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Stock Market Fundamental Analysis Course (हिंदी)

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18 Lessons (2h 3m)
    • 1. Demo Video of Fundamental Analysis Course

    • 2. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

    • 3. Importance of Management Analysis

    • 4. How to perform Management Analysis

    • 5. Understand Fraud Management

    • 6. Learn Company profile analysis

    • 7. Introduction to Balance Sheet and other Financial Statements

    • 8. Learn How To Read Balance Sheets

    • 9. Significance of Different Financial Ratios

    • 10. Learn to Carry Out Debt Analysis of a Company

    • 11. Complete Study of Balance Sheet- I

    • 12. Complete Study of Balance Sheet- II

    • 13. Introduction to Profit and Loss Statement

    • 14. Learn to Calculate The Net Profit And Profit Margin of a Company

    • 15. Understanding The Cash Flow Statement

    • 16. Know How To Pick Most Undervalued Stocks

    • 17. Case Study ICICI Securities

    • 18. Learn The DCF Method to Company Valuation


About This Class

We are providing the complete knowledge about Fundamental Analysis in this course from the very basic to the apex.

Below given is the video wise description of the course :


1. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis 

What is Fundamental Analysis and how it works? Understanding the Business point of view and Investment point of view and importance of Fundamental Analysis while doing any kind of investment related to a company.


2. Importance of Management Analysis

Learn more about management analysis with the help of various case studies like of YES Bank, DHFL and more. Also know the importance of promoter’s profile in a company.’s performance

3. How to perform Management Analysis

Understand how to carry out management analysis and how to track company’s growth with the help of understanding about people associated with the company. Learn how to use Earning call transcript for fundamental analysis.

4. Understand Fraud Management

Learn about fraud management and importance of its analysis. Significance of direct conversation with the employees for the management analysis.

5. Learn Company profile analysis

Executing company profile analysis by reviewing the past frauds linked to the company and other crucial aspects . Know the importance of deep analysis and patience while practicing analysis.


6. Introduction to Balance Sheet and other Financial Statements

Sneak peek to the introduction to practical part of analysis such as balance sheets and other financial statements. Learn to examine the efficiency of company’s management.

7. Learn how to read Balance Sheets 

Introduction to financial documents specially analysis of balance sheets and its key features such as Returns, earnings, Reserves and Surplus.

8. Significance of different Financial Ratios

Learn to read and evaluate return on equity, understand the meaning of important financial ratios. Introduction to liabilities and significance of its values.

9. Learn to carry out Debt Analysis of a company 

Complete analysis of company’s liabilities. Debt analysis with the help of Debt to Equity ratio. Learn the meaning of key terms like Debt comparison and shareholder equity profit.

10. Complete study of Balance Sheet- I

Learn to read Asset side of the balance sheet and importance of cash and cash equivalent. Analysis of different strategies for utilising the extra cash by the company and current Assets.

11. Complete study of Balance Sheet- II

Understand how to asses Non current assets of a company and the difference between Cash and Cash Receivable. Why is it important to examine the Cash Receivable of a company. Learn to calculate current Ratio.

12. Introduction to Profit and Loss Statement

Learn how to read Profit and Loss statement. Try to analyse how companies fake out their revenue data to manipulate investors for raising funds.

13. Learn to calculate the Net Profit and Profit Margin of a company.

Understand the concept of net profit and profit margin. Learn to calculate their values with the help of basic formulas and data on profit and loss statement. Know how profit margin is used to track the growth and future trends of the company.

14. Understanding the Cashflow Statement 

Introduction to Cashflow statement and learn to read it to know the exact inflow and outflow of the cash. Get aware of the key features of Cashflow statement such as Capital expenditure, Free was flow and etc.


15. Know how to pick most Undervalued Stocks

Learn how to calculate valuation of a company using Comparable company analysis method and Discounted cash flow method. Know the tricks of picking the most undervalued stocks.

16. Case study ICICI Securities

Understand the meaning of Net present value and how stock brokerage industry is changing with the help of ICICI Securities case study. Know the difference between Full service brokerage firm and Discount brokerage firm.

17. Learn the DCF method to company valuation

Stepwise calculation of valuation of a company by Discounted Cash FLow method. Crux of the fundamental provided with detailed conclusion.


