Strategic Historical (War) Game Design 100: Where we're starting from

Lewis Pulsipher, Game designer, Teacher, Author

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6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro to Strategic Historical Game Design

    • 2. The Nature of Warfare and Games pt 1

    • 3. The Nature of Warfare and Games pt 2

    • 4. War, Battle, and Conquest wargames

    • 5. Distinctions between Strategy and Tactics

    • 6. Summary of the Great Dichotomies of Wargame Design


About This Class

War is the most intricate, complex, world-changing, insane human endeavor. No sane person likes "war" games.

Yet Generalship is a natural “game”, and transfers well to actual tabletop and video games

Other aspects of war don’t mesh with what people want in games, and there’s the “Great Dichotomies”. E.g.:

  • War is full of uncertainty and chance, a “mess”, whereas gamers want to feel in control of what happens
  • People want to feel like they’re the commanders, the generals, but games lack the cruelty (“war is hell”) and fear of death that characterize warfare – and few players would actually want it

In this course we'll start to think about war, generalship, and games,