Story Marketing #2 - Have Fun Attracting More Readers with Story Characters - Part 1

Leah M Berry, Helping Writers Get Their Books into the World

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10 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Story Marketing Characters Part 1 Intro

    • 2. Story Marketing Idea 1 - Do Something Related to Your Character’s Likes or Dislikes

    • 3. Story Marketing Idea 2 - Characters Get Hungry Too

    • 4. Story Marketing Idea 3 - What Do Your Characters Look Like?

    • 5. Story Marketing Idea 4 - Host a Character Costume Party

    • 6. Story Marketing Idea 5 - Reveal More Backstory

    • 7. Sidenote: If You're Under Contract

    • 8. Story Marketing Idea 6 - Ask Your Character Additional Questions

    • 9. Story Marketing Idea 7 - Talk to Your Character

    • 10. Summary and Learning Into Action Characters 1


Project Description

Create a piece of Story Marketing content related to the characters in your story and share it with the class (and your readers). To create a piece of Story Marketing content, follow these four steps.

1. Choose your Story Marketing idea (don't worry, I share lots of ideas to get you started.)

2. Outline your content

3. Create your content

4. Publish your content (and share it with the class)

You can enter the text or an image of your content within your project, or even better, share it online with your readers and then include a link in your project to the blog post, video, image, or whatever else you create. Sharing the link will give you the opportunity to attract even more readers (from within this class). Use it as a helpful marketing opportunity.

If you're unsure how to create your content and you haven't yet watched the class Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book, I encourage you to do so now.

Need Feedback? 

I will be providing feedback on all of the projects. But if you're looking for specific feedback, please enter any questions you have into the project workspace area and I will be happy to answer them. I am here to help you succeed in attracting more readers.

Have Questions?

The class walks you through the steps for creating your first piece of Story Marketing content. But if you have ANY questions, please click on the 'Community' link (in the row of links below the video) and post your questions there. 

I look forward to seeing your Story Marketing content and learning about your great stories!

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