Strategies for Ecommerce Growth: lessons from Kylie Jenner’s success | Luna Vega | Skillshare

Strategies for Ecommerce Growth: lessons from Kylie Jenner’s success

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Strategies for Ecommerce Growth: lessons from Kylie Jenner’s success

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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7 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Kylie jenner

    • 2. Understanding Consumer Trends & Growth Opportunitie

    • 3. Say “Hello” to Rapid Prototyping

    • 4. Build excitement & grow a die-hard community

    • 5. Increase your Customer Lifetime Value

    • 6. Automate the Sales Process

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

What can we learn from Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetic spectacular success? In just a few years, she reached $630 million in sales. In this class, we will discuss how you can capitalize on consumer trends, influencer marketing, and social media to fast track your e-commerce growth.

Brands like Glossier, Gymshark, Black Milk Clothing, The Gipsy Shrine to name a few, have applied the very same strategies Kylie Jenner leveraged to rapidly grow their brand.  

In this CLASS, we will review how you can market research, spy on your competition, rapid prototype your ideas, dropship, scale your business and build a die-hard community.

We will discuss how you can increase your consumer lifetime value by implementing sales funnels, retargeting & automation.

This class is for anyone looking to build an E-commerce brand. You will have a boilerplate you can follow so you can focus your time in the right places.

