Storytelling in Presentations, Getting Audience Engagement

Tracy Goodwin, Captivate the Room

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15 Videos (49m)
    • Fear of Judgement

    • Audience Demographics

    • Attention Getter

    • Audience Emotional Quotent

    • Clear Ending to Storytelling

    • Open with a Story

    • How Many Stories to Tell

    • Beginning Middle and End

    • The Purpose of Story

    • Last Victory

    • Part Two of Story

    • Overview of Story Parts

    • Part One of Story

    • Part Three of Story

    • Stpartfour


About This Class

In this course I'll be teaching some of the basics that you need to know to make a bigger impact with stories.  Stories are one of the best ways to connect with your audience.  But, it's key that you don't just randomly stick them places.  Stories need to be told strategically.

In this course I'll talk about some of the most important elements in storytelling including the different parts of the story, knowing particulars about your audience, basics in delivery of the story and other key information on getting the most out of the stories you tell.

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The way everything is explain it is so clear and engaging! I really enjoyed listening to Tracy, and it encouraged me to start telling my own stories.
Ana Trujillo

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Tracy Goodwin

Captivate the Room

I'm Tracy Goodwin and I own Captivate the Room, I help people step into their voice power and make a bigger impact with their voice.  I've spent over 30 years working with clients all over the world teaching them exactly how to sound more confident and make a bigger impact with their voice.  I hold a BFA and two MA's and have had the pleasure of studying under some of the greatest voice masters of our time.  But, it's my clients that I"ve helped all over the world that have really helped me craft and create a program and a method that gets massive results.  My cients learn how to sound more confident, make a bigger impact with their voice and truly captivate the room every time they open their mouth.  I started winning speaking awards at the age of 12 and went on to be a professional actor, but, voice was always my calling.  I'd love to help you step into your voice and learn a method that will get you some amazing results so you can make a bigger impact, fast.