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Storytelling for unique personal branding in business

teacher avatar Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction Storytelling in Building Personal Brand

    • 2. What is Personal Brand? Where it came from?

    • 3. The difference between Personal Branding vs Sale and Marketing

    • 4. Why Personal Brand is the Future of Marketing

    • 5. Why most business owners are not good at Personal Branding

    • 6. Structure of personal brand story

    • 7. Learn from successful personal brand stories _P1

    • 8. Learn from successful personal brand stories _P2

    • 9. Steps to systematically build your personal brand-P1

    • 10. Steps to systematically build your personal brand-P2

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About This Class

Welcome to Storytelling in business: Storytelling in building personal brand that connects with audience and drives your business by Ngan Tran, Harvard graduate and 10-year management experience in sales and marketing.

There are millions of content media are created and shared every day. Billions of dollars spend on advertising to fight for attentions from audiences. How to make your brand stand out? How to create unique emotion whenever your customers/audiences interact with you and your brand?

To build your unique brand, you need to provide much more than only your product or service. That where storytelling comes in.

What you are going to learn in this course:

  • What are personal brand? How it is different with sales and marketing
  • Why personal brand is the future of marketing
  • Why most of business owners are not good at personal branding
  • How to create your personal brand story that connects with audiences
  • Learn from successful personal brand stories
  • How will you systematically build your personal brand

Who should take this course?

  • You are CEO, leader of your company/organization
  • Founders, start-up
  • Social media influencers/ want to become influencers
  • Anyone who want to build your name in your field to create more career opportunities

After this course,

  • You will be able to create an effective story for your personal brand using the leadership story framework from Harvard
  • You will have a systematic strategy to build your personal brand which create connects with audience and drive your business or career opportunities

Look at my previous course to understand structure of leadership story taught by Harvard Leadership program. This structure was applied to build personal brand story in this course. 

The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ngan Tran

International Leadership Instructor


Hey, it’s Ngan here!

I'm an international leadership trainer, graduated from Leadership Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching leadership skills for thousands of students in different levels and groups such as student leaders, corporate management leaders, women leaders, etc. However, no matter what your profession is or your position is, you will need these skills for every conversational and professional situations in your daily life and your career.

With more than 10 years experiences as top managers in sales and marketing for multinational corporations, I have worked with top leaders worldwide. Besides professional environment, I have been traveling and doing volunteer and charity projects for NGOs. I have taught motivational speech for... See full profile

