Stop Motion Video So Easy a 6 Year Old Can Do it! | April Merl | Skillshare

Stop Motion Video So Easy a 6 Year Old Can Do it!

April Merl, Film/Video

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Animate using subtraction

    • Animate by adding

    • Animating motion in 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions

    • Some final tips

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About This Class

This class is for anyone who has ever been interested in making stop motion video but wasn't sure where to begin. All you need is an idea, any smart phone or tablet, and the app Stop Motion Studio, which is available for iOS and android. Using everyday household items - no fancy equipment necessary - you will go from set up through final export, with many handy tips along the way.

Whether you're looking for another creative outlet for your own ideas, or something new to do with your kids or students, this is a great class to help you start animating.





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April Merl



Hello! I’m April. I’ve been working in film and television in NYC for over 20 years and am bringing my experience in video-making and story-telling to Skillshare. My classes are for anyone interested in creating fun projects while exploring their creativity - no fancy equipment, just the joy of making.

Ideas you’ll find in my classes: Use what you got. Just get straight to it. Creativity is everywhere. Find the story in the everyday.

I a...

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