Stop Procrastinating with Your Obligations, Time Management to Finish the Job | George Hadzic | Skillshare

Stop Procrastinating with Your Obligations, Time Management to Finish the Job

George Hadzic, SkillShare Little Helper

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About This Class

Yep, you read correctly the tittle. 

Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. And yet, we may not even realize we’re doing it. When we unknowingly act like we can do it later, we create reasons in our heads that supply us with enough logic that we can delay the task at hand — sometimes indefinitely. Recognizing these avoidance tactics is half the battle in stopping them.

I will teach you how to achieve more in your job by stop doing on your ``oh no that cat video is awesome`` in the middle of daily job. 

I know it is hard but I will give you tools and tips to start that video later when your job is done and then reward yourself, and by all means if you stuck anywhere fell free to ask and share you experience :)

See you inside





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George Hadzic

SkillShare Little Helper

Since I began to work both online and offline, I was interested in how to be productive more than busy man. More over when I had to managed a team of people then it become must rather than I might do it. Then I have specialized in professional training and improving peoples performance and efficiency.

As years go by I have perfected some of these methods and start to implement both my professional and private life. After that my life have dramatically changed, I am still learning and i...

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