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1. Introduction Storytelling in Building Personal Brand: There are millions of contents are created and say Evidence, Social Media, billions of dollars of advertising has to span. Does this get and fighting some of few secondary attempts and from audience. And a lot of them are sharing the same meshes and talking about the same step. So how do the brand can stay now from hello, my name is Nan, leadership skill in tractate graduate from Harvard Kennedy School. And I have been also working at head of marketing in health care field for more than ten years. And today we will discard about storytelling in building precedent brain. So to be the unique brand, you need a lot more than o leader, put Jack and serve it. And that's where storytelling comes in. So narrow cyan have so dated that emotion, dried the sail more than logic. So how you can create the most awesome and unique emotion for Dorie and every time they interact with dog brain or the person that brain. So if you see a startup founder or social media influencer or anyone who says Want to become someone in the field. And you want people to remember you and have the connection emotionally with you in long-term. That's way you need personnel brain. And we will learn about in this course why most of the business owner and not good at branding and why we need personnel brain. We will also learn how to create a personal brand story. We learn from the successful story of famous personal brand in the market and how you systematically bu the personnel brain. After this class, they wouldn't be able to create an effective story from top branding using the legacy framework from habits, you will also be able to have a system might take z to be the personnel brain, which create the connection with the audience and drive the business and career opportunity. The predictive says class it to write a personal story brain, to connect and inspite audience. To worry. We've now you'd think that you don't have a story to tell, because we all have story. We are part of something beautiful. And every great dreams that with dreamers and every dreamer have a story. Let guessed that. 2. What is Personal Brand? Where it came from?: So firstly, let discuss what a personnel, when and where it comes from. The terms come from an article from Tom Peter guru in marketing in Fast Company Magazine in 1997, he said that we are CRL company in the business today. Why one of the most important job we have to do is to be the head of the brain comb, knew, post sadder, but personal branding, invoicing, firing, DO unique, bearing their reputations in the thing that you want people know you for, and then allow the cell to be norm for that. So think about these questions and answer it. Sell what adult reputation now in the fill, what it Kieran brand and what our brain really reflect our personality or the abilities? And are you proceed if you want to be? Do you all have personal brand story? And yet in the marketing illustratively. 3. The difference between Personal Branding vs Sale and Marketing: Somehow I discuss what's the difference between sales marketing and personnel brain. You might not pay attention to the different between tree at them, but actually they have a different Sarah Mao, convincing you are trying to convince people to buy the board up also with marketing and about generating business. It's a way for direct customer to make that decision. And how about branding is about influencing? So branding is appear to our designs and task, customer emotion. So Gore is two. Most of them early predisposed customer into a business relationship where they found the earth to buy our product in a long-term, not only in one time you sell it. So how many of you go to sopping more, for example, and go straight to the brain that you like to buy this stuff without thinking about any Azure option, even when the friends might suggest to you that there's some other brand that could be better than the favorite band. But it does say that. Let me think about how do people think of me as a go-to person before they actually need one. How do I become the person that Troy, a business course about consulting, real estate profession before the customer even nicked one. That's how you view a subset from personal story that create the connection, strong connection between news and audience. 4. Why Personal Brand is the Future of Marketing : So why personnel brand is called the future marketing in a modern world flywheel leaving today the internet winner with some as convenient. They are massive advertising and media every day. So how brands can stand now and be differences between them. So that's where storytelling has come in. Is could be the brand storytelling or the person or the founders storytelling that is much more powerful than the selling dot products are the survey. So the story behind the brain, why it says, what matter, what does the brain missing would have been sown consistently to our brand communication. So there some reason why brains storytelling, it's the future marketing. First reasons in a massive similarity now. So there are millions of content that selling things and creating every day. And a lot of them bring the same meshes to be able to stand. Now you need to create their own unique story to say about the brand, about the challenges is successful. The value that you need to Doug brain that no one can copy it and that's dry the emotion connection with door audience. So reasons have songs that storytelling is not only increase the brand favorite rarity, but also make it 22 times more memory burrow then only the frack. Think about what do you want to be remembered above those cell or Dove brand? What he mostly wanted to create in the audience. Every time when they interact with DOM brings, the audience may forget about what you say, but they will never forget how you make them feel. And remember you must imply portrayed a lot more than Lozi. The second reasons bearing the personnel brain, when have you bill the customer loyalty is for years to come. To view their unique brand, you need to provide much more than only the products and services. That will storytelling is coming and it's all story when tell about the challenge, debris and convincing the choice and the valleys. Think about the feeling and emotion you want. The audience feels whenever they interact with the brain. And what the values that you could sell a share either what gets the rain mean to the customer beside the product and service that you provide. For example, Apple, they sell all the technology product, however, they won their customer and encourage them to be brave thing differently. And