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Stock Photography Taking Pictures & Techniques

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

Stock Photography Taking Pictures & Techniques

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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6 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. About this class

    • 2. Start with Stock Photography

    • 3. Essentials of Stock Photography

    • 4. Picking a Camera

    • 5. Pictures Ideas & Style

    • 6. Planing a Photo Shooting

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About This Class

In this class you will learn techniques, trips and tricks about getting into stock photography. This could will cover how to get into this business and what kind of pictures you need to take. Including an overview of many of my stock photography images and why they got accepted plus which picture will not be and what you have to do so you can get best work done in the future and get it accepted to stock photography. 

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Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. About this class: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the class how to take amazing pictures with your born or camera or even a smartphone. So in this course, I'll be actually teaching you how you can take to the next level and make money with your camera and especially with selling stock photography. No get started. Whip it. You don't need an expensive camera. The only thing you really need is maybe a smartphone, all just any born with a camera installed but definite. To get the best possible images, you would need something called a DEA several camera. Welcome to this class. My name is so gay and welcome aboard. I have been taking pictures aval since I was a small kid. And in the process, I won't a lot of techniques and ways to make money with my camera. And you can as well in this course I'll be teaching you how you can make in profit with smart on photography, including with any kind off a camera union, a specific camera to join this grass. And of course, I'll be teaching you everything you need to know in order to be successful and sell stock photography. It is a great way to make passive income. Please join me for this class and see you on the inside 2. Start with Stock Photography: in this section. I want to talk about stock photography and stock. Photography is a great way to make money, and the reason it's a great way to make money is that it's pretty easy. We have to do the stick, your pictures, minimum toe, a stock website and then you just start to make money. That's is that simple. And there was a few websites you can check it out. One of them is God. The images, uh, shadow stock and I stuck. Those are pretty much on the main one skills. Who wants it was of sites. But I'm only, um, actually remember one, because what happens is when when you start submitting them, they work for to be exclusive. So if you wanna be exclusively when you have to pick one side and become a member of it, and then you can't use those images and send them to a different site because that's how you're going to get kicked out of sites. Okay, let me show you my account and one of the things we want you want to know about I stock is it's called the White box. White Boxes is well, you actually take them and break them into categories. So if somebody goes in there, you can easily find what kind of stuff you have there. And then we'll kid in upstate New York. And one of the reasons is you want you want to be in places world. There was not that many people were actually submitting the images to, because that's one of the secret ways to make money. Because so many people live in one place like New York City. There's so many people could take the same exact picture and submit to it. And then when somebody works without image, they see so many of them. And plus, I stock when it takes certain amount of them, they're not gonna take too many of them, because if they take too many images of the same thing, that I'm gonna get any money. So one of the things that I have is when you look and it isn't control you, my account will goto that, and you have to have some attractive big joy. Now this is a picture I've found that I think it's pretty attractive if somebody walks in and they want a quick on it and see my portfolio, which is exactly what I want them toe do was once the Quicken. It's gonna look what I have, and I got some of them off different trips, and I put them all in here. And one of the secret ways of making money is it's on the wall of numbers, Really, The more pictures to have the more like you will get paid because you just never know which image is going to get what and the moment is you have in the world. Were you on it, the more likely you'll have more downloads. It's going to details and in details. As you can see, um, the abuse. One thing about this you might get a lot of useful some marriages and nobody downloaded. As you can see, A pulled this one in 2007 and up until now nobody wants this image and nobody's buying it, so it doesn't mean move. Use somebody's gonna buy. That doesn't mean that just means people looking after they're interested. But you know, nobody's buying it. That's what happens sometime of some of them. Don't think something's. They work for a sort anemia. Jurich looking. When I see which one is downloaded the most President downloads. And here we go, this book dry down. No, I got 20 images. Most of my money I got off one image, which is pretty interesting because everything else as you can see people down with maybe a few of them, you can see there was almost 12 images. But you know that all its up. So I got about 100 20 bucks of this and and you could see what? Here, the biggest one is one image, and that was since there since 1009. So I'm saying it's not a quick way to make money. It takes time toe upload those images. We have a special human just keeping up wording this every week, and you will get paid, but it's gonna take a while to get paid. This is not a quick way to get paid. And some people get paid a lot more than the other people. And