Streetwear Branding: Creating a cohesive style for your images using filters and lightroom | Robert Johnson | Skillshare

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Streetwear Branding: Creating a cohesive style for your images using filters and lightroom

teacher avatar Robert Johnson, Owner of Cre8ive Minds Clothing & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 Finding the Style

    • 3. 2 Selecting Filters

    • 4. 3 Workspace Setup

    • 5. 4 Editing the Photos

    • 6. 5 Final Section and Export

    • 7. 6 Outro and Class Project

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About This Class

This class show the steps to create a cohesive set of images by focusing on color grading using free or low cost filters in adobe lightroom. We will cover using everyday images to find or develop a look you feel conveys your brand mission. We will also go over finding and importing filters and photos into adobe lightroom and finally how to edit and export your photos. I look forward to seeing you in class 

Meet Your Teacher

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Robert Johnson

Owner of Cre8ive Minds Clothing & Illustrator


Hello my name is Robert i'm a the owner and operator of Cre8ive Minds Clothing a streetwear brand focused on promoting a positive style to the youth. I have a background in graphic design, and photography of about 5+ years. When not working with the clothing line I also create illustrations and help with small brands to build their outreach

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1. Intro: Hey, guys, Robert here and they'll be teach. You have created some quick use of stylized images for your street, your brain with use of light room. So in the classroom, where start up doing is actually finding a stylized image that you would like. I will do that. The use of moon boards there. From there we go to actually finding filters that help you achieve, I said. So look, then I'll show you how to set up your workspace in light room, bringing those filters so we could go to the next step, which is actually editing your photos and getting a feel for from their kind of playing around and actually delivering the style for Finally, we'll be doing that. Final picks followed by exporting so you can actually use it for any application that you feel all right, please click growth in place 2. 1 Finding the Style: Alright, guys. So first and foremost on the class we're going to do is actually find a stylized look that you want to go for for myself. I'm actually gonna be saving my images to website called painters. I mean, I like using pictures because you can actually sink it across multiple APS. By no means is this the only way that you can go? You can use a one drive or dropbox you just for my sake and my train of thought. I just really like to have something that I can use on any type of device. That way it doesn't hinder me if I'm out in the field or if I met a coffee shop in one, actually some enemy I can look at my references. I'm to kind of go from there. Okay, so let's go to the screen in. I'll show you now. So I have pictures up and actually have, um, a profile that I made called woman fuzzies on Pinterest. I'm just a pin board. There were using kind of like a mood board like I said before. So in order to use it, it's a very simple interface. If you have used before. A lot of you have already. So I'm just going over for the ones we have, but free. If you want to save a pin, you can actually use this icon here to add a pin. And I have a few different sites up. So when you're looking for your image is what we're going to do Since I'm doing a summer look book, I'm actually gonna go for a lot of warm images. That way kind of conveyed that Summerfield to it through the actual photography. And this is also the thing. If you have a photographer that you're working with, you guys kind of you this mood board, for one the time of images that you want to use as well. If the look, which one images to go for. So even if someone else is heading your photos, you can kind of give him a reference of what you want to go to. So with that, let's go to the first sight that I have up. And I really liked a few of these images because this may when here actually shows a lot of Summerfield to it. I know what the attire, the sweater kind of seems like it may not be summer, but then when you see the Reds and the only kind of pipe in the picture is Well, I mean, what if they're tired of the guy ads on as well? I mean, just kind of gives a warm summer vibe to it, but I also like a few of the other images like this, if you can kind of fill a lot of heat coming out of the picture, Um, for this one here. So I like this one as well that I wanna having a reference. And then also, this guy here had a short song. It's kind of a Summerfield as well, Like the picture before a top of the actual page. So what I want to do instead of just one image, I want to see the entire site. So my Pinterest boards, So that way you can actually go into it and see multiple images, or you could do the one by one. But for this one, I'm just going to show you how to do the entire site. So you go to save a pin and then the web, you're going to select it. You just copy and paste that site right there and go to next. Now, when you do that, pitchers should give you a few different images, mostly from that site to pick from. So what I'm gonna do is actually select this one, because this is the 1st 1 It kind of caught my eye with everything, and I'm going to save it. So my warm and fuzzies page. So once you have that saved, sometimes I'll show you the board that is paying, too, If someone else had pinned to it and you can kind of go there to see, maybe they may have some images that you like is well for your references for myself. I'm not gonna do that. So we'll go back to here and now you see, it's actually at the air, and if you want to click on it