quicker, relaxed state. Now you have this workshop for however long you need. You can always play it back over to the sound of my voice. Go through these exercises with I'm really excited for you because you've taken so many forward steps already towards a happier head game.