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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up!

    • 3. Taking Your Photos

    • 4. Edit Your Photos Using Color Story App

    • 5. Edit Your Photos Using the Photoshop App

    • 6. Create Your Stop Motion Video

    • 7. Save Your Video

    • 8. Adding Filters Inside Instagram

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About This Class

Welcome to Stop Motion Stories!

Instagram Stories are a great way to share your latest creative works with your followers, as well as connect with the people who are likely your biggest and most engaged fans. This class is a fun way to get outside of the norm and stretch your creativity when it comes to making an Instagram Story.

This class is for students who are beginners and who have at least a basic understanding of how Instagram Stories work.

The class project is to create a stop motion video that's 15 seconds. I'll go over the different types of videos that you can make in class. But stop Motion would definitely be a fun way to share your artwork once or twice a week in your Stories.

I can't wait to see what you create! See you in class. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amanda Creek

Photographer, Designer & Biz Coach ☕


Hi there, creative friend! 

I'm so happy you're here on Skillshare (and that you've stopped by my profile). Learning is one of my absolute favorite things, as I imagine it is for you too. 

As a teacher here on Skillshare, it is my ambition to create practical classes that grow your skills and knowledge. Currently, my classes are all geared towards teaching you how to use photography for your Brand and business, but be on the lookout for some other fun classes coming soon.

I'm always eager to hear from my students so head on over to Instagram and send me a DM if you have a question or want to connect.

Happy learning!