so you got it from you can actually go back to that site if I was to click here and it'll pull back up that site, we're not gonna do that right now. I'm gonna show you a few more images actually have selected across the top is Well, um so the 2nd 1 is this legalised image. I kind of like this guy here. You kind of feel some rich guy on a skateboard. You know, it has that more from this to it. You can see a lot of orange in it. Um, and that, of course, is just a awesome picture for a look book for street Robbery. So So I'm going to say that when this one is actually going to be an individual image that I want to say. So just like I said before, kind of the Oreo, You gotta go to say you a pin and the web next. And there you go. So you select that image that you want to do it for and save it to the warm and fuzzies page. I understand. See you good. And then that's That's pretty much it for saving images to your venture's board. But that's and it's a good way to do this if you're actually working with someone else, or if your abba Tennessee to work outside of traditional work space. I know for myself I have a home area where actually do a lot of my editing in, but as well the from out of town. Or if I'm actually going somewhere to do it on the photo shoot. I don't want to have to say OK, why can't work on this right now? Because I'm often about we'll actually have this on my pensions board. I can put up on my phone or if I take my tablet, raven my laptop with me. So I could just put up open the light room and kind of use those images of the reference back before. So I'm gonna save a fume or to the actual board, and then from there will go into the next step. What should be actually fighting filters for use in light? 3. 2 Selecting Filters: Alright, guys. So we found the look. We're going for a stylized image. So now we're gonna do is we're actually going to go to a few different sites that I had used in the past and actually use currently. Still have some presets and filters for your light room. Um, a lot of, um, or free. I'm not free. They actually had a pretty affordable or cheap price. So let's just go to the screen and I'll show you. All right, So the 1st 1 that we have up it iss sleep, clings so sweetly and is actually pretty good because they have some that, actually on the higher end. But they have a few for, like, 39 as well. But the one that I focused on from sleep lens is actually this free light room preset to start back. I mean, that's pretty good. So what you do here is your actual Just click on it. It won't actually for download. You click there, and you have to put in your email address once you place your email address in is going to sign you up for a newsletter on and they're pretty good with the newsletters. They try to send a lot of informative information out to you through your email. But you can always unsubscribe at you. Grab the preset if you want to, but yes, So once you do that, you're gonna download it and already have it now, so I won't go through any of that. But that's the 1st 1 So sleep claims the 2nd 1 is actually contractually, and they're pretty good as well. They have a few different presets that you can get on. And it just like 24 10 29 19 bucks that pretty cheap. They also have, ah, free pack that you can grab is well, you're gonna have to sign up for the newsletter. Also, that's occurring themes you may see. So one way that you can get to the formal you can actually signed up for. But if you go to the search, Phil appear to top and you'll see now they have get 25 light on presets and five Photoshopped actions for free. When you subscribe to the newsletter. So there, from day to join now putting your email address, get your information, and then they'll send you the link. For once you confirm that you want to join their Mel Inglis and they're pretty good as well . So that's another one. Contractually. And then from there we have sheriff polls shatter posts. Excuse me, but so they have a few different bundles and presets. Chicken grabs well from them and what they do instead of having the individual prices for it, they actually have, ah, fee that you pay. I believe it's monthly. If I'm not mistaken. Um, let's just look and see. Did you struggle on here and grab one? All right, so you get the 300 light room presets for 59 bucks through them. They also have a freeway. I'm not sure you can get to the free one from here. There's been a while since actually down to the free bundle from Shorter Post. But of course it's with email address that you have to use for, but yes, so Shut opposes another one when you can actually get some presets from I'm not really sure how you can get to the free. When I probably added into the end, I'll dig around a little bit and figure out how I got to the page to sign up for the newsletter to get the actual from presets. Alright, guys. So actually found that you get the free presets with shorter posts. What ended up doing was doing a Google search for shut. Opposed free presets. I'm it actually took me to the show to post that calm. Um, let me go back here so I can actually show you exactly the correct your ill. So they have a category free presets section on their actual sight. I'm gonna say I found it through a google search. So once you go there, you will see the different process that they have available. So your your film light room presets, the autumn light room, HDR light leak. They have a few there from once, and I think they need to have a mother with the older entries that you can use as well for free. And then once you find what you want to use, you just click on it. And once you click on it, you'll have the option to enter your email address to get access to the 20 letter on presets and 20 Photoshopped actions for free. And then once you put the email address tell Senate email to you for you to confirm so you can download the presets for free. I mean, the ones they have free, actually, pretty