they were story from apple founder Steve Jobs and difference, iPod prototype. So when they're, when the ends in the affinity, the first prototype iPod. And he bring it to, present it to Steve Jobs to get the approver and steep the blade with the divide and waited on his hand and just rejected it because he said that a to B. So the anchoring is try to explain that it's impossible to make it smaller because there are a lot of stuff inside. So job was quiet for a bit and then he finally stood up and go to an aquarium and draw the iPod into the tanks. And when the iPod Touch the boredom, the buffer, this floating to the top and just say that they're bubble. That's mean that Destin spray inside. That means that you can make it smaller. Story, story about Apple founder Steve Jobs, alive with the filling of the company wants to create for their audience with that beep brain to think differently. So we want, so audience knows then, just like you, they wouldn't be more likely to byproducts from you. And most importantly, when be able to create a relationship with the customer to orient who wouldn't become advocates for years to come. 5. Why most business owners are not good at Personal Branding : So now let's see why most of the busy owner not good that their personal brand. So you're getting a cuisines, et cetera triangle. And at the boardroom is a assail, the meter is marketing and the top is bending. So there are only a small percent stays busy, owner, good as sale. And a less number of them are good at marketing. And just a handful. Fear of them good at branding. Why? Because most of the visit owner, father, they are good at technical stuff. They are always enough technical person. They good at making their product and they focus on building their products. Most of them don't think that they are a brain. To some people think that it is not necessary to focus and hearing their personnel brain. The other is the side away from the lump like and they want, and they prefer that their work when speak for itself. So for example, Julian Poland, Sierra creative nature superfood seeded originally buy into the notion because he believed that it should be are about the business, not about herself. And whether it's with a very tight model, buses marketing, fill. It's such a waste of money and time to focus and invest in her branding. However, when you bearing a good personal brand is happy to build trust for the companies and the product that you provide to. Some don't like the idea because many times we have seen it them in a way up in authentic, an insincere personnel branch story. However, when it's done well and right, is when have to humanize at the business and build trust, whether we are talking about customer or employer or stake holder. So the CEO is a sub brain of the business and it's one of the most important and best seller of the product and the business. So bearing that brand is also important as building a portfolio for the product or the service that you provide. Secondly, personal brand or so have you to attract more talent or investor for the startup obesity. So if you get the personnel branding right, you can use as an opportunity to ensure that as a people understand you the aim, the vision, the mission effectively. And then people wouldn't want to work with you if they feel like they said the same values and masons envision with doors as expressly to for startup when you first that people don't see the outcome yet. So how could they trust and want to work with us? Because they trust you as a founder, the seeds of personality than the passing to bring the positive chain to the field that you are working. When you view a good personal brain is not only attracted tailoring for the startup, it's also attracted a lot of good investor for the startup to, when they see. Some of the good trait that you have at the top reasons is the personal brand wouldn't have Dock Company standard or among all the other. We can take an example at micelle French with a cosmetic line m. I'm staring in the link of the video that scene drawer her life missile funds. Not only famous for her make up video, but see on so very good at inspiring. They're fighting their dream to her personal story. So squirmy immigrant from Vietnam to us and her guests will Grambling, They have to love the hallway down any money and they have to move to a different location very frequently and see feel lonely at a new place. And her stepfather later costs a lot of scarred her hurt. And see you the laptop from the school to create her first make a video with her to go viral on YouTube. And when the time would top xy follow played, that see feels safe and seeking SMI is y. And for you is could be music, writing or whatever. So phi something special that make you have the motivation to move forward is like loaded flowers. Finding some lie in a mapping water and expansively see encouraged everyone, gave very inspiring speech. She said that we all have a story to tell and we own part of something beautiful. And as a dreamer, we have a beautiful story to tell to the one. 6. Structure of personal brand story: Now we talk about how to create a personal brand story. Remember people come to you because of the product or service that you offer, but they stay with you because of who you are. So we will use the same structure, inspiring legacy story that I have been teaching it in and the additive story telling in communication and presentation. The structures had been teaching in leadership program at Harvard Kennedy School. And for that structures, the first part is the story of cell, which talking about those cell as a founder at an expert in the field, or you can talk about WMT. So there are three parts in this story of cell. Those stories when telling you about the challenges and the bray, I'm convinced no choice and the personal values and beliefs. What movie are, what motivate you? Then think about the feeling and emotion you want the audience to feel when they interact with you. And what did the values that sehr between Jews and the audience telling the inspite personnel story is different with the same hate. You know what? I'm here, I'm exploiting this fill. So who care? But they would care more about and curious to know about George Janice, when from 0 you get to the point and how on this track or you have been facing endogenous and how you have braid to overcome it. So this is all lesions, these life stories summary. So it's been, it's been told again and again during the brand communication in a different way, different time then you present it. And how many of you already have storytelling in the marketing. If you don't, it's time to start one and the next. But after