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Street Magic: A Guide to Magic tricks for Beginners/Intermediate

teacher avatar Magic Tricks, Magic tricks that Everyone can do!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Two Card Monte

    • 3. Mind Reading Coins

    • 4. The Vanishing Coin/ Coin Through Table

    • 5. Coin to Key Transformation

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About This Class

Introducing "Street Magic: A Guide to Magic tricks for Beginners/Intermediate" a course designed to anyone who wants to learn magic and impress their friends and family with amazing tricks and illusions!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Vanish a Coin
  • How to change the places of two cards even in your spectators hands
  • How to read minds by finding the selected coin
  • How to change a coin into a key
  • How to Vanish a Pencil
  • How to do Amazing card trick
  • How to pass a coin through a table

And so much more! (not all tricks have been up uploaded yet)

I also have another class about magic here called Magic tricks 101 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks that Everyone can do!


Hello, I'm Josh and I love Magic tricks! I think doing magic tricks is a super fun skill that everyone can learn and enjoy! (I will try to post a new class every week!) See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi. My name is Josh and welcomed my course all about street magic and this course you're gonna learn how to impress your friends and family with some awesome Magistrates. You learn how to take a coin. Hatton vanish it. You learn how to switch to cards and you're gonna learn how to read people's minds and so much more. Now, the way this works is I'm going to show you a trick. And then directly after, I'm going to teach you how to do it and guide you step by step as we performed the trick together. Now I promise you, this course will be worth it. And you will learn an amazing skill of magic that is so much fun and so worth it. So thank you for joining me, Josh. In this course all about street magic. 2. Two Card Monte : this trick is called two card Monte, and it's one of my favorite tricks. Here's a performance for it with the right here we have two cars, we have 1/9 and then we have a three. But I'm gonna do is gonna take one of the cards and put a hama back just like that. And I ask you, which car did this? Now the spectator will say, Let's say that is the nine That car's not know. The nine is on my back and the three was here the whole time. And do it again. Take the cards I'm going to bring out when the card. What is that? If they say that is, the three will be wrong because this would be the three the whole time. Now we do it a little differently. I want to show you that I take the three. Take the three right there behind my back. What's behind my back? They'll say the three and I'll say no. The nine was having back and three was there the whole time. We'll do it one last time. This time I'll take the three behind my back. What card? What card is behind my back. The three? No, the nine the entire time. Thank you. This is the secret to two card monte if this triggering a lot of preparation, unless you already have some of supplies. So what you need is your any four cards. Two of them need to be of the same back. And then you have to have different color faces so black in the red. But actually what? We're in your piece to bring up a three now where you're gonna dio Because you probably guess because we have four cards, we're gonna make him look like to so basically glue them together. Go on the faces, They were gonna go the backs. Now I'm just using a glue stick for this. It's probably not the best way to do it, but it's good for temporary. Take the ballistic glue the face a lot of blue. You press you want to get the edges, you wanna get the edges of one card and I'm only gonna do one. But if I need you, I will do too. So you blew it. You put it much you can. Then you're gonna bring them together closely, and you're gonna take the edges, Captain. Your take the edges just like that, You're gonna squeeze him just so one card. They I see that looks pretty good. And you can play with that. Didn't even try to rabbit this glue work. Great for this. No, you did these to do the exact same thing. Here, take it. Take the back this time with the back. Go back with blacks, just grew it. Then you're gonna glue the two back together just like that. And you're in a pinch. The edges with gold. More in here. Just like that. You're done. Now you're these air good forever. You can use these forever. And here's how the trick works. You're gonna say, Here you have two cards and your gift to a secret move. The secret moves this pushing it and pulling it. That is the secret. So when I say I have a nine and a three, I'm actually showing the two cards just like that. But what I'm doing is I'm twisting it. So I have the nine and the three, the nine and the three. So it gives the illusion that I actually have two cards when I only have double back in the double sided Novak noble face. So you say now I'm gonna take one car, place it behind my back without looking so one cars back, you're gonna pull out the base and whatever they say, you say which card is this? They're gonna say the nine, you pull out the nine and you show them that they were wrong. You do it again, do the exact same thing. Which card is this? They're gonna say the three U