Cant’ wait to see you guys inside…

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Kylie jenner: today's markets place is increasingly competitive, making it hard for smaller brands to have a constant stream of revenue. While Connie Jenner was able in just two years to grow her revenue to 630 million now before you roll your eyes and tell yourself, well, it was easy for her. She's already famous. Please take into consideration other brands like Glow See a gym shark to name a few have used the exact same strategy and tactics that Kylie Jenner leveraged in order to grow their business. Essentially, she adapted to consumer trends and was able to grow her business that way. So Michael in this class is to understanding to these consumer trends how you can leverage social media why you should be rapid prototyping, constantly testing new product by using the power of paid advertising. Social media off course building a community through social media were also going to talk about drop shipping sourcing and additionally, how to automate your business so you don't feel overwhelmed. I'm going to give you a boilerplate in this class. So you know exactly what are some of the lessons we can learn from Kylie Jenner success. I'm also going to provide case studies from other brands and we're going to discuss specifically what you need to do as a commerce brand in order to grow your brand or organically alright guys, Well, I'm excited to see you inside and let's get this party started. 2. Understanding Consumer Trends & Growth Opportunitie: so the first thing you absolutely need to do in order to be successful is understanding consumer trends and Griff opportunities. This is exactly what Kylie Cosmetic did. Kylie Jenner knew that there weren't that many options when he came to glimpse two different shades in the market. And most importantly, there was no way for her to easily purchased the following on Lion and again, you have to think about where the market was about three years ago. So she saw an opportunity, went for it, and she went into the market pretty fast. That a rapid prototype, and we're gonna talk more about the following in the second chapter. So here I want to focus as to how you can have a pulse on different opportunities to determine whether or not there's potential to scale. So the first thing is you need to have a pulse on you. So I included some different exact pulls for you bus feeding one of them. But sumo is enough that you can use in order to check different keywords and see what are the most prominent articles with some of the items that people assuring the most in order to get some ideas of what's currently trending within consumer consumer trends also include . Make sure that you follow different groups, whether on Reddit or Facebook group included in here. An example of Keto diet, which is currently trending quite a bit. So you'll find different Facebook groups available. Great way for you to review what people are saying. What are some of the problems that they're having? What are some of the successes there having this is a non expensive way to do market research. Back in the day, people used to hire agencies to help them interview Individuals will. Now a lot of the following can be done directly on Facebook or places like Reddit. You also might want to check places like viral thread or kick starters. Any Kickstarter that successful to kind of give you some insights as to what people are gravitating towards review as well. What's going viral on Twitter and Instagram? This goes without saying so. My recommendation to you, if you're not already doing this, is make sure that you keep sort of notice to what is currently trending, and then the next thing you want to do is jump on Google trend to confirm whether or not you're right about a specific item and there is opportunity. So in here I included lipstick and lipgloss simply because this is Kylie Jenner's business . So I wanted to confirm up to sort, compare different terms, right? Lipstick obviously, has much mawr search volume per month than lip gloss. Um, but we'll come back to that. So essentially what you are going to use Google Transport is to compare different key terms out of you. You might have crom across to your 1st 3 year research and then estimate whether or not there's a potential for demands and identify break out terms. So in here. And this is why I included these two terms. And this is why break out terms are extremely important to look at. As you can tell, Fenty, lip Gloss and Fenty lipstick are even carried. E lipstick are having a breakout, meaning that these are items that in last few weeks have I had, ah, higher search volume. This gives you some insight as to what people are currently searching. Okay, so then the second exercise I did was compare Fenty lipstick, which is, by the way, Rihanna's new brand to Kylie lipstick so you can see in here that Kylie had much Mawr searches back in 2017 but comes 2018. Fenty lipstick is quickly catching up. I mean, there's still quite a gap, but there's opportunity for Fenty lipstick to catch up to Kylie lipstick. So this gives you some form of ideas as to what's currently doing well in the market. You might want to include your competitors and, um, compare different competitors to see what their search volumes are. To get a sense in the pulse on consumer trends now, year. This is what, uh, potential. A key word with potential growth needs to look like. So Keto Diet Something has been trending Ah for quite a while now, and it's continues going on the upward trend, as you can see, even though it's having still down trend. But their search volumes are quite high, so make sure Teoh keep the following in mind to do sort of a gut check by going on Google trend and most importantly, also looking at breakouts to see if there's any other seven dishes that could potentially have opportunities. Now, how do you determine if a niche or an idea has potential for growth. Now, once you've identified a keyword, the next thing is you need to take an active A look at the active communities and influencers that are within the space. You can do the following by going on instagram or going through Facebook groups again. Looking through Facebook groups now, I also understand whether or not something is sustainable or is it just a fat? Is this something that people will continue to purchase in the long run? Is it scalable? Would Comte consumers repeat purchase? So, in the case of yoga pants and the whole yoga industry, obviously pretty competitive these days. But there's still quite a bit of room for growth, especially for your Japan's people. Are are going to spend money on this niche. People are passionate about yoga. They want yoga mats. They want different types of yoga leggings to help them. Um, what they're there for needs, etcetera, Um, and also you need to ensure that there's Varity of suitable products already in available in the market, and we'll talk more about this in the second chapter she contest without having to manufacture on your own and spend all that time really the key here is toe. Have something a test. You can go to market really fast and see whether or not there's potential and the first this first exercises determining what their where. There is potential opportunities now. Some great nish that you might be interested in include Beauty goes without saying extremely saturated, but there's still quite a bit of opportunities, especially on anything. Organic brands, etcetera, anything that is as well health. So fitness, health. Also great niche because these are natural. People are going to continue purchasing over and over again. They run out and they will go and purchase more. Extreme sport is also interesting with