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1. Class Introduction: welcome to stop motion stories. Instagram stories are one of my favorite ways to connect with my followers on Instagram. It's a great way to share your latest creative works, whatever project you're working on, and it's a great way to connect with people who are likely your biggest and most engaged bands, this class is a fun way. Teoh. Stretch yourself with your creativity to get outside of your creative box When it comes to instagram stories, I'm your instructor, Amanda. I'm a photographer, a designer and a creative business owner. This class is for students who are beginners who have likely a basic understanding of instagram stories and how they work. The class project is to make a stop motion video that's at least 15 seconds long because that's how long an instagram story is. And I'll go over how you can create some different types of videos inside of class. And I can't wait to see you sharing our artwork or connecting with your audience in a fun and unique way, and I will see you inside of class. I can't wait to see what you create 2. Setting Up!: So I'm gonna show you my set up here so you can kind of see all you need to dio I have a tripod here that I got off of Amazon and it has a ring light on it, Teoh. But I don't actually use that when I am doing the photographs that I need for the stop motion videos. I also have the cardboard background that I just got from a craft store and it has, like, the faux wood on it. Now, this is where I put my phone, and I am able to keep it steady. I move that ring light out of the way, and then I put my phone in here and you just slide the thing over so that you can fit your phone inside and then you can move it around when you're taking photos. And then I have my props that I used to You make a little stop motion video and I just lay those out on this cardboard background. So that way I can take things away. Rather than adding things to the photo. I feel like it's just easier. Teoh get everything lined up and then take things away. 3. Taking Your Photos: Okay, so I have my phone now inside of the holder. And basically, I just thought about how I wanted things to be laid out. So I just went And I added things into this frame that I have here. And I, you know, maybe had to, like, move things around or move like camera up. Teoh, make everything fit. So this type of holder that I have here, I'm able Teoh, move things around and, you know, do that beforehand. So that way, you know, it's easier when I actually go to take the photos. And I need to take for the stop motion. So just added everything in and I, you know, played around with the placement a little bit. So right now I'm just going to try to line these up as good as I can. And they my paintbrush was over here, but you can see like it's not even in the frame. So I would just have to back the camera up just a little bit to get everything into the frame by adjusting this holder that it There we go. And then this has like, a little bit of sticky on the paintbrush where the sticker ways Just have to figure out how we had a before. And then I just like, press down may not stick again cause sticky might have worn off, But basically, I just want it to stay flat. You can use a little bit of double sided tape to do that if you need to. And there we go. I did get it to stick a gun so you can, like, rearrange things, get it where it's perfect. You can also adjust the camera here. And so before I actually had it a little further back. So you just want to, like, mess with the framing and then mess with hat like adjust how these things are lining up and just make sure that they're lined up exactly how you want. Then what you dio is you just take a picture each time you remove something, so you have to make sure you take a picture for every single time. So you take one in the beginning, you take a picture, and then you were made of one thing, and then you take a picture and you just keep repeating. Remove another thing, take a picture and you just keep repeating it until all of the things have been taken off here and you have a picture of just the blank background, so I actually add everything in first. So that way I'm not, you know, wondering how to put things and and, you know, potentially, like knocking something because you don't want to, like, slightly move this. And then it won't look as nice because that is slightly moved and it will mess up the stock motion. You want to keep things in the same place before you are taking things out of the photo? 4. Edit Your Photos Using Color Story App: in this video, I'm going to edit the photos that we just took for our stop motion video that we're going to use in her instagram stories. So I am going to use a color story app in this particular video. But I will show you in the next video how you conduce this a different way. But I like this app. It does cost a little bit of money to get some of the filters, but there are some that are available for free as a well, there are some things that you can do, like address email address, too. You get some for free, so you'll want to be on the look out of those things from time to time. All right, so I'm gonna get started with editing. I just go to the albums because my photos are stored here and you can see the difference between the ones that I took earlier and the ones that I've already edited. And you can see that I'm editing them all the same exact way because I want the light and I want the the color to be the same and not different. So you want to edit it in the same exact way. So I'm gonna look and see. Let's see. I need to go to the next photo, which is this one over here. So I'm gonna open it up, hit, continue. And then what I have done as I've just used the filters and that's it. Nothing else even edited anything else at all. Because I only plan Teoh use these filters and then also just rotate the images. And that's all that I'm doing. So I've been using the picnic filter and you can adjust what you're doing here. But you just want to make sure that you are leaving it at the same. So like, if I chose 60% with this particular effect, I would want to make sure I do that the same on every photo. But I have just done 100% to keep it easy. So now I just need to add a second filter, cause I've been using two on each photo, so we just go in and I hit the check mark when I'm done, and then I go to review and I go to save and that's it, that's all you have to do. And then you just start again and you go back to your album and you find the next picture that you need to edit. So I just need to scroll down and find the next one, which is this one. And I'd go through the process the same exact way. And then when I'm done, I am ready to make my stop motion video. So I will show you how I edit in another way in the next video, and then we will get to making the video itself. 5. Edit Your Photos Using the Photoshop App: So here I am inside of the photo shop app and this one I can dio quite a number of things. But the thing you want to remember is that you want to apply the same changes that you're doing. Just like I said in the last video toe every photo that you've done for your stop motion. So you want to make sure you're doing this same exact thing. So here, you know, I could come into this and I could actually like rotated. You could also do that inside of your phone with your iPhone. It's really easy to do that. So I'm just going to show you how to do it here, though, So I just need to rotate it. Ah, couple of times. And then if I wanted to leave it at that, I could just go and hit this box with the arrow that's pointing up and that will help me to save it to my camera roll. And then I could be done, or I could come in and I could make some changes to the light to the color. You see, it has these different options at the top. So the 1st 1 is exposure and I could come in and I could go up with the exposure to make it a little bit brighter if I wanted Teoh just as long as I remember. And it might be handy to have, like, a notebook or like a sticky note where you write down the exact things that you're doing and you do it to the photos, each of them inside off the stop motion photos that you've made. And then when you're done, of course again, you save it. So I'm not gonna actually save this one because I don't want to do that right now, but you get the idea. And then I could go into color and I could do the same thing so it could change the color to be a little bit warmer so that it looks, you know, warmer rather than quite so blue and stark. So if I want to do that again, I just go in and I do the same thing for every single photo, and that's all you really have to dio. You could also do this on your computer. If that makes it easier for you. I often like to edit my photos on the computer because I feel like it just makes it easier for me. I don't often like toe edit things on my phone when I do. I like to do the easiest thing so I could take thes, put them into my email, or I could put them into like, a Google dry folder and then easily edit them and then export them again. Teoh my Google drive folder and put them back on my phone whenever I'm ready for the next step. So that's all you have to do, and I will see you in the next video where we are making our stop motion video. 6. Create Your Stop Motion Video: Now we're ready to actually make the stop motion video. So I'm using this APP spark camera because it is one that I have found that it's free. You can do this again with other APS. You'd have to search and see what will allow you to do something similar. But basically, you just go in and we're gonna hit this plus Mark. So you want to go into the photo section instead of the videos? Because these are not videos or photos that we've taken. And then basically, we just want to go back to the 1st 1 and we want Teoh import each of them. So it'll take a couple of seconds to import, and we just need to do it for each one of them. So me to do that really quickly here, and I'm gonna speed this up, so that way it doesn't take forever. Okay, so I have them all imported, and you can see here that they're all numbered in order. And I'm just gonna hit this check mark in the upper right hand corner. Once I have done that, then I can come in. I can make the edits that I need to So I just need to go to the little scissors here because actually want these to be shorter clips. So I'm going to you go to the very 1st 1 and all I have to do is drag this line that is red and drag it over to where the minimum length clip is where that little message comes up where it says minimum clip length reached. So then I just click on the X, and I go to the next one and I do the same thing. So just repeat this step over and over again, just like I did with the importing. So I'm going to do that really quickly here and speed this up so that you guys can see what to do next. A couple of tips As you're doing this, you'll notice that you want to keep everything the same once again. Just as I said in the editing, you don't want to make them different. You want to keep like, the length same. You want to keep everything that you're doing the same. So I just click on the circle. I just hit this little thing here and I move it around until I get to that minimum length, and then I hit the X, and I just keep repeating that, All right, Once you've done all of the clips, then it will play here, and you can see what it looks like. And what you can do then is you can make sure everything looks OK. And if it does, then you can do something like you can add. Uh, you can add music. You can do some text over top or whatever, and I'm gonna show you how you can do that in the next video. 7. Save Your Video: So here is the end product. And to see that when you're done with everything, there is this little download arrow here of the upper right hand corner. You just want to hit that button and it will seem it to your phone. There is also a way for you to just go ahead and added in Instagrams that you can click on that instagram, but and right there and just to bring it straight into the platform. Or you could just save it until you're ready to post it, so it's easy peasy. 8. Adding Filters Inside Instagram: one fun thing that you can do you, when you're inside of instagram stories is you can actually add some different filters to what you've created. So if you swipe to the right, you'll get thes different filters. That kind of changed the color and the way that it looks. I really like this New York one. So you could also add some other filters. If you see the little smiley face from the left, it's the 3rd 1 the third option. There you click on that, and then you have some filters thes air, usually for faces. But you could actually do some fun things with this so you could add this one. Add some sparkles. There's this, uh, this one, where it adds a different type of color and kind of like a reflection. There's some other ones in here that could really make things fun. So you just want to play around and see kind of what you likely get kind of like this one a little bit. And then there's also this one that's like film, so you can add these in, and it just makes a more cinematic type experience. Some of them will not work. Of course, like this one, I feel it is too bright. He had brains it up too much that you cannot see what those little pallets are in the top right hand corner. So and then, like this one, you can't see anything. So you just want to, like, look through and see which ones work and which ones don't work for your particular video. But you can have fun with this and really add some fun elements to your stop motion videos . And then, if you want to receive it for something else, you just hit the download, but in which is the 2nd 1 from the left, and it will receive it to your phone.