Streamline your workflow: The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

Nicole Saidy, Designer, Coach, Speaker

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9 Videos (28m)
    • Intro

    • Why Figma

    • The design process

    • Intro to Figma

    • Step 1: Building your wireframes

    • Step 2: Making your wireframes interactive

    • Step 3: Styling your design system

    • Step 4: Finalizing your prototype

    • Final thoughts

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About This Class

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m a UI/UX designer with 7+ years of experience. Together in this class we are going to create a consistent and scalable prototype in Figma in 30 mins, from wireframing all the way to handing off to developers. If you're not familiar, Figma is the best collaborative online design tool out there.

Why take this class?
This class is perfect if you want to:

  • speed up your workflow and save 90% of your time
  • learn how to use Figma’s powerful features
  • create consistent designs and avoid repetitive work
  • design collaboratively with the whole team in mind
  • build a full interactive project without leaving the app

What am I going to get from this class?
Throughout the class you will:

  1. learn the ui/ux design process
  2. create interactive wireframes
  3. build a scalable design system
  4. design an interactive prototype
  5. collaborate with clients & colleagues


Who is this class targeted to?
This class is great for all types of people:

  • As a beginner you will learn the UI/UX design process while using Figma.
  • As an experienced designer, you will learn how to optimize your performance by building consistent design systems.
  • If you’re a designer who works within a team, you will increase collaboration and make your team happy.
  • If you’re a freelancer, you will increase your income by working 2-3 times faster.

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The best class I've ever seen since learning UX/UI from late 2017. Thank you Nicole!
Great course! Everything is explained in a very simple, clear, and concise way. As a fellow teacher, Nicole definitely has a gift for teaching. One bit of feedback I would like to give is that it would be great if you slowed down your speaking speed, and also showed what you were doing more slowly. The keyboard shortcuts in the bottom corner were helpful, but with the speed of the course, I had to pause and rewind several times to get both what you were saying along with what you were doing. But I'm also an absolute beginner so maybe it was just me
The excellent introduction to the Figma app and really efficient workflow.





Nicole Saidy

Designer, Coach, Speaker

I'm a digital nomad passionate about travel, design, collaboration and mentorship. I have more than 7 years of experience in prototyping, user experience design, front-end coding, digital products and shaping new designers through my activities as a mentor, speaker and blogger within the design community.

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