you telling a personal story, is there time to connect those story to the brand story by the values that you and Doug brands want to bring to the audience. So after you were talking about the personal story, that brand story, then it's time to connect with the audience. Think about who are the audience, what is the challenge of ECU dot customer facing? And it's become the missing that you want to serve for them. That will help you connect the brand missing with the audience needs. And remember people buy why you do it that's missing. Personal brand can be around the objective of the person behind. Whether it's, the goal is to cool a type of cancer, to rain monies for good scores or inventing some groundbreaking technology. The last part is the cone to action. The old teammate of stories, engaging stemmer, creating human connections with no big data or marketing strategies, it can replace our fundamental human needs is to feel connected and to make the connection by offering the corn to accent is not about requesting the customer to buy and portrayed the product, not the intensive brand story with a different width sale purpose. So it could be a genius invitation for the audience of customer to sell their story it same values or the connection. And you need to be very taxon in creating a safe environment for them to be open to respond and say at their opinions. To create an engaging lawyer, customer community if it needs to give them the reason why they believe in the brain, and that is the wrong brand or the personal storytelling. 7. Learn from successful personal brand stories _P1: So now it's time for us to discuss some of the success form personnel branch story. Since the first successful personal brand story we going to discuss today is about day Saturday. So there is then very inspiring person and he is an award-winning storyteller, opposed scatter and a former monks who emitting wisdom Go Viral. He's had been named as far as erupt 30 under 30 is. And his book, Think Like a man has been ranked number one bestseller on Amazon. And he also receive a lot of other outstanding achievement online such as 2018 Asia Nowhere. So let us look at his personal website here. Very interesting stories about DJ Sadie. So humans and him sell at a best-selling Arther had a post-doc hurts a former monks and purpose cars and hear his story. So let's start hits our story here. So he said that he got rejected from foreign companies. So no one wanted to hire you Wednesday, resume's say serve at a married for three years under the experience. And at 26 years though, he works at $25 thousand in death and living with parents. He was directionally deep breaths and confused with his prepares. Then he will as four months away from being a bird. Then things have changed a lot from him since then, but then his life is far from perfect and doors closed on me every widths. That's what he said on his story. And he told us his idea doesn't work. But now is a brighter future when he's making his own decision. He said that, but seller, when it can change how you see everything. And that is where he decided to go to become remark. So he talks about his journey started at the age of 21 when he became a mom here. Then he said about what he had been learned and applied in the real world. His personal attitudes and the way he saved why authorities print from the experience. He being a monk for two years. So he said that I owe everything to the lesson loans at a rock, and that is also the origin or Facebook, things like language now become a very famous and the best sellers on Amazon website. Then from that experience he said a lot or paste story to our R, But his journey in life and how he did fight his purpose in life. So now we will look at one of his story. Ongoing Kurt, his name as a story is a story from a famous failures. Are we when look at hit challenge, ahead, choice and hits outcome. The next part is the connections. And look at the way that he connected his story to the audience. What did the common ECU that he said with a lot of the audience. And the last fat into corn to action. So what column to X and debt he asks in which a personnel branch story. So I put a link down here so we can click them, washes in a few minutes and then we will come back to this guy about the structures of heat, personal brand story. I say what'd he challenged? So he said that he was a failure by their definitions of Laura ashes. They define that a successful person sued have Locrian career paths, for example, become a doctor, become a lawyer, but he wasn't at any of them. And also he also have an intention to become a mound, which is weird for a lot of other people. Firm his website, he also said that he's had been rejected from 40 companies that he apply for and he was struggling to find his purpose in life. And when you mentioned about the his intention to become a month, everyone fill a he was so weird and they worry for him. And they said, how can you come back to the real life up to three years of being a Martin Green, whether you can even speak English or whether any girl wants to date with you. What do you hit choice, hitch failures that then he wanted to do something meaningful to the war. And he decided to do something different. And what the outcome that he gets from that three brazen and conventional choice that after a three-year become among. And now he's standing here and talking about his experience. He become a very famous inspiring speaker. He said that after that, yeah, having the most happy life that he could emerge in. The second part is the connection between his story to the audience, to what are the challenges that he and a lot of adult audience on. So experiencing with trying to leave with expectation from others. Like they said, 35 years though, you cannot chain a career because it's time for saddling gal. You marry an antibody is what the hell are you doing with the life? So that is a common challenge that not only himself, but a lot of the audience and also facing way when we say the coming challenge than we can give the connection with the audience. And by that, he connected his own story. And he said that there are no formulas and no pattern live for all of Earth. We can to our different path and be brave to be ourself. And what is the pole to X? And here in the last part of his story. So he's a state. B one you want to be. Don't change who you are, who you think they won't need because the warning to you to be used. That is the lesson from his story. You see that in his website here he has a lot of products that he providing. For example, you can look him being a coach. He's selling personal life course. He's selling his book. So two