it's all about from an images you upload. And as you can see, I had I have actually 98 files have 70 feet that people download it. My my point files and the total owning I got is 1 23 which is not that much, but But you know that I'm gonna pay you unless you got 400. So it's gonna take you a while before you get beat. But it's just another way of making income. It takes a while before it starts going. And you just have to put your best images out there and just wait. You know, it's it's not some of those things you become which overnight, But, you know, you just get paid and that's all it's about. It's just about getting some extra income for something that just keeps on paying. So after a while, they have licenses that keeps on paying you money. So So you know, if it goes there for 10 years, maybe you get 1000 bucks of a while. But, I mean, I got see 100 bucks for days for five years. I would assume work a few more more years. I'm gonna get maybe 500 just keeps it in the same weight on if I keep on adding images. I mean, if I did this full time, I'll probably get about more money. But I'm just like I said, before. This is just one way you can make extra cash. And if you are on different sites, another secret is the friends thing. You want to get this menu friends spots when you have them. But you want to get friends that have a lot of follows because you get those people when they would just look what you got that maybe there I one of your images, they just buy them and you can see the stats down gives you different stats. It gives you how much bays, the downloads by photo by year for all kinds of interesting things. Okay, so that's some sums up there. Uh, making Manu of Shuttle stack and I photo. It's actually over about 40. Okay, well, have a good day and stay tuned toe the next chapter. 3. Essentials of Stock Photography: I would welcome everyone and I'm so you're very excited about this brain. Your opportunity for you to get started as a I photo photographer include tribute Toe and the first thing you have to understand is that for you to get started with stock photography, you got a point and become a stuck for dog before for you to become a stock photography. For you got to join the stock photography company and one of which is getting images. It's one of the first ones that was ever created, and it emerged with Istock Photo creating one of the Rogers market places in the world for stock photography. For the fourth step for us is to score all the way to the bottom of the screen when you go to get the images that come impressed. Well, it says CO well, so keep on scoring all the way down. And do you going to see the opportunity for us, which is right here all the way in the bottom, become a contributor and pussy. What says what it takes. And now it actually says here that you can be an existing contributor and you can become a stock photographer for this location and you can actually choose the career you actually want. So woke of us being a contributor, you can apply it here. You can become a world winning photographer, feel makeover so anything you want and to apply and to become a contributor, they need information form. You have to be a priest 18 news old and then upload content pictures, which actually is just your name email. And then, of course, add a few images have to have at least free gigabyte science file, and that's about it. I have to wait 30 days and then if they like what they get, Dave, or pull off you to become a contributor to them, self take off food and do this step, the next thing you want to do is to figure out what kind of images that they're working for . And of course, what kind of images used to be posting. And to do that, we're gonna go had and explore some of the images that I have created myself and I've been contributing do the Istat photography community. So he was two of my boats off. I stock photography, the wants that actually got accepted which is an involved upstate New York and wildlife photography. Those are the ones that they actually a pull out of thousands off images that I have greeted and other which a lot of them have been rejected. Keep that in mind when you want the past possible images, and they have so many other people who you're competing against. So you have to be at your past top a game in order for you to get accepted. What's the coke at one of the boards? Like hell, this is that upstate New York for taco people. And in this boat, I have a few images for you to show you and I will go into details why every single one of those is just amazing. So the 1st 1 is this specific image with you, and this one is, of course, owned by I stock. As you can see right here, I start by Getty Images and all the trademark and everything else about This is right over it, so nobody can go ahead and, of course, still this image and use it for their own purposes. Unless, of course, you, by all rights or exclusive rights to the specific image. So what makes this image so great here, One of which is the person who is standing on top off this awake right down. And of course, this whole entire place is totally blank. There was no other humans around, and it gives it a dimensional feeling. And in the only way you get a dimensional feeling is if you have a human represented somewhat in the picture. So always when you do this when you take a picture and you don't need the mother worries for posting, you can't actually recognize as well. And this comes of the standard license. So always look at competitor images, just in case you want to quit competition images instead and contribute to this stock photography collection. So this is just want. I don't many different pictures that I took. Let's explore other pictures and find out what makes them so great. Next one, is there snow one right here. So this is a classic inside off the middle, off the actual window. What makes it so great is just the perspective over here and the way it is actually taking . You can see those two different worlds on do difference eyes and you can see one is going. That's why end another one going there as a way. And then, of course, you can see the trees and it gives you their perspective off how