Stop Motion Birthday Party on a Budget | Claudia Mcclelland | Skillshare

Stop Motion Birthday Party on a Budget

Claudia Mcclelland, Fantastic...1 Frame at a Time!

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14 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Movie

    • 2. 01 Claymation Birthday Party Introduction

    • 3. 02 Preparation and Supplies

    • 4. 03 Reef Building "The Cave"

    • 5. 04 BP Tube Coral and Seagrass

    • 6. 05 Sea Anemone and Sponge

    • 7. 06 Plants and Treasure Chest

    • 8. 07 Character Building "Felix the Fish"

    • 9. 08 Character Building "Endora the Eel"

    • 10. 09 Character Building "Andy the Octopus"

    • 11. 10 Character Building "Tara the Turtle"

    • 12. 11 The Story, Setup, Software and Camera

    • 13. 12 BP Making the Movie Rev

    • 14. 13 Stopmotion Studio Pro and Closing


About This Class

This class gives the steps necessary to make an artistic and fun stop motion movie for a child's birthday party.  It takes you from a story idea to finished short movies in a three hour party. This first sections will teach you how to make a beautiful reef used as a scenery in your movie. The following sections will teach you how to make and animate the characters. Children can choose to model: a fish, a moray eel, a turtle or octopus.

With simple and inexpensive materials this is a perfect class for parents who are looking for an original and creative idea for a children's birthday party or play date. Educators who are looking for a "hands on" activity can also benefit from this class.

This class teaches directly to the children so parents or teachers, if needed, will not need to become proficient instructors. Some preparation and building will need to be done by parents or teachers prior to the party or class. PDF documents are included in this class so the parent or teacher can print them out for the kids.  When complete the short movie can be sent to the child’s email.

Supplies for the Class:

  1. Video Capture Device – Iphone, Android, webcam, Ipad, DSLR
  2. Camera stand/tripod
  3. Stop Motion App/Software (only a few dollars)
  4. One lamp or other forms of lighting
  5. Blocks of clay (multiple colors for reef parts and characters)
  6. Clay sculpting tool
  7. Small pack of googly eyes
  8. One shoe box or same size cardboard box
  9. Black or dark construction paper (1 – 8.5” x 11”)
  10. Five teal poster boards
  11. Four beige poster boards
  12. Baby wipes
  13. Rubber bands
  14. Blue/Green Painters tape
  15. Cleaning sponges
  16. Wash mitts
  17. Carpet brushes
  18. Heavy duty scouring pads
  19. Mesh scrubbers
  20. Mesh tubing
  21. Straws or hair rollers
  22. Plastic floral arranging plants
  23. Styrofoam cubes