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Stop Procrastination Like An Expert And Achieve Success Early

teacher avatar Vajahat Tyagi, Live a Happy & Successful Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro - Why this class

    • 2. This is You - Believe that

    • 3. The System

    • 4. Stop Procrastination Under 30 Seconds

    • 5. Final Step

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About This Class

Stop Procrastination Like An Expert With The Help Of These 3 Strategies

Do you know several studies found that people with procrastination habit experience higher levels of frustration, guilt, stress, and anxiety in some cases it's the cause of serious issues like low self-esteem and depression.



Procrastination is the habit of avoiding necessary tasks and instead shifting the focus to more pleasant and satisfying ones like watching TV or playing video games etc and also that’s the reason you miss out on achieving your goals.

Success requires necessary tasks to be completed at the right time but procrastination habits don’t let you complete your most important task 

believe me, I’m qualified enough to teach you how you can stop procrastinating on your important goals and tasks because I have seen many failures in my life because of constantly procrastinating but not anymore.

I have followed a system to break my procrastination habit. As a result, I'm a successful YouTuber blogger, coach, and teacher because instead of procrastinating, I take action on my goal when I am supposed to.

To break this habit,  All you need to know is what kind of procrastinator you’re and why and the right strategy to break this habit which I’m gonna teach you in this class.

You just have to finish this class and in the end, you will have the right system to break the procrastination cycle.



Now the choice is yours,

procrastinate again and stay unsuccessful or watch this class and take steps toward your successful life.

Thank you so much for reading this

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vajahat Tyagi

Live a Happy & Successful Life


Hello, My name is Vajahat Tyagi I'm an entrepreneur and life coach.  I'm passionate about helping other people improve their quality of life and achieve their potential through all aspects of their life. I really hope my courses will help you to achieve your personal & professional goals so you live a happy and successful life. To help you I'll share the process, tools, and technique so you can live your dream life. I'm so excited to share my knowledge, experience & skills with you.

