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2 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro - Get Off Your Phone!

    • 2. Ways To Cut Down On Your Phone TIme

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About This Class

Have you ever looked up from your phone and realized hours have passed? I have and these are my tried and true tips for cutting down on how much your phone distracts you! Whether it's messing with your sleep, something you reach for when you are bored, or you are easily distractible and your phone only exasperates that. These are the many tips I have tried and found helpful to cut down on being sucked into my phone! What are your best tips and tricks for avoiding distraction? 


My Youtube Channel: MissAmyxo

My Instagram: MissAmyXoo

My Email: [email protected]

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Amy Norton

Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz


Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and had success with as well as writing, freelance, and entrepreneurial tips that have helped me as I build my writing business. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying new practices to stretch my time out. When I find things that work I am so excited to share them with you, so I hope you will check out my classes and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic day! 

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1. Intro - Get Off Your Phone!: Hello and welcome to another. Still share class. My name is Amy. I am so glad you're joining me today. This video I feel, is very important for a lot of us myself included. How to stop wasting so much time on your phone. Now I'm not talking about, you know, calling your mom on your phone. I'm not talking about texting someone back. I'm talking about when you get such into your phone on an app or something for hours and hours, hours or other ways that your phone distracts you and how to minimize that. Because I've recently done a class on how to focus more to be more productive. I want to go more in depth and one of the points which was how to eliminate or at least minimize the phone distractions. Because I know that it's something that causes so much destruction for a lot of us, and it is frustrating. It is hard. So I want to get into that. I hope you will enjoy this class and let's go and get into it. 2. Ways To Cut Down On Your Phone TIme: Okay, So the first thing I challenge you to think about What? This is why you are doing it. Why do you want to minimize him on your phone? Why do you want to cut out that waste? Is it because you want to spend more quality time with your family and not be on your phone during dinner? Is it because you're being distracted when you're at work or you're trying to homework and you get sucked in with your phone and then all these hours fly by and suddenly you haven't done anything? So go ahead and think about that. Are you working toward specific goals? Family, Increasing quality time at work? Are you finding that you're one of those people who spends time on their phone and a restaurant? When the transplant time with their friend and you feel like you're being rude to people because of it? Just think about some reasons there could definitely more than one. I have more than one. But think about those reasons, and that's gonna really be a good reminder to yourself every time you start to get this tractor, think about it. No, I really want to focus on my family. No, I really want to focus on getting this work done more efficiently. So I go have fun afterwards, I think about it. All right. I did some research before doing this video. And something I found interesting is there are so many variations of what times? The different organizations report studies showing how much time people spend their phones . The to put it in perspective, the lowest I found 90 minutes, which is an hour and 1/2. And I'm not saying someone that wasn't maybe turning off the alone, talk on your phone or calling your mom back or returning a work call or something like that , but 90 minutes a lot. And some of them, I found, were up just 3/2 to 4 hours a day on the phone. So even if you're only in the 90 minutes, that's 23 days out of your entire year that you were spent just on your phone. So it it really adds up. So getting into our other points. So this one I believe mentioned before, but turn off notifications and I'm not just talking like silence. Your final is good. I mean, disable notifications. So if you have Instagram or Facebook or social media or gay maps that are sending you notifications about new posts or this person vestige do or oh, new, you know, level unlocked or something like that that's distracting. You go into each of those individual APS. It might take you a little bit of time, but go into this APs and disabled certifications because it's going to be so much time. I do not have absolutely phone. It drives me crazy personally because I am such a distractible person. But I went to instrument recently and I just abled all the certifications. And I'm not missing out because I still go on instagram everyday, partially because I have a YouTube channel and that's part of my social media for my YouTube channel. Partial because something enjoys Well, I'm never missing anything on there. When I go into the APP will tell me if I have a message on there, but that we have stopped popping up throughout the entire day. Like sometimes I started counting. I was like five times, six times 10 times a day, and it was just too much and then I would hop on the app and they would get sucked in, spent a long time on there and really wasn't enjoying myself either. So go into your APS the ones that you notifications for and turn those notifications off, or at least lower than words, a lot more minimal. That way, you're not being distracted. So this thing is, is if you are working If you were studying, if you're with friends, family, whatever it is, and you want to be focused on whatever it is you're doing, silence your phone. Turn it off. Now I understand some of you maybe have jobs where you have to be on your phone, but at least make sure that everything, except for maybe phone calls from that one person like a boss or something, are disabled. I know a lot of phones have settings where you can set it were into a motive. Were it silences everything except for calls from certain people. So they I know people who have this on their phone, and they'll