Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book

Leah M Berry, Helping Writers Get Their Books into the World

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Story Marketing Introduction

    • You're an Author, Not a Marketer

    • The Benefits of Story Marketing

    • Story Marketing Categories & Principles

    • Creating Story Marketing Content

    • Story Marketing Ideas

    • Summary & Putting Your Learning Into Action


About This Class

Your audience doesn’t want another email from you asking them to buy your book. But they do want to immerse themselves in a great story. In Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book, you'll learn how to attract more readers by helping them further explore the characters, setting, and other aspects of your story to make them hungry for your books.

You’ll learn lots of Story Marketing ideas like:

  • Having one of your characters write an advice column answering your readers’ questions
  • Setting up a Twitter account for your character and tweeting as if you’re them
  • Sharing photos of the location where your story is set
  • Asking your readers to suggest which actors should play your characters once the book is made into a movie

In this class you'll learn the four easy steps to quickly create your own Story Marketing content that will skyrocket the number of readers passionate for your books.

Story Marketing is more enjoyable for your readers to consume. It’s more fun for you, the author, to create. It also helps you write better stories. If you’re tired of traditional book marketing and you’re ready to attract more readers, it’s time to try out Story Marketing.

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This class was great. I have learned much about Story Marketing. The idea is simple yet very smart. I do not like selling so this is the best way to have me readers interact with my characters.
A very innovative way to promote your book and have fun - story marketing is something that I haven't heard about and definitely worth doing for every author, because it's essentially more writing! A great overview course with ideas on what to do!
Thoroughly enjoyed the class and am looking forward to getting into the book. Haven't had time to do my class project yet, but am thinking what I'll do. Update: have now completed my class project and it is ready for you to view.





Leah M Berry

Helping Writers Get Their Books into the World

I help writers and other creative entrepreneurs overcome the barriers to get their books and other work into the hearts and hands of their target audience.

I have been a professional trainer for over twenty years and love helping my students reach their goals.

Like so many authors, I worked full-time (in IT and marketing) and wrote on the side. I saw the struggle authors and other creatives faced with their marketing and IT challenges and found myself continually answering their questions and helping them get their books into the world. In time, I finally decided to make the transition and focus full-time on assisting writers with the creation and marketing of great books and other content.

I look forward to helping you too.