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1. Intro - Why this class: Did you know several studies found that tuple with procrastination habit experience, higher level of frustration. Guilt is stress and anxiety. In some cases, it is the cause of serious issues like low self-esteem and depression. Procrastination is the habit of our reading necessary tasks. And instead it's shifting the focus to more pleasant and satisfying when like watching TV or playing video games? It is. And also that's the reason you miss out on achieving your goals. Success requires necessary tasks to be completed at the right time, but procrastination habit won't let you complete your most important task. Believe me, I am qualified enough to teach you how you can procrastinating on your most important goals and taxes. Because I have seen many failures in my life because of constantly procrastinating, but not anymore. I have followed a system to break my procrastination habit. And in result, I am a successful YouTuber, blogger, coach, and teacher because instead of procrastinate, I take action on my goals when I supposed to do break this habit, all you need to know is what kind of procrastinated you are and why and guide strategy to break this habit, which I'm going to teach you in this class, you just have to finish this class. And at the end you are going to have the right system to predict this procrastination cycle. Now the choice is yours. Procrastinate again and again. Successful, or watch this class and take the step downward, you're successful life. Hope I see you in the next video. 2. This is You - Believe that: Awesome, You are here. This mean you chose to be a successful person. Now in this lecture, I'm going to tell you five types of procrastinators and divide there for a Kashdan it on their task. After that, in the discussion section, you will tell me which when you are. Then we move to the right strategy along with our procrastination, a braking system. So first one is the perfect finished. This is the most common type of procrastinators. V all have taxes we like and dislike, dislike the taxes we are not good at. And that's why prefects initially usually procrastinate. They spent too much time on attacks they are good at and wait for the latter minute to finish the unpleasant task. If you are this type of procrastinator, then you should ask yourself why you have to do an unpleasant does, and why you can't spend too much time on pleasurable taxes. Let's take an example of one of my friend who likes video games and drawing, which are pleasurable ducks for him. And getting better at writing computer gourds is unpleasurable tags, but necessary for job promotion, earn a salary raise. In his case, if he asked himself why he can't spend much time on pleasurable taxes, his answer might be because drawing or playing video games doesn't give me a salary, which is Drew. But drawing or playing video games can't give him a salary. Data's not true. Same if he asked why he have to do unpleasurable taxes, his answer will be because these darks pay me a salary. So big vibe behind his accent is financial needs and happiness. If he can get to both from the same darks, then he may not procrastinate again. Now you ask yourself, if you are pleasurable tax can be your most important task, which will give you this access you imagine for your life, if yes, then your procrastination habit is solved right here. If not, then you need to make peace video unpleasurable taxes by considering that pleasurable things are not good for your success because they are just time visiting and distracting from your good things in the long-term. And also keep in mind, nothing is perfect and there is nothing wrong with that either. Number two, the impulse, an impulse that procrastinator is the one who is afraid of being judged on his work as aerosol try to avert a revealing his work and adult procrastinating. If you are this type of procrastinator than I think you care too much about what other people think or say. If you keep it, anything like that, you want to get a better because you want to get feed back at heart. You need to make things better or to improve yourself. So be confident and accept constructive feedback from others and ignore destructive feedback. Number 3, that dreadful period, this type of procrastinator weren't work on anything that doesn't excite him, therefore will lose interest and motivation to finish the tasks required. Discipline was me. Then I understood motivation is an art, a permanent thing. It is fade away after some times. That's why motivation must come after a goal, not before visual feel motivated for that. We are working on the things that matter to us. We're going to create better result for us. Number for the overwhelming ID. Usually when someone gets overwhelmed with the taxes and responsibilities, especially under a deadline, they would start the most important task and finish the work is step-by-step. However, an overwhelming procrastinator were to not start with anything and therefore weren't finished the work required. If you are this type of procrastinator, then you are sure to know your limit, your shoulder not to bombard yourself with the taxes and responsibilities only work on one goal or responsibility at a time. Number 5, with a lucky, there is a group of procrastinators that have actually made a peace with the protocol destination. They know how to tackle their darks and get the work done. At the last minute. I remembered my exam days. I used to do that until I understood that if I finish it the most important task activity first, then I can spend the rest of their day or time without any stress or worries. But if I procrastinate it for very large, I can't enjoy my day because I always having tarts that I have to finish this work. I shouldn't be late. If I did, there will be some bad circumstances I have to face because of constraints linking of these bad circumstances, I am unable to enjoy my day. So guys, these are the five types of procrastinators. Please let me know feature when you are in there discussing sex. And in the next video, I'm going to teach you the procrastinator breakers system. So let's jump to the next video. 