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Strategies to Find Consulting Clients and Win New Business

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Before we get started

    • 3. Pick a profitable niche

    • 4. Pick a specific problem you can solve

    • 5. Position Yourself as an expert

    • 6. Have a Sales Funnel

    • 7. Generate Trust

    • 8. Lock Down the Sale

    • 9. Bonus

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About This Class

  • Are you looking to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you a designer, illustrator, photographer, copywriter, digital marketer, business coach, an entrepreneur who is overwhelmed trying to do it all and for whatever reason having a hard time getting clients day in and out?
  • Are you tired of pitching clients and not get the results you were hoping for?

In this class, I will teach you proven strategies I have put in place to get clients day in and out. You will learn how to position yourself as an expert without spending countless hours on social media, how to attract high-paying clients, and tactics to put in place to win the business.

If you are a motivated freelancer / consultant looking to build a profitable business, this course is for you - stop prospecting clients and start doing what you love

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: are you looking to take? Your online consulting business is the next level. Are you a business coach, digital marketer or entrepreneur whose overwhelmed trying to do it all? And for whatever reason, having a hard time getting clients stay in and out. Well, then, this class might be for you. My name is Manu Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant off their youtuber and podcaster. And as little as two years ago, I was hustling day in and out, pitching new clients and not getting the type of results I was hoping for. I was spending about 20 plus hours a week on social media, creating high quality content. I also had an active you to channel and a podcast. And then I was dedicating another 20 plus hours, putting together proposals, actively pitching clients, setting up conference calls, you name it, and that doesn't even take into consideration 30 plus hours. I was spending doing the actual consulting work. And so even though I had help, I was completely overwhelmed. And I mean, I was essentially a slave to my business. So now if you're going through this, please raise your hand because I know as entrepreneurs we all go through the following, especially at the beginning stage of our business. Through lots of trauma errors, I was able to press boss and completely revenge my digital consultancy business. I stopped sending proposals out. I stopped respecting clients. They not come to me and most importantly, now have more free time to do what I love. So by applying this new method, I was able to completely revamp my business. I took control over my prices. I took control over my offerings, and I've become more profitable doing less in this class. I'm going to provide you the tools I'm currently using in order to bring in clients day in and out. I don't want you to go through the same pains I went through took me years to figure this stuff out. So essentially you'll be able to use these templates and apply them directly to your business so you can become more profitable. Now you're going to learn as to how you can position yourself as an expert without being a slave to social media. You're going to learn how to attract high paying clients, the strategies that you need to put in place in order to lock those cells. And most importantly, we're going to talk about the type of systems you need to put in place in order to bring more clients. Needless to say, I'm going to make sure to provide you as much information as you need in order for you to be able to set this up as little as 30 days. So make sure to register. I can't wait to see you inside. 2. Before we get started: hi guys, and welcome to this class. I'm going to share with you five ways you can use to find consulting clients and win the business. So let's face it. Most people out there make the following mistakes when pitching new client. First of all, they don't work with a specific niche. They kind of are jack of all trades and have too many services to offer their clients, which in return, what happens is that thes clients will try to global these individual and pay them less for their services. So it's very important to have a specific service in which you are the expert, and individuals know that you're the best person out there to go for that specific service , and we'll talk more about the following. You also need to have a system in place not just to bring clients, but also a system in place that you know, works and will help your clients get better results based on whatever you're doing, whether it's marketing, copyrighting design, videography, etcetera. I also recommend that you don't send a proposal out, so a lot of individuals send very complex proposal. They put a lot of hours sending the following to their clients just to get rejected. So this is one of the main reasons you want to stop doing that. And, um, I'll walk you through what you should be doing moving forward in the next chapters. Another thing, obviously, is your spending too much time pitching new clients. You always find yourself having to reach out to individuals and following up with them just to make sure that you hear back from them and obviously get a sense as to whether or not you're going to get