put that on before bed. And that way, if they got a call from someone in their life who is expecting a baby or who is sick or they're concerned about someone's health and you know, a midnight call or something because someone is being rushed to hospital because there's something dire like that. You can set your phone to that word. Onley accept calls from those people, and 11 have it where you can even set it from, You know, eight PM to eight AM if you want to, like, turn off all the notifications I know personally, I have an alarm clock app, and I said it where when I set that alarm at night, I silence my phone and everything is silent except for the alarm in the morning. That's how I prefer it. But if you do have someone in your life or you do work in a job where your on call say you're a nurse or something, you can find absolute will let you set those parameters. That way, your own your phone is on. Lee going off if that person is calling you some of something that you really need to take is calling you, but that we're not getting the Facebook notifications or text messages from friends. As wonderful as they are. That way, you are distracted when you are trying to focus on your family or work outside that sort of thing. So check that and for the most part, otherwise, just let it go to voicemail. If it's the one calls like a missed call and they don't leave a voicemail, I don't know. The number is I'm not gonna bother calling them back because it wasn't that important if they didn't leave a voicemail, you know, so just ignore attacks. Let your phone voicemail if you can. If you have to have I have your phone on for certain reasons, like someone is having health issues, your sister's about to have a baby. You know, you have a job where you need that. Find an app, find settings within your phone that will let you silence it to everyone, except for phone calls or text for that person. So the less you're on your phone, the more likely won't get sucked into other things on the phone. Waste of time, basically, is what I'm saying. This is one of my favorite tips. This is the tip I use every single day, and it's made such a difference, and that is to move your phone. I was reading that so many people fall asleep with their phone. So many people have their phone in their pocket or on the desk or something like that when they're trying to work or relax or something. And if your phone is there, if it's within arm's reach, you were so much more likely to grab it. And to, Oh, I wonder what's new on Facebook. I wonder what's new on Twitter, and then you get sucked into it. And then before you know what your browsing Web pages and then hours passed by. So move your phone moving away from you if you if you're like me, and I'd like to have my phone in my room with me when I'm working on my computer. What I have is I have almost stepped animals where you can, like prop your phone up in it. But I will flip my phone around so that the phone is on is on silent, so there's no noise of any type coming, and then it's turned around, so I cannot see the little light that flashes. Once there's a message or a notification, so I am unaware of it, and then it just out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. So as much as you can put if you're you know, if you're if you're at the library studying, put your phone in your bag of your purse backpack. Whatever the moors out of sight, the less you're going to think about it. It might be hard to break that habit first. You might think about it quite a bit when you first start doing that, if you have a real tendency to check it from a lot. But once you get out of the habit, is going to be so much better and you're gonna be uninterrupted, which is gonna lead to more efficiency, productivity, more quality time with family and friends, cause you're actually gonna be focusing on the present moment. So out of sight, out of mind, I firmly believe in that. And it's worked very well for me. Quick, funny story to on days where I have, like, really bad, like hyper nous, and I'm very distractible. I will put my phone under my pillow because I only have a bedroom, so I do have my desk set up in the same room with my bedroom. It's not ideal, but I only have one room, so I'm working with what I have. So I will put my phone underneath my pillow. And typically I won't think about it for hours and hours and hours. So if I really can't focus, I mean, put it under a blanket. Put under your pillow stuffing under your jacket. Just put it away when you can't see it and have it turned off. So you're hearing it if you can't see it. If you can't hear it, it's going to be much more helpful to this one. I've had to be very interesting, and I am not trying this because it scares me. But since I'm doing this class, I'm trying it currently, and it is scary. So there I found two different APS. One is called Quality Time, which is focused on android phones, and the other is called moment for less. And basically you install these on your phone, and they have similar programs like this for your computer. So you are the same with your computer, which I am to. These will track how much time you spend on your phone, and a lot of them break it into categories. So how much time you spend on the instagram up today, how much time you spend on, you know, texting or this or that We'll break it down for you painfully so so that you were aware, like with undeniable proof. But this is how much time you spend. So if you're really struggling with this or you're not convinced that you needed to do all these tips, try this app out. Try it on your phone. They have similar versions for your computer, which really scared me. That's the part that really scares me personally. But they will break it down for you. How much time you start the phone and even if they don't go every specific app like, oh, you know, 40 minutes on instagram 20 on Facebook kind of thing. They'll still categorized by social media, abs, You know, others like all these river naps. So I'm just saying, if you need a brutal, if you're someone who needs to see the cold, hard fax or to really see where you're spending your time on your phone, like if you just if you know you get sucked into your phone or your spending more time you want, but you're not really sure. What exactly is sucking you into the phone? This might be a good way to really understand. Oh, I didn't realize I spent that much time on Facebook or this or that. I didn't know I spent this much