turn over the car from the back, and that's gonna be the three. So it's happening when my back is this. You show you with 393 and nine. Take one card in front, the other car behind my back. And if they say that is a three, if if they say that that is a three, then you're gonna bring out the three. If they say that is a nine year, flip it over and bring out the night. Another thing you could do is say the two cards nine and a three. We're gonna take the nine and please behind my back. Now, where is the nine? And they're gonna say behind your back your foot over and show them that the three was their fingers. Say, Well, actually, when I was right there in my hand and we'll do it again, we're gonna take the three points behind my back. Where's the three? They're gonna guess behind your back. But but over sure, that that was a nine and three. Was it? Now, even if they want to get smart, take nine place back. Where is the night that if they say here, no, you go tonight is there. It's a great trick, and it's a great way in a mess of people, and it's great we do bets. 3. Mind Reading Coins: this trick will make it seem like you can read mine where you needed unions are. Then you need a bunch of pennies. And here's the performance worth. Tell your spectator that you can read their mind by telling exactly which penny, basil it do it. You take the jar, your mix up all the pennies and your Spectators gonna take one. Think anyone? Penny bid like there. Take that penny. They're goingto sort of Look at the penny. I see what it looks like. Then they're going to take it in their hand. Now, at this point, I'd be turning my head so I can't see what's happening. So they're gonna squeeze the penny. They're gonna think about opinion. They're gonna try and transfer the penny. To my mind, I know it's half confusing, but you'll see awesome how awesome it is. Later they're gonna squeeze it and they're gonna think about it. Okay, Now what they're to do as I'm turning my head is they're gonna take all the pennies and put them in a line while making sure they know where they're. Penny is now. Now I'm gonna turn back my head and there's no way I know where it is, but all I have to do let's get a signal from one of the pennies. Just take a little practice. This penny was a penny they selected. Now, here's the secret to that awesome trick. Now I'm gonna tell you right off from the beginning. It takes a lot of practice. It's kind of because of the skill you have to try to vote for this. So basically, the secrets of the trick is when they squeeze one penny, it's gonna be warmer than all the rest of the pennies that basically it. The rest of the pennies in the jar there on a cold surface with one penny, was in their hand, the warm hand. Then they're gonna place it, take the rest of us, and they're gonna try. You're gonna try to see which was the warmest. But that's not easy. That does take a little practice. Now, I'm sure you had a practice that right now gonna take only four pennies. Your new the same trick with four pennies just to try to practice, take three in the jar and your take one, and you're just gonna squeeze that one. You're gonna squeeze that one and put a lot of heat to it, just like the spectator. When they're doing it, take it, squeeze it up really tight, and then your dump out the rest just like that. Place him and then you just try to feel feel. Which one is the warmers? This is practice now. The bet. An easy way to do it in the beginning, to take all women's rugby thumb on it. Just like that, the best way to do it. And it is pretty obvious if they've held for a long time that this is the pain they selected because it is truly a lot warmer. I know I can't show you that through the camera, but it certainly that for a long time to practice. And then you get the rest of the pennies and you could finally work the way up to the actual trick. And here's how the actual trick works. Basically the same thing. Take all the pennies in the jar that's forum around like appetizing. It looks cool self there. Tell your spectator you can read their minds, come to plot a one penny and squeeze it in their hands. You need to tell them to squeeze it in their hands from the squeeze it really hard. And you can make up something about them transferring the thought of the penny. Few. Okay, it's very important that they squeeze it now. They're gonna squeezes pain for a long time. As you're talking, you make sure that they do that because it's very important. Then once they're finally done and you're turning your head at this point, tell him to dump out the rest of pennies and mix the pennies up. Now you don't want them. You don't wanna let them makes up the pennies for a long time. Because if they mix up the pennies for a long time, then then it's gonna hiking all of them, and that's not good. So now you're in, try to guess with Penny. It is you're taking all he's gonna do the same thing going to rob him. You just want to try to feel for the one that is has the most heat. Like I know these two. Don't you can put those aside. No, no, no. If this chicken these two now I can tell that this one was the penny that was held the most . But you don't just say this with your penny. Want to play it off more? Once you know which one it is, you want to put them all back. You mix them up and say, I'm gonna say it. This one, even though you already knew that it was this one. Clearly. Now I'm gonna tell you this. It might not always work. It make