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15 Videos (1h 52m)
    • About Brad Newton

    • What This Course Will Teach You

    • How To Gain Muscle And Strength Fast

    • Expectations For Natural Muscle Growth

    • Key Points On Realistic Expectations

    • The Best Training Frequency For Muscle

    • Doing Heavy Compound Weight Lifting

    • How To Stimulate Muscle Growth

    • Why You Should Buy A Calf

    • Women I Just Want To Tone

    • Do You Really Need Supplements

    • Creatine A Bodybuilding Staple

    • Muscle Building Protein Powder

    • What About Pre Workouts

    • Let The Transformation Begin


About This Class

Here is the formula you've probably followed and failed to see changes in your body.

  • Endless cardio
  • Random exercises, random sets, and random weights
  • High-rep training
  • Paying money to a personal trainer and not seeing results
  • "Feeling the burn"
  • Doing grueling workouts and sweating your guts out
  • Following magazine "workouts of the month"

In this course, I introduce to you a simple strength training foundation that will see you grow 20-30 pounds of muscle in your first year of weight lifting

This is very practical provided you apply the strategies I teach in this course.

Most strength training programs and workouts are prescribed by guys on steroids. It means you'll never achieve the results they claim you will achieve.... (unless you are taking steroids!)

By taking this course, you will achieve the following;

  • Learn the simple and practical science to building muscle and strength
  • For women: learn the mistakes to avoid so you can start seeing results right away
  • Gym workouts will be no longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • No more burning yourself out in the gym.
  • Learn which workout supplements you can take to help speed up results
  • Learn how to track your progress by measuring yourself
  • Learn how to use smartphone applications like MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal, or FitNotes

You will be given access to my Ultimate Guides where I will show you exactly how to train each part of your body!

You will get access to SIX of my ultimate guides...for free!

You will learn exactly what I did to achieve the transformation that took me from being skinny fat and out of shape, to a "natural" fitness model competitor.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Brad Newton and I am a natural (no steroids) fitness model competitor that competes under a steroid-free federation. I'm not a sponsored athlete which means I have no financial bias in the advice I give in this course! (There are no "buy my supplement" pitches in this course!)

I also have a Bachelor of Science which has allowed me to study the science behind building muscle, losing fat, and getting fit.

I am also passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves.

I'll give you two more reasons why you should enroll right this second:

Save money! Not enrolling will mean you'll just be like how I was... confused about how to train correctly. Period.

See you inside the course!






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Brad Newton

Fitness Vlogger |

Hey Everyone! Brad here.

I create fitness video courses to help you get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire your next travel adventure.

I have also won multiple fitness model/ bodybuilding competitions under a drug-tested steroid-free Federation. I’ve also helped thousands of people get into shape with my digital fitness courses.

I am also passionate about flying planes, drones, cinematography, and visual storytelling.

To read more of my biography, go here...

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