good. So then, from there we have the final one that I use, which is called Preset Love. And they're free light room presets that you can grab any actually have a pretty good selection of presets, and all of them are free. So from there you go preset love dot com, and you'll actually you can sort through the top presets. You could look at all the presets, the latest presets. I just want to go to now and then you show the latest ones has been added to it since we are going for summer Phil or a summer look book. We're going to go for some of the warmer colors actually see to hear sunset over the ocean and beach day. So once your day, you just click. Download this preset, and it'll actually take you here. And you're down into a zip flower and they kind of give you up side by side comparison. See, you can see for this picture at least what it will look like with the filter applied onto it. Andan also will do the same thing for a sunset over the ocean because, like the warmth that it adds to this picture so as down with this as well. All right, so now that we have all about filters downloaded that we kind of feel fits a theme that we discovered in our move board that makeup entries will go to the next one, which is setting up the workspace on there. Actually, you had actually import your filters into light room, and it's kind of how to set it up in a few different looks that you could do in light room when you're doing your editing. 4. 3 Workspace Setup: So now that we have our filters that we selected from a few different sites and went through, I'm also show you how to import the filters into your light room and also how you can import your photos as well so we can get it to the next portion, which would be actually editing with the filters and the photos. So the first thing that you want to do is you want to go to edit once you actually unpacked all of your filters and to do that, of course, when you download them, they will be an exit foul. Um, so you just right click on the actual foul to extract all or any other type of compression self where you may use, like winzip or seven Zip is another one as well. So what's your extracting? You can actually put a mould into one folder. Actually, he was a light room presets folder that actually about my presets suit. So to bring them into light room, you're going to go to edit you gonna preferences. And then right here it says presets on the top. Tap. You going to show light room presets? Voter, This is going to bring you to this photo here, which is the Adobe folder. Do you go into light room? You will go into developed presets and then light room presets. And once you had those presets that preset photo open Excuse me? You're going to then go into your actual presets folder and you can just highlight all of these and actually drag them or copy them over. I actually just do a copy and paste, but just not a copy over, so don't worry about it. But eso once you have it copied over, then of course, a lot of this out, like, Okay. And then from there you will actually restart light room. It was folder out. So we make up and did you see over in the develop settings you'll actually have your photos for? So this is the one from contractually, so once you have an image, you can actually expand them. So let me show you how to bring your images into light room now as well. So we can kind of look over those and verify so in light room, when you're ready for your images, of course, you'll go to the library section. You click import. This is going to bring up actual import field. From there, you can just navigate. So what, you actually have your voters and your pictures say to? So for here, actually have my state under pictures and class one folder. I'm gonna bring in these three photos. I'm just for us to kind of use throughout the last portion of the class. So once you have selected excuse me, the ones who actually want to bring in two year software click import. You got him over. And then from there, once you have your photos imported, you can go to develop setting, and you'll see the photos down here at the bottom. You can go through them and select your photos. So yes, you have that and didn't want You actually have photos. And you can expand your different presets and see everything for so you have the sleet land started presets. We have the one to be gotten contractually as well as that's fine. The other one. You the process. Uh, it affects color presets. I believe there may be other the color presets. You have the General G. I think it's under color. If I'm not mistaken. If not, it will probably be underway. Other too. I'm just not seeing right now, so there's no worry about that. But you actually have the presets imported now into light room. You have your photos, so from there will go into the next port of the class, which is going to be actually editing your photos there from now show you doing your final picks and exporting everything else. 5. 4 Editing the Photos : So now we have our filters important. The light room. We also have our images that brought a light room as well. So now we're going to go through actually using the filters on the photo. You kind of get a stylized look that we're going for. Like I said, we set before our Pinterest smooth board or whichever moved what you created. So to do that when you first bring your image in what I like to do is used his eyedropper tool so we can get the right temperature. So what we do, we use the eyedropper tool and, like the final nice, neutral portion of the picture naming. I'm going to use the white shirt and kind of get that to get the white balance correct to the photo. So you see now, once we actually got that again, that's a little bit more of a cooler picture we're going for and with cool. I mean, a lot more blue added to it. So if you want actually warm the picture back up, what you can do is in the top portion will be white balance. You can