actual snow looks like, and it gives you a lot of background as well. And yet there is no vehicles on the world. So that's another very great picture. And they definitely accepted this one toe. Here's another one. This is actually a picture off downtown Albany from upstate New York Observation deck. Rich actually comes from a huge mountain. So you go all the way on top of the mountain, which is on Techo Park, and from the top of the mountain you can see opening New York woman distance, and here it is, the whole entire skyscrapers. And that's actually the only skyscrapers me have in the small town. And from the top of it, you can see how small it is compared to everything else because those mountains and the way this image actually makes it so great is that the whole entire downtown is far away from a distance, and yet you can see very nice mountains on the side as Well, so it gives it they're huge, believe awesome perspective. And they definitely accepted this image to be one of those. They always look for the past possible best in class and best stop images, and you can see more of them right here. So this would Here we have the bridge, and the bridge itself is going from one area of New York to another one. And what makes this picture so great is just the details off the bridge itself, plus the back out in it. Anybody can take a picture off the bridge. But I found a unique ocasion to take this picture off. One actually drove around to a place that almost nobody actually drives, too. And I took this picture of form that specific location. So there was a lot of pictures off a bridge in the boy drank it, but there was only one or very few pictures off a bridge. Just works like this from this perspective. So if you have a different kind of perspective that you can get an image quality form, definitely take a look for that. He was won over here that you actually walk, Of course. A very small bridge, and it takes a perspective of that. Over here there was an abandoned factory at Pebbles Island. Almost nobody ever visits this specific location. And the image itself speaks volumes, and they took a very nice image off that boy's so he was a few more interesting wide angle pictures. And what makes this picture so great is just I pretty much zoom in into this haystack and you can see very small a bunch of haze all around and all the way in the back over there. And he was the big stack of hay. And that makes it a really nice image just because I focus so much on one thing inside image. But then in the background you can see a bunch of different haystacks all rolled into one. Now, this is very unusual picture because you can't actually see this every single day. The next picture I like and I really enjoyed and the forces up here and they like it as well is of a partially born tweet. So this tree was actually set on fire by a specific born. They actually said those woods on fire almost every single year to control the bone and to make sure that the specific pine bush is always forget result. And the only way to get resolved is by fires. So they set them on fire. And this tree was have set on fire a while back. And I took a picture of it, of course, after it was set on fire, that is, who knows how long, maybe a few months after the fire itself. Passport. But this looks like a very unusual and a beautiful picture of a tree country. The next one over here and this one is also interesting is also Tatchell Park. But this one is a view from a different kind of location. And you can see the perspective over here, off the park itself. And plus you can see Oh, the very nice background and grass just going right in the back here to which gives it a prospective to the image everything. The time you want to take a picture, you will have perspective to it. It gives it more over to you ability to find out how the image is actually made and pass. It gives it more of a background feeling to the image itself. such as over here won't be Have situation back off natural park when you can see the observatory right here that you can use toe woke up things in the distance. And the funny thing about this is that you actually pay them a little bit of money and then you can use and work food is and see everything super magnified at the same time. It gives it a prospective offsides and you can see the work so he'll and then you can see the background without, and now you can see how far away the actual capital city is. Old away in the back. So I don't use Zoom for this picture and I wanted to stand as is in this specific picture like you. You can see what I did here. It is pretty simple, but at the same time, you would actually need a wide angle, went off a super wide England's. I was able to take a picture off the flag itself, flying over here, and there was thousands of liver wags over the place. But this one gives it a very unique picture off their flag, flying in front of a bunch of different crowds and that makes this picture and the world winning for them. And they liked it enough for them to go ahead and use it. A stock image photography in this specific 1 may have a tree going on top of a clip, and it's almost about as if it's gonna actually drop down it because of that. And because of how unique this actually looks like, they definitely decided to include it in the stock photography library. No picture that I do suggest for you to check out all the trying to take a picture off is off. Something abandoned here is an abandoned building in the middle of normal next toe in airport. Now, I don't know why they specifically never decided to get rid of this building. But this one is super Oh, it's probably from the 18 hundreds. It is a very old building that has been super abandoned and it looks kind of really interesting. So I decided to take a picture of it, and I contributed to the Istock portion. I've got the images here We have the boat and a deck of a boat, and here is the whole island and the bridge he we have just winter picture off upstate New York. He was one boy kind of changing leaves. And Grafton Park. You have a natural still case at the prime boost resolved. What makes this image so great in itself is just the perspective. You