the business. My goal in this class is to share everything you need to know so you can build a profitable business using system instead of always hustling and failing. This is going to change your life a completely changed mine. You will see that by using the simple system, you can easily attract customers day in and out. So prior starting these are some of the things you're gonna need. First, you need to understand that in order for this to work, you're gonna have to put an actual work. You need to also understand that, um, what your clients are needing the most, and you need to put yourself in their shoes and, um, really, really need to care about providing them with values. So obviously E probably as a freelancer, already working with different clients. But you just want to figure out a way to bring in more clients. Or perhaps you just started freelancing. So obviously, you need to already have had some experience for the following to be mawr effective for you . You need to understand how your clients are gonna benefit from working with you, so let's get started. 3. Pick a profitable niche: Alright, guys. So we already spoke about the importance of not being a jack of all trades. So in order to really be an expert, you need to pick a specific niche and most importantly, pick finish that will be profitable. So the first thing I want you to do is think about all the different clients you worked with in the past. And what we're some of the specific knishes that you like. Best, for instance, is if you're a copywriter. Did you work or supplements company? Did you work for beauty? Did you work for automotive etcetera? So what was it about these specific clients that you like most? Perhaps you know more about a specific nation on the other. So this will be your first step and starting to looking cohesively at the type of work portfolio work that you have and start thinking as to the type of clients that you've enjoyed working for in the past. Now, obviously, you're gonna have to do some market research and understand where there are potential opportunities. So for tools that you can use first this Facebook group Sorry about that. It's a typo. So looking through Facebook groups of specific nations. In my case, I am a member of a lot of different e commerce Facebook groups because that's my knee chairman, e commerce consultant. You can also get the help of Google trends by using specific keywords in the knishes you're interested in and seeing whether or not there's an upward trend. If there's more people looking for the specific keywords on Google, Instagram and Twitter, search depends really on the type of industry you're interested in topping into and finally , buzz Sumo. So in the Sumo, if you do quick search for e commerce marketing, you will see that it's an upward trend, and it's some e commerce marketing general. Individuals are sharing the following as much as 2300 total shares, etcetera. So there's quite a bit of shattered going on right now just to give you a little statistics . I mean, over the last six months, there has been 50,000 individuals who have opened Shopify e commerce store, so e commerce right now is really hot. There is a lot of opportunities in it. I've been doing it for quite a while just because I was already doing e commerce back in my consulting days with different advertising agencies and just want to continue doing it on my own for specific clients. So there's plenty of opportunities there. So you might want to do the following depending on the niches that you've already worked for in the past, and see which one have the most potential based on how many trending articles you're seeing . So, for instance, if you are a copywriter and again you're working in the supplement industry, you might want to do a surge that's copy writing and supplement industry or tips for copy writing tips for individuals or companies and D supplement industry, etcetera. So I really encourage you to do the following. It's going to help you tremendously now. Google trends as well is a great indicator to show you whether or not does an upward trend with that specific keyword. In my cases, you can see e commerce marketing continues to go upward. More, more people are starting e commerce stores, and then you can also go on a Facebook group. So in my case, like I mentioned, I am following quite a few Facebook groups, e commerce, Facebook groups and ah, in here you can get a sense as to what people are struggling with. The most e mails is a recurring item. People who essentially need help with their marketing because they're not getting any cells , I mean specifically in e commerce. What happens is that a lot of individuals are, you know, pump up. They open up their store and then realize that getting a cells is a lot more intricate than that hot originally anticipated. So again, all these are great indicators to tell you whether or not there are opportunities within your niche and understand how profitable thes knishes art. So once you've picked a niche, the next important step is really understanding the pains of your clients. Why do they need your specific help and having that research of first really understanding who you're gonna go after? So again, if you're doing copyrighting, whether it's supplements company or a beauty company, or maybe you're going to fashion etcetera. So now you have a better understanding of the psychology of these individuals, and what you want to do is find put together your ideal customer profile. So who's that specific person? What are there specific fear, or