my nose were. But the more you practice, the more will work. That's why I recommend starting off with maybe £5 doing the truth like that because that's still very impressive. Very good. It is a good trick. Especially great to do a party's when you have mastered it. Don't go straight off performing this trick because you do need to get a feel for what a warm hand feels like. Thank you. 4. The Vanishing Coin/ Coin Through Table : The next thing we learned is we're gonna learn how to vanish. Anything. Not anything, anything but anything small, such as a coin or a key or anything like that or a cracker. And here's what it looks like now. It takes a lot of practice because it's purely side of him. Let me show you what Take the coin. Give a little weight, poking the pencil as I poke in the pencil. It does the magic by vanishing the coin completely. Thank you. Now here's how that's done. Like I said, it takes a lot of practice, but I'm going to show you the basics of the move. We're all your anyone coin, and we're gonna need a pencil now. Puzzles unnecessary, but from again it I think it really helps because it provides misdirection. So here's what basically happening as I'm taking the coin, giving away, poking into the thing just like that, the coin is in The other hand, as you may have probably guess we're gonna do, is we're gonna take it into the hand, and it's palmed in a position that your thumb is holding the coin. Now. The first step for learning this move is the practice holding the coin in between your thumb, making it look natural just like that, and practicing doing hand movements. This may take a little while and holding other objects like this. Once you learn that and you are comfortable enough with the coin in the position just like that, you can start flying the move. Basically, what's happening is with this hand, I'm bringing forward and palling with thumb and turning over this hand is helping guiding it. We're in a dump and grab those the to mid. Dump the coin into the hand and they were gonna palm it into position and then grab this. So here's what it looks like at full speed, and it's gone actually in here. Or take the coin with this quite of hand cover or in Just Do That, there weren't a practice that move right there. You could do a science slow as you want, just like that's your practice in practice. Now, when you come to a point we could do with the other hand, you're going to do a one smooth movement or smooth flowing group just like that. Let's just take a little bit of practice your take it you're gonna put on the other hand. But before you do, you're gonna bring these just like that, and you're gonna do the move, put it in the poem. Just like that. How I got rid of the coin. It was I did this. I put in the hand. I grabbed this. I poke that through a giveaway, and then I literally dropped the coin. I dropped the coin under the table in my lap. Okay, Now, we're gonna go over this a bunch more times, So the hands come forward like this, you bring the corn back and you palm it. Now, this does take a lot of practice. A lot of practice just like that. So you can be able to turn your hand palm in your NuWave. Now the waves important. You may just seem like extra, but it's really important to take it in your hand. Your into the wave. Now the move again is bring back. Sorry I didn't do all the time. You basically bring it back into your hand just like that and waving Now your muscles, my cramp up a little bit and then just drop him like that but because it takes a lot of practice. But once you can do it with a coin, you could do it with clearly anything, such as if we take a key just like this would grab the key you and give a little wave just like that. The key advantages. But it's on the other hand. Another thing you can do is to take the coin next point place under a matter under the table and you can take the coin. You can look like you passed it right through the table. Now keep practicing. I promise you it will be worth it. 5. Coin to Key Transformation : This is something really cool. You can dio once you already know the move Prior you can take a coin. You take this coin, you can take it just like that and give a little wave. Now let me show you something what I can do with it. Take it and stretch the coin. Stretch the coin into a key and then you can hand the south for examination. It's a really cool And here's how that works. Now you don't need to use a key. You can also use a difficult You've turned 1/2 dollar into 1/4 or 1/4 into a penny or a dime into a key or anything. Or what about if you turned half dollar into an Oreo or something, that would be really cool. But what you dio you take the key. Put it in the hand in your hand. Just like this, you wouldn't cover them up and you layer them Now at this point, you should already know this. Move the movie. You can take it and vanish it The one that we learned last time just like this. You take the coin or the other object and you take other coin and just like this and what you do is you pull away like that. So this hand, when this is doing this, this is doing that. So it looks like this just like that. Now, you don't just want to open up your hand. You want, of course, through the wave and then ditch the coin somehow and then you can stretch it out, really play with it to make it look like they change it. And then you can hand this out for examination, and especially if you throw it away T already. I mean the coin.