Street Shots: Photographing Scale, Light, and Colors

Steve Sweatpants, Photographer, Ginger Ale Connoisseur

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8 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Project: Photo Scavenger Hunt

    • Steve's Principles of Composition

    • Shooting Complementary Colors and Light Sources

    • Shooting Vanishing Points

    • Shooting with Scale

    • Editing Tips

    • Sharing Your Work


About This Class

Join street photographer and Street Dreams Magazine co-founder Steve Sweatpants for a photo scavenger hunt through New York City! This 30-minute class goes behind-the-scenes to show the hustle, play, and compositional style he brings to every project — and how you can bring that fun into your own work.

Steve shows how photography is more about your eye than a set of hard rules. Sharing his self-taught approach to scale, light, color, and vanishing points, everything comes back to making the rules your own.

Who should take this class? It's perfect for aspiring photographers looking to add consistency to their work, pros searching for inspiration, and everyone who loves a creative approach. Grab your camera, some sneakers, and your sense of humor as Steve takes you through the city he calls home.

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Love the course!
Very clear and well explained. I learned a lot just watching Steve walking in the streets of NYC.





Steve Sweatpants

Photographer, Ginger Ale Connoisseur

I was born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica, Queens. I'm a photographer, Editor-at-Large, Social Director and Co-Founder of Street Dreams Magazine. On my off time, I complain about the New York Knicks, cheese and why dunkaroos are so hard to find.

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