can see that you can walk up those pads and you can walk up on it, and it just looks like halfway dimensional image. And because of that, I decided to take this picture and the easily I took it as a stock image photography. One thing you want to keep in mind when you're taking pictures for stock image photographer , You want to make sure the images are unique and different. Even if there's so many different other images made off the same exact image, you can still take another one, but make sure if there was something different spin toe. This, such as this one, does what the images taken off the capital region and of those store buildings. But that was probably not one of them that actually had those different whites in it. This one has, as you can see, all the way the top very bright and all the way in the bottom. Very dark. This is very unusual kind of picture having such a free and show between white and black all in one image because it works so much unusual, indifferent, they decided to accept it to the stock photography lately. Another thing that you can do is wow. Dr Photography, while they're photography is justice. Good. But over here, you want to see and get scenes that you usually don't really see with animals. So a few things when you're taking pictures off actual animals, you want to use simple zoom, Have you suppose, um, you'll be able to take a picture such as this? Well, I have a squall as if it's looking right at me. The only way I can get a picture of this close is if I have a super zoom wins, which I do. So I was able to get a very coarse picture off some animals you would never able be able to get close to them coast enough to get those pictures. The other one is a most full as ooh, this one is off a wild boar, and this one is also pretty much very interesting. And it is super close as well, so they don't have an image discourse of an animal. That's what they did decide it, that they're going to use mine. He was one of the African king in Maui, Hawaii. This one here is off the pine bush in their natural is over. Hold the white butterfly, which is very, very hard for you to find this specific. One is Alaska, See, goes and in Hue is moved them, including this word here, which is more seagulls. And here is a power over G's. So any picture of animal that you can get and you can get super close to it used a zoom camera. It is highly suggested. And for your own safety, of course. So all those images right here are some of my best, an interesting book that I have decided I should be contributing to stark image photography . This specific one was not really accepted, not because it's not a good image just because the image quality was not up to standard. So one thing you want to dough before you go ahead and use the image that you want and give it to them. Make sure you simple zoom in and see if it is pixel ated or not. And in this one, you can see a lot off really bad picks. Also it here. So that quality of this image is just not good enough. When you have something like this, it means that you can contribute this one. This specific one is also one of my best images. But at the same exact time the quality is not there is just too dark. Do you have a picture that is to doubt? You can either try to bite in it using edit scene. And if this doesn't work for you and you can't brighten it up, you won't be able to go ahead and give it to them. Next is this picture it hell also, This is very nice work. But it's also been fixated. And you can see right here when you suppose women here he was not a one off the somewhere. Always like this one too. The same problem of hell is as well. It is also support fixated so we can't use that one another Super picks a that picture. But it is a classical one. He was one. Are we like this image. Unfortunately, because of the effect, this picture is not gonna actually go ahead and they're gonna accept it. Also, you can see in the background there is bull emotion in here because it's blowing over here and over there. They're not going to accept this image. Here's another very nice picture right here, but it's a little bit over blonde when you can see the haze in the background. Now, if this picture was a little bit better, it would have actually worked. But it's not. So we have to skip that one as well, This one also suffering from the same exact problem, which is the whites. It's not bright enough. So every single time you look for an image, you want to make sure that the image itself is perfect. It doesn't need to be okay. It has to be top notch, the best picture that can be and any specific problem with the image itself. Such is rights not bright enough to dark. It's gonna get this qualified right away. This one is great picture toe, but there was a lot of bully things in the street, so this tree is a little bit too boy they're not gonna like this and they won't accept it. This one is also having very similar issues over here, where it gets a little too dark and Bowie to this specific want. I like this image, but there was too much dark and there was too much noise in this backup right here. This is totally unnecessary. All this stuff with heel. And of course, if this was taking at a better time of the year, this picture would have been amazing. This one. They did accept this one. The sooner actor accepted. And I do like this specific image, it can be a just a just a little bit. And if it is adjusted and made so much better, they were definitely accept this image. So we have to work for brothers up and trying to get this picture to be a little bit better . This specific wanted here is very nice image, by the way. And I do like it and this one right here you can see that this one is nearly perfect. There's nothing almost along with a specific image. So definitely this is a picture that I should be contributing to them. There's not much that is going on in this specific picture And the what off the bad background in the back that gives it Super BRAC darkness. This will it He'll be having issue with this mountain now, the biggest power with this image is that, though, is too much dark. And there was a little bit of brightness with and of course, it just the way this picture