1. Demo Video of Fundamental Analysis Course: no much car coaches, you know. 11 for nominal is this guy course launched this mama. Car companies often dominant and this is my second case. A competitor. Digital management analyst History Casey Competitive Financial Stake Maersk opened a Gets a company car Pollution. Nikolic or Casey Englishman Scalia Company Coaching Me It's cool Discovery Hamadi Acquisition. You got to be independent in Mr Bunny. Any of basically commendation tapes or share tips for different Reineke. But I could accompany Candice's Car K shares to name your course. Launch Kar Nicobar up my psychosocial organisms A request, Katie case court today. Mohammed Like I always tell you how much Crisco respect them or the hair or the scorecard Emotion Fundamental analysis gives lectures. It is my hair. Fundamental analysis gets by Lichterman Humbard couldn't get you fundamental and insist or ok, stay calm, Garda. Here our son. But chimeric sentence my bottle so phenomenal And this is coming love without kissing. Business goes so much Now they go investment or business. You don't know industry support it gradually Here in misting cart over a queen misting point of view Case outside business point of view City social outta here or similarly possessed cartel, aka Business Point of view case outside investing. Point of view. City Social outta Here It does. It could be now you don't know your due here to fundamental analysis card table up could do no point of view, said Social Hotel here. Usually look so stay good on the financial statements or financial ratios can. And if it's gonna argue or evolution. Nickel Aga The words are successful in Mr Bond buying gay, but you certainly hear you told us Achike excited hair do suicide Me business cooperation said. You reaches the rt here. Disagree Mood. Any competitive advantage with their strategies? Company management company Coachella, Niigata Rica, etcetera. There s so much quick Businessman Dooney and a subset successful in Mr Mr Warren Buffett. Que, que? I'm a better in Mr because I am a businessman and I'm a better businessman because I'm in in Mr the Stock market investing that success are still technically a queen Messman or business in donuts a jury Skill, sickness, hunger. What is fundamental analysis Case series may come in. Don't use over the focus cutting game, William Fundamental analysts call Interesting point of view said some Jenga or about me. Home is a business point of view. City Some ginger Mr Benjamin Graham Do not know the intelligent in mystery book like I Ordina, Mr Warren Buffett, Nguru Monta who in the 19 twenties or 19 thirties May companies give fundamental but research Cardassia Rookie are or fundamental analysis. Chemo. That's a company's corporate national Rukia architecture. Mr. Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger in Jessica in Mr Smith for nominal and in This is Cal Produce Kirk A Success are silky are fundamental analysis. Much of the factors are only basically Dokka ticket is money Wait Chiaki A higher quality two factors or quantitative factors. Junior quality to analysis or quantity to analysts because the higher quality to analysts. No management business strategy company. The word one date except Sorry Zrt here. Dini up nominees but he quantity to analysts. May financial statement. Scandalous is financial ratios. Yes, Rhe zrt here generally on deck. Hello, Quantity To analysis up. My analysis should occur there or could sell pay later. Lucozade other focused financial statements for financial ratios. But right out our up this Pandora's help. A leaky Joosep Lakey didn t b investment, but licky wicket a paper. Okay, taco. Potentially human messages are the importance of the decisions, but the guy who will communicate financial statements can. And this is for the younger out here. But nobody gives a man a bottle. Got hot bottled booty but la y a good officially, this Ponderosa Let me we financial activities or businesses. Perimeter ideology Taco potentially officially does Sandra Salumi businesses more unethical ? Any unethical Gullit activities Boat burger here, especially in the Ahmedabad burger here, Indigo Lords Or say be with this straightening hair is longer in democracy. Company promoters qui only thing collectivity Cartier your fraud card when it comes to dominate the hair or arm in Mr Schools talking, I said the other night sandwich outta here. You see some nice attempt Computer, Medicaid, Gitanjali James jokingly demotic and call me Hold Toxic. A company was made a here. What a bit essentially little electricals or PC jeweller? Medicare Or, in case a T know, Johnny Kidney companies Medicare. You didn t v companies of the many, but I was made Mr Scott, your loss who are mainly on companies keep promoters can only think alike to rediscover just who are here. Many basically 30 companies daycare didn't give financial statements so strong. But Uncle Management, Dona Berkey unethical activities get out the company's financial statements. Strong growth prospect as a chair or company. A revolution, paramilitary, the locals nicotine, which meant so much they're paying. Looking over Sonny here, Arch gives the money inside. It is okay. Lava was company management. Honest honey, Mandarin aboard Boats. Artery here. Articulate me. Honest management. A city's bunga Just put a bill will be compromised and cars actor. I gotta get the company's sorry. Jesus, I hear growth. So here evolutions a financial