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Street Fighting for Self-Defense

Neil Mars, Author & Entrepreneur

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5 Videos (59m)
    • Lecture 1 - Basic Fighting Principles

    • Lecture 2 - Street Boxing Drills

    • Lecture 3 - How to Use Improvised Weapons

    • Lecture 4 - How to Practice Grappling & Arm Locks

    • Lecture 5 - How to Use a Knife for Self-defense


About This Class

Description: This course is based on a vast background of martial arts and their adaptation to self-defense scenarios, namely, Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts and Kickboxing. This course will show you how to use simple techniques to complex situations in the street, which will ultimately allow you to protect yourself and others.

You Will Learn to:

  • Defend yourself from stronger attackers
  • Defend yourself from experienced attackers
  • Defend yourself using simple techniques
  • Apply the most efficient techniques known
  • Apply techniques from popular martial arts
  • Apply strategies that can guarantee your survival
  • Practice various drills to improve your reaction in a street fight

Target Audience:

  • Anyone willing to learn how to defend himself
  • Police officers, security guards and bouncers
  • Martial Artists interested in acquiring more knowledge





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Neil Mars

Author & Entrepreneur

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