who's that? Some specific business would hurt on some of their sex successes. Sorry, what are some of their successes? Failures, objections? Pain. So putting the following avatar will help you tremendously because you're going to be speaking the language of your potential customer. Your copy, when you're doing any sort of marketing outreach, is going to be completely in sync with their language, and it's it's going to feel like you're inside their head and their well, you're really understanding their problem hands. You're the right person for them to help them with that specific problem and find a solution for this first phase. It's really important to understand specifically which type of clients you want to go after . Try to be as specific as possible. We're going to talk in the next chapter as to the importance of figuring out specific service that you want to provide these individuals. But the first step is putting together an avatar for your potential customers so you can understand the type of problems they are having. So this specific exercise is going to help you put together services that are specifically geared to finding a solution for these individuals. So let's go through the next chapter 4. Pick a specific problem you can solve: now, the second thing you want to do is pick a specific problem. You can solve a lot of time when I've worked with different freelancers to talk to different feelings of like, Well, I'm a designer. Yes, your designer, but what is your sweet spot? And how are you helping specifically that business? Because it's going to help you tremendously. Sell your services if you understand the type of problem you're solving for them. So obviously design is branding. That's the first part. But what's your specialty? So is it designing websites? So if you're helping them design website, for instance, then branding, but also your optimizing their website and you're gonna help with their conversion rates. So let's go through all the specific problems that an online business could potentially have. So the first thought. The first thing is website development issues, so this is geared for anyone who's up well. But more techy like these are individuals. You don't have a website yet. They already have a Brende, and they're looking for someone to help them with website development or perhaps optimizing their website, whether it's a Shopify or WordPress WordPress site or any other platform that are available out there. Perhaps the issue is traffic, so this is geared to marketing. Traffic and sales issue usually come hand in hand. So if you're a copywriter, how can you help the following while perhaps through cells, funnel rates? So helping them with the elite capture copy helping them as well, with all the emails that go out to the individuals who just sign up for the email and then helping them get better conversion rates. So as a copywriter, perhaps you your specialty could be cells funnel email conversion issues. So we just talked about that a little bit. So helping them with their overall email marketing, whether your copywriter as well or a marketer, right? So these are specific problems that companies could be having, and, um, you can specifically help them with those problems. Now, if you're a designer, your my ask yourself. But Luna, where does that in for me? So for you, brand positioning is essentially where the sweet spot is if you're a designer and also copywriter, because a lot of the tune and copy will make a huge difference as to how a Brenda's position. But brand positioning is a sweet spot and, you know, depending on which specific needs you're working with, um, it's not just creating a logo, but you need to make them understand that the overall visual appeal of their brand, based on who their cause consumers are, will make all the difference in the type of results will be getting and how the fault following trickles back into their hole cells issues and the reason they're not getting as much engagement from their audience. So really going and understanding the psychology of your customer like we talked about in Chapter one. But most importantly now understanding there specific problem and how that fits in within the specific services you could be providing them. So this is where you really going to refine your offer based on first of all, the type of experience you have an obviously, second of all, based on the specific problems these clients of yours might be having so here have put different types of services you could be providing. This is more marketing specific, but let's walk through it because it might give you some ideas as to how you could potentially set up your services as a freelancer. Whether you do copyrighting design or marketing. So advertising is a big one if you're marketers so helping them set up their Google ads or Facebook ads or INSTAGRAM or YouTube ads. So I personally this is my sweet spot. This is what I personally dio. It's You get a really high conversion rate and it's a great way. I mean, essentially because a lot of companies shy away from doing as and when they do it themselves because they don't have the expertise and it's a lot more complex and people make it out to be a and obviously is an expert, you come in with the expertise, you know what works and what doesn't work, and you're able to get them results pretty fast. Um, obviously, the following requires higher knowledge. So you know, if you're interested in going to that niche, it's important for you to, um, played around with some accounts and and done it on your