quite a passionate audience, the core as well. But the court is usually sub nish, so you have to know expect sickly who you're targeting to. Is it? Ah, stay at home mom or is that aspiring entrepreneur and then the pet Nisha's well is extremely lucrative. Now I want to share with you some brands that are crushing it right now. Iconic as you can tell the talent canvas, this is from a brand called iconic, which is spelled I k o N I C K and they sell inspirational canvases. Now remember, all of this is product on demand, meaning they do not have a stock in house. They're working with a manufacturer and they print on the men so they have designs available. And when they get a purchase, they will ship accordingly. A great model. The second example that I have here is skinny meat T, which is a company based from Australia. The founder is Greta Rose, then Riel. She's really young. I mean, I know she got the Forbes 30 under 30. She started skinny me. T I mean, she also she was a blogger and decided to start her own brand of detox tea partnered up with different influencers. The all share their different testimonials or different results. And she's been extremely successful. Encourage you to check out her instagram. It's ah s Mt official. Now another brand which goes without saying is glow see? A So the founder of close CIA is Emily West. She was a beauty blogger and was frustrated with the type of products that were available out there. Beauty products. She wanted to create something that was more organic, um, and also where she didn't feel like she had so much makeup on, but still with some coverage. She, uh, has done an incredible job with her brand in such a short amount of time. She also used to her network of influence from marketing eso different bloggers in order to help her with the launch of the brand. Another one that I absolutely love, it's been it's been getting quite a bit attraction. This year it's Jim Shark. So Jim Shark is now a leading sport fitness clothing brand, which was created by Bend Francis. He's a 26 year old entrepreneur, super young and essentially he felt like there weren't that many functional clothing brands geared for individuals who are in the CrossFit or into really integral training world are lifting. So he really understood what was missing in the market. I mean, he was already that demographic and has been able to grow quite an impressive international community in such a short period of time. And the common denominator for all these different brands is how quickly they went to market the fact that they only hot just a few item that they tested and they were able to grow a passionate community in such a short amount of time. So let's jump into the next chapter 3. Say “Hello” to Rapid Prototyping: Now that you have an idea of potential nation or product that you'd like to sell, you have to move fast into rapid prototyping, meaning prototyping landing page Facebook as driving traffic and seeing whether or not you need to essentially test our product to see whether or not there's potential to scale. So you snooze, you lose. Yes, I've seen this over and over again with business owner who are married to their idea. They haven't really tested it to make sure that there was demand. And they spent a lot of time and effort, especially in fashion, creating different clothing line and that end up sitting in their garage and them not able to sell it. The market has changed quite extensively. Brands have to move fast and test fast in order to ensure that there is a specific needs. So the first thing is you need to understand what's your differentiator? And in the case of Kylie, what she did is she launched a lip gloss with a pencil. So this is actually her differentiator, the fact that while she also came out with different shades, but most importantly, she bundled up products, bundling products can also make all the difference. As you will see, the price of these items is actually 18. Ah, I think for one specific shade of lip six of this 18 50 retro matte lipstick is from Mac born to run vice lipstick. I think this ISS from urban decay and um 18. And so her price points actually higher. But because she's offering a lip kit, she, um she has just a different offer, like in the sense that people feel like they're getting more for their money. So 29 4 Ellipse, ellipse gloss and lead pencil. Now my recommendation is for you to test one product idea. Confirmed the growth potential, and you are going to do all the following through drop shipping first. I'm all for you, manufacturing your own products moving forward. But first, do drop shipping. So the first thing you want to do is a spy on your competitors. Great thing is that now on Facebook, as you will see info and odds, there's an option in all the different Facebook page where you can review info and odds that are currently running on your for your competitors. You need to see which, as we're performing Best Buy, sing the amount of engagement that it has already. You're doing market research on potential products or potential copy headlines, different images or different videos that could perform good and also so. You can really understand consumer psychology. So follow all these different Facebook page from your competitors. Review other, different Facebook ads. See which one has the most comments were like and see what is working or what is once you've done that exercise. Next step is to find a product a test so some places is at sea at sea. You can reach out to a lot of these different craft makers and ask them if they're interested in doing drop shipping and be surprised a lot of the time they are open to the following. So just if there is a product that you have in mind, So let's say yoga leggings and you find interesting yoga leggings. How do you think will fit a specific need in the market? Done. I encourage you to go ahead and reach out to these different craft, um, or business owners and see if they're open to drop shipping. Also, you need to keep a close eye attention to price point. Perhaps negotiate with them off. You're going to do drop shipping so you can obviously be competitive enough. And you wanna have a margin of 15 plus for any $15 plus for any items that your drop shipping or merlot is a tool that you can use directly with Shopify that gives you access to highly express products, something that's really, uh, extremely used in the e commerce Shopify industry source. If isa another option So source. If I is essentially a directory of different manufacturers, and most of the time if you that they already have the product on hand, they would be open to drop shipping. So once you're ready toe, come out with a product and completely flush it out. Usually this is a place you go, but there's also opportunities for a drop shipping. So just your idea. First final drop shipper, whether at sea manufacturer, um, and then you know you can ever do a Google search for beauty. Drop shippers because there's a whole array of ah, different companies were open to drop shipping, especially these days as the market is evolving and make sure that you have minimal viable risk. So now that you've done that, you're Step three is to create a landing page or a Shopify store, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. So click funnel page. Obviously love. It has different funnels that you can use, which enable you to essentially have your product. And, um, essentially, you want to make sure that you have the photography of D product that you're selling a description, social relevance, testimonial and immerse emergency messaging. These are the key to Great Lenin Page or a simple Shopify site. So I'm gonna show you an example in the next page. So here I have two very different