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Storytelling - 4 easy factors every good story needs

teacher avatar Anne Howanietz, Story maniac and coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Class Project

    • 3. 3 Get to know the 4 factors

    • 4. 4 Show me an example

    • 5. 5 Deeper look into the 4 factors

    • 6. 6 Conclusion and good bye

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About This Class

In this class, I explain you which simple four factors you should be aware of when telling a story.

You will learn who they are and how even Hollywood is using them.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anne Howanietz

Story maniac and coach


Hello, I'm Anne. Story addicted with a fable for good food and traveling the world!

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1. 1 Introduction: Hi, everybody. My name is Anne and I am coaching training for storytelling and had over heels in love with a good story. So my main focus is Teoh Support Powell women on passionate business owners so that they can connect deeper with a clients and also can bring out even bigger results by just using the art of storytelling. So in today's class, I want to make sure that you are able to get to know four factors that are most common in every story and that are really, really usable and easy to understand if you just get some X and hints and you can use them in your next story to tell or also by watching next movie or your favorite movie at all and maybe check out if you yeah, mastered the art of storytelling so good that you can just understand which role and which character in your favorite movie is. Which factor off the out of started telling so that you really understand. Okay, yeah, they used this person to get into this situation, and then they took this one we will find, and later I will let you know. And so I am really happy that you're here at my course. And I'm really looking forward to show you the story time by four factors. 2. 2 Class Project: So now I want to introduce the class project I want you to write down before fractures off a good storytelling on, then shared with the others of community in the comments, please also connected to your favorite movie. So please let us know which movie are talking about and then write down those four factors and which main character is which factor and police let us know if you figured out the correct four factors in your most favorite a movie, and for the ones who feel already comfortable in telling a story, please maybe just write down one of your own stories and let us listen to this. 3. 3 Get to know the 4 factors: So we already talked a lot about those four factors to tell a Ely and really good story. You need to have four factors and I'm pretty sure that you're already thinking about OK. She mentioned those four factors 100 times. And could she please now come to the point? Yes. Now I come to the point. Here we are. The four factors of a good straight. The 1st 1 is you need to have a hero. The 2nd 1 is you need to have a villain or problem or a challenge. The 3rd 1 is you need to have a mental and last but the least fourth is you need to have a moral. Now most of you will think about Kate. Why those four factors? Yeah, some of them I already hurt. But what is she talking about? What is this importance off those four factors and what can I do with them? So I will give you a short introduction to them. A hero you need. Because if you wanna have a hero, that wouldn't be a starting to tell. If you wouldn't have a villain or problem are challenged, a hero has to overcome. Then wouldn't be, you know, is it would be really boring to listen to this story. And if there wouldn't be a mentor, then the hero wouldn't know how to overcome this problem or how to solve the challenge. Um, and if you would have a moral than it would be a yeah. Why should you listen to its story without moral? I mean, there's nothing in it for you that 4. 4 Show me an example: Let's have a closer look to those four factors again and to make it a little bit easier, I just thought about OK, I'll give you an explanation by using an example. So I choose a lot of the rings. I think most of you people just know the story. And most of you also watch maybe movie or at the boat, hopefully. And yeah, so we will go directly into the story and I will show you which character is used for which factor. And so then you can understand what I am talking about. So who is the hero in the known off the Rings? I'm pretty sure most of you knew, but I still try to explain it to you. So the hero in the story off the whole of rings is throw the Hobbit So photo is pretty sure kind of a person like you mean it. Yeah. Okay, now he is a little bit more feed bigger feet and Patrick feed on. He's also quite smaller than most of us. But he is the hero. And why issue the hero? Because he is a person. We can rely too. He is a just a normal guy. I was just, yeah, just stepped into those situations off finding a ring and finding a challenge, pushed out of his comfort zone and pushed into an adventure. And what is the villain here on? What is the challenge? I already talked about the challenge in the story. A lot of things is that there is Sarah on the May big evil force that is trying to make everyone's life hell on earth. Onda, who is trying to force everyone in slavery. And so there is just only one possibility to bring the ring back to the big, Big Mountains where he can be destroyed. And so little Hobbit has to go on a on a crazy adventure that has to go out of his comfort zone. Just know, because only half off himself, just also to to support the others and to make everyone's life at the end better place. So who is the mentor at this story? The mentor and offerings is for sure, and one hand there is the mantra called Gamble, which is a magician who knows a lot of things and really can support the little Howard Teoh . Yeah, overcome all those problems and all those fears. On the other hand, there is some his friend and companion who's going all the way up to the mountain with him and who was always Yeah, you know, coaching him and saying, OK, you have to go on. You have to to stay strong. Don't give up, You can