own. So you really know what you're doing now. Influencer marketing. Um, it's something I still do as well for some of my clients. So most brands don't know about some of the opportunities that influencer marketing hold, and they're not doing it right. So, you know, if you're a marketer again, a great opportunity for you here, content writing, whether it's email marketing or helping them with our website as well. A lot of brands don't understand the value of copyrighting. So this something that you might want to consider as a service you might want to like we talked about either help them with their Selves. Fun, also all of the email marketings and the lead pages of the leading page, or with her overall content so they can help them reposition their brands. Video marketing is also something that is continuing to be more and more important. So if you are a video professional, you know, think about what's your sweet spot? Ah, would you be doing video marketing specifically, offer them to get more lead capture, so get more leads or a video for them to help with their brand positioning, etcetera? Or perhaps you could even do a video for The companies were just starting out and doing Kickstarter, for instance. So there's a lot of different opportunities here and support for you to just kind of do the research like we talked about in Chapter one and see where there's mawr. A nup trend, if you will. And then finally, social media management. So most brands obviously don't know. Hatta generate leads from social media There's a lot of opportunities there. So again you know, whether or you doing marketing or copyrighting. This is a sweet spot for you. So again, I didn't touch much about designed. So design, obviously website development is on is going to be your sweet spot. Anything that's brand positioning related And, um, you know, you really need to make them understand why you are better than the competition. Not to worry. We're going to talk a little bit more about how you can differentiate yourself in just a minute. So the moral of the story is to not try to do it all. It's best for you to pick one specific service and one specific niche so you can be that expert and you can charge a premium prices. Too often, freelancers try to be jack of all trades. They are so fearful of not being able to get clients that they have a lot of different services that they provide, and this is where things go sour. So I really encourage you to. First of all, I mean, the key here is understanding the problem of the specific client that you're reaching out to and understanding how you can help them specifically. Alright, guys. So let's jump into the next chapter. 5. Position Yourself as an expert: Okay, so now you have a good idea as to the specific makes you want to go after you've gone through all the different services you could potentially offer, and you've narrowed it down to one or two services. So now you need to position yourself as an expert cause it's going to make all the difference and you being able to charge premium prices. So now I'm gonna say something a little controversial. In order to position yourself as an expert, you actually do not need a fancy website. A simple lending page is all you need. Yes, and a V SL. So a video sales letter, which is essentially a video anywhere between I would say 10 minutes to 15 minutes, in which you explain specifically the type of problem your client is having and how you can specifically help them. And this is a great way for you to also show your case studies. So your goal here is to address the potential problem of your clients. You also need to reveal how the problem can be fixed and why they should be hiring you. You need to demonstrate obviously, how you can help. You need to show that it works, and you need to encourage your potential clients to contact you. So this is a very crucial for you to put the following in place. So we're gonna talk a little bit more in the next chapter about marketing funnels and why the following is going to be so important for your lead generation and getting more clients . And this is where you're gonna be saving a lot of time. Instead of pitching clients individually, you're going to be able to set up campaigns and bring clients day in and out. Now your goal is to create a video cells letter, which is really engaging, which is why it's so important to do the exercise of Chapter one and really understanding the specific nature going after along with their specific problem, because it's going to provide you with all the information you need in order to put together this via cell. So there are plenty of examples out there. A few simple Google VSO. I promise you'll find plenty of information. I love one of the block post that leave. Paige is hot, and click funnel is well about via cell videos where it shows you is specifically best practices to put the following in place, and all I need to do is kind of the way I'm doing it now. Or it's just a slide with different questions and answers, which you walk through your client through the specific answers. So start putting in place your V s. L think about how well, first of all the specific problems your clients are having and then how you can help them, the system that you've been in place, etcetera, and this is also where you're gonna be, including case studies. So if she don't have case studies, there's different ways of going around it. First thing is to consider potentially working pro bono with some clients individuals that you might have worked with in the past, or there's