Street Smart Self Defense For Women

Richie Smyth, MSc., CPT-NFPT

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14 Videos (44m)
    • Hi, I'm Richie Smyth.

    • Meet My Wife Tracy, A Victim.

    • Don't Text & Walk.

    • You're Approaching Your Car All Wrong.

    • Beware Of Space Invaders.

    • Defense - Single Wrist Grab

    • Defense - Double Wrist Grab

    • Defense - Front Choke

    • Defense - Rear Choke

    • Defense - Muggers Grip

    • Defense - Bear Hugs

    • Defense - Blocking & Striking

    • Sneak Peek - Weapons Demo

    • We Thank You!


About This Class


You have to work late again.  It's dark, you got a lousy parking spot and you're the last one in the building. What do you do?

I'm willing to bet that most of you wouldn't think much of this scenario as you've been in this situation many times.  Lock up, check your phone and head out to your car while deciding whether it's pizza or burgers tonight on the way home.

The first 3 modules of this course are going to teach you the proper precautions to take if you find yourself in this scenario and others like it.  

This training has modified the habits of hundreds of my corporate clients. I highly encourage you to "un"learn dangerous behaviors such as distracted texting or unlocking your car from over 10 feet away.  Self Defense is not just the act of physically defending yourself against an attack, it's also recognizing a potential situation where you are vulnerable to an assault and preventing that situation.


You're working late again and as you're checking messages on your way to the car, you're grabbed from behind in a violent choke hold.  

Your daughter or your little sister is out on a date with someone you think is a little creepy and find out he grabbed her by the wrist to drag her into a room at a party she wasn't supposed to be at...

In this course, you'll learn how to protect yourself from these types of assaults. The methods you will learn to combat each of the 7 common attacks have been tested aggressively against women in my corporate training classes. Your homework will be to practice yourself.

This course is one of the only self defense trainings that prepare you for the actual violence that really occurs during a real life attack.  


I don't teach complex martial arts counter attacks that require years of practice.  You think you'll remember a three step counter attack if you're attacked for real?  No, and you're not supposed to. Attacks only take seconds and seconds is the difference between your safety or your tragedy.  

My mission is to replace your instinctive reaction from frozen panic to an immediate simple counter assault move to disable and escape the bad guys (or gals) out to do damage to you.  


On behalf of my wife Tracy and myself, we want to say thank you in advance for your time and we truly hope that what we teach you will never have to use. 

Riche Smyth

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TOP CLASS A+ TOP VIDEO LESSONS even more for woman and children i am a male and have always studied self defense arts many of them from 7 years old now at 52 can tell you i am still at it woman's classes like these are important for all people i give you a sample i was ones bashed real heavy and robed you may say someone with your experience? well yes simply because i had 1/2 wine glass but they spiked my drink i was dizzy almost knocked out before they attacked me and was very week even before the attack so knowing these woman defense is great even for men when they are weekended but just do not drink or take drugs is the go which i do not drink or take drugs it was just that one time 1/2 glass only also i learn these to teach woman and child thus i am a man but i got to practice these things to teach woman children also i suggest for people to learn what the teacher says here in this class to your best but also learn speed and accuracy timing so on thus do what the instructor here says yes but before the aggressor has a tight grip on you or even just before he grabs you as long as it is a attack thus if you succeed great if not you still got to do what the instructor said and to be fast you got to practice speed so if you are faster do as said if not still do as said OK I ENJOYED THESE LEARNING VIDEOS THANK YOU RICHIE SMYTH for the lessons





Richie Smyth


Professional Trainer & Self Defense Instructor

Richie is a former competitive national bodybuilding champion, world ranked powerlifter and multiple degreed black belt martial artist & instructor.  He is well known in the fitness industry for achieving unmatched results for clients with damaged metabolisms and bad genetics.

His abilities include rehabilitation from injury and illness as well as other physical deficiencies.  His work with celebrities, athletes and models...

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