Storyboarding for Film: Illustrating Scripts and Stories | Ryan Falkner | Skillshare

Storyboarding for Film: Illustrating Scripts and Stories

Ryan Falkner, Filmmaker and Storyboard Artist

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13 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Warm-Up: Storyboard a Tweet

    • Core Concepts: Storyboards

    • Core Concepts: Scripts

    • Cinematography: Camera Shots

    • Cinematography: Camera Angles and Thumbnail Sketches

    • Cinematography: Camera Diagrams and Frame Sizes

    • Storyboarding: Page One

    • Storyboarding: Page Two

    • Storyboarding: Page Three

    • Storyboarding: Final Pages

    • Final Touches: Transitions and Advice for Aspiring Artists

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About This Class

Learn to draw the sketches that create your favorite films. This one-hour class is perfect for artists, writers, filmmakers, and creative storytellers of any skill level—all you need is a pen and paper.

Storyboard artist Ryan Falkner explains why storyboards and scripts matter to filmmaking, covers core concepts of cinematography and camera angles, and illustrates a short script from start to finish, revealing key insider tips on how to think like a storyboard artist, "see like a camera," and draw from your mind's eye.

With a wealth of downloadable additional resources—including a warm-up exercise, pages of annotated scripts and storyboards, a storyboarding template, and helpful reference charts illustrating key concepts—this is a fascinating, engaging class for everyone who loves good stories and wants to tell their own.

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Ryan packs a ton of information into 77 minutes. This class is a lot more helpful than storyboarding classes I've viewed on other sites.
Yes, this is the way I like to do things so it's good to see that confirmed. There will be those who claim storyboards are an unnecessary affectation or expense or that boards ultimately enslave a Directors freedom. Ryan points to the true situation. Boards map what is a very expensive process before the big money and effort is spent. I would add one more thing to Ryan's recommendations to study films and break them down into storyboards as practice. While watching films for this purpose, add a transparent overlay sheet containing a 'rule-of-thirds' grid that fits your particular viewing screen to the front of your device. You will be able to see this 'rule' works in film shot composition. It really stands out on the big stars like Brad Pitt when you see the wide go to medium then to a closeup keeping the glint in Brad's eye right in the same cross-hair though the shots. You can also use this trick to detect the effect of discarding the rule of thirds by certain filmmakers and make your own decision about whether that gives a better effect or not. Thanks for a great course Mr Falkner.
Amazing class! Seriously anyone that is going to deal with a script one day or another should watch this.





Ryan Falkner

Filmmaker and Storyboard Artist

Ryan Falkner is a filmmaker with over 15 years of experience as a storyboard artist and a lifetime as a storyteller. Over the past decade, Ryan has worked on over two dozen feature films, most notably The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Charlie St Cloud, Pineapple Express, Dukes of Hazzard, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

He has also worked on such popular TV shows including The Cape, Harry's Law, House MD, ER, Desperate Housewives, and The Mentalist, as well as countless commerc...

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