epsilon here. Did you see or hear that he will try to sell a near pasteboard up? No. Right. So that is a different between corn to x and inner sale cone that you going to try to persuade everyone to buy the UDL. But here in a personal brand story is the story for you to incorporate the emotions and the interaction, the connection with the audience. So kudos and action, as I mentioned before, it's a time for you to have a semicolon that is more inspiring. Other people helped them to set their idea of halfway action to become, to do something positive change for their life. When he didn't try to call everyone to sell his product. But his story is so inspiring and everyone get connected with his story and also be inspired by himself. And they turned to love him and following yields and, and very high possibility to buy, order a pizza product set he providing. J's now is one of the most famous public speaker. And he's doing very good shop at baring his personal brand. And he provided a logger spit that encourage and inspire people to lead article. 8. Learn from successful personal brand stories _P2: So the second success from personal brand story that I want to discuss here is about tone video. So Ptolemy, the co-founder of billion-dollar brand quest nutrition, and the co-founder and house have impact Harry, he inspired people around the world to unlock their potential and persuades great needs. I'm told Name one, success Magazine's top 25 influenced people in 2018. And now we're going to watch one of his personal story, which is the mean, how to actually find the purpose. I put the link to the YouTube video here so you can watch for feminists and why you're watching the video. Listen to his story. Pay your sentence to sum up the story structure that we have been discussing. The first part is the story of cell in his story up sell. You try to recall what in his challenge of what his choice and his outcome, what would the value he or his brain tried to bring to others? And the second bats eat their connection. So what would come when you see that he said with the audience and the last barrier of the story, without the cone to action. What were his corn to Exxon in his story about his challenges? One word he challenged here that he was suffering a lot because he would try to find the answer for the question, What do I need to do to get reached and that create miserable to his slide where he choice. He decided to change his question from, What do I need to do to get rich? Too much good? I do and love every day that even I'm going to face a fellow, but I still have the love to do it. And he tried to be a real company that predicted in value and passions. And what is the you see that his company would trying to solve? He realized that his mom and his sister overweight and some are related and dying of the same time related to overweight. So that is the problem that hits company unnecessarily for a lot of bad people. What are the values Antony, he or his brain bring to other? So you remember in his story, he tried to mention that he didn't care about his employee background. They can be former gang member or ex-drug dealers are failings. He says, I don't care if you'd been convicted a crown. I just want to know that if you want to add to chain the life and if you are, I'm gonna, I'm gonna give you an interview. So he saved a dollar raised. Tell him where you have been, but it doesn't tell him about the prize you are willing to pay to become somebody new. So I'm from his story, he, he said that he told to believe that human potential is nearly limited blast. And that's what the belief that changed his life form his personal story. He will try to encourage their v1. The lesson that it's not about who you are today, but it's about who you want to become an the price you are willing to pay to get there. 9. Steps to systematically build your personal brand-P1: The last, but we're going to discuss about how you can systematically bu the prisoner brain. So building the personal brain that we had been discussing, how to build a personal story for the personnel brain. But this is only one part of the system that you view for the percent of brain. So they're here for you. That's guy you to build the systematic personnel Brain. The first one is figure out, you need to figure out first what are the values and the passions Bell. Step two is defined the key trends. What are the unique sheet that have to save the personality is what happened to stand out from the crowd. And what do you want people to know and remember by you? So write out the statesmen like you want to be known as the first step. What are the spacer, what are the new Nick's upward? And then mu the personal story based on the values that you decide and based on the thing that you want people to remember. You look back at our life story of the shocker challenges and all the motivation, what will bring you to the point you are today and why you care about this topic or the business that you are doing. So remember to emotion and values that we already missing before. So you need to have an inventory of our personal story and you need to keep it updated every day. Step three is developed personally, amazed, and remember that the person who misses different with personal brand is just a small part of the brain, so forth of personally maze first, you should have a professor that has sought for the linking the complete. We'll find the websites when we costs Night phase. And second is mu, the credibility is withdrawn tens you the personal. Selling the content of public city tools like medium to get the message out about the topic that you unnoticeable Bell. And another important personal amaz. It's about how you look like, how he dressed up. And always be prepared for, for you to look. Professional. Networking events or the big meeting. Social media even step four is about defining the target audience. So it's not about like sale. You want to expand it to as much audience as you can. Do more corn and interaction with different kind of audience. But for marketing and branding, the more focused the audience, the more focus of the energies you have, the more business you can generate. There are a few ways that you can specify them in the way that you have the marketing strategy, personal brand strategy. First, you can specify it by the attributes. For example, eight, high skill, ethnic city, personality type, education or professional specialty. You can specify it by skill. For example, think about the first five reasons why people think about you. If they want you to have them work on something. Or you can specify it by profession. For example, if you are doing design marketing for every body