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Street Fighting for Self-Defense

teacher avatar Neil Mars, Author & Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 - Basic Fighting Principles

    • 2. Lecture 2 - Street Boxing Drills

    • 3. Lecture 3 - How to Use Improvised Weapons

    • 4. Lecture 4 - How to Practice Grappling & Arm Locks

    • 5. Lecture 5 - How to Use a Knife for Self-defense

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About This Class

Description: This course is based on a vast background of martial arts and their adaptation to self-defense scenarios, namely, Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts and Kickboxing. This course will show you how to use simple techniques to complex situations in the street, which will ultimately allow you to protect yourself and others.

You Will Learn to:

  • Defend yourself from stronger attackers
  • Defend yourself from experienced attackers
  • Defend yourself using simple techniques
  • Apply the most efficient techniques known
  • Apply techniques from popular martial arts
  • Apply strategies that can guarantee your survival
  • Practice various drills to improve your reaction in a street fight

Target Audience:

  • Anyone willing to learn how to defend himself
  • Police officers, security guards and bouncers
  • Martial Artists interested in acquiring more knowledge

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neil Mars

Author & Entrepreneur


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1. Lecture 1 - Basic Fighting Principles: Okay, so now in this video, I'll be teaching you some basic self defense movements which apply mostly for people that work in the field, off streets, defense or they are bouncers in clubs or, for example, somebody that just wants toe defend himself in the street in a dangerous situation. In this case, I will show to start with very simple gestures that you can do to avoid being punched because very often the first punch will be definitive. So if somebody can punch you one punch and that first munchies in season is very specific, it can knock you out. So in this part I will show you what is the best reaction for that first punch. So, for example, let's imagine that he's a boxer professional boxer, and you will punch me with the left hand. So if he punches me to the chain with the left hand, show me the punch. My first reaction should not be this one, which is the most typical reaction is the percent is afraid, because if I do these, you may then punch me with the right hand and I can easily lose my balance. So in this case, if you punches with the left hand. I must be ready before the punch even comes, which means I will not wait for this bunch. Usually when people practise karate or other martial arts, there will be waiting for the first punch because it is how they train every week. So they will wait for the pension with defense or do another type of defense and it doesn't work. Sometimes the first punch is too fast and actually a person that pensions will try to knock me out so it will not right for my defensible punch before I have a chance to even know that he's going to punch me. So in this case, what I do is before the punch even comes. As soon as I realized that is in a punching range, I will start to move in the way that can avoid that first punch, and that the avoidance is made based on a triangular movement. So I will do these basically, and every time he changes his posture to me, I will just do the same thing again. So I will do another triangular movement to avoid being punched. Why? Because as soon as the punch comes through the punch as soon as the punch comes. What I want to do is I want to be here so that even if I do these, it will be easier and the same thing applies for the defense. So when the first punch come, the first defense is a reactive defense and it's not be defensive because I may get punched with the other hand. So in this case, what I do it, I just lift my arms, leave my abuse properly. Well, the attacker is approaching or is talking to me. What I will do is I will try to stop him by putting my hands in front of his face and think I dont want to fight even if the hands are here. They gave me enough maneuver to just react. So I want to keep my ends here and say I just don't want to fight. If insists and escape talk, he keeps talking to me in a very aggressive tone. Then I will keep my hands like this because if my entire close to my face, it's very easy to get a reaction. So in this case, that's imagine is verbally attacking Mi's being aggressive. What I do is keep the hands to my face and I can do like this like I'm listening. So as soon as the punch comes with the left hand, I will instinctively react. And because the distance between my able and my face is very short here that shorted. And if I was here, the reaction is much faster as well. So soon as the punch comes, our react Meghan react in different ways, imagining that I am with my left hand. I'll react bunch here if he throws the other pinch the same thing now I may not hit him with the elbow that once the punch comes, it doesn't really matter because I went protecting myself either. Here, you can leave it either here or here. I unprotected. So anyway, if he throws two punches like well here and then with the right hand, I'm still protected. The only chance he has is to throw the pension area that I'm not protecting, which is here. But in this case, it will be a second action, not the first action. So the first actual be with the left hand. I am protected. It serves me right one okay. And then we will try to attack me in the stomach that at this point I will not be here already because I don't want to just keep myself here. As soon as the first punch comes, I will move backwards. Now get out off the range of attack. I'm even attacked the legs with a kick to keep the distance or increase the distance. So first reaction, I'm listening or I am asking to stop the attacks. I immediately block second reaction. Create distance because I don't under second punch to come. So I attacked with a kick to the knees or I just moved backwards. If I move backwards, I can just restart the same sequence. So once I move backwards again, I will say please stop. And it was for me a second punch with the right hand, and I did the same thing. Okay, And then again, please stop and you throw me another punch and at the same thing, Ok? Now, at