Straddle Options Trading - Options Buying Non Directional

Winston Wee, Internet Marketing Specialist

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16 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Introduction

    • Free Options 101 Skillshare

    • About Me

    • What is non directional trading

    • Risk vs Reward

    • What is a Straddle

    • The Strategy

    • Setting Scripts for NarrowRange4IB and NarrowRange7 in thinkorswim platform

    • Setting up Straddle Workspace

    • Scanning the Market

    • Entry Rule

    • Exit Rule

    • Watchlist Stock Selection

    • Backtesting

    • Risk Allocation and Diversification

    • Why the Strategy Work and What to do when it doesn't work


About This Class

Straddle Options Trading - Options Buying Non Directional

Learn to use the straddle to make Non Directional Trade, straddle is a powerful strategy when used correctly

Options Trading - Long Straddle Volaility for Explosive Gain

Straddle is a unique strategy and if apply correctly it can be very profitable

I discuss a options strategy that is call Long Straddle. It is 1 of the strategy that is Non Directional and it profit as long as the market make a big move. The bigger the move the more profitable the trade is.

To determine if the market is going to make a big move, I use Narrow Range 4 + Inside Bar, Narrow Range 7 and Average True Range. With the combination of the 3 indicator and a little patience, a big move is expected to be underway.

You will learn how to program the indicator into the Thinkorswim Platform

How to Scan the market for Setup

When is the ideal Scenario to enter the trade

And most important when to get out and exit even if it mean a loss.

No Adjustment is needed for this strategy

Learn to backtest the strategy and build up your confidence when you know the strategy work wonder

You will learn about Monthly Straddle and Weekly Straddle (for the adventurers trader)

Learn how to build your own watchlist and what is the important criteria for selecting the market to trade

Watch over my shoulder

Nothing is hidden. Everything and every formula is disclose in this courseĀ 






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Winston Wee

Internet Marketing Specialist

My Name is Winston, I have been in the online business since 2005. I have been actively involved in Online Business. I own a successful Ebay business which I am still running. I own 3 website that has high traffic and I have a couple of youtube channel that has thousand of view daily.

Over the year Internet has make many big changes. Website that get rank today is derank tomorrow when Google released a new update. As a Internet businessman one has to be able to stay up to date with tec...

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