3. The System: Hello there. In this lecture you're going to learn the four step process to break procrastination habit. You just have to apply these four steps in your life for at least 44 days with full attention. After that, this system should be automated like a new good habits you want to remember to procrastinate ever again. So let's go through step by step, step number 1, create clarity. Procrastination is not entirely due to lack of self-motivation, laziness, or disability for most pupil, procrastination is an issue of not having enough collegiality venue. Lack clarity about exactly what you need to work on, when exactly you should be working on it, how you are supposed to do it effectively, why you need to do it in the first place, and what your priorities are, you will procrastinate. It is as simple as that. As soon as any of these factors are unclear, your brain will start telling you that it is good, too uncomfortable, and it will cost too much energy to work on your taxes. So it will start convincing you to do something easier, like watching Netflix. You're present self simply won't feel like working. When all or some of these elements are unclear. Over brain is designed to preserve energy and to avoid uncomfortable, unknown situation. And when we lack clarity about what to work on, why to work on it, how to work on it effectively and went to work on it. We create a very uncomfortable energy draining a known situation for our cell. So what is the alternative? Do something comfortable, something familiar, something less energy draining, anything besides working on what you are supposed to be working on. Therefore, it is critical that you are start to create clarity on your verdict process in order to remove the friction that cause procrastinated behavior. Maybe your goal is to prepare for your upcoming exams, but you have an infamous track record of procrastinating on studying for your exam. Like I used to do. In that case, simply studying for your exam is way too vague and unclear. You will experience a lot of resistance and it will be very likely that you will procrastinate on this task. The key is to get pretty easy as, very pretty easy as for example, instead of saying to yourself, I need to study for my exam today, create a solid battle plan when that is precious and that's leaving no room for interpretation anymore. For example, from exactly nine o'clock to 11 o'clock, I will study Chapter 4 of this XYZ subject. And from 150 clock to 18 O'Clock, I will study Chapter 5. This way you will know exactly what to do and when to do it. Change like data will help you massively in order to overcome procrastination. Make sure you remove every piece of guesswork from this equation, know exactly what it is that you are going to work on today. So set a few goals for the day. Know exactly when you are going to work on it. Sociality earlier entire day in your calendar, know exactly how to do something effectively. So practice, read a book for low scores and practice some more. Know exactly what you still need to be done in order to achieve your goal or complete your project. So create a list of all the taxes you can think of that are involved with its completion. And lastly, know exactly why you need to work on your taxes at hand in order to create the ultimate reality. All of this will make it easier for you to stop procrastinating and to start crashing it when the ambiguity is removed and clarity is created, you have cleared the path to work remotely. Step number 2, change your estate after you have created a declarative on exactly what to do, when to do it and why to do it. It is time to change your estate. Knowing how to change your mental state at, is one of the most powerful skill to develop. That's because your state of mind determines everything from your targets, action and behavior within the moment, despite having ambitious goals, you will procrastinate simply because you don't feel like it within the moment, at the particular moment, your mental of mind is working against you. It is what I like to call Lucy state of mind. It is a venue. Prefer to being watched Netflix instead of working on your side hostile or important goal. And when you prefer to eat a pizza instead of working out, this Lucy is state of mind Canada because by ascertain Lucy habits or activities such as hanging out with an ambitious pupil, sleeping in and snoozing, watching lots of TV or Netflix. Scrolling through social media has known as scope, especially in the morning, eating bad foods, procrastinating on your work by being engaged in these activities, you will find yourself getting circuit into LOC mind relatively quickly, making it much harder to work on your goals without feeling inner resistance. Of course, there is a time and place for all of these activities, but you need to be mindful about how often and when you are engaged in them. Fortunately, we can take control over how we feel and how we act as V change over a state of mind on command, all you need to do is apply certain state change hacks that put you in a peak state of mind. Instead of staying in state of mind from a peak state of mind, you will feel more motivated, energized, and inspired to take action that are aligned with your ambition to get into state of mind, I recommend doing the following things right before you start working, but also regularly as part of your lifestyle. So you will find yourself into epic state of mind automatically. So these things are equal shovel visualize about your goals, your goals and your y. Also read affirmations, a really inspiring book for five to 10 minutes. Do a quick exercise, like 10 push-ups, do breathing exercise. Watch a motivational video, for example, this morning before recording this lecture, I read my affirmations. I heard a cold shower. I'd ever heard my goals and data, one round of breathing. Albert amigos from SAP and sluggish viable to a more motivated and energetic mind 30 within five minutes, simply doing FU is dead change hacks before you start working makes it so much easier to do the work without feeling a time of resistance. In fact, you will feel highly motivated and you will be able to use that power to work with the mod is and passion, successfully changing your state at-will over and over again is what will set you apart from the rest. It is what will help you perform at the highest levels? Stop procrastinating and do the things that are right for you and for your future. Step number 3 would be to use the forces of pain and pleasure to your advantage so that you will stop procrastinating. Essentially, you need to make the long-term consequences of procrastinating immediately so that you are present self will depend of note taking action right now, you need to get to the point of L naught taking action become more painful than taking action. And we