Storytelling for Trust, Truth & Profit | Kevin Brinkmann | Skillshare

Storytelling for Trust, Truth & Profit

Kevin Brinkmann,

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8 Videos (44m)
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    • Introduction: Why your PPT isn't working for your clients

    • Trust: How to build trust in minutes, not years

    • Truth: How to influence without authority

    • Profit: How Nike, TOMS, and Harley built their brands

    • Practice: The 4 stories you need to be able to tell

    • Movement: Spread a storyteller's mindset

    • Resources: The world's best storytelling resources


About This Class


Don't like selling yourself?

Tell a story. Want more influence? Want to build trust faster? 

Tell a story. Storytelling is a hack to trust, truth, and profit. And it may just be the most powerful tool in our leadership toolbox - that we’ve never used. Whops. So how do you tell a 20-second, business story? Follow the 1-2-1 Story Formula: 1 point, 2 halves, and 1 unforgettable detail. It’s the simplest way to tell a business or personal story. And it's the same formula used to train Fortune 500 leaders. So, welcome to your brand new storytelling life.





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Kevin Brinkmann

Hello, I'm Kevin. I read a lot - 107 books last year. I think a lot. And I help leaders think better by simplifying complex ideas.

I've trained leaders from the United Nations, the World Bank, Canon, Accenture, and even the Indian Army.

Since 2010, I've lived in India, married well, and have been trying to make goodness fashionable :). 

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