different ways to go about it. But I really suggest that you do direct outreach with individuals with her on lengthen Facebook and Twitter based on potential clients you're interested in working with and then picked her brain about perhaps doing a trial for pro bono. Obviously, you need to make sure that you're not helping with our complete marketing efforts, and, um, you you do an introductory package for them, or you can offer a package that's below the market price if she will. So the best way to do this? It's just to filing to simply do outreach to these individuals who are potential customer. Send him a simple message where you are telling them that you'd love to schedule a call that your copy writer and you have some ideas for them they love to share and set up a time to shot. Then, once you're on the phone with them, you can walk them through your specific services and how you can help them. And tell them that you willing to give him either specific a special offer or problem. No, for a simple, very simple delivery bhel and tell him that in exchange you like to use them as a case studies in the future. Okay, so this is a great way for you to essentially. If you don't have case studies, start building up your portfolio in order to have these case studies available for your video cells letter and the next chapter, we're going to talk about a cells funnel and how the video cells letter comes into play. When you're putting together yourselves, funnel 6. Have a Sales Funnel: Let's talk about why you need a cell spinal. This is going to make all the difference and set you apart from your competition. So there's a big misconception out there that in order to position yourself as an expert and get lots of clients, you need to be published on a lot of different publications. You need to be really active on social media, obviously the following works. But this is the type of work that takes a little bit more time, and it takes longer to establish yourself on social media. I mean, this is a type of work that would take anywhere between six months to a year, really, depending on the top attraction, you already have a cells funnel is a lot more effective and will allow you to have clients day in and out. I mean, as quickly as a week, whatever time it takes you to settle the following. So why ourselves final so important? Well, because winning a new customer is like dating, so this is your opportunity to established brand awareness for individuals to start looking at your brand. Start considering working with you based on the type of information you're providing them. Then they'll do the first purchase and then to repeat purchase. So say hello to inbound marketing. So inbound marketing is essentially the process of driving, traffic, generating interest, having them subscribe to your email list. Then you build bombed through email marketing, and then they purchase from you. So how does the following work for your specific business? Well, the first thing is, you need to put in police Facebook ads. So through your Facebook ads, you're going to think about a specific problems that you're audience customers are currently having, and try to tell them that essentially, by clicking on the odd, you're gonna provide him the solution to that problem. So, for instance, let's say that I am a fashion e commerce business. Mining problem is to get customers and so five proven ways to get new customers click here to learn about five proven ways to get new customers. Or here's a blueprint that you can download to for five strategies to win new customers. That's just a simple example, right, so you need to again do the exercise like we talked about in the first chapter, which is why it's such a fundamental exercise to do. You really need to understand the problems of your clients in order to translate the following, not just in your video cells letter, but also on your Facebook ads. So what the Facebook out is going to do is that it's going to generate interest. They're gonna You're going to drive him to the lead page, which is Ah, landing page will talk a little bit more about the following in a second. And then you're going to give them access to your video cells letter in your video cells letter, and they're going to be watching it and add Ian and at the bottom as well. You're going to encourage them to set up a call to speak with you so they can have a free consultation. And the free consultation can be anywhere between 15 to half an hour, and then you're gonna enter them within an email funnel. So regardless of them setting up that call right away or not, you're gonna be getting constant reminders and constant articles from you, us, so you can prove to them that you have the expertise, you have the knowledge, and this is gonna be a soft way for them to start considering your brand and getting to know you a little better. Okay, so the second thing you want to put in place is a leading page, a leading page where individuals were going to provide you with their email addresses. Again. The landing page is as important at the ASDA Facebook ads. This is where you're gonna capture their attention. So you need to make sure you have a compelling headline which make your call to action obvious. You need to obviously, um, convey the value of your offer. But all the important information above the bull the fold sorry, and also have testimonials. The following helps establish trust. So if you have testimonials of previous clients, make sure to include hm so individuals can see that you are an expert you worked with other