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Strategies to Generate Income: Licensing

Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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6 Videos (25m)
    • Income generation: Licensing Intro

    • Income generation: Licensing Strategy

    • Income generation: Why Licensing?

    • Income generation: Where to get Content.

    • Income generation: Licensing TIps and Ideas

    • Income generation: Summary


About This Class

Welcome to Strategies to Generate Income

This is the Volume Two of the series dedicated to income generating strategies.

Each volume will have a strategy that will help you reach your financial goals.


In this volume we will focus on licensing and how it can help you generate revenue

This is a true strategy class

My goal is to teach you a strategy that you can start implementing immediately in your business or personal life and for it to help you generate more revenue or income.

I will not go over the nuts and bolts of how to do the technical aspects.

I think our time will be better spent if I show you a strategy and you can personalize it or make it your own.

We will cover:

  • What is licensing
  • The main income generating strategy
  • How to get content for licensing, how to sell them
  • Tips and ideas


I have included a couple of aids help visualize the process and concept.


If you feel this class is of interest to you.... Don't hesitate and join me!





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Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

My main goal is to help others become better. Better in their personal lives, in their businesses and in their finances. I love to learn and I learn the most when I help others by teaching and learning from them as well. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn and to help others reach their goals. I hope that I am able to help you by motivating you, inspire you or that you help me in the same way.

"Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lesso...

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