this point, what that should be doing to stop the attacker is attack his legs. I don't have to necessarily punch him. If every time he attacks me with a kick with the punch punch I defend. I thought the knee. This is very simple, even for another person to do because it's an instant reaction. Just kick the knee. He punches me again. I think the me with the left or the right leg. So I'm still defending. I'm still saying Please stop when you Bunches and act I've been me and I said, Please stop any attacks, Please stop. And I thought didn't and I may be, please, I just don't want toe and I keep my hands on the gene. I just don't want to fight and he does it again and again. I have protected myself. Now, Every time I do this, I am creating a shield in my face, saying, protecting the face. If I keep the distance, it will be very difficult for him toe punch in an area that I can open for him. So as soon as I get punched, I moved out. I created Wrangler movement and I make it difficult for him to reach me. Every time I created the distance and the triangular movement. I am creating a challenge because first challenge decreased the distance. Second challenge, find the angle of punch. So, bunch, this is first challenge. He has to reposition himself to punch me second challenges when I moved out and I Kiki's legs, because now he knows that he can get hurt in his legs. At some point, if my kicks are strong enough, you will feel it even more difficult to get near me. So as I keep kicking the legs, moving closer to me will just get harder and harder because the legs are hurting. You know that it can. It can be kicked again, and at some point is very difficult for him to keep the balance as he has to move forward for the punch and be careful with his legs. He's focusing on two things now. Now, if you lose your focus because you're worried about me kicking your legs, then your punches will not be so efficient because your focus is divided now between being kicked and having to punch. If I change the angle again, you have a new challenge. So I am basically creating more challenges and giving you problems. Even I'm not attacking. I'm just kicking the legs to create a distance and saying, I don't want to fight and every time you punch I used available. Now when I use my elbow, this could be a defense or it could be an attack because every time I use, they are most strongly to his arm on creating pain. If the other comes from the inside, it's even more painful. So if every time you attacks I do these, you will feel it. The elbow heating is arm, so it gets painful at some point to even keep attacking again. If I attack here and the legs. Then he was feeling two types of pain when, when he walks another one when he punches, and these makes the person eventually quit. So these are the basic and most easy way to react, especially if you don't have much energy. If you don't practice sports or if you are an old person and you don't, you cannot react with much. Energy is the simple sway. First, I don't want to fight. The punch comes. I defend on a block it or on a attack it if the person is too slow or you are fast enough, you can actually do to defenses that become an attack. So, for example, the first Balkan be here defense and the second and convene attack. And you affect this hand. If you Pence's with the island one I'm blocking and again I can attack him with my elbow and I'm just defending. I'm just moving my waist from one side to the other and blocking. It's very difficult for him to attack me at this point. If I combine these weak punches to his legs Sorry. With kicks to his lex, it will be difficult for him to keep doing this. So at some point, when he starts to get weaker because if you spend in the arms and in the legs at this point , I can actually fight back if I want. And if I want to fight back, I can even fight back without much movement. Because bunch I blocked here. The fighting back can be instead off here. I will go here to his face. So I'm using the same defense. But in this case is an attack instead of going toe. Yeah, I can go here, and I can simply command here and again. I'm just doing this movement. Very simple. If you want. Oh, okay. If you want to exercise. You can even bend your knees and you practice doing these. Keeping your hands next to the ching defend, defend, defend and then defend Attack, Defend, attack, Defend attack. Okay, keeping their hands. And we're elbows very close to your face. You can combine also. If you want to practice more, defend and attacking. Read the legs. Defend attack with the legs. Okay, Descend, Attack, attack or defend Attack! Attack! So, for example, you can do right. Terrible defend Left elbow attack. Now the balance will come to your right leg. So you will kick with the left. One kick with the left. Okay, so one to left Lick and you can do the same thing the opposite way Left, right, right. Like okay. And you can do more by keeping these movement from left. Okay too right? And you practice moving your waist because basically what you want is to learn how to move your waist is the most important thing in the fight. If you keep doing this, even if you're an old person is not difficult. So you can exercise your waste every day from one side to the other. Just by doing this very simple all right. And here we have a protective movement. Even if you cannot reach the final defense, which is this one? If you are here, this is a typical boxing defense. Okay, so you should pension your hands. It will come here. It will not be the same impact of being punched directly with the hand. So even if you are here and you defended here, it's okay if you defend here, it's OK. You're already protecting your face and you want to reduce the impact as much as possible. So you don't get knocked out again. You have to use strangler movements to make your opponent attack more difficult to reach you. So in this case, you can do left. Okay, right. Keep to the leg and you move to the site and we can do the same thing again. Left, right, left and you move to the site and you have to practice a combination off moving and defending and counterattacking to make your attacker have a higher challenge when he tries to attack you. If you combine these three things 123 it's much difficult. Much more difficult for somebody to attack you. If you combine these weeds like movements okay from one side to the other. Just as you move your