example Direct T Detox program. You can easily google that which essentially shows how this is another different value proposition where you're pushing sort of discounted value. And, um, it's all in the psychology of fear of missing out. They use different badges, have a prominent at the car. Also, if you scroll down the page, uh, you will see that there's different types of testimonials, and it's a pretty long cells page. Long cell space actually perform really well. Now, if you're interested in seeing kind of that format, that the red Tea detox program is using. And this where will work better for anything that's health or beauty related. I encourage you to go check out the click bank Market place. You can easily google that, and you will see there's different learning pages for a by authority of different sectors. This is what affiliate marketers usually use when they're looking for different offers. And the other example that I have here, which is from ever Lane, by the way, shows a simple letting page for specific product. In this case are clean silk oversized shirt. You will see that they have really great description on the model, and also de description is key here. And you always most of the time want to try to show different people wearing the T shirt with so chose different fits credibility and having individuals wearing your item or trying out your item makes all the difference, especially as well when you're testing different types of at creative. So click bank marketplace. If you wanna have different library of different learning pages ripped offering me well now step For once you've created your lining. Page is investing in paid advertising so I know there's a lot of ah people out there that are preaching sort of this organic reach. Yes, organic reach is great when you're building a brand, but this is not the purpose here. The purpose here is to scale as quickly as possible to see whether or not there's opportunity. So if you're as they're breaking even then you know that you're onto something and you can invest more time into this brand. So personally when I'm testing different products, I do mobile Facebook ads and instagram ads. I create video post engagement ABS video performs much better. You can use a tool like Unimog any moto to create your videos. There's different tools out there that enable you to just do slide shows as well and conversion at two cards or purchase. So the reason when you want to run two ads because with post engagement ads you are goingto have it's gonna target to people who like and like to comment this is going to help use for is like social proof. So when somebody is ready to purchase, they're more likely to purchase because they see that a lot of individuals have liked and commented and engage with that post. Now, another thing that a lot of individuals don't do is actually think about Google. AdWords. So Google AdWords Onley works Eva specific keywords. It is trending like we looked at earlier keto diet. If it was a specific Keto diet product and you found a specific long tell keyword that had great opportunities, you should also make sure to spend advertising dollars in the following makes all the difference. All right, so step five, you have different campaigns running and again. I wish I could spend more time on Facebook ads. I, um if you guys wanna have I can make a course on the following way, I break down how to create Facebook at that? I do have a great course on how to create $5 instagram ads, which I encourage you to check out. Okay, so step five analysing your data. What type of he Becker getting? If your engagement for post is under two cents, then you're doing great. Continue your creative. Your Facebook advertising creative is working. Well, if ah you're after cartes lesson I $5 obviously depending on your product, if your product is in the 20 to $30 range. $5 out to cart is usually average. You want to try to do a little less than that, and, um and yes, so I mean the goal years really break even on your ad. Spend so meaning that if you're spending, let's say $50 on ads been. You want to make sure that you also made $50 profit. Okay, so this is hot words. So if you aren't getting these kind of data's go back to the drawing board, find a new product, create a new learning Paige repost the reason A lot of people also create items on Shopify eyes because until they found something that doesn't work that works for them, they don't want to invest the time creating you Click funnel pages, which can be very time consuming. Another thing dot You also might want to consider is up cells. So meaning that when you creating a learning Paige and you have, like a product up front. So let's say that you have a lipstick when people are purchasing and exiting, you might want to also offer them eye shadow, for instance, so up selling also helps you with having people purchase more from you and, uh, and essentially try to get as much, um, from from your customers. Okay, so step six. Now that you have your insights, you need to have a focused strategy in place, So meaning focus on Onley, one product or a line of product to build a strong relationship with your followers. So this is where influencer marketing is going to come in. You wanna have as many testimonials, it's possible you're going to partner up with different bloggers. Instagram Marie, Facebook groups and, um asked for their feedback so you can do the following in different ways, depending on how reputable this influencer is by shipping them the product or doing free plus shipping what is free plus shipping free post shipping is where essentially you're asking them to faith pay for the shipping, but they are essentially paying for the product itself. So I'll express, For instance, if you are selling an item that's Onley, let's say I don't know $2 plus $2 with shipping, so that's $5. You will ask him to just pay for that $5. Tell him it's a shipping fee, but when they're In fact, you're not making profit on that product, but they're at least ah, getting. I mean, you're not having to spend money on it either, so that's ammonia is extremely important. You want to make sure that you have as many as possible legitimate. That's memorial. This is gonna help you scale the business, because what you'll want to do once you have those testimonials is actually used them to be able to run other paid advertising advertisement with these influencers wearing your item, for instance. Now Step eight is to continue analysing your data. How much interest or you're getting? How much engagement are you getting? How many cells are you getting on a monthly basis? What are your convergent rates and how many sign ups are you also having? Because another thing I haven't mentioned and we're gonna talk about in the next chapter is the fact that you need to have a cells funnel in place. So once you've tested the product and you know that there's viability, you need to start building your mailing lists and you need to start growing this audience, and this is what we're gonna talk in the next chapter. 