actually bring some of the yellow back in kind of warms to pick her up a little bit . Makes it feel like a nice evening day, if you will. So I kind of like that. They're so we'll go with that. All right, so now that we have all of that set, you can play with the exposure and everything else. But what I actually like doing is using the filters. And out of that, we have the contrasting light room free sex. And there are a lot of one offs in their on what actually is a good thing about it in light room. If you look at the top left portion up here, right under navigator, it kind of gives you a preview of what the filter is going to do to the actual image. So you can look here before you actually click. Apply. If you want to see on the larger image itself, you can just click it it. Look, playoff the settings for it and you'll get the picture itself. And of course, if you don't like it, controls eat. That'll bring you back to the last step that you did. So once we have that, we're gonna close contractually out, and we're going to use the sleep land started preset. I like that a little better because it actually gives you numbered steps. So, as you see, you have the zero step, which is your old one starter kit. And as a few different settings on it, she had free line at the meadow. Once again, you can look at the top of here to kind of see what it's going to do for you. And if you don't like any of you have selected, that's a good part about it. Ah, so this one, what kind of give it the happy metal? See what it looks like? Yeah, I like the contract that it it added to the actual photo. So I'll leave that there. And then, of course, from their you move to the next one. So then you have the first base afternoon play. That looks like a pretty good right there, actually, also with this one. That's one of the name of it. Experience A little bit. All right. Caspar Casper. Fort Brain days ready days. Actually, it's a lot of warm to it, but I won't do that when we're ready. Days. But this is like the village too much. Um, so we're gonna have a Catholic for this one? That way kind of lightens up the face little bit. They had got a little darker from the previous city under their from their The 2nd 1 is gonna be exposure. So you could close your shadow some, and you can play around with them. It's really good. You can play around with it if you don't like it. Don't control Z to take you back to the previous step. Um, like, that was pretty cool. See about this? No, I don't think the explosion left. The exposure is actually pretty good. Yeah, Jane, this boat too much. All right. So open her legs. Hi. So nice. I like that. Open the shadows. I kind of like the shattered image. A as a little bit of depth to it. Kind of like HDR photo, if you will. Eso Yeah, I like that. So now we'll go to the third setting in it. Why? Color? And this is more of the tone intent for the photo itself. So that adds more like a Why pinkish like a pinkish type. Feel to it. I'm not too fond of it, Sonny. uh, all right, So we have the sunny vibe, and then we also have warm shadows, so this is gonna be tough. So let's see which one you like best warm shadows as that wants to it. Sunny shadows kind of same thing. But I like warm just a little bit more than add some of the bronzes and a gold ish kind of like You see, the sun is coming off the actual lake of the statue in the background. So it kind of gives that filled the sun's pointing right at you, and it's bringing that warm thing. So I like that a lot. I'm so now from there Were those the Polish, we can add a pop of color. We could do a high contrast in the photos that looks like and as a little more contracts to it kind of makes it stand out. Make that read a lot more. Boulder and Papa lights are like that also brings the green a little bit for low contrast, dreamy feeling. No, more like a big yet to it. Now we can add that towards the end. Some are blown Now. This is actually a favorite portion of my travel wish. So it kind of adds a haste to a film filter on guy like that. Look for a lot of it. Actually, I did my look book, which is where these photos are from using the travel which filter on the top of it. And it kind of just gave it more of film. Look, if you will, kind of like a retro is right, which is what I was going for. Four. Kind of like a dreamland tightening so you could use that if you if you want to. If not, it's up to you as anything is always objected to the eye of the person as making it, um, and then you have your black and white fields. If you want to add black and white, it's like I said before, anything in the actual sleep limbs started. Preset is optional. So if you don't want to go a step, you can always get over to go to the next one. If you feel you need to, you can go back and actually play with those steps as well. Just skipped this. If it's something that can enhance the photo or not, so we're not going to add any of the black and white, but I think that will take away from the hoping they were going for In the end, what you can do is, as you've been yet, so you can use the black men yet, which is kind of subtle. Yeah, it's kind of like it. It brings your eye into the center of it. Um, so that's nice. Or you can actually use the subtle white been yet. It kind of gives it more of a dreamscape around the edges. Here, you see. Ah, emulate black. I like black lives better. Yeah, so that's one for just one of the photos. Then, of course, you go through for your other ones if you want to in a lattice anything or what you could do. If you feel that this may be a good look for all of them, you can actually right click or the image down to the bottom in the film room itself. And then for the developed sayings Uh, excuse me for the where is it? Meta data that was actually developed? Yeah. Every go develop saying I know it's just miles. Not with me. Okay, So develop saying you go to copy settings and then it lets you select was burned. You want a copy? I'll leave it at default for right now at his to copy. And then what you can do is you can click on the next photo here, right click on it, do develop settings, and you're gonna pace those sayings on that image. And it will addle those presets that we did before. Now, once again from here. If you don't like that, you can go into the sleeping and Starter kit and kind of play with the the settings one by one to kind of bring it up or down or before you do anything you could do. Control Z. It's a go back to the original image, so it's kind of your choice what you want to do with it. So Alphin is working on these other two photo with the filters, and then from there, what we'll do is we'll go into the actual exporting of the images 6. 