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Brian Kelly, Photographer and Director

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11 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Introduction: Gear

    • 4. In Studio: A Detroit Project

    • 5. In Studio: Backdrops & Wardrobe

    • 6. In Studio: Lights

    • 7. In Studio: Research & Setup

    • 8. In Studio: Shooting

    • 9. Finding Your Location

    • 10. On Location: Outdoor

    • 11. On Location: Indoor

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Project Description

Capture & share a portrait on Instagram

Project Description

Learn all of the preparation work and photography essentials for shooting the perfect portrait. Through the process of an in-studio and on-location portrait shoot, we'll cover finding inspiration, setting up your shoot, and capturing the image you want.

Project Specs

  1. The standard photo size is 4'x6', but you can print your photos any size
  2. I encourage you to work with the same size in each photo in your series.

Required Materials

Camera: iPhone, Point-and-shoot or DSLR

Sample Project

Check out my Detroit project here.

  1. Inspiration moodboard

    Find inspiration for your portrait project. A great place to start is looking through the collections of professional photographers in magazines, on blogs, or in art books from book stores.

    Share: Inspiration you have collected on a moodboard.

  2. Backdrop, wardrobe & lighting equipment

    Assemble your shot lists, notes, color schemes, sketches or swatches as you prep the following for your photoshoot:

    • Lighting equipment
    • Backdrop colors and materials
    • Wardrobe choices

    Share: notes and items on your backdrop, wardrobe & lighting equipment decisions.

  3. Capture one portrait

Your portrait should be a representation of your community through a people, whether it's one subject, or multiple subjects.

Share: Capture a portrait of someone that represents your community.

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