4. Build excitement & grow a die-hard community: Let's talk about how you can build excitement and grow a diehard community. Kylie Jenner did amazing job this, and this is how she was really able to leverage her fame, if you will, to grow Kylie Cosmetic Now, before you feel discouraged, let me tell you, there's plenty of other brands who didn't have the type of fame that Kylie Jenner hot before they launch her Brun and were able to us achieve similar results. Now the key here is understanding. What are the specific items you should focus your time on? So how did you build a community? You build a community first. By establishing credibility, you establish credibility by partnering with influencers. These individuals are going to help you tremendously because you're topping into their audience. Their audience already trust them and their telling their audience about the benefits of your product. So this is the first thing you absolutely need to focus your time on. We're gonna talk more about the following than the second step is when somebody lends on your instagram page or find you through social media, you need to ensure that you're providing value, not just touting your products. So, for instance, Kylie Jenner was providing makeup tutorials, doing partnerships with these influencers. She was really putting herself in the mine over consumer. What can I bring to the table? So it feels like a cohesive experience where it's just more than the product. There's a story to tell next thing, and this is where a lot of small businesses fell. You must be consistent. Being consistent is key. It shows that you are professional, and it's also a great way for you to test different ideas and understand what works in the long run. And we'll talk more about the importance of having an addict editorial calendar. Finally, you need to reward your audience occasionally, have different giveaways, etcetera to make them feel special to be part of your community. There is a reason they're following you, and you need to really make them feel part of a family. So before we dive into all the following, the first thing you need to ask herself is, Who is your customer? Who are your customer? A lot of time people think they have on understanding by just thinking about age and gender . But that's not enough data. You need to create a persona to understand your customers. Psychology. Now, if you just simply go persona, you'll see plenty of different templates that you can use with different questions that you should ask yourself, which include what it's that person's lifestyle. So think of it as if your best friend was your customer, describing what that best friend does on a day to day with as their morning look like. What are their likes, where the dislikes would have some of their worries? Which is why again, it's so important to be active in some of these Facebook or Reddit nish groups? Because this is where you're gonna pull a lot of that information, you're going to be read reading about some of the questions that people might have some of the doubts that they have about specific products or specific needs. So this is where you pull a lot of that different information through Facebook and Reddit groups. Now, another thing is, don't forget to include Facebook, pixel and Google analytics within your website, and make sure that you've done the due diligence of also adding your instagram page to your Facebook page so you can pull all that data out. We're going to talk more about the following, but you can read Target your audience. So if somebody's engage with your post on instagram, you can we target them and vice versa, whether they've been actively on your website etcetera. And this is really important because you want to keep them seeing your odds. And Senior Brent, you can also creek custom audiences as well. Ah so essentially creating retargeting people. Ah, who engaged with different types of content. All right, so the exercise here is making sure that you create a person. I see you really understand the consumer psychology. So this is going to help you create an editorial calendar and also having an idea of the type of content you should be sharing with this audience. And then the second thing is making sure that you have all the retargeting in place when includes Facebook, pixel and even Google analytics, cause you can also retarget individuals through Google Analytics are rate. So the step one when you're starting to build your audience is to create a social media at a trail of calendar, and I have a class on skill share which I encourage you to take toe help you sort of get highlights of how to do the following in this editorial calendar, you are going toe. Want to focus on the five following things? The 1st 1 is influencers collapse. You're doing this for credibility, so reach out to influencers. It doesn't have to be really famous. Insulin. Sirs, if you're having a hard time getting access to them, try to get tryto get micro influencers and work your way up to influence those that are more famous. The second thing you want to include and his think of giveaways and contests. Now, don't do this to early on. Try to first like I mentioned, really focus on having as many influencers, Cole lobs and special content, which you can include within your instagram or all your social media's and also emails product feedback. This is where you're going toe Ask feedback on different products as you're releasing. Obviously, this will happen later on once you have been testing the product and you know that there's viability and you want to start introducing new products in the mix and then five announcements. So we're going to actually dissect what Kylie cosmetic does. So Step one is influencers coal up. So a lot of the influence recall abs. She essentially hoste, um, to create makeup tutorial in her case. So fine influencers Who would be more than happy to create Kobrin and content with you? You are You are going to have to pay these influencers now. It really depends on it really did. It's on a case per case. You know, if you're reaching to someone who's a little bit more famous, they'll want a higher percentage of the cells. You can also do a flat fee. It can go anywhere between 100 to 10,000. Obviously, $10,000 would be for someone who has one million. Plus I mean even 100 k 100 k plus individual start asking, at least for the 1000 when it comes to content creation. So now keep the following in line. Don't limit yourself to big influencers like I talked about. He also want to look at micro influencers. You have lots of different comments within their instagram and you can see that they haven't engaged community. I have a whole course on influencer marketing which I encourage you to check out if you haven't checked it out. But first thing you want to do influence her collapse, so you can have as much credibility as possible. And obviously as these influencers to bring traffic to your instagram page and tag you, the second thing you want to do once you've sort of established yourself is started doing giveaways and contests. Audiences absolutely love it. You can also partner up for this image with different influences to do the following, so create contests and fun giveaways. Partner up with these influencers and try to expand your extend your reach. So the way you want to do this is by asking people to re post your picture and adding, um, and adding a tag, which would be the tog of your instagram. This is a great weight to grow your reach. Okay, now Step three would be providing access to premium content. So now, um, something that is overwhelming for smaller brands. The idea that they should be present in every platform now, depending on who you're targeting, you can either create a Facebook group. This works well for different audiences. Health audiences works really well, or anyone who's in marketing audiences as well, or anyone who is sort of like a little bit of the older demographic. Facebook groups are also great way for people to feel extremely engaged with you now. Another option as well is to create live, live Ah, I G TV or um instagram stories as well. And Instagram live. So having special content that gives them behind the scenes access or asking them special questions again, you need to include and bake that into your media calendar. I recommend being consistent doing it at least once a week, seeing the kind of results that you're