Street Mockup / How to create a street mockup in Photoshop CC

Alex T, Artist / Photoshop instructor

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11 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Structure revealing

    • Colour & Tone adjustments / 1

    • Colour & Tone adjustments / 2

    • Image retouching with Clone Stamp Tool

    • Details revealing

    • Mockup

    • Let`s add an image to the mockup

    • All steps ones again

    • Timelaps

    • See you in the next lessons !


About This Class

Hey guys,

in this lesson I would like to share with you how to create a street mockup in Photoshop CC.  Mockup representation is a great choice to show your work in the best way. You can add your art multiply times and you don`t need to change the perspective of the image, or adjust the settings each time. Mockup is really handy and easy to use, and today you will learn how to create your own. We will start with image preps and colour changes. Image retouching is a very important step which allows you to make it really special. Next ,we will start to build the mockup itself. And at the end of the lesson we will summerize all we have learned, so if you miss something, don`t worry, we will come back to all of the steps again. Right guys, so we have a lot of work, and let`s jump into it right now.




here is 6 steps to create a street mockup ( you can download this instruction at the project section )






Alex T

Artist / Photoshop instructor

Hey guys,

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