body, it will even make your Attackers life much more difficult. And I know from personal experience and by teaching many people that when you keep moving like these, even a very experience fighter, like a very experience kickboxing will have difficulties to keep up with. It will be very, very difficult. Even people that have many years of experience escaped boxers and professional fighters in the ring. It's very difficult for them to reach somebody that keeps moving and reacting this way, first of all, because you are hurting them in their arms and their legs. Second, because they have to catch you first to attack you. So if you keep moving, it's very difficult for them to do this. The same thing applies for a professional fighter that knows, for example, jujitsu or mixed martial arts. It has to grab you first. If you keep moving around and hurting his arms and his legs. It's very difficult for him. Toe finally grab you, you can, but if you hurt him enough, he may stop before, and that's how sometimes even professional jujitsu fighters are mixed martial arts fighters loose fights against somebody that doesn't know so much about grappling. It is known that, for example, cap, where fighters can ratify their sometimes beat jujitsu fighters precisely because they do these, they create the distance they make reaching them difficult. And then they hurt the opponent in these arms and his legs. So the challenge off grappling becomes much more difficult to fulfill. The person is trying to reach a certain technique, but it's having his life very difficult is getting hurt. And at some point the other person can actually perform an attack. Like I've sold from the elbows, you can perform an attack. Okay, so if you notice that your opponent is getting slower, his aggressiveness is under control. Because it cannot really catch you. Is taking time now to punch you first you throw the first punch Second punch you hurt him in the arms and legs. Now is difficult for him to punch you again. So he noticed that he slowed down is trying to catch you Well, in this point, you can move and change the situation by just performing the same attack. Okay? And use your elbows and you attack him in the face again. You are just protecting yourself. So even if you attack him, you are still protected, Okay? And he's a very simple reaction. 2. Lecture 2 - Street Boxing Drills: in this video, I'm going to show a combination off defenses with offenses. In this case, you will combine self defense with attacks, and it's a form off street boxing, so you will not find these sequences easily in the gene. It's not something that you can easily practice with a partner, because you can hurt another person. So everything that you will learn now you shall learn carefully. And if you practice with somebody, make sure that that person has some kind of gear protection to the face, for example, so you don't hurt when practicing it. So, for example, combining again self defense. Your first reaction is always instinctive. So you want to keep your hands close to your face by pretend that you are listening the other person, or that you just want to fight so you keep your hands like these. Once the punch comes left or right hand. Okay, let's creates a movement for the camera once the left bunch comes okay, The first reaction is to go from here to here. If you want to be offensive, you have to practice combinations. There is no other way, and if you want your combinations to work. You have to really practice them like a normal kickboxer. The more you practice, the easier it will come. So for example, one to three. Okay, again, one. I'm punching him with this part off my hand because it flows easier when I move my heap. And then from here, I follow either with my elbow or my hand. So in this case, I'm using my hand. And every time I hate with one off the hands and bringing the other one to my face to protect from a second punch. Okay, so again, One, 23 Now you move back for me to explain to the camera. So in this case, I'm doing one elbow. Okay? The head will punch. Not like these, because the punch will be much more difficult to perform, but like a hammer. Okay, you will catch it like these, but because you are defending on this side off the face, you want to punch on the side of the waste to the kidneys liver, so you will punch here, okay? And you follow up here. It's very common for martial artists to show you something else, which is really very ineffective in the fight. If you throw too many pensions in the same direction or with the same hand, they will lose power. So if you do these these and these or these these and these the special not have power because all the power will be in your elbow. There is no waste power. The reason nobody power. So you are losing power. Every time you repeat the same movement with the same hand, you may gain points if you are in the ring. But if you are in a street fight, you are in danger because now what you are doing is you are exposing yourself. The longer you stay in the same position, the more exposed you are. So the risk of being attacked and being attacked very well in a way that you cannot defend back. It's much, much higher. You reduce your risk of being attacked if you keep moving from one side to the other and attacking with different hands. And that's why we do it with one arm, one arm and the other arm. Okay, the same thing you can do on the opposite way, the same combination. So, for example, left right lift. Okay, these are hammer punches because they are easier to perform. So 12 three okay. Or one, 23 again, I'm going to show you one to three and one to three. You can follow them up by repeating them. So, for example, if the person continues to attack you to do so again, he throws me right punch. So one, you can keep it here. Keep it one. Okay, instead of the sideways, I will go now to the stomach area, performing exactly the same sequence too. And here because I could not find his face. I was just heat to the temples, for example, or to the ice. OK, but the attack will still be there. If you tax me again the same thing with the other hand I can do exactly the same thing. So, for example, once I performed and I get back to my defense, I could do the same thing again. So one to okay and three if you tax me with the other hand while I am attacking him, I'm still defending because first of all, I have defended that hand. So I have a shield here I am