can do this by focusing on how our procrastination habits negatively impact the important area of our lives, such as our finance held, business growth, personal growth and relationship, and self image as well. Scalia, imagine how these areas will suffer if you continue to adopt lucy behavior of procrastinating and postponing your work. Think about what it will cost you in all of these major areas of your life. If you fail to take consistent massive axon and thereby failed to achieve your main goal. Think about how will your career be influenza if you continue to procrastinate, how will your finance will be affected? What about your self-esteem and happiness? How could your procrastination habit influence your relationship? Clearly imagine it and truly feel the pain of not taking action. Then think about all the pleasure you would gain from complete the tasks at hand. We will, completing these tasks will help you to get closer to a promotion. It improve your finance, your relationship, your health, your business? Or do you simply get a boost in self esteem venue, make the disciplinary decision to stop procrastinating clearly visualize all the pleasures you would gain from actually completing the task. Whether these blazers will be experiencing somewhere in the future or right now, whether these puzzles will be experienced somewhere in the future, all right, Now, it doesn't matter as long as you live with them and feel the pleasurable effect right now, you will be more motivated to action and much less likely to procrastinate. The step number four, do the 15 minute exercise according to the law of physics, something that is already in motion require a lot less force to keep in motion compared to try to get something in motion that is standing still, if you are god has been broken down by the side of the road and you needed to push it to a safer place, then you may know what I am talking about. The beginning is by far the hardest part unit to push with all your strength and effort in order to get the car moving. But once you manage to do that, it is not hard to keep the car rolling forward. It requires a lot less energy from your side. This works exactly the same when it come to you and your work van creating momentum visually keep thinking as simple and low barrier as possible. And that's where the 15 minute exercise gum in to apply this exercise, follow these three steps. Step number one, pick out the darks that you should be working on. Step number 2, set a timer for 15 minutes. Step number 3, we work for 15 minutes on this task, and that's it. The reason why 15 minute exercise and work is because we are starting to get into motion by simply working for a limited amount of time. We went from a standing, still moving. And according to the law of physics, something that is already in motion require a lot less force to keep in motion. That's exactly how Momentum work in our mind to the longer we wait to gather momentum that is stronger, the inner voice of resistance will become anyone can work for 15 minutes. And that's why it is so effective to gain momentum instead of being intimidated or overwhelmed by a challenge task, it is much more approachable to just sit down and work for only 15 minutes. The trick with this exercise very likely that we won't stop after 15 minutes. You are already putting in the effort. You are already in motion. That will definitely help with keeping procrastination on the law. So guys, these are the four step process you need to apply in your life. When I first started to apply these for each step, it won't be that easy for me. That's why alongside these steps, I also use intelligent start strategies to make this easy. In the next video, I will tell you what these Jump Start strategies are and how they were. Cool. Let's jump to the next video. 4. Stop Procrastination Under 30 Seconds: Breaking bad habits and making new change in our life is not easy, but it won't be so hard that make us give up. Never, never, ever give up on good things. Next time when you feel it is impossible to avoid procrastination, I want to be able to start important work. Then you just have to apply one of these three Jump Start strategies. They are easy to apply and quick to give us the results. So let's know E21 by when a strategy number one went to three mattered. Whenever you become aware that you are procrastinating on something, make it a habit to count to three and then go to do what do you have to do? This failure subconscious brain will be conditioned to overcome and eliminate procrastination every time you come. Lottery. Number two, the one minute mattered. If you add procrastinating on anything, tried to force yourself to work on it for only one minute. Usually when we are procrastinating, all we need to do is to start just like I told you in the last video and events we start, we will find it a lot easier to keep doing the rest of the work. Number 3, the breast lead technique. To apply this strategy, you will need to have an elastic but as lead on your wrist, we are going to be using a behaviorism mattered where you are going to train your behavior to match your goals. Every time you notice torts of procrastination arising unit to snap the elastic bracelet on your wrist in a way to associate physical pain with parts of procrastination, then you need to go to do whatever it is you have to do once you are then reward yourself for accomplishment you made the human brain is conditioned related to a word vein and embrace blizzard van protocol destination is like little physical been your mind would want to award these parts as they are bringing UP. We're then sift into completing the tasks as the bringing your pleasant. This method is one of the most effective method you can use. 5. Final Step: Overcoming procrastination current to be done by just knowing about how to do it. Instead, you need to take action upon what you know. Therefore, I highly encourage you to follow these four steps system strategies when the next time you feel procrastination coming up. Lastly, I just want you to ask to submit your class project, visit project and resource page for project details. And also please make sure you leave a review for the other students and for me as well, so that I can make necessary changes to make this class more helpful and better. If you have any questions or confusion, please ask me in the discussion section and thank you so much for watching this class. I wish you all the best. Hope I see you in any other class building daycare yourself.