Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship Section 1: Intro to Storytelling and Getting Started | Alex Glod | Skillshare

Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship Section 1: Intro to Storytelling and Getting Started

Alex Glod, Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Promotional Video of the Course!

    • 2. Welcome to the course!

    • 3. Common Misconceptions around Storytelling in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

    • 4. What have you learned so far from your experience?

    • 5. Project #1 - Share Your Wisdom

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About This Class

What would you say if I told you that with a great story you don’t need to have any credentials, connections or marketing budget to kickstart your business? There is no sense in investing a lot of money in advertising if you don’t have a story that sticks in the mind of your customers. The stories that convert the most are the stories that people tell about you and that is where your attention should be.

This course is designed for Marketers and Entrepreneurs that want to extend the reach of their business, cause a ruckus in the market and make their businesses stand out. I know how tough it can be to convince people to try something new and a good story will open doors for you that you never thought existed in the first place.

Each module is dedicated to teaching you these skills, the course manual will assist you during the learning process, valuable resources are scattered throughout the lectures and every section challenges you to take action by completing a project.

What are the requirements?

  • Enter with an open mind and with the willingness to reflect, come up with creative ideas and put them into action.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Effectively Pitch the Story of their Business
  • Sell the Core Benefits of their Products and Services
  • Leverage the Power of Word-of-Mouth and Networking
  • Understand the Influence of Emotions on Customer Behavior
  • Leverage the Social Influence of their Customers, Employees, Fans and Supportes
  • Create Valuable Content that will Drive Traffic and Interest in their Business

What is the target audience?

  • The ideals students for this course are marketers that want to expand their area of expertise and are on the lookout for cool and innovative ideas, as well as entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and offer great value to their customers.





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Alex Glod

Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker

Alex Glod is a Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015, TEDx Bacau 2015 and TEDx Calea Domneasca 2018.

In the past 6 years, he has trained over 2500 people in Public Speaking, Storytelling and Leadership in countries from both Europe and Asia and has taught over 13.000 students on Udemy and Skillshare. Alex advocates for a human approach in Marketing, Leadership and Education and teaches leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to use personal stories t...

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