protected, okay. And I can still follow with my combination, so I can still do these. Okay? And this This is the reason why it's important to keep moving your body. Because if you keep moving it, it's much more difficult to get attacked again. Now, if I'm do you using the sermon if I'm doing the same thing with the same mob. So, for example, keep it here If I do these. And then I tried to do this. Well, now I have just opened a chance for him to punch me with the other arm. So it's much more difficult for me to defend. If I come here, I'm doing it even worse because now you can just change the young go and attack me with both arms. This is why it's important to keep moving from one side to the other. But I can indeed repeat the same movement several times. Even if he just punched me once so I can do you keep it here. So, for example, I can do one, 23 Okay. And then I can do one, okay. And I just leave these arm and again one to and I can keep doing these okay? As many times as I want because I am creating a protection, a shield. At the same time, I am attacking him and I'm attacking different areas with exactly movement. So we the same movement. I can exactly do these stomach what I can do these kidneys. And if I don't heat? If I didn't heat the nose, I can heat the temples. I can eat other parts off the head. I can heat the chain. Okay, sometimes your punch. Will that be exactly as you predicted? But still you can hit the other person. So, for example, maybe you don't hit exactly here or here. Maybe instead of the movement being straight, it'll be or is gentle. And still you are performing something very similar that you have practice. So in this case, one Okay, too three or three. Okay. The movement is very simple, so you can perform it in different angles. If you move your body more, it will actually be easier for you to do another type of angle. Sometimes a fight can get very aggressive and you have to move from the punch to the grappling. If you do these again, it's easier to take the open and out of balance without necessarily grabbing him or punching him. So in this case, I can do one to and when sent, I came here with my three because I'm very close. I can actually take him out of balance. Okay? It's much easier even with the punch. If I punch as he moves back with the impact, you will lose balance. Or even if I finish here. Okay, you will lose. Which more easily, his balance again. I am protecting and I'm attacking. So this is one example. There are others that we can use. Okay. Following the same sequence, we can do one okay. And again with the elbow to. So if we do it here, the same arm, we can do it. One. Okay. And to if he pinches me, I am protected here. So I keep both Abbas at the same level. It's a very simple might I technique. So one cool or one to Okay, you can follow up with your hands. So 12 three or again with a hammer Bunch Here. Three and the same thing here. One, two and hammer pounds. Three one. Movement is closely, since the other one is a long distance. So if I can here and here I have to shut in my distance. But once I have to pinch, I punched and I go back. Okay? So every time I use my elbows, I'm shortening the distance. When I use my hands, I'm creating more distance. So once I punch, I moved out one to bench and go out. If I go inside 12 French, I go out. Okay, This is enough to stop an attacker in this case. So, for example, to explain, you are doing these one. Okay? Defense Attack! Attack With your head in the hammer kind of movement. Okay, you are hitting with this part three. So 123 The other one will be this 11 to three. Okay, one to three. 3. Lecture 3 - How to Use Improvised Weapons: for self protective measures, you can use your key. So let's imagine that you are a woman and you're not used to fight. Maybe your opponent is much more aggressive or bigger than you. In this case, you can do the exact same thing using the keys off the house. So, for example, let's imagine that you are walking home and you feel that you are being followed. The first thing that you do when you feel that somebody's following you is grab your keys and you put them in a position that you can defend yourself. This could be done very discreetly, so as I take my keys from my pocket, Okay, I can just put them in my finger like this. Okay? And now I have a weapon. Okay? He's a weapon. I congest. It is. The person takes time to come closer to me. I have time to also take the keys out of my pocket, putting in my hand like this, okay? And have a protective weapon here. If I don't have so much time, if everything is getting faster and faster and faster. Okay? I can put like these between these two fingers, okay? And close it. So I'll be grabbing the keys like these. Or like this. Okay. It's also very simple way to grab them both ways. Work very well, Okay? And you can find him on the wall or on the tree. And you see that it's quite strong. Grappling toe the the weapon. So in this case, I can do the same thing again. Okay? The person grabbed me. I have defended and I have attacking. Now, If you attack with the keys in the level of the kidney, I can assure you that it will hurt a lot if you attack with the keys to the ice. Also, it will hurt a lot, and it will make the person have problems. We seeing you were looking at you. It gives you time to run away. So once you do one okay And to you can heat here where you can hit with the keys, the same thing with using the elbows or using the hands. In this case, if you have a key, you can, for example, defend with one elbow. And then he said of attacking with the other album. You attack with the key here. Okay, so 12 and you can continue with the follow up off the next movement. And you can do combinations like these. So even if you are defending with the right elbow, the same thing applies one. You don't want to do these because it's easier to grab you. If you do movement, that is too slow. So you want to do this and these okay or these And now with the elbow? Or you can even do these and attack the ice. And then you have space and time to attack with the keys so you can do elbow for the defense, attack with the with the fingers to the ice, and then follow with the key to create pain and stop the attacker here, okay? Or to the kidneys here. And once you attack lower in the abdominal area, you will create a lot of pain in this area. We are usually very sensitive. So if you attack with the keys to this