Story Marketing #2 - Have Fun Attracting More Readers with Story Characters - Part 1 | Leah M Berry | Skillshare

Story Marketing #2 - Have Fun Attracting More Readers with Story Characters - Part 1

Leah M Berry, Helping Writers Get Their Books into the World

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10 Videos (17m)
    • Story Marketing Characters Part 1 Intro

    • Story Marketing Idea 1 - Do Something Related to Your Character’s Likes or Dislikes

    • Story Marketing Idea 2 - Characters Get Hungry Too

    • Story Marketing Idea 3 - What Do Your Characters Look Like?

    • Story Marketing Idea 4 - Host a Character Costume Party

    • Story Marketing Idea 5 - Reveal More Backstory

    • Sidenote: If You're Under Contract

    • Story Marketing Idea 6 - Ask Your Character Additional Questions

    • Story Marketing Idea 7 - Talk to Your Character

    • Summary and Learning Into Action Characters 1


About This Class

Do you want to attract more readers but hate promoting your books?

Book marketing doesn’t have to be something you dread. In fact, you can have fun marketing your fiction books. How? With Story Marketing you focus on sharing your story, instead of selling your books.

In this class, you‘ll learn seven exciting ways to attract more readers by helping your audience get to know and want to spend more time with your story characters. This will motivate them to want to buy and read your books.

This class builds upon the class Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book. In that class, writers learned the basic principles and steps to succeed at Story Marketing. In the rest of the Story Marketing series, each class shares different Story Marketing techniques to help you put it into action and catapult the number of readers hungry for your books.





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Leah M Berry

Helping Writers Get Their Books into the World

I help writers and other creative entrepreneurs overcome the barriers to get their books and other work into the hearts and hands of their target audience.

I have been a professional trainer for over twenty years and love helping my students reach their goals.

Like so many authors, I worked full-time (in IT and marketing) and wrote on the side. I saw the struggle authors and other creatives faced with their marketing and IT challenges and found myself continually answering their...

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