Story Structure: 8 Essentials for Outlining Your Novel or Script

Rebecca Loomis, Compulsive creative with too many hobbies

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12 Videos (27m)
    • Class Overview

    • Intro to Act I: The Setup

    • Act I - Point #1: The Hook

    • Act I - Point #2: Upsetting the Status Quo

    • Act I - Point #3: Doorway of No Return

    • Intro to Act II: Rising Conflict

    • Act II - Point #4: The Initial Plan

    • Act II - Point #5: Midpoint & Mirror Moment

    • Act II - Point #6: All Hope is Lost

    • Act III - Point #7: Transformation

    • Act III - Point #8: Climax & Resolution

    • Conclusion


About This Class

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing story, but having nowhere to start can be intimidating. Whether you're a panster or a plotter, novelist or screenwriter, these eight essential story points will help you define the heart of your story and build your conflict towards the most emotionally satisfying climax.

Each lesson will go over one of the eight essential story points, putting it into context within a three-act structure and giving you tips on how to utilize it for your unique story. You will also have the opportunity to see how these points have been used in successful stories of varying genres. Your class project will be an outline of your own story, using these eight points.

No story, however, is 100% plot-driven. Character must be taken into account as well! For the best results, pair this course with my other writing class:

  • From Person to Protagonist: Developing Your Story's Hero - COMING SOON

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Great lesson and I love the examples used. It helps you really understand what she is talkin about and it gets ideas buzzing for sure!
Elaina Raquel

I am sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

A very well organized and practical lesson. Thank you very much. It was the best way to refresh my memory about the most important things to consider when writing.
Really complete, with perfectly good examples, and in full detail. Thank you so much, helped me a lot!





Rebecca Loomis

Compulsive creative with too many hobbies

Rebecca received her Bachelors in mass communications with a minor in art. Though primarily a lifestyle photographer and writer, Rebecca has a wide variety of creative experience, including art, graphic design, videography, advertising and more. When she crawls out of her introverted Hobbit-hole, Rebecca enjoys adventuring the great outdoors, social dancing and making delicious food!