clients in the past and that you're someone who knows what they're talking about, right? So obviously you'll need to have an opt in form. So the an example of a landing pages is follow. I got this on a hot spot, but you can find other resource is on un bounds. Kiss metric, etcetera. You make sure you have your your high catching headline. Well, in this case, you wouldn't have number two, which is the video, but you would have a knocked in offer, so meaning you would have a number two, the place where individuals can provide you with their emails. Number eight is where you would have different testimonials, etcetera. So this is just to give you a nice idea of what your landing page should look like. So this is the crucial part. This is going to be your engine in order for you to be able to get clients a day in it out . So the first stop, let's recap. The first step is going to be putting together your video cells letter. I'm sorry, can't you walk you through all the different essentials? But if you want, I can do a specific course walking you through the following. But essentially, your V SL is going to be a video. We've just slides. It's fine. That's anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, where you're gonna walk through the different problems that your clients are having and how you can help them, what some of the solutions are and then include case studies. Once you have the following. The next step is creating a Facebook ad. You can test different headlines, and you contest different ways of grabbing people's attention again. Important for you to have as many different ad versions as possible. Thes book is a great platform where you can do those ads, and usually the return on investment on Facebook is much higher than any other platform, especially when it comes to consulting. So have that in place together your landing page have all your emails, your emails funnels set up, and we're going to talk more about the following in the following chapter. So make sure that you go through the due diligence of putting the system in place because it's going to make your life a lot easier. I'm sure is a freelancer. You find yourself in the situation where essentially you're already doing the work for. You're already doing the consulting work for your clients, so drop putting the special hours or additional hours to pitch. Your clients can feel overwhelming, but with this system it's going to save you a lot of time. So let's go through the next chapter 7. Generate Trust: So at this point, you've already put in place your Facebook ads Individuals have providing you with their email addresses. They might have watched your V s, l or not. And the next step is for you to generate trust so they feel comfortable reaching out to you and start considering working with you. So how can you do the following? Well, you're gonna have to tell your story via email. Everyone involved lended on your landing page and provided you with their email addresses. So this is your opportunity to start building a bond with these individuals now. One thing that like to point out is your via cell. At the very beginning, you probably will need to tweak it. And they'll be important for you to see the results of your return on investment meaning understanding how many individuals have actually watched a video and how it's converting. Overall, your goal is toe have a conversion rate above 10%. So meaning 10% of the individuals who watch your video, go ahead and book a consult ation call with you. Make sure to have a sense of what these numbers are and have all the truckers in place to have the information disinformation. So the next step done if individuals haven't booked a call with used to continue the conversation via email until your story via email. This is where you also going to share your best case studies and really prove to them that you're the best person to help solve their problems. So what's gonna be inside your email? These are the different tools that you can use. Mel Chip Emma. However, I like to use Entre Portas. Well, you're going to set automation emails. So these emails are for the individuals who have signed up to your ads. They've sign up for the V S. L. You're gonna send them a welcome email were you welcome them and you tell him about you as an individual, the type of services you provide DMX set around. Then you're gonna have an information Siri's 3 to 5. So the information Siri's is where you answer specific questions based on the problem these individuals are having. So what I like to do as a time efficiency is essentially take some of the concepts that are already are on the V sl on the video cells letter and extra, relate them and include them in the email and go in further further and detail about those specific issues and problems and how I was able to solve them along with specific case studies. Now you'll want to make sure that you have follow up emails once a week or bi monthly, so these individuals continue to consider you as a potential individual to help them with their problem. Okay, so make sure that you continue the conversation. Once you have their emails, you are golden. And this is your opportunity for these individuals to continue considering you as a potential consultant and for you. Essentially, this is going to save you so much time. I mean, really, because instead of spending time pitching one by one clients which, if you're starting out, it's great to supplement the Facebook ads and this entire outreach by also going and sending direct messages to individuals. But