Stop Motion Animation ( for iPhone) - Multimedia Project | Ashley Alizor | Skillshare

Stop Motion Animation ( for iPhone) - Multimedia Project

Ashley Alizor, Digital Strategist | Multimedia Teacher

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. IPhoneAnimatedShort

    • 2. 001

    • 3. 002

    • 4. 003

    • 5. 004

    • 6. 005

    • 7. StopMotion Iphone App Demo

    • 8. Imovie and Video Rotate Demo


About This Class

Learn to make a quick and easy short Stop Motion Animated Intro or Outro Video for your Youtube Page all using the techniques from the first class and your iPhone.

Building on the textures and mediums from the previous class we are able to quickly and efficiently create our own Stop Motion Animation Intro and Outro Video.


1. IPhoneAnimatedShort: 2. 001: So what you're gonna want to do is make something that resembles this. I'm gonna want to cut out the words Hello, four the end or hi Exhalation way. And with that, you're ready to make your first iPhone stop animation video. 3. 002: Okay, Great. Now that you've cut out the letters, you're going to want to arrange them all in front of you on the surface that you like, whether it's outside on some grass or on the contrary, or inside on a nice piece of you know, your hardwood floor or on your marble countertop or on a mirror, something that's interesting to look at as a background. And then you're going to want to shoot it in such a way that you can take 30 to 40 photographs off this set up that you have and slightly moved one or two of the letters each time even try one take where you have no letters, and then you slowly push them in while taking pictures. All right, you guys ready? Go ahead. Let's see what you got. 4. 003: There's two software that you're going to need to download, and it's a part of this class. Want to enroll that you will have access to those two software? They're actually iPhone APS. So make sure you're on an iPhone, and then you get to APS that you need to download to complete this project and have your very own watercolor stop motion animation video saying or doing anything you want and use it as a intro and an outro at a cool little chapter marker on all of your videos for YouTube, instagram and anywhere. 5. 004: So, like I was mentioning the iPhone watercolor tutorial is going to require that you take my first class and learn how to do watercolor galaxy technique. Once you know the water colored galaxy technique from there, you can cut that paper into a shape like any shape. But really, we want to do hello or good bye or the end intro Something like that. Something where once you make this now, you can do a stop motion. So go ahead and make your watercolor galaxy let it dry and cut out the letters that you want to stop motion and then continue to the next video. 6. 005: okay. And that wasn't that fun. Didn't you guys like doing that? And did you check out the one that I made? I mean, these air. Really fun. Cool. Little way to make a gift or any video and stand out online because a lot of people don't know how to make stop motion animation, But it's really easy, and you can make it on your phone. So I'm so glad I got to show you guys how to do this in this class. Stay tuned. I'm going making more classes here in Europe on just producing more art and selling it. And I just love doing this. Being a multimedia artist is so much fun. I love it. And I want to share with all of you guys. Okay. Thanks, You guys. Bye. 7. StopMotion Iphone App Demo: 8. Imovie and Video Rotate Demo: