Stock Trading 101: How to Read Candlestick Patterns on a Stock Chart - Technical Analysis

Jason Gandy, Quantum Course Instructor

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10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Simple Candlestick Patterns Overview

    • 2. Shooting Star Simple Pattern - Technical Analysis

    • 3. Doji Simple Pattern - Technical Analysis

    • 4. Hammer Simple Pattern - Technical Analysis

    • 5. Spinning Top Simple Pattern - Technical Analysis

    • 6. Complex Candlestick Patterns Overview

    • 7. Engulfing Complex Pattern - Technical Anaylsis

    • 8. Dark Cloud Cover Complex Pattern - Technical Anaylsis

    • 9. Evening Stars Complex Pattern - Technical Anaylsis

    • 10. Three Candles Complex Pattern - Technical Anaylsis

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About This Class


Have you ever wanted to learn how to trade stocks, but got overwhelmed with all the confusing crossing lines and complicated symbols?

Welcome to Stock Trading 101: How to Read Candlestick Patterns on a Stock Chart - Technical Analysis!

This is part of a series of courses to help provide the knowledge and education for you to begin your stock trading journey. We will dive deep into various aspects of trading stocks, as well as how to analyze and predict future prices.

This section of the series introduces you to the simple and complex patterns that are formed on a candlestick stock chart. Knowing what each of these candlestick patterns are and what they represent can provide a huge jump start when learning to trade.

Learning to trade stocks takes time, but this video series should provide you with the necessary information to dive into stock trading and learn to play the markets!