Storytelling in Motion Design: with Ampersands | Renée Stevens | Skillshare

Storytelling in Motion Design: with Ampersands

Renée Stevens, motion and interactive designer

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9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. the beginning: telling stories

    • 3. the project: Opposing Ampersands

    • 4. don't go shopping without a list

    • 5. creating your ampersand

    • 6. the conflict: motion in After Effects

    • 7. customizing your pace and flow

    • 8. type and image

    • 9. the end: adding sound and final touches


About This Class


If you have ever put a logo or type into motion, then you know the hardest part is deciding how and where to make things move with purpose. In this class we will look at how you can use your knowledge on storytelling to influence your motion and design. To do this we will be working on a project using two opposing words and animating an ampersand (&) to reveal the narrative and conflict of your story.

We will be using markers and paper, Illustrator (optional), and After Effects. You will be able to apply the techniques learned in this class on your next motion project to improve your process and to engage your audience in your work. If you love design, ampersands, things that move, or telling stories, this class is for you.