area, you will create a lot of pain. It will be very different for that person to keep chasing you. So you defend here again. Okay? Back or attack. And we've the keys you follow up here or here. When you come back to your defense, you can even say I don't want to fight you. Okay? And you want to keep you this head that has your weapon far from the attacker. So in this case, you do it like I don't want to fight you. And you keep your left hand the one that doesn't have any weapon to the front. If you do get attacked, you move immediately to the defense. OK, then you follow up with the keys here or lower here. Okay? The person we punch you again and you can use both elbows to defend it. So if you get punchy, defend, and again with the other hand, you attack here or here or here and again you move with this hand here or here or here. Okay. Another option is if you prefer to use it like this. Okay. The same thing here in this case, you can do it this way or this way. So one to three. Okay. Again. 123 As you practices movement, you can do multiple combinations. So 123 123 123 123123 Okay, there are many ways to do these one, 23 as well. You can combine in many different ways. The suggestion I give usually is to find a technique that feels more natural to you because there is no such singers, the right technique or the best technique. But there is a technique that fits some people more than others. So, first of all, see if you feel more comfortable grabbing the keys like these, like these or like these or in your finger Okay, like these, as you wish you choose, which one makes you feel more comfortable once you know which one makes you feel more comfortable? Which one? You think it's faster for you to apply an easier as well, then you can practice your combinations. So, for example, let's focus first in one of the combinations. I've just put my keys like these because he's the one that makes me feel more comfortable. Is the one that I think it's faster to apply? I think the kids out of my pocket immediately. A pretty like this. Somebody attacks me keys. Okay. L elbow keys, elbow, elbow keys. Okay, I can practice first with the right elbow left elbow write and direct punch. I can also practice left, right, left, fingers of the ice and again, right punch. I want to finish always with the weapon because that is why I have it. But I don't want to get distracted enough to trust only my weapon. As soon as I put all my trust of my right hand and the keys in my hand, the risk or failing in my defense is much higher. So as soon as I start doing these and these in these instinctively, my attacker will realize that I'm attacking always in the same way. So his first reaction will be to try to grab me. And this will put me in a different situation. Now I am dealing with another challenge and I had just lost my advantage. This is why it's important not to trust too much on what you have in your hands. You know it is a key. Either it is your mobile which you can also uses a defense or any other weapon. You can also use a pen in the exact same way you can grab the pen like these. Okay, It also works. Is has the same effect is the key. Whatever used Even if you just decide to use a knife, even the knife can be lost. So the life may not be enough for you to defend yourself. Some people rob with knives and they get bitten if they find an attacker. That is quite experience in street fighting. So, for example, a robber may have experience that pointing knives of people, but he doesn't really know how to use it. He trusts his life too much. If he finds a kickboxer that may not know how to use a knife but knows how to fight back, it can actually defend himself only with kicks and punches and not get stopped and actually knocked out his attacker that has a knife in his hand. These stories happened a lot, especially if the attacker trusts too much on what he has in his hand. Because very often, if you trusted too much, it means that all your defenses focused in one area of your body. The rest is unprotected. So if you attack somebody like these, it's an experienced fighter, knows that you've just opened yourself completely. So if he kicks you very well in your stomach. These will not be useful for you. That's why it's important not to put too much focus on the weapon. You grab it like this. Whatever is the way you choose. You want to put too much emphasis on what you are doing. So you want to protect it and keep it is your advantage. You will lose your elbows first in these second. Okay. If you need to attack first, you can. But don't forget the defense. So if you decide to move to the attack first and you just do this, don't forget to defend, because after you do it, you can get punched. So once you do this, you move back. Okay? Where you do this and you move back and then you will lose this hand. You don't want to focus too much on one angle. So you will attack with the right hand, moved back with the right hand, and then get ready to defend with the left hand. Okay, here and get ready. Also to move outside every time A new movement you should move out off the position where you were. So let's imagine time being attacked. I will defend. Okay, attack is Congar. Oh, to the neck, the temples to the ice on to the kidney. As soon as I do this, I want to move out and then continuing the situation or just run away. If I can run the ways, it's better. If you are surrounded by more than one attacker. The best solution is always to run the way. But not before you do what I just said. Because if you try to run away from a situation in which you're not safe yet, you can easily get knocked out and end up on the floor. So if I have two Attackers from the left and the right, Okay, I may have to do these many times before I can finally attack. Well of them. Okay, I may have to use my legs and keep them on niece before I can finally run away. And maybe I have to move much more, okay. And I have less space to move because I'm being attacked from two sides and maybe attacked and have wall beside me if I have well, beside me or behind me. Okay. In this case, my space off moving is very, very short. When you have less space. You have to move your body more to avoid being attacked. So let's imagine that being attacked by two persons and I have a wall behind me if I mean the garage, for example, What I want to do is I want to move more okay before my attacks. But move sideways if I can, and try to