Street Photography: Capture The Scenes of Your City

Kaitlin Rebesco

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About This Class

“Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times… I just shoot at what interests me at that moment.

-Elliott Erwitt

Street photography is an opportunity to go out into the world and absorb life on the streets of your city - something I love to do as part of my work as a photographer. One of the most rewarding aspects of street photography is the heightened sense of awareness you will develop as you learn this skill. It’s something that pulls you into the here and now, forcing you to observe every gesture and every glance. You will no longer walk down the streets lost in your own thoughts. You will be rooted in the present – observing, feeling, and recording life around you.

This class is an introduction to street photography, with a focus on training your gaze and building the confidence to hit the streets with your camera. In this class we will:

  • Gather inspiration by looking at the work of the masters
  • Learn tips to become confident shooting on the street
  • Begin to incorporate composition and aesthetics into our street photos
  • Learn how to see and capture meaningful moments from everyday life on the streets

But one of the most exciting aspects of this course is the opportunity to connect and share with people from all over the world.  After living in the same place for a while, sometimes our eyes can become dull to what makes our city unique and exciting.  The chance to view street scenes from around the world is a chance to refresh our own eyes and see our own city from a new perspective.

Since the goal of this class is to introduce you to street photography and sharpen your observational skills, really any camera will work, even your iPhone!  My only recommendation is to shoot digitally, rather than with film, so that you can quickly upload and share your photographs.

Get shooting! 

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I have probably joined too late, some links don't work anymore and supporting material is not available. But I did value the input and the suggested tools and inspiration
I enjoyed taking this class. It pushed me to try something out of my usual comfort zone of photography, and I really liked the challenge of creating images from the street. I also appreciate her project ideas to continue improving my images beyond the class.
I think this class gives some really interesting advise on how to approach street photography for the first time! The materials and linjs given by the teachers surely add points!





I'm a fine art and documentary photographer currently based in Chicago. I first became interested in street photography while studying at the International Center of Photography in New York.  The streets of New York sparked an interest in documentary photography that led me to the Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris where I graduated with a specialization in photojournalism.  My passion for street photography lies in its spontaneous and entirely original nature. I love the rush of capturing unstaged moments in time, never before seen and never to be seen again (except through images). I attempt to communicate the energy of unposed and unplanned art that springs entirely from the actions of people earnestly involved in the process of daily living.  My work has been exhibited internationally and recognized in publications in the United States and Europe.