Stress Management & Productivity: Workload Anxiety & Overwhelm | Patrick Howell | Skillshare

Stress Management & Productivity: Workload Anxiety & Overwhelm

Patrick Howell, Psychology to Action™ Bootcamp

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12 Videos (37m)
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    • What You Need to Know & Why

    • The Core of Emotional Control

    • One and the Same

    • Power Strokes

    • Zeigarnick Effect

    • Parkinsons Law

    • 4 Step Problem Solving

    • Section Introduction Mindset

    • How Can I

    • Replace Don't Remove

    • Tying it all Together


About This Class


Instructed by an expert in Applied Positive Psychology, this course comes with lifetime access and seven-day a week tutor support. 

Who is the target audience?

  • My target student is someone who is 'knee-deep' in a stressful and hectic environment. The context of the environment does not matter and can include office workers, entrepreneurs, and homemakers
  • My target audience is open to the 'psychology of change' and is willing to commit to practicing

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build sustainable resilience to anxiety and overwhelm
  • Bring situational stress under control quickly
  • Proactively tackle the symptoms of chronic stress
  • Gain control over the frustration caused by heavy workload
  • Increase energy levels and performance
  • Experience relaxation at will
  • Reduce "mental nagging"
  • Unearth hidden blocks of time and productivity

What are the requirements?

  • Students should understand that achieving sustainable requires significant dedication to the practices
  • Students should recognize that they're at a point in life where overwhelm is unhealthy and needs to be dealt with


In under an hour you'll have learned techniques and lifestyle practices that will help you live better for a lifetime.  From time-tested strategies for gaining emotional control, to game-changer practices for putting an end to workload anxiety, your time spent in this course will pay dividends for years to come. 





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Patrick Howell

Psychology to Action™ Bootcamp


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