go between them, even if I have that chance. Okay. So if you attack one off them and you see that, yes. Just made your life easier. Like moving slightly to the right or to your left. In this case, you can go through you go through. So for example, you defend one attack friend your left side when attacked from the right side, Certainly you find an opening. So you attacked him on the head. At this point, you can only be attacked by that person. At least this is the least risky chance that you have here. So what you will do is you will go here and you will get out. And as you get out, you pay attention with your eyes to that person that you just hit because you're going to pass mostly through him. You always try toe pass through the person that was hit because he's the one that is less likely to attack you back. So you defend, defend attack. OK, so as you attacked you move out through that way, you want to give your back to the person that has just attack you. So you either move straight forward in a line or you may have to give your back to the one that you just heat. Either way, you are focusing on the one that can attack you next and trying to escape through the one you've just heat. This is always the best and the safest strategy. There is no such thing as 100% safety, but you can reduce the risk as much as possible. And you do it in this way using sequences moving from one side to the other and finding the weaker opponent for you to escape through 4. Lecture 4 - How to Practice Grappling & Arm Locks: all the movements that I've just shown can be practice in sequences and you can private and first alone, then with another person. So, for example, you can practice being grabbed like this. Okay? And you practice this movement of using your shoulder. Okay? So you can every day this K one and you learn to react instinctively. The best reaction is the one in which he did not thought about what to do. You just did it. So if you do these instinctively, it's much safer for you. Grab like these. You react like these crab like that. You react like that. Okay. In the practice, these movements okay on a daily basis. And still you know how toe autumn A ties them. If you have to. The other one is below your grab. Like this. You are doing like this like that. Do like that and you practice. We strength Second, learn from muscle reaction. How you should be doing it if you have a weapon like a pen or a keep is the same thing. So here and craft Okay, react ground. React the same thing here. Grab, react. I'm grabbed here. Grab, react. The pen changes hands. Grab, react. Okay. And you can do combination. So graph react the act, react, react. Okay, You're grabbed with the other hand, something you learn to react and then to react with the same hand. For example, already different hand. You can practice this one toe three one, 234 You can try different combinations. You can do it first alone, then with a partner, and then you will see what is the best way to apply them. But if you have this feeling off, grabbing yourself strongly and having another person grabbing you and you practice it techniques that times just shown in the videos you will see how they apply in a real life situation. And once it happens in your being grabbed by different people, you will know how to react instinctively. Another type of reaction just to finish his explanation easy, somebody grabs you in your shoulder. So, for example, let's imagine that I'm being grabbed in the shoulder. The principle is the same grab here. Somebody grabs me like these, or like these. These are the same things. Okay, the reaction would be the same one. So in this case, I want to be protected here. Maybe take him out of balance. First or attack is ice. And then I'll move my hand upward. I can do it like this. Apply my elbow, Let him go. If he grabs like these, the same principle applies. I go here, I moved out and use the leverage. Let him go if I want to. Control. Okay. Same thing happens. I go here, but now want to control him. So I Robbie said I don't let it go. That create the pressure and he goes down. If he doesn't, I could break his arm. Okay, If I find the situation very dangerous, I can take him out of balance first and then control him. Okay? If I just want to take his arm out, I can just take him out of balance. Grab Take him out of bounds. And here. Okay. I took his arm. If he's grabbing strongly here. Okay. The justice sweater, the same thing applies. Just push it here sometimes. Not enough because it's the sweater. It's easier to grab, so if I just push it and it doesn't let it go, okay, I can now go to his eyes are pushing back and go here and just take it out. If I don't want to attack, If I just want to defend, I can do exactly the same principle. So grab me is provoking me is just grab me. You may punch me next may take me different ways and I don't know what you will do So I'm still here saying that I had to fight you Okay? Bunch Okay. And put them to myself. I shouldn't have to fight him. But what I will do is I will still escape because in this case, I can just go here, here and get out. If I'm being attacked by different people, the same principle applies. So protect man hurt. And then who's here for? I may go out with one arm and then here create the leverage that she let it go. Okay, I'm still not fighting back. I'm still not attacking, but I am protecting myself. Grab, OK. And I can say please let me go. Go and I push him. Grab. Just push him. He keeps grabbing. Okay, I go out tonight. Let it go. He grabs me again here. Sometimes it happens. The person is persistently grabs. You different times So you just grabbed me a second time and again Please let me go. OK? I broke out again and I take my hand Help or I can just keep pushing first or attack his eyes. Then I go here here and I dont want to fight police Stop! Okay, I'm in control, but I'm telling him to stop just because I want him to understand that I don't want to fight back. So these are the different positions that you can do. You can use your elbows. You can use your hands. You can protect yourself at the same time and you can control the situation can control the arm of the person. And if you want to be more aggressive, you can use defensive measures like the ones I've just start to actually break the arm. If the person is insisting And he grabbed the second time the third time fourth time and you have more than one attacker. Well, then, in