5 Final Section and Export: So we're back. I finished the actual ending of the photos. I didn't have too much to the main thing that I did was actually removed. Travel, wish off the image. I kind of went back and looked at the mood board as I was doing the editing, and I realized travel was gay. Them or, uh ah, watch. Look, they didn't actually bring out the warmth of the picture itself, which is what we're going for for this I'm a look book. So I kind of went back and made a few changes to it and took off the actual travel with Filter. And then, of course, I have applied it to it. One thing I did forget to mention and the last section waas. When you're using your filters, if it's something you feel, it's close, but it's kind of off. You can always use your tools over on the right hand side of the screen to kind of tweak the filter so the filters not set in stone. It's not the settled be all of the image you can always go through, and you can change your filters and kind of tweak. Um, if you will so Now what I have is I have three of my final images that I actually liked to go forward with, and what I do now was actually doing export for them. What you do, the export. If you have multiple images and some of them, you feel after you imported him, I didn't really like him. What you can do is actually used your control or I'm actually does on the Mac. But I believe it's control also. Then use your your mouths. Just click on the images that you actually want to select and the one you don't want to select. Don't select once you have all gaming to select it, you're right click and you do export now with export you could do export were previous. If you have a certain location, do you like to export your images to? Or you could just do a regular export inside of the actual export field. You'll see here you can say to different locations. So for this one, I will change this because that's from a previous that did So I started pictures. Class one is one doing all of the exports, and I'll make a new folder and call it export. All right, We'll select that folder and you'll see here on the photo path. It actually showed you want to be exported to on the export to you could do specific folder . She was a photo later. And then also same folder as original photo. So where you import your images from taking exports? That same folder, if you want to, it could be useful for me. I kind of like having them separated. So you don't have to try to figure out which wanted to correct one. If you're moving on a flight and you actually want to find the image is gonna be a lot harder if you have any issues between the two and it makes you a little bit. So from there you can actually use a sub folder if you want to. And I want used axes were putting in export for just for this purpose. You can add it to the catalogue if you want to, because an existing foul that I have to say name you can set it to ask what you want to do . She was a name for the export of foul overwrite without warning or skip it even said it is . You can kind of change if you want to, just to kind of If you want to click it while away and let it run without worried about anything, You kind of said that it's well in there. You can rename it if you want to actually rename it for the foul of the image and give you an example of what the foul name will be. So let's actually do this too custom mean and oh, use last work. All right, so you start with the number one and one of two to to think like that, going to it, actually want to spell work correctly. Okay. All right. So glad work. All right, So now is not a video files, you know about that, And then this portion, what you can do, you can add the middle, the metadata. If you add it to your image, you can have copyright image only, Or you can actually add any type of tax you want to and things like that, and you'll set that up before you actually start doing your export. But that's a totally different set up things for it. Um, yes. So you had your copyright image, you can do the copyright contact info, all except camera and raw info and all meditating so you can you can set that up if you want to. Hopefully you haven't set up in light for your metadata. If not, then I made another class about setting up light room to put the information in, but it wouldn't be helpful right now. So after that, you can add a watermark to it if you want to. And a lot of people actually use watermarks. If you're gonna be using your image online so you won't have someone try toe still or released. Try to prevent people from Southern them. Of course, they can still work around it. But if you wanted to a watermark, you can actually at words. Or you can edit your water market at actual image to the picture itself. So I want to add any water marks on it this time. So I unchecked that and then after the export, you could have it do nothing. Which means wants to export. Done is done. You can have it showing explore. So actually bring the photo off folder up that shows the actual photos in them, so you can go through checking, make everything check and make sure everything went out correctly. I mean, you have open another applications, so if you