Story-Selling: Email & Content Marketing That'll Boost Sales | Zach Miller | Skillshare

Story-Selling: Email & Content Marketing That'll Boost Sales

Zach Miller, Email & Sales Funnel Extraordinaire

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15 Videos (2h 54m)
    • Introduction

    • Email Sequence

    • Soap Opera Sequence

    • Walkthrough of My Soap Sequence

    • Client Soap Sequence Example

    • Seinfeld Email Sequence

    • Expert Positioning

    • The Attractive Character Overview

    • Voice Inflection for 2X Sales

    • What is a Squeeze?

    • Squeeze Page Secrets

    • Value Ladder Overview

    • Affiliating Value Ladder Buildout

    • Your Value Ladder Buildout

    • Free Sales Funnel Secrets Book


About This Class

The purpose of this course is to share clear and specific ways to make your email & content more effective when it comes to your bottom line... REVENUE.

Take this course because you're tired of talking theory, and want to improve at what you do.  Or, because you want to add more to your next conversation. Use my sound bites or create your own.

Expect to learn more and quickly because course is split into 2 sections lessons averaging 60 minutes each.  Each lesson contains a minimum of 3 things you can do now to make your content stronger.

The course is produced by me, so it's fun, heavy on the visuals, and shares most of its lessons via stories. It's designed to inspire, but more importantly to leave you with specific things you can start doing (as early as today) to make your content work harder for you.

The people who will benefit most from our lessons include:

- anyone with content in their title, responsibility, or general interests

- marketers at companies large and small

- sales groups, pr teams, and communication types with an interest in content marketing

- students of content both new and old

- anyone who wants the money they spend on content, to come back to them via the sale of their product/service/solution/etc





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Zach Miller

Email & Sales Funnel Extraordinaire

Hopefully you've heard a little bit about me before. Hopefully all good. So why am I the guy to follow?

I've built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses for my clients and myself. I teach the same marketing ideas I've taught to my clients and coaching students, here on Udemy. I love delivering as much value as I can UP FRONT. In fact, my book Sales Funnel Secrets teaches the same concepts I deliver to my $25,000 coaching students. So you can see where I'm heading with this...

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