now is think about specialize their group professions that you want to focus in helping them in. Digital marketing, for example, now is focused on providing digital marketing strategy are solid sin for all the health care status group. So it's the way that you specify the personnel brains by the profession. For example, if you're selling an online program for digital marketing, but the title we're selling an online program for disease monitoring. How much you think that it can sell for the cost, maybe 90 something US dollar. But let's be more specific at selling online program for designate marketing for startup. Is could you get, I think you could increase the bright, higher than maybe two hundred, three hundred bucks. But how about selling the online program for digital marketing for startup in health care? That's even more specific. And then with this specialization you can up to maybe $500 program. But now, how about something on my program for digital marketing, for setup in healthcare, for scaling, for quiet. So it now is focused on scaling progress in the health care setup. So even you can have thousands of 2 thousand bucks for the costs. So the same content, but you differentiate them by the fillings and the experience differently for different targets oriented. So the more often in reserve client that you don't want, the more attraction you attract the client that you really want. If you try to create a brand that being altering for every people, you will end up being nothing to anyone. Step phi, this step is very important that you need to export to different marketing training and consistently sewing the personnel brain. 10. Steps to systematically build your personal brand-P2: So there's some popular marketing chain or that a lower their successful personal brand person has been using that to sowing their personal brand. The first is using media. And so you should have an interview with media edge mesh as you came on televisions on racial postcard. For example. You can see both of our example of the person who have success from personal story, which adj, seti and Tom build them. Using this channel to exploit the personal brand. They have interview very frequently with TV ratio and postcards. You can see here an example. J's were an interviewer on impact Hillary's, which is the postcard of tone below. And also j's have a lot of interview with television. You can see here he was on Alan cells and a lot of answer TVs and racial program. The sacred and the marketing trainer that you can explore the personal brands with using the personal postcards and invite a lot of other influencers, famous person to come enjoy with the postcard and have an interfere with them. And you can see this choice D has been using Paypal j's and tone in their market in China. For example, in the website here you can see j's have hit his purpose postcard with a. He has been invited a lot of influences on social media to have interviewed him on the purpose topic. And UC seemingly thompson. So baring his impact, Terry postcards, which he invites a lot of public speaker to come to set their ideas. And with the same purpose lay encouraged everyone to fight there. And they believe in themselves and find their purpose in life. So very popular chain are nouns, a lot of famous person than using, which are using Facebook and YouTube. But one of the key thing you need to remember here, when you use Facebook and YouTube, you need to be very undisciplined and consistently in the ways that you relieve their Facebook or YouTube failure. For example, you need to be very consistent. Maybe you really, yeah, two videos are three video per week. But you need to do is every single week. And you could expect is take you at least 12 or even a few years to be able to reach a lot more customer or audience and expand the personal brand. Even you take a lot of work, but it has been proved to be a very good marketing chaining for sewing the person a brain. You can see on J's YouTube trainer and also his Facebook. He's really his video very consistently every week. And similarly, you see tumbles YouTube channels and also his Facebook page. And all of the videos has been really consistently over the weeks. Another way for you to view up their personal brand is about public senior book indirect Purdy. You've seen these have been using his experience being a mountain for three years to write a book. Think like a monk with his personal experience and how the durations are being amongst that have him to find a purpose in life. And it's also half him to become a one of their famous article on Amazon's, his books has been now consistently become the number one sales on Amazon's website. Another way that you can write articles on public newspaper, our famous champions in the Phil, Tom has been very popular after he saved me a lot of articles on entrepreneurialism and magazines which bring him and his personal brand to a lot of either in the business field and marketing trainers than that you should take advantage of is, I tried to delivery presentation's at a lot of events and configuring to be able to become a famous person in the niche. You see here, Jay said been invited as a guest speaker and he deliver presentations, sets, laura, conference or organizations or school, university. And every time that then he has opportunity he was trying to say or his personal story to encourage everyone, to inspire the people and thus way. Also have him to be his personal brand. So in the conclusion that this is the, some of the very popular marketing trainers that have you to explore the personal brand to a lot of other people. You can have interview with media and you conduct interview with other people in the fill on the personal postcard. Eastwood released very regular YouTube and Facebook video. You can also think about public's of books or writing articles in the field of expertise, and tried to deliver presentations at S must confident and events as possible in the field to be able to become a famous person in Indonesia. And you should remember that all of the opportunities that you can expose it to a lot of adult audience tried to bring the personal story to the present day sun consistently this way when Happy to be a personal brand. And also the way that you inspire other people to the personnel brain. So now it's time for you to think about the personal brand story. How you want to present those cell to other people and use that personnel brain to inspire other people and also bring the personnel Brain to a lot of ads are oriented. Good luck for your personal brand strategies. And I'm very excited to hear all the personal story that you're going to say that this glass, goodbye.