want it done exporting, if you want to open it up another application that you're using, you can actually set it up in here as well on go to export actions for folder. Now, I won't do any of that. So wants me. Everything set like we do export and let it go on. You see, up here on the left is kind of showing the process of the number is on for the photo. And I just realized I didn't do my third photo. So once we're done, I export that one as well to get into the folder. But once it is done, it also task complete. And I believe I had to do nothing, so it didn't open the export file. But let's go ahead and do this 3rd 1 But I did as well now do export. And what we'll do this time, I will have it where it opens up the folder and explore so you can see how that looks as well. You can also add just sharpening if you want to. And I'm sorry. I did forget to mention this for the format. You can set it for a few different formats, so you can t o j Peg PSD tiff, a DMG or the original foul format. I actually work in a raw file format which die any fl. So I like to just convert it to a J peg just so. For one, it's a smaller foul and for to a lot easier to handle with profiles. You like those best in light room because you can actually a lot more manipulation to. So that's why I like working in a row fouls. So I'm not doing anything else would actually get through with this, so I'll just leave that J fake for now. You can set the quality for, of course, the higher quality the larger found. So that's something to think about as well and the color space. If you're doing rgb or it's RGB pretty photo or other, if you're gonna be donating type of printing or anything else, you want to change the actual color space for it to color match for the device you're praying through You can sharpen if you want to. I normally needed for screen and then set the amount for high. But you can sharpen it for Matt. Paper, glossy paper he amounts can be low, standard and high. Um, so let's do this last export. It should open up in a folder so I can show you exactly how to look if you have it set for export in folder. All right, so now we have the classwork fouls. You have one of 11 of two and in two of two. So once you that you can actually open your photo and you'll get a little for and then from there, you can put it in any type of actual application that you want to use it in. Or if you want to set it up to go to your instagrams, your Facebook pages or if you want to make a complete bone beloved, rename it. Hopefully you need it. Whatever you want to be named too. So you can publish to your website. Forget look, book Anything else? All right, so that should be everything from start to finish for it. So now in the next video below, I'll go over. Excuse me, The actual class project. So you guys get started 7. 6 Outro and Class Project: Alright, guys. So we reached into the class and the class was once again about how great a cohesive a set of images with style lives looks for your streetwear brand in here. What we discussed was actually creating the mood board for your images When you first select the look that you're going for and with the move board is good to set it. Because if you have to go back later, look at it. You won't actually forget what you were going for. No. Halfway through the process, in time, we can kind of get mixed up or change a few different ideas. And it's good to have a move, boy, to go to actually look at to refresh yourself from what? You actually beginning the project within my So from there with the move board wants to get you, use it on countries you can set up with shared drive one dropbox or with the one Dr location if you want to. You just want to have something I can sink across multiple devices. So you're not tired just sitting at one location to be inspired by your mood board. So from there, what we did was actually found a place actually grab filters. Four your images that you can apply in light room on. Then also, we worked on setting up the workspace, importing the filters into light room as What is your photos on? And then from there we actually edited the photos with the filters. And once again, just remember that the filters are not the I said, I'll be all for the image if you feel a filter is close to what you're going for, but just not there. You can always use the tools on the right hand side and light room under developed settings to actually tweet the filters and the changes that they make to your shadows or highlights your blacks or whites in the image you can actually add some some postman getting if you want to things like that. And then from there we went to how to you actually export your photos once you make your final picks that you do all your editing and then now we're going into the actual class presentation. So for this, of course, what we're going to do is go through, create a mood board at the you select, a standard life. Look for your images. Use a move or like I say, use pictures with Dropbox or anything else like that. Once you have your mood board, you're gonna go through five filters. You can use the sites that I gave you, or you can actually do a Google search for free light room presets or filters that if you want to excuse me and they're from there. What she would do is you would actually go through creator images, finds images if you don't have any and edit those to make a case of look for a set of images. I was probably about three or four images, at least if you want to. If you want to do more great, just remember it's a lot of work, but if you want news for practice, it's fine. So, yeah, once you have that, then you're going to you're exporting. And then if you want to upload your projects to the actual class so everyone can see and hopefully everyone comments and gives everyone constructive criticism in the classrooms as well as encouragement about everything, and I look forward to seeing all of your presentations