this case, you may want to just break his arm to make him stop and not grab you again. These are the different possibilities. Even if you're not very strong. All of this possibility still apply. Okay, Once you apply them, you will see that you don't need too much strength, actually should not need strength. You should just need technique. These are all just technical things that you can apply without much strength in your body. You have to eventually move okay and learn how to move yourself in a way to discomfort herbal and then apply the techniques in a way that they feel natural to you. If you feel that the techniques are too difficult to apply, well, then combined them with attacks to the ice and just learning how to push the ends of your attacker out off your body so that you can keep yourself safe. 5. Lecture 5 - How to Use a Knife for Self-defense: Okay. Sometimes you have instructors that teach students how to use weapons, and I usually don't advise it because it's quite dangerous, not necessarily for you but for the other person. If you kill somebody, you go to jail. If you go to court is very difficult to prove yourself asses. Using self defense It's not easy to prove that you use a weapon is a self defense measure if the other person was not using any weapon at all. Now, sometimes it happens that you are leaving the very dangerous area and you could be attacked by more than one person, and you don't know how to defend yourself. You may be a woman on wearing high heels. You cannot run easily and you may be attacked by a group of men. And playing self defense techniques may be very difficult for you. So in this case, the most safest where you have to protect yourself is by using a weapon. Now is not easy to get a license for a firearm. It's not easy to use a fire arm if you don't know how to. In many cases, the easiest weapon that you can find that you can buy anywhere is is a life. So even a kitchen life can help you keep yourself protected. On the other hand, you want to be protected by your weapon, but you don't want to kill anybody. And when you learn how to use a knife or a gun, you learn not to use it to kill in this case, the protection that to use his action aggression. So if you use a knife to kill another person, you're not learning how to use a knife to defend your learning how to use a life to kill and keep yourself protected by killing another human being. In this video, what I will show you sell to use the knife to protect yourself without killing anybody, even if you are being attacked by different people at the same time. So one of the best life that you can use is the Valley Song. The body song is very easy to carry. Um, contrary to a normal kitchen life, it will not be open. So it will be close. Okay, you can just carry it in your pocket is actually created as a self defense knife. That's his wife opens like this. Many people use it for political purposes so they can release and do different Castle Woman's. But all of these movements are just for physical purposes. You don't want to do these in a street fight because you may lose your weapon. Somebody can take it from you as well and use the weapon against you so you don't want to use it like that. You don't use it in the most simple way. It's possible. So if you take the weapon out of your pocket and the first thing you want to do is to open it fast. Okay, you can take it like this, or you can take it like these and open it like this, which is the fastest one actually. Now, depending on how you take it out, you'll grab it like these for like, these different positions will require different measures. Nevertheless, I will teach how to use in any situation. The best techniques and any of the techniques that I will show now can be applied. Either you grab the knife in this way or that way, and they will keep you safe without killing the other personal, at least avoiding it as much as possible. If you are being attacked by more than one opponent, the same principle can apply if you are inside the house and many robberies actually happen inside people's houses. Many robberies end up in death because the person inside the house tries to protect himself and cannot really get any outside help. And the attacker may find that opportunity very favorable for him to kill the victim. Well, in this case, you have to really know how to protect yourself to the limits off the possibilities, which means you have to know how to use a knife in a situation in which nobody will be there to help you, and you really have to fight with the knife. Now, how can you fight with a knife if you don't have experience in this video, teach you how on the way to do it is to is by using very simple principles again, you can use a knife like these or like these. If you use the knife like these, you have more options off cutting so you can practice the X okay for across. If using life like these, which is very common in movies, you actually have less movements that you can do. It's much more difficult. You have to use your whole body in the movement if you want to do it well. But for self defense purposes, you can use both ways. Okay, this one or these one? The most important thing here is how you use it. So I will show you know, if you're using a Bali song or a kitchen life, the same principle applies. That's imagine that the person is very near me. I don't want to put my hand in front of him. I don't give him a chance to grab my hand or the weapon and take it away from me and maybe even use it against me to kill me. Because now I'll move from this advantage to a real life danger. What I want to do is I want to keep the hand far from him, and I want to keep my hand in front of me. If he has a knife himself is different. Okay, In this case, I want to use my legs to create distance first, but I want to avoid him grabbing my life. So in this case, I put my left hand first I'm considering any situation that doesn't have any weapon. So what I will do is I will just use my left hand to push him away. If he keeps coming forward, then I will use the weapon. But I will not attack the neck or the face because I can. He'll kill him. What I will do here is I will attack the shoulders. OK? I will not attack vital organs. First, my attack will come to the shoulders, so I pushed him back. If he keeps coming forward, I will attack the shoulders. If he tries to punch me, punch a few punches, we descend. I can do