getting and for people to know that, for instance, every Thursday at 9 p.m. You're going to do alive or you're gonna be on I g TV, whatever you choose and don't give up even if you there is very little engagement. Make sure that you're announcing it ahead of time and that and that you're asked and people are asking you relevant questions and and I mean this will help you in the long term. Figure out what type of content people like more. Now, Step four is engage with your audience by getting product feedback. So this is something Kylie Jenner does quite Often she shares new up and coming products, gives him special access, asks what their favorite colors are. Essentially, she's doing market research sometimes show in this case, she already is going to make these different colors available, and she's asking her audience which one they like best. So this is again a great way to play with your audience and instagram Stories also has the ability for you to ask questions to your audience so I would encourage you to do the following. Make them feel part of the creative process. This will make all the difference. Step five is make announcement and build anticipation around product launches again. This will apply once you already have one product that's doing well and that you're continuing to add more products. You definitely want to try to add at least a one product and one new product every three months. This really depends on your profit margins and ah, and how quickly you're growing. But it was definitely you want to build anticipation by essentially telling them one month in advance that you have new products coming and little by little, start revealing what they are. As you can tell, I mean, if you start following Kylie Jenner and she also doesn't in her calling cosmetic, you will see that she does a great job, sort of building excitement. So, you know, for instance, while I can't believe the day is almost here, my limited edition birthday collection launches tomorrow at three PM um, Onley on kylie cosmetics dot com. So again, she's encouraging people to check out the website. I mean, in her case, I would have even added a discount or something. I mean, just to drive even mawr excitement around the launch so she'll see that she posted again. Kylie Collection is live now on kylie cosmetics dot com. So this man seemed like a lot. But the key here is to apply a one step at a time. The first thing is really focused on building this partnership with different influencers, done adding your own content, your own editorial content. So it seems like individuals are getting a lot of different information whether whatever niche that you're in and then start little by little, asking your audience questions so they feel part of the family. Now, when you're at a point where you're starting to release more products. Then make sure that you build anticipation around different launches. You can even do virtual parties. Those air really fun. You can do those on live instagram live and make a really fun activity for your audience. All right, well, this is where you're gonna have to really start brainstorming. These are just some ideas to get you started again. I encourage you to look at what your competition is doing. Take notes. And when you're starting out, just replicate. Don't be shy. Make sure that you're consistent by posting on a daily basis specifically on instagram. And then start looking at what poster? Doing better and analyzing and going from there. All right, let's jump into the next chapter. 5. Increase your Customer Lifetime Value: So now that you have all the mechanics, the foundation in place, you already have your learning. Paige. You're running ads, and you are starting your social media campaigns working with influencer to make sure that you're growing your fend base, you need to increase the overall customer lifetime value off these shoppers, making sure that you have repeat customers. So most brands forget to retarget their audience. They don't have a mailing list, and they don't create irresistible offers. They don't have any cells funnel in place, so they spent a lot of time up front acquiring new customers. But then, once they've acquired these customer, they don't retarget them. If they've engaged with their content on social media are gone to their website and they haven't purchased. They don't grab their mailing list, and even if they've already purchased the first time, they don't email them to purchase a second time. This is what's important for you to make sure that once you have all the positive feedback that your product as potential to scale to put all these things in place, so winning a new customer is a little bit like dating in the sense that it's take someone Brende Consideration and Bren awareness in order to make their first purchase. It's gonna take them feeling comfortable with your brand, making sure that there's credibility. So this is why retargeting is so important here. If someone's lended on your instagram profile page, you need to re target them with an offer, whether it's a free plus shipping offer. So, um, hey received this mini lipstick for five to speak for $5 for shipping, and we'll send it to you for free type thing or ah, on offer to an e book, whatever it ISS, and you need to have a welcome email Siris in place so these individuals are interacting with your brand. Your goal here is to have them sign up to your mailing list if they're not purchasing, so you can welcome them to your brand, and I'll show specific example of welcome email. Siri is not to worry in the next chapter, but your goal here is to have them be part of the mailing list so you they can get better acquainted with your Brent once they've gone through that first phase of them actually doing the first purchase. Your goal here is to make sure that they repeat purchase from you, so you need to include a brand loyalty program and brand loyalty. E me email. Siri's list inconsistent sending an email a least once a week with different products that coming out and obviously also retarget these individuals. But you're going to retarget them differently because these individuals have already purchased from you, so you're gonna have to segment your list. Segment your data, etcetera. So the foundation to your marketing effort is to bring traffic to your website or social media channels through either influencer marketing paid advertising s yo hashtag organic reach, whatever it ISS and then retarget these individuals. So this is a first phase of customer acquisition. Retargeting them through Facebook as Google ads, YouTube as well are performing really well. Wherever your demographic is spending time that I'm not encouraging you to spend money in all these different channels. It really depends where your customers are and you need to set up a funnel. So this is where you capture their email address, um, with an attractive all first that we talked about a free plus shipping or a freebie of some sort and then send them an email Siris of 3 to 5 welcome emails. So they started getting to know your brand. Now the ones they know, your brand they once they've purchased for you, build a community by having a loyalty program in place. Or you can even have some fun. Here you can have special social like Instagram take over days or lives. Instagram lives etcetera. This is where you're going toe. Interact with that audience by providing them special access special behind the scenes special content that they will adore now purchasing changes depending on which platforms users are in. That's another thing to keep into consideration. Yes, people purchase quite a bit from Facebook and Instagram, but when they're shopping from these two different platform, usually