by having Facebook as you're going tohave a constant flow of emails, I mean, you should be aiming to get anywhere between 100 emails a week to 1000. This is all going to depend on haga. Your message is whether or not these potential customer relate to the questions and the problems that you're asking whether or not I mean how your adis performing as well how your landing pages Converting all the following is really going to dictate how many emails you're capturing on a weekly basis. But think about it. So instead of going in and I mean, perhaps in the past, what you did was essentially sent out direct messages one by 12 individuals you thought and you were pitching individuals who you thought might be good, Um, potential customers. Now you're gonna be getting a flow of potential customer anywhere between 100 more individuals on a weekly basis. And it's all really going to depend on how effective your ad is. And as you get better with Facebook advertising, I started tweaking it, Um, it will make all the difference. And before you know it, you'll have a mailing list of above 1000 individuals. So these are individuals who are potential clients. So think about all the opportunities there. So now let's talk about how you can close a cell and convert D's potential customer into actual customers. Let's go through the next chapter 8. Lock Down the Sale: Alright, guys. So we've gone through all the different steps in order for you to start generating more leads and getting potential customers day in and out on a weekly basis. You have the system in place. Now, this is going to save you a lot of time. But what's the final step in order, sir? Locking down to sell. Well, a little thing. I'm gonna tell us to stop sending proposal. Forget signing proposals because a lot of time you might have spent countless hours and you were between 5 10 maybe 20 hours, putting a very intricate proposals together. And once you get on the call with the client, they're impressed and you never hear from them again. While in a lot of cases, these individuals are just shopping and they're not really serious as far as taking someone to work with. So my best recommendation is Do not send a proposal ever again. You need to make them realize how much date need to work with you and how you're going to radically change their business. And a lot of this happens through psychology. They need to understand when you set up the consultation call three of the following things . First, they need to understand how much doing nothing is going to cost. Um, so a lot of the following I have a cell script that I use when I have the consultation call with my clients. And I encourage you to essentially put together a script in which your main goal is to really understand the specific headaches air having, and you need to make them feel bad. You need to make them understand that a date move forward with not doing anything or trying to do it on their own. They're not going to get any better results, you know, and you need to also make them understand that by hiring you, not only they're gonna save a lot of time, but they're going to increase their revenue. This is the main thing that will dictate their decision making. So you need to put yourself in the head of your customer and understand what their motivations are. Your consultation Call Duggal. There is not to prove your worthiness, but for them to understand all things air currently doing wrong in their business and for you to prove to them that you're the go to person a year. The person who's gonna solve their problems. Finally, I encourage you to work hard to close the cell on the call, and I can't tell you how this completely changed my business. Why do you want to do the following? Well, because individuals who make decisions fast I've noticed through my years of experience are are usually the best clients to work with. Now, if you're working with bigger companies, obviously it needs to go through different stakeholders in order for them to make a decision. But it's important for you to tell them and give him a specific time frame. You don't want to have a client who is going to take more than a month to get back to you. Yes, when companies are bigger and they're more corporate. Obviously it takes more time. But it's important for you to tell them that you need to have an answer of rather quickly because you have a flow of clients and you need to plan accordingly. And they should respect that if their client that is interested in working with you and they're very generally about, um wanting to work with you. So I encourage you on the call depending on the type of client, obviously that you're talking to to try to close the cell right on the call. Your goal here is to make them understand again what your value is without giving them specific examples to what you're going to do. You can obviously go through the different case studies and explain to them Have you helped other clients in the past? But you shouldn't give them any strategies at that point. Your goal here is for them to understand what not doing anything is going to cost, um, and how hiring you is on Lee for their benefit and how it's going to tremendously increase their revenue. So the Golden Cells rules in order for you to be more effective when you're doing your complimentary consult ation coal, which essentially a cell skull, is to detach yourself completely from the outcome is to focus on listening to your clients need and Nick didn't realize how much they need your services. This is a special technique that I use, and