time browsing the Web on my phone. So just so many consider it's It's scary. The now absolution track. How much time your spending on other acts and things, but it's a brutally blunt way to get it through your head. But this is how much time your spending and I'm not advocating this video. They spend no time on any social media or any type of app or game on your phone that you enjoy. Not advocating that. But yeah, if you're spending four hours a day on your phone, if you have these cold, hard facts face to face like right in your face, it might remind you of Oh, I've really been meaning to read more, but I just can't find the time. But then I'll look, I'm spending two hours a day and candy crush. It might give you some incentive to really think, Oh, wow, I didn't really is It was so much time. It just felt like a few games. But really, it went on a longer than that. So highly suggest checking those out because that it's scary. It can be very scary. This I'm sure the majority of you watching probably do, and that's use your phone as an alarm clock, and I'm the same way I use my phone as an alarm clock to I do not own an actual clock in my room with the only one I have is on my phone and then, technically, the one of my computer. But I don't own like an actual physical alarm clock like I used Teoh. I don't necessarily want. So what I'm saying here is your phone is not your alarm clock. It is not the same as it was before, where you would just hit snooze on the machine, and that's it was Now a lot of us probably have our phone nearer bed. Ah, lot of us, according to my research, actually sleep with it under our pillow or next to us and then so it's even closer to reach . So what I'm advocating here is instead of having it so close to whether it's literally under your pillow or on your night stand is to move it across the room. And this is gonna benefit you in several ways and help you stop wasting time on your phone . Because from the research that I was doing again, so many of us or long clock goes off phone. We grab the phone, we hit snooze. Maybe we hit a few times and then okay, we're finally getting up, but we open instagram. We check our social media, we play a game on our phone. We read the news on our phone before you've even gotten out of bed, which is not recommended. Ah, lot of different studies I've seen for, like what successful people do in the morning is to avoid their phone for at least the 1st 30 minutes to an hour in the morning minimum. If you could do it even longer, that's better. But making a gold to at least start not using your phone for 30 minutes, you know, have your farm across the room from your bed and pointing this wakes my beds over there, have your room, have your phone across the rooms that you are forced to not only get up, I would have bed to turn the alarm clock off, which is gonna help you wake up faster, which is going to help you be more productive because let's be real hitting. Snooze feels great, But are you really getting quality sleep for hitting snooze and getting another five or 10 minutes or 15 minutes asleep? Probably not. And honestly, a lot of, um, I personally have trouble sleeping. I get insomnia, so I feel a lot of reading on sleep. At a lot of times. Snoozing, especially several times, actually will make you feel groggy here. What if you just got the first time? It is painful. I know that I feel you and it's still struggle, something. I have to wash myself for constantly. But put your phone across the rooms that you have to get out of bed, which is in the save you time by not being in bed and getting you moving faster. Make it a point to stand on that snooze or not. Suits Don't snooze. Turn the alarm off on your phone and then immediately get out the door. Get out of the bedroom. Don't touch your phone. Don't bring it with you to browse. Don't touch it. Just leave it on your counter or whatever. You have it on across the room and have some people if they live alone or something that he didn't put the phone in their bathroom or something. That's next to the bedroom. So I don't even have to have it in the bedroom, which is even better. So you have your phone across the room forces you to get up out of that, which is gonna help you to wake up faster. Hit the off button on your lar and get out of your room. Assassins. You can or get started. Whatever it is you're doing, get ready. Go The gym, Going breakfast whatever it is that you want to be doing first thing in the morning versus of browsing social media because it's not, honestly, it's not the most productive use of time for the most part. And to be honest, when you first wake up, are you really remembering that much of what you were looking at browsing on your phone? Because I can tell you that I don't If I'm browsing on my phone, it's not really helping me to wake up faster. And it's also I'm not really absorbing the information because I'm still half asleep versus if I was moving and getting into the kitchen to eat food. Another thing that's great about that is if you are having insomnia, if you do, you know, have a hard time falling asleep or you wake up in the middle of the night like I sometimes do, and you have a hard time falling back asleep. If you have your phone in your bed with you or on the night standard within reach on your bed, you might start browsing on your phone because you're not falling asleep and you're frustrated. And, oh, maybe I should check my phone. I didn't think about the text me back kind of thing, but the light from your phone is gonna keep you awake longer, which is just gonna prolong the insomnia, which is gonna make you feel worse in the morning when you wake up groggy or so in general . No phones in the bed, no phones on the night stand. Have your phone across the room from you. If you can, I would highly recommend that has made such a big difference in how I'm able to wake up in the morning and you know always seems much time. Because if you wake up faster and you're not on your phone browsing and getting sucked into that, you're suddenly not in bed for 30 minutes trying to wake up and the scrolling through Facebook or something and then go Oh, wow. I'm running late for work again kind of thing. So just get up. Put the phone outside the room. Resist the temptation, Teoh, look at it for an hour, if you can, if not more. Next thing is to downsize what you have on your phone now, of course, this is very by person, but a lot of us have lots of acts on phone. Lots of