that you went about, it could have been so much better. And since it didn't, it's not gonna work for us. This one is a little bit better. And they zoom in more into the image, showing the different contrast between dark and white, especially when it comes with the sun auto. This is an interesting image, and I think this one they were actually accept because it is just such unusual and interesting picture. This one, on the other hand, is just too dark, and they probably won't be able tow edit everything in here. So I try it out, and when you try toe edit this unfortunate what happens? It takes away from the quality off the image itself. And when you go inside, we can see how fixated this image actually gets so they would have a new ejected. So you have to make sure the image itself is almost perfect and then used to go ahead and try to submit those images because on a prolific images are going to get accepted with I stock photography. They want the best and only the best. Therefore, if you think the picture has a issues whatsoever, you should definitely not use that image. You should be checked out right away. This one here is one of my best pictures to date. I wake it. I like the background. I like the way it actually works. And in this specific case, that black background makes this picture actually looks amazing. So there we have it all kinds of different images off how you can go ahead and make sure which is the images you should go and contribute. Toe the stock image photography collection 4. Picking a Camera: So let's talk about stock photography and which kind of camera You should actually get a vote now, in most cases, and it is all about what kind of camera do you have access to? If you have an access to a phone, that's all you really need is to have a phone with a capability to take pictures. Now, you wanna have the best possible for that? You can have for this job. I have the iPhone, my bass. It is not the best possible form that Apple actually makes. But any kind of Apple form, especially five and up is gonna get you amazing pictures. So if you're getting an iPhone, you can actually buy a used iPhone just for taking pictures. And it's gonna be much cheaper. You can buy one that is used for a very inexpensive price. You don't even need to put on and create a one point for the actual for. You can just use the camera feature and that's it, innit? Now, I don't just recommend the iPod, you can get enjoyed. You can get any kind of a camera phone that takes decent and amazing pictures that you can use the whole key Hell and the reason why you student most cases use a smartphone for taking pictures is that there was a few things that a smart one cannot do. Yes, it can zoom. But the moment zooms in, the more fixated the actual image is gonna be because it is a digital zoom. Another thing is the shaking. This is not great or shaking, So if it is a split image, something is moving fast. This camera is just not gonna do it. So for still images for posed images, this point is just fine for you. If you want to go and get the best possible images for stock photography, you definitely need to think about a camera that you can use. You can use the power shot camera. Those are super cheap. You can get a bunch of those on eBay. There was many different kinds that you can use now. The one that we command for you to get is one that has assume ones in it. This one has a small zoom. This is 24 to 70 millimeter. It's not the best possible zoom that you can get, but one thing this does have it has a very good Apertura. It has a 2.0 aperture, which means it can bring out more white into this one's giving you the best possible picture in the world, right? Which gives you a lot of amazing images talking about, well, white photography. You don't have to get a yes, allow Kemah you can get something was always known as an M lens, which is a mill was Camera. Middle West Camera is a small camera that has no miller in silent. This is why it's flame. It's so small now what they have Hell is a small Millis camera with a selfie mode right in here so you can actually take so please off yourself. You can walk if it on YouTube. And also I have a bunch of different cameras to see, just want out of many. And if you join my YouTube actual station, you can see all kinds of cameras that I use. No, let's talk about the can in itself. So my favorite kind of camera, although, is just killing. I like to use it because it is simple mode and I know how to use this mold, plus all the lenses are interchangeable. If I wanted to upgrade to a Nikon, I would have to switch. Every single one of those ones is now with this one. We have a special adoptive in here, so I put this emigrants adapter to just a waggle. 50 millimeter ones. This is not a zoom ones, but because it is a fixed ones. It gives me a best possible image, which is 1.8 a patrol. So with the war right photography potential off this camera, I'm gonna be able to capture amazing pictures with this small camera. So this makes it a great camera to take pictures, work, talking about Kimmel's the next camera that they do suggest me to get. And this, of course, for people will. Bigger budget is a DSLR camera. This is what most people take. Pictures were, of course, the downside of a years ago. Camera is just a huge side of it. Now, do isn't again. This camera is the wide angle super wide angle, which is 10 to 22 millimeter, giving me an opportunity to take pictures or huge items and making them all fit in one specific image. You can also have a super zoom once for wildlife photography, this is just a wide angle lens. So this is another very good camera that you can actually use. I have a few of those. This is the Canon 80 D. The media is one of the waiters and greatest cameras when it comes to that, and it has a movable Sophie motored hero. You can you see what pictures that you're taking, but it gives me an opportunity to think and take created images. So there you have it. Just a few examples off some of the Kemalist that I actually used for stock photography and just general photography. You have a bunch of different cameras that you like, But about wall, it's not about what kind of camera