you also need to set up expectations. Okay, so very important for you to do the following during yourself skull and most of your cells when you're pitching clients, Okay, through this cell skull. First of all, I encourage you to do this with every potential clients that you're going tohave. It's going to make all the difference. This is where they start, really understanding who you are and, um and what? Not So to re camp, you want to have a cell phone on place. You wanna have a killer via cell video and these individuals, Your call to action is to schedule a complimentary consultation call during that call. This is where you going toe, understand what their pains are and how you can help them. You're gonna really make them understand and give him a vision of all the benefits they will have of all the benefits of hiring you. And you want to make sure that you set up a time frame for them to say yes to the offer and go ahead and hire you. So I'm gonna walk you through some additional bonus content, some different documentation and templates you wanna have in places Well, so you can make sure to get the cells as quickly as possible. All right, guys, looking forward to seeing you in the next final chapter 9. Bonus: hi guys. So as you get more comfortable with this new system of bringing inclines day in and out, I wanted to share with you some bonus content and template that you'll need tohave in place so you can get your first cells quickly as possible. So the first thing is you need to have an S o w and an nd eight template ready to go. Ideally, as soon as you have these individuals on the call on your walking through the law step of explaining to them the value of working with you and closing the cell, you want to send them the S O W. Or have a link to an S O W, which it can sign right then and there, and also important for you to set up with the payment form is going to be so. If you're using payment, PayPal is your payment form important for you to send them an invoice right then and there and an nth as well. So they feel comfortable working with you. It shows profit, professionalism, and ah, you don't make sure that there you'll have an idea as to whether or not they're serious. So again, very important to do all the following towards the end of the call for them to understand that you're serious, you are. They're interested in moving forward. It's important for you to make sure that you know how serious they are and make sure that you locked down. So a lot of the following will happen through negotiation and also for them, for you to really become good at knowing what the answers are any time that they have objections. So the cell school is really an art, but there's plenty of help out there. If you look it up online, you'll find lots of help as to what you can put in place again in orderto have efficient Selves. Call which will help you get the business. So make sure you have an S o. W in any nd a template ready to go. Also, you might want to consider setting up a coaching program and walk through so following business model doesn't work for everyone. If your copywriter or a designer Web developer, obviously this won't work specifically for you. But if you're a marketer, this is something you might want to consider. If you have a system in place and you're using the same system over and over again for different clients. You might want to consider having coaching programs where you coach you're different clients through the tactics you put in place in order to get more cells. So something to consider. It's a great way to perhaps make your price a little bit more affordable for your clients by training their stuff, for instance, and it enables you to have toe, have more clients to work with and scale up your business. Now, another thing that I recommend you do as soon as you receive the first payment, you should be receiving the 1st 50% payments within 24 to 48 hours right after the call. Make sure you follow up with them if you haven't heard from them. And obviously, if it's a bigger corporate clients, things are different. But I always encourage you as a consultant to get a feet up front, because you don't want to find yourself in a position where you know you're starting to do the work and then you never get paid for your work. So make sure to send a schedule and also deliver Bols you can include all the following within your S o w template. Alright, guys. Well, I'm actually going to put together a class in which not only I'll provide the cell script that I use for these specific calls. So I walk you through my negotiation process and how I essentially get the cells were directly within these calls, but also all the different example like cells final template that I use etcetera. So if you're interested in the following sign up to my newsletter noona vega dot net As I will be sending an email to my mailing list a soon as the course is live, it should be in the next few weeks. So I encourage you if you're interested in getting a little bit more information about how to get the sales and also how to set up these funnels that I just want to through to check out my website and sign up to my newsletter and the most importantly, please provide me a review. I will mean the world to me. I want to know what you guys are working on and I want to know how I can do a better job helping you guys as I love to see more location independent freelancers and consultants. Um Alright, guys. Well, thanks again for ah taking the time to listen to my class. Really appreciate it. Have an amazing day by