gaps. We have shopping apps. You have social media. APS We have news. APS we have weather absolutely were filled with APS. And the more you have on your phone, not only does it look more cluttered, but the more you have on it, the more you're gonna bounce between things. Because you might be on one app that you actually enjoy within go. Oh, maybe I should look at my news, app or maybe I should check out to see if they needed deals on that shopping website. You know, the more you have on your phone, the more life who you are to spend more time on it cause there's more on your phone, right? So go ahead and go through declutter your phone and decide what you actually really, really need it and enjoy on there. So for me, I had multiple social me APs on there and now they want to have is a YouTube and instagram little trip very relevant what I'm trying to do with my life currently and things that I actually really enjoy as well. So I got rid of the other ones. I got rid of old coupon app. So I got rid of old like shopping apse, which were not helping my wallet either. So just decoder delete to get rid of his money was absent. You can clean up your phone, make it look nice, make it look very organized and not a headache to look at and keep it as simple as you can . Your phone. The less you have on there, the less you might think to go check this or later, I'm gonna check this one and this one. Just eliminate as much you can your phone and save yourself. Medic. Something else is a just is to figure out what triggers you to pick up your phone. So is it because you're bored? Isn't because you're anxious or stressed or overwhelmed, and you don't know what to do next to you. Just pick up your phone because I feel easier. And you might as well just go through it, your Facebook or something, because you don't want to do do that. Is it because you have a fear of missing out? Because, oh, well, if I don't check social media a couple times a day, I'm gonna miss out something important. Eminem s announcement or a flash sale on a Web site or something. What is it that like kind of makes you want to grab for your phone to begin with when you're not really, when you really don't have, like, a need for it, what distracts you from what you're trying to do, whether it's quality time with family, working the homework, that sort of thing. What is it? Are you bored at work and then you pick it up. Are you bored with the conversation? Are you anxious? A. Social events, he pick up your phone, try to figure out what it is, exactly what kind of emotions you're feeling when you end up doing a lot of that more like useless browsing on your phone. That's not really giving you pleasure, but it's not really being productive. One is it that's bringing you to that point. Figure out the emotion behind it and see if you can counter that with something else. If you're anxious or stress, can you take a few deep breaths and write everything out on a list that you need to dio that what you can kind of calm that down and then kind of number your list? See what you really need to work on first? If you're bored, you know, Can you go get up from your room? Where can you go? Do something? Can you go on a walk and you go play with your dog? Can you go read a book? I think of something else you could do that's gonna be more productive or fulfilling rather than just browsing through a bunch of stuff, and it's stuff. You're not going to remember tomorrow another thing again. Is it too easy to grab it? Because some of us are just very distracted? Kind of people were more easily distracted than others, so it's too easy to grab again out of sight of mind. Try to eliminate notifications. Silence it. At least put it on vibrate and try to avoid checking it all the time as well. Okay, on our last tip is palm adores. I have talked to appease in several sculpture classes because I and a staunch believer in them they work so well for me. And if you are someone who is, you can focus your distracted. You're on your phone. I use an app called Brain Focus, which I do have an android based phone. There's other ones for Apple, or even just set a timer with your clock up. Whatever works for you, but basically set a timer for 25 minutes and your life with the opposite actually show the timer at the top of the phone as well. If you're on your phone too long, it'll actually by great kind of telling you Hey, get off your phone, Go back to what you were doing. And the idea is, that is that for those 25 minutes you are putting it, everything can be as focused as possible. Get as much done. See what? You can do it. 20 minutes because long guns think 25 minutes. It's not that much time. It is. When you're focused on your working, you can type out quite a bit of an essay. During that you can study. You couldn't get those towards that. Whatever it is you're trying, do you know if you go to reach for your phone and you have the time or that's right there counting down as you look at your phone, it kind of pushes you to not click on Instagram or whatever it is that you're gonna do that wasn't relevant to the project you're trying complete. So set the timer 25 minutes and just put everything you can to just go through it, charged through it. Give it your all your energy and see we get done. Because not only is I feel really good and you're gonna be more productive, but that time where is going to be kind of a reminder right there to not touch your phone otherwise, to just ignore the text for 25 minutes. Check it afterwards, but just to work through it to work harder. So in the class project section, go ahead and leave any tips and tricks you have for avoiding wasting time on your phone. I would love to see your suggestions. There's so many different ways you go about that. I'm sure some please leave that time below. It would also mean a lot to me if you review the class. This is my 10th class on skill share, so definitely check out my other classes. I am really excited about the topics I'm talking about. These are things that are so interesting and useful to me that I want to share them. Follow people. So thank you again for watching. I hope you have a good rest today and will work to hit the review button down below too low . So what your thoughts were and check out my other classes and I will see you guys in the next class. I hope this helps you even if the only two of these work for you, that's great. That's two more tips than before, so I hope you have an amazing rescue day by