Strategic Design: The Art and Science of Branding | Su Mathews Hale And Michael D’Esopo | Skillshare

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Su Mathews Hale And Michael D’Esopo, Senior Partners at Lippincott

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9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Brand Strategy

    • 3. Building Brand

    • 4. Design

    • 5. Experience Innovation

    • 6. Research

    • 7. Organization

    • 8. Collaboration

    • 9. Implementation

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About This Class

In this 45-minute class, Lippincott senior partners share their process for creating, developing, and nurturing some of the world's biggest brands. From business strategy and culture to naming, graphic design, and customer experience, it's a start-to-finish, comprehensive look at the craft of branding. Every lesson ties back to Lippincott's real rebranding of Hyatt Place. Plus, the 8 video lessons culminate in a project Lippincott developed exclusively for Skillshare students: rebrand Carnival Cruises for the millennial demographic. This class is crucial for designers, business owners, marketers, students, and everyone curious about the art and science of branding.