make it. We can make it. We can go there. We can force ourselves to a high level and give everything that we can. And then there is tomorrow on. Yeah. Does this story has moral? You might ask, but I am pretty sure that most of you already knew. It has because tomorrow off the Lord of Rings ISS truly, truly that if you believe in yourself and if you do so and if you find some people who support you and you push you and if you're staying strong and just going on, whatever will come and never give up, you can have everything and you can reach everything. So it is something like a It's kind of a mindset that you have to to take for yourself, that you just keep going, whatever will come and that if you are, yeah, if you're standing strong. And if you're having a supportive group off people helping you and everything is possible, and if you just believe in yourself, you can make it. Whatever it takes, most of you might ask Now what common with me in my own story? Because I am not a hobbit and I am not a magician. Yes, you are right. You are not a movie character. But if you stay strong and if you compared to your own story. And if you tell your story to the world, you can also help yourself and other people by overcoming fears and being supportive and transitioning into a better version of themselves. And so I just want to try to explain how you can use storytelling and those four factors for your old story so that you know how you can talk to other people and give them an opportunity to understand what you are, what your services is good for. 5. 5 Deeper look into the 4 factors: So let's get into the four factors again and find out who is the hero in your story. If you are talking about a problem, your audience is having them. Please let your audience be the hero because if you are talking only about yourself and only about you and you're the only one who survive and transformed and made everything possible and you are who people, no one will listen to this. So please make your audience the hero because they have some fears. They have some problems. They are facing a challenge and they need your support and this is what you are. Yeah, when you are giving to them is you are the mental if you're having a product that is helping them shake the body. If you're having a service that IHS helping them getting better mindset, then please be momentum. Tell them that you can support them by reaching their goals, and that you have an easy way and that you can and that you already you can tell them that you already had. Those are similar situations where you also face those problems, and you can also give them an example that one of your other clients also face problems, which are similar, like those they already experiencing on that. They overcome those problems if they used your service or if they used your product so you can give them some examples so that they know how they can relate to your tree. A story. Please don't lie in those situations because it's never go to lie, and at the end everyone will know. And so please don't talk any, You know, she said, this is not what I want you to do. I really want you to be your own into share your knowledge with your clients who is the villain in your in your own story. The villain is the problem your audience is facing. Also, your competitors, who are not helping your client the way you could are who might not want to help him as good as you can. So this is more or less the challenge or the problem. Yeah, in a way, also a villain. Um, but I don't want you to you to make the story too dramatic and make those make dose. Yeah, problems too big because it's I think it's important to show that there is there is a challenge to face on then that there is a problem to solve. But if you have just tried to frighten your audience, then this also will not have a good output and more off all those stories you are telling your audience should always be. That was your support and your service. They can overcome all the problems. And it is easier if they get your support that if they do it on their own because you are an expert and you are someone who can show them an easy way to get over all these challenges they are facing. So this is something you should tell your audience that you are authentic and that you understand them and that you can help them because this is what they want. They want to get help. They want someone who is able to make them reach their gold without any fear and in even shot of time. So please try to make them feel this and try to make them trust you on. Uh, please don't use the stress to make any Yeah, any kind of fraud. Yeah, just let them know that you can support them and that you can coach are help them as a Metro on and is what you should know. 6. 6 Conclusion and good bye: so And if you are not selling anything to anyone, then you might ask yourself What's in it for me? I can tell you most of you will have a social media channel like I don't know Facebook in some around. Whatever. If I could see you raising your hand, I be sure everyone of you would raise your hand right now, bat. So I just Yeah, I just take it for granted that you are in with me. Storytelling is not only for selling any products, it is also for relating with others. It is forgetting a deeper connection to other people. It is for having a funny evening at the bar it is for relating to your loved ones are too. I don't know, make presentation even funny out even better by showing some examples. So please don't be afraid by using starting time in every situation you are having in your daily life or in your business. Because storytelling can be one of the greatest things if you're just using it. Andi, I know many people are really afraid off Storytelling are don't know how they should start with this, But I can really yeah tell you that you don't have to be afraid. Just try it on. You can just try it in space without any fear. You can just write it down. And, for example, posted in the comments. One of your stories. I would love to listen. Read some of your stories. So please just share with us on. Let the community give you some feedback. I don't know if I can give you a feedback on every story, but I will try my best to thank you.