Storytelling in Film: Tell a Satisfying Story | Film in Flame | Skillshare

Storytelling in Film: Tell a Satisfying Story

Film in Flame, Filmmaking Teacher

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10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Flawed Protagonist

    • 3. Comedy and Tragedy

    • 4. Set-Up Want

    • 5. Point of No Return

    • 6. Crisis or Triumph

    • 7. Climactic Choice

    • 8. Final Step

    • 9. Review + New Examples

    • 10. Final Words


About This Class

Great storytelling is different from beautiful writing. Many screenwriters know how to write good dialogue, how to set the scenes. They may have interesting characters, and a great idea; but eventually will fail to tell a satisfying story.

The solution lies in the internal journey of the protagonist. The solution lies in story structure.

In this short class, you're gonna learn the basic types of stories and the hero's journey in each type. And you're gonna learn it in a very simple way. After this class you'll be able to design a satisfying journey for your protagonist. And instead of just presenting a situation, tell a real story.

The examples I use in this class are from these movies: "Groundhog Day (1993)", "Silver Linings Playbook (2012)", "Chinatown (1974)", "Social Network (2010)", "The Matrix (1999)", "Memento (2000)."

Enjoy. Good luck.