they're just window shopping. They've stumbled upon your instagram feed. Either they've already interacted with your brand or they haven't and they decide to purchase that. It's just a spur of the moment thing on YouTube. They're looking for answer tea men. But this is a good way for you to continue building brand credibility if they see an out of you on YouTube off. And I mean it could be something as simple is again leveraging content from an influence. Or if you're working with a YouTube influencer, speak to them in the contract as far as being able to re leverage that content within a paid advertisement and Google ads actually extremely effective because if someone is Googling for specific product, there already are ready to buy and usually a great entry point for brands only. Little caveat here with Google ads is that you need to have keywords that are trending and , um, and working specifically, um, specifically Well, okay, so in this next chapter, we're going to dive a little deeper asses type of emails that you should be sending. I'm gonna send I'm gonna show you specific example. And I'm also going to show you specific example off what you should keep in mind when you're creating these editorial calendar. So how can you automate this sells process on and in order to stay organized and continue building your fend base And really most importantly, I mean, you are creating the foundation of your business 6. Automate the Sales Process: Let's talk about how to automate yourself process. So this chapter is pretty intensive. I'm going to give you all the fundamental tools that you need in order to keep the wheel of your business running. So first and foremost, you absolutely need to have an editorial calendar. I personally use asana to create my editorial calendar, because this way I can share the different task with my different virtual assistance. So you need to take into consideration important holidays when you're going to be releasing new products based on holidays and also different digital map marketing strategy that you might have, whether it's working with influencers doing different coal obs what not and also, um, within that as well your social media calendar. So what I encourage you to do is and ah ha hole course on editorial calendar on skill share available for you, but is to make sure that you plan at least six months in advance. So three months first and then six months. You also also you always want to have visibility six months ahead so you can plan accordingly and always be ready. When it comes to scheduling all your content. I personally love clan, Italy for instagram plan. Aly P L A N O L A Y. You can schedule stories there, and you can schedule your instagrams as well. So first and foremost, a reason you need this editorial counter words, because it's going to transpire through all your different digital marketing, which includes your emails as well. So the first thing is you need to set up the welcome email sequence like we talked about. So the email sequence a welcome email sequences when someone just signed up to your mailing list because you offered them free plus shipping are on offer, and they're just getting acquaintance with your brand. For instance, Um, this is the email where you're going to send a series of anywhere 3 to 5, where you're introducing them to the brand. A great example of une male is Ah, Rebecca Minkoff, founder, email where its entry she shares a written Hendren note, Um, talking about how she's excited for you to be part of a family. She talks about her personal story, and a swell includes some repost of influencers wearing her bags. This is great for credibility, instilling that credibility. So a great example for you to follow, but I would also be on just one email. Continue them at the the story with 25 emails where you introduce them to your social media . Why they should fall you on social media explain the reasons why etcetera. Now. Another email you obviously need to set up is abandoned cart email sequence so someone might go on your shop. If I store or your click funnel day, we're getting ready to purchase and end. Didn't you need to remind them to go, um, grab whatever it is that they forgot in the cart, Which is why it's important for you to segment your list based on engagements, A tool of absolutely love. It's called Clavijo, which I use directly with Shopify. It allows you to segment and create different segment based on the engagement of different users. So you this is where you can create, then card emails. You can create your email sequence. Siri's brand loyalty sequence. If you're not familiar, Claudio, you can start with Mel Chin. Mel Chimp is pretty easy to use, and it also provides you, especially if you plug it in with Shopify with the same ability. Now I want. So before assure this, let me share the abandoned cart. Email. Bonobos has a great cart abandonment email where they send it to the customer four hours after abandoning their shopping cart, where they just send them a quick reminder and also provide them with a discount code. Um, so first thing it's triggering a little bit of curiosity of what they have left and also encouraging them to go back by providing them with discount code. Now, what I want to share here is giving you some insights of how you need to sequence your emails and the overall consumer process customer process when they're engaging with your brands. So you have the introduction with just a welcome email Siri's engagement where the where you're engaging with them by either sending promotional emails, quizzes and whatnot segmentation based on their activity on your website or on social media , whether they're purchased recently or whatnot, and then further engagement so quite a bit. I know it could be a little bit overwhelming, but you need to keep into consideration that these all these different sequences you'll have to create some point for now, if you're just getting started just have these welcome email. Siri's have been in cart, um, and then obviously having a brand loyalty program, this is what you should be focusing on. Now, Step two is you need to set up a Facebook messenger bots. The reason being is that if someone is engaging with you on Facebook page, so I mean, this is when you're ready to essentially have a Facebook page. Chances are, I mean, if you're going to be running Facebook, as you will need a Facebook page doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of content, but you should definitely have a Facebook messenger about May Need Shots is a company that is available for you to set up. It's quite easy. All you have to do is create the logic on DA behind it. So this is where you can tell people about this specific offer that you have. If they land on your page, for instance, telling them about the free plus shipping offer. I'm just continue using that as an example. So then they can provide you with their email address. A great thing to of Ah messenger about is that once you have their information, he can actually broadcast eso. Broadcasting is a second way for you to be able to send to them offers through Facebook Messenger. So really put the time to to set this up in order to be able to get I mean, just it's just another way to be able to interact with your audience. I've shared here a specific example from shops bring dot com So this is of a potential example of how you could set up Um uh, a chat bots and many chat has different sequences in different temples that you can leverage as well. So the key. So now that you have sort of automated all this process, you need to keep the excitement alive. And so that will transpire through your editorial, a counter, the type of content that you're posting on instagram making sure