Stress Management in the Workplace Micro-Course | Sarah Robinson | Skillshare

Stress Management in the Workplace Micro-Course

Sarah Robinson, Yoga Teacher, MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience

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11 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Promo Video

    • Introduction to this Course

    • What is Stress

    • Recognizing Stress in The Workplace

    • 10 Top Tips for dealing with Stress

    • Personal Stress Management Plan

    • Summary

    • *Bonus* Restful Yoga Routine to do at home

    • *Bonus* Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Relaxation

    • *Bonus* Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Letting Go

    • *Bonus* Yoga Nidra: Meditation for Rest


About This Class

Stress Management In the Workplace

We encounter stress each and every day, and many people work in highly stressful environments. Stress is good in some situations, but in others, it can deter one from doing their best when at work. In other cases, stress can become debilitating to the point where it can affect your well-being. This course will give you the tools required to manage the stress you have in your life. This course will arm you with the knowledge and tools you will require to manage stress in any situation, including work. 

What You Will Learn

The Stress Management In the Workplace Short Course will give you a full overview of how to manage your stress, and then apply these skills and information to your everyday life. This course includes: 

  • An overview of what is considered stress.
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • Coping with stress and the effect stress has on the body
  • Learning how to manage stress in a positive way
  • Creating a personal action plan to deal with stress
  • BONUS Yoga routine to wind down after the work day and 3 Yoga Nidra meditations - suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.





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Sarah Robinson

Yoga Teacher, MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience

Hi! I'm Sarah, certified Yoga Instructor, Retreat Producer, Business Owner, Author and Digital Marketing Director.

I hold BSc and MSc degrees in Psychology, and spent a year researching behavioural neuroscience at Harvard University: I love to bring these expertise to the mat and explore the mind body connection with my Yoga students. The classes I teach focus on love and acceptance of who we are RIGHT NOW, embracing joy by living in the present moment. 

In my 26 ...

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