that you have. It is more like having a camera when you're taking a picture. So any camera is good. As long as you have some camera on you. It is better than having no camera whatsoever. So keep this answer in mind. You should always have some kind of camera with you at all times because you just never know when is the right opportunity for you to take an amazing picture. talk about pictures that here it is starting for us to snap some images and make sure you're not an amateur by we're getting to remove them. Lance Cap. 5. Pictures Ideas & Style: Let's talk about taking pictures. And if you're not a photographer or somebody who has not been trained to take pictures before, we talk to me new two days, you probably think I just go to a location. I snapped a few pictures and airport. Well, it's not really that simple. What you have to do is to figure out a way to take a picture for location and destination, a place that has not been taken before or in a different kind of a white. For example, huge buildings that everyone he takes pictures off such a statue. Where would he get thousands of submissions every single month? To stand out, you have to do something different. You have to take a picture that is with different crowds with different time of the day. Woman different Ingo. Everybody can take a picture from far away of the Statue of Liberty. Not everyone would take the time to actually come to the statue ability to take a picture from underneath from a different kind of angle with a white angle camera. This is what's going to differentiate you from somebody else. I don't really suggest for you to take pictures of something that is very known, that everybody actually goes and takes the same pictures off, such as the Statue of Liberty or something else that is and has a lot of people who will right next to it. So Web location such as New York City. A lot of people live in York City. There was a lot of potential photographer folks who lived out as well, so you definitely are competing against so many more people when as you can, if you live in the middle of nowhere and it was some kind of a big punk next to you, you're not gonna have as much competition and therefore the pictures you're gonna be taking off. That same location is more likely to be featured and accepted to stock photography and more likely to be used and sort for more money. A camp of objects. Let's talk about specific objects, all even animals. Animals such as quos, cats, dogs, those thousands of pictures. Just like that. There was so many dogs, there was so many dog owners, and there's so many cats and cats. Almost those are very competitive fields because there was just so many submissions off the same exact time. So either you're going to have to be the best possible photographer for that specific niche , which is a really over other walking. You're competing against so many people. We have to just figure out something else that you can do different or even go into a different field or photography. There's so many different fields out there. You don't want to get into a people that has a humongous amount of competition, because then you have to compete against all of them in order for you to get sales. When does a canned the best kind of field Is high demand in the world amount off competition? That is the exact field that you should get into. How do you find out which field it is? You're going to the stock photography ivory. You're typing into the search exactly what kind of things that you are considering doing. And if it doesn't have that many images all, it has a few images off exactly what you actually think about picturing. That's exactly the thing that you should be actually consider doing 6. Planing a Photo Shooting: So let's talk about what kind of things should you actually be filming? It is very important for you to figure out and advanced what kind of things you want to fail during the day, especially when it comes to you taking pictures. So the posting that I suggest for you to do is to figure out what kind of pictures are you good at doing? Are you good at wide angle photography, macro photography, taking portrait, it's or anything else? If you're gonna be doing model photography, you actually need a mother release form with a mother who he's form, you will be able to take pictures of mothers, and then you don't have to go. And this is the big problem with mother boys. If you don't have a mother Louise, they can always keep claim the copyright for this picture. And if they do, then of course, you're on the hook to pay them money. That's why it's very important for you that if you're gonna be using models and your stock photography in any kind of photography that you need to get mother willies for death. That's it. You have to figure out what kind of things. You want to take pictures during the day. So when I was doing wide angle photography for landscapes, I would be go out the whole plan of action over my trip. So I will go from point A to point B to point C or to a specific destination. More likely, I will go to a specific park, that is, next boy. Where? And it would take pictures doing Dad specific day. I've read in the pictures and the best pictures that they got. I'm gonna be using them and posting them up every single weekend. So you have to have upwards schedule where you're uploading the pictures every week after you take them. The key to this business is consistency and constantly producing new images. Are we single week, Then uploading those images and see which images get accepted. Once you figure out which kind of niche you're really good at, what kind of images get mostly accepted? You will continue taking even better pictures and this same exact ones. People called it a good at this business. Eventually bigger out executive, and they keep on doing the same, exacting over a noble and over again. But to get better every single time they do it. That is the key consistency and continuing to produce quality products. And the site itself is gonna be bored, you or posting those things up there. So this is the way you're going to be doing it the same exact way using the sting exact strategy time just outlined for you.