that if you decide to do alive, make do alive every every week, where you share a specific goodies, you know, again, maybe makeup tutorial, which is something that Kylie Jenner does pretty regularly. She also has, um invited influencers to do um, makeup tutorials with her etcetera. But she usually is promoting it at least 48 hours in advance. reminding her, um, reminding her audience about it and will constantly do it. So people know want to engage with her now. She's also really good as faras, uh, press and creating launches around her birthday and getting people excited about it. So make sure that you're always, I mean, this is also really her secret, right? So she started with just the lip glosses and from the lip glosses in the lip gloss slash pencil combo. And then from there, she extended the line and, um, included eye shadows and whatnot. So she continued evolving by bringing also different shades and whatnot, So she always x keeping it interesting. Now, um, how often she released? It really depends. Ah, three months. Margin usually works well. Depends on the type of audience that you have. It depends as well on how many individuals are part of your mailing list. I mean, she has as much as 156 products available on her in her bread with her brand. And the reason she's capable of doing this is because she again is drop shipping and doesn't have stock. Unhand. So something really important to keep in mind is that? Um especially in this day and age. You always need to keep things fresh. You need toe. Always have some form of excitement. So what does that mean? So, by buys essentially planning out what you will be releasing within the next six months really? Always look, checking your analytics on a weekly basis. So what campaign worked? What offer? Words. What can we tweak next week? What can we, um What can we run? A Sfar? Us Facebook ads, etcetera. Just making sure that you are doing your due diligence to be consistent. Also, keep thes e mails going every weeks and an email out. You need to be organized so it could feel overwhelming. Which is why I encourage you to start small. So you know, if your audience is pred imminently on instagram, then Onley use instagram. Try to post on a daily basis, have the content ready ahead of time. No. Which product you're trying to tout, try different offers. And then, um you know, if you are the founder of the brand and show your face at least once a week, follow up or tell individuals about the fact that you have alive of yet email. So make sure that beyond sort of these tactical emails, we talked about the welcome and the loyalty programs and the Benjamin, um, abandoned cart emails that you also have news type e mails where you're sharing different news so individuals don't feel like you're always pushing products. 7. Conclusion: So what's the big take away? What can we learn from Kylie Donor? Successful First and foremost, you need to constantly test whether or not there is a demand in the market. Because building a brand is or can be extremely pricey, you need to minimize your cost by constantly testing. The thing to do these days, like I mentioned in the first chapter, is to test whether or not there's viability an image by drop shipping first. I don't think you should start your own product until you know that there's potential for that product. You can do it, and obviously there's plenty of brands to do the following by using and leveraging the power of Kickstarter. But the recommendation I give you is to first test. So what we can learn as well is that you don't want to be a generic brand. We didn't spend a lot of time speaking about branding. Specifically, I have ah, whole class on how to transform your brand from mate met to wow on skill share. If you want to check that out, but you have to first and for most, know who your demographic is and making sure that there's a need in the market in Kylie Jenner's place. She already knew, and she felt frustrated with some of the options that were available out there. She came up with a different way to package of products and not just slip glass but lip gloss plus crayon in order to have a more matte finish. Now the thing that you have to keep in mind, however, is that the way that she entered in market was pretty broad, right? So beauty in itself is a very broad segment. You need to when you're entering mark in your much smaller brand is beat extra knish, right so specifically in glitter bran called the Gypsy Shrine, which focuses on glitter makeup. Now this is a sub niche within beauty. This is a great example of how you, as a smaller brand, could start. It's obviously geared towards individuals who are interested in festival, but more and more, Glitter is also being used a different parties and whatnot to the capitalized on D glitter trend and were able to build a whole brand around it. As you can see 316,000 followers, so this can be misleading from the case study of Kylie Jenner because obviously she started with something that's really broad. And she was able to get such success because, well, first of all, her branding was on par. She had stellar branding. It was a more cutting edge in a lot of the different brands that are out there. She also partnered up with influencers. We talked about the importance and that the following by building credibility, but also because she already had a network. Now the thing is, you need to understand your value proposition of your brand, which I can go back to this example of the gypsies trying to understand specifically who are their demographic is the type of the reason why they want glitter in their lives in order to stand out and different festival. They provide them with different examples, etcetera. So what makes you different from everyone? Alstott is out there. In the case of the gypsy shrine. They're one of the few brands that provide glitter makeup. Okay, so now next, you want to make sure that you have a story to tell where you passionate about the niche? What did you decide to create a product? Why did you decide to go in the market with that product, and you need to make sure that you have plenty of behind the scenes so people feel a connection with you and the brand. Now, like I mentioned, I have a whole class on the following. We didn't get to spend much time speaking about the falling cause. I just wanted to give you all the action steps needed in order for you to go to market a rapid prototype and see whether or not the brand is scalable and viable. All right, so if you have any questions, couple things for you guys. I have plenty of other skills. Share class. I encourage you to check out. Check me out on social media on the extremely active on Instagram. So if you have any questions about the claws, go ahead and find me there. Also, I made available for anyone who's interested in advanced e Commerce Clause, where in it I'm going to share spy tools. You can learn about different spy tool that you can use to get a sense of what your competition is doing and being able to leverage that within your campaigns. Advance Instagram and Facebook ads tactics as well. Didn't have a time to go deeply into some of the ways that you can get the best our ally for all your paid advertising and then also speak more about funnels and email sequencing. Here's a link. Alright, guys again love to hear from you. Let me know what you're working on and please, please as well Give me a review. It's really important for me to know whether or not you like the class. So I can also create more content on skill share. Alright, guys, take care and super excited. But whatever it is that your are creating, I'm super excited to hear about your success stories to make sure to show those with me as well. All right, guys, by