this. I can move the hand back and that can use the knife to attack the shoulder. Eventually the other one. I can do these. I can then eat here or here. And I'm actually put pushing him back with a knife. So I am creating feeling here, off being stopped. Even though you may not get killed the same time, I'm pushing him with a knife so it feels the pain. You will go backwards, okay? And I'm creating a defense here in which you will feel less threatening to me Because as you feel the pain off being stopped, you will not be hitting vital organs. But the pain will make him move out of my range and keep myself safe if he grabs me. Okay, The same thing here. I don't want to just defend myself or avoid the other punch. I will actually create a risk for me. Even if I'm punch punch, I would just do these. Okay? So I will accept the risk. But I'll still use the knife toe. Go to his wrists. I don't have to cut the restore. Okay? I can just use the point off the life to hit the restart to make him let me go. What I'm doing here is I'm using the knife to create pressure and pain at the same time. But for me, they will speak. Technically speaking, What I'm doing is I'm creating just pressure for him to let me go. So is the same thing is pushing a person. But in this case, I'm using the knife to push the person. Okay, son, doing this I'm doing this. I'm doing this and creating distance. I can do this. Okay? And I want to let go the knife. So I will just create distance and maybe attack him to the face. But I will attack the head. I will attack maybe the cheeks. I will avoid the neck because I don't want to kill him. If the situation gets really bad, that means his decency is also much closer than it should be. So in this case, I'm trying to Merchant, let me go here. Or here or here. Okay. I'm creating painting him for him to let me go. But if he gives really, really closer while then in this case I move from here to here to here. In other words, the closer he gets, the more chances he has off getting killed. Even though I'm implying exactly the same principles. Defending, attacking, defending, attacking. So if I get past bunch okay, I get punched and I attack back. I can attack here. I can attack the neck and I can attack lower. The principle is exactly the same. I can use the weapon to hit the arm to make him feel pain and then again toe create even more pain or even kill him. If I go it find the same thing to the heart. I can actually kill him like this. But this is an extreme situation. So what I want to do first is to avoid killing the person and tell him until it positions me in a situation in which I don't have any other choice but to do it in this case, what I'm doing is I'm pushing him back. I'm using the knife only shoulders. If he grabs me, I use it on his hand. Okay. Always with a point off the knife, you will bleed. You will feel the pain, but you'll eventually at me go. If he insists, then in this case, I'm using the same technique. Okay, But to the stomach or to the neck? The exact same principle. And I don't need to have experience using a life. If I'm driving the knife like this, the same thing I can use this area to create pressure for him to let me go. I can do it like this for him to let go a swell. Okay. I can push him with my hand or with the knife. Okay. And everything else applies in the same way. So again, if he comes too close and he's getting too aggressive and it doesn't let go After I stopped him different times in the arm and the shoulder. Well, in this case, I have to start attacking the vital organs because I don't have any other option. So what I'm doing here is I'm decreasing, um, the danger, but also increasing my options. If he decreases my options, then I have maybe to kill him because I don't have any other option. So what I'm doing at first he's avoiding reaching that level, avoiding having to kill the other person. And I'm using the knife just to protect myself. If I have different detractor Attackers, maybe I have to spend a lot of time doing this and just hitting using the knife to heat their arms. Maybe I just have to use my left hand to push them aside, and we have to push aside different people. But the weapon will always be close to me. I will not use the weapon to threaten them because I can lose it easily. I may be heating the head with an object from an angle that I cannot see, and then I will lose conscious so I could make and maybe using the knife like these and somebody comes from behind and hit me in the head and I lose conscience and I still have the knife in my hand, but I cannot use it. I'm asleep now, and that could be killed afterwards. So in this case, I want to use my left hand to create a distance to push to keep some angle of protection. And then I will use the knife to threaten, but not really to kill just to heat arms or to heat shoulders. Okay, the situation comes too close. Then from here I moved to here, and I can even use my whole body. And as I use my whole body, I'm still protecting the knife. But I'm using it to attack them, not re seeing myself losing the knife. So let's imagine a time in a dangerous situation. And I am in the in the house and I get to persons robbing the house. The first thing I do is I push them out if they still try to attack me or they have weapons themselves. Well, in this case, I may have to grab their weapon and just go with a knife with my whole body, but I keep it close to the body because it's very difficult to grab a knife in the situation. It's easier to grab a knife when it's like this. It's very difficult to have a life when you are very close to your attacker. So if I have to feel a person with a knife, I will do it in a very close range because it's very difficult for him to defend or to take the knife away from me. The best thing is always to push the person first. If he keeps coming, you hit the arms, you hit the shoulder. If the person is insisting and you have more than one attacker and you can get killed well , in this case you go full body and you don't have to do it. Facing your opponent. You convert from sideways. So that's imagine that he grabs me. Okay, I can first release myself using my elbow, okay? And then use the whole body and just came close to him. If I kill him or stop him from this position is very difficult for him to defend or to attack me back. And this is actually the best way to use a knife if you don't have enough experience. Okay?