statements achy or back in suburbia. But other companies management the honest me, those company Key European Miss Monica Bang. But Jackie up. But I've been in your article you. He's a bra here or boards out of Lucas at Tora. Here is legal. Cases become panic analysis card table school management analysis. Kubelik will be Underestimate my kitty. Never underestimate the power of management. Analyst is Do you harbor? We A guilty obviously may not pan, if ironically, coffee hair. So get up. You see Component Analysis, Carnage Aria, the police company Management Connolly, Cisco, Ordesky Bob back. It reaches a cannoli, says Carl okay, but you're pretty. Component. Analysis correlated what are killed by management analysis. Cartel taco potential competitor management Taken any hair, this outcome podium in it. They got it out the hair, It's look up. You see Indian Company Guy Analysis Career. Who to management analysts say Should work go or isn't a fundamental analyst? Is Casey risk? It does three part. May her management analysis Cody tell May or Coach case studies gets out Some junior. I shall go to Tokyo for a nominal analysis. Go, you pale apart. Octopus in dialogue are ugly, part me home management and only sensitive. But what's very interesting about a carnival here? 2. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis : no much car for nominal analysis gives lectures. There is marked crosswalk attire Board the most fundamental analysis. Keyboard canaries already care Phenomenal analysis. Barre Chords Urbani or finally, harmony chords Benatia hair foreign dominant And in this case by Lichterman Humbard couldn't get you fundamental and insist. Okay, say concordat here our son. But chimeric sentence my bottle. So for nominal. And this is coming love without kissing. Business goes so much now to separate now Biko Investment or business? You don't know industry support it gradually here in misting cart over a queen Misting point of view Case outside business point of view City So it's not a hair or similarly possessed cartel aka Business point of view Case outside investing point of Eusebius Ocean outta here It did. You could be. Now you don't know me or do their hair to fundamental analysis card table up Could do no point of view Said social hotel here usually look, source they're gonna financial statements or financial ratios. Can Eliphas Karna, Argha Revolution Nickel Loggia The work we are successful in Mr Bond buying gay. What do you searching here? You told us a kicky excited hair do suicide me business cooperation said. You reaches the rt here. Disagree. Mood. Any competitive advantage with their strategies. Company management company. Coachella, Niigata Rica, Etcetera Ordinance So much Nikolay are quick businessman Caterers Ojinaga Don Yankee subset Successful in Mr Mitchell. Warren Buffett Que, que? I'm a better in Mr because I am a businessman and I'm a better businessman because I'm an investor to stock market investing. That success are still chronically a queen, Messman or business in donuts, a jury. Skill, sickness, hunger. What is fundamental analysis? Case series may come in. Don't use over focused Curry in Game William. Fundamental analysts School. Interesting point of view, said some Jenga or about Me. Home is a business point of view. City. Some ginger Mr Benjamin Graham Do not know the intelligent in mystery book like I Ordina, Mr Warren Buffett, Nguru Monta who in the 19 twenties or 19 thirties May companies give fundamental but research Cardassia Rookie are or fundamental analysis. Chemo, that's a company's corporate national rookie Are architecture. Mr Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger in Jessica in Mr Fundamental Analysis. Cal produce Kirk A Success are silky, are fundamental analysis. Madobe factors are only basically Dokka ticket is money Wait, Chiaki A higher quality. Two factors or quantitative factors Junior quality to analysis or quantity to analysts because they hear quality to analysts. No management business strategy company The word one date X Sorry. Zrt here. Dini up nominees but he quantity to analysts May financial statement Scandalous is financial ratios Yes, our reaches a happy here generally, um, killer quantity. Do analysis up nine Alyssa Shoe Carter here Or could sell pay later. Lucozade Other focus. Financial statements for financial ratios But right out our off the spoon Drizzle pay Lakey Joosep Lakey didn t b investment, but licky wicket of effort. Okay, Taco Petacchi Lega Human mess ups is are the important security cities but the yoga to communicate financial statements can And this is for the younger out here but nobody gives a man a bottle Got hot bottled booty but la y a good Officially this Ponderosa women we financial activities or businesses parameter ideology taco Potentially officially despond Russell businesses More unethical. Any unethical Guillot activities boat burger here, especially in the Ahmedabad burger here in day Gaylord's or say be with this straightening hair. It's longer. India McKinsey company promoters qui only thing collectivity curtail your fraud today Doing a concert? Amity here or I mean Mr School Post Organise said the other night Sandwich outta here. You see some nice attempt Computer, Medicaid. Gitanjali James took a little more chicken. Call me. Hold toxic A company was Medicare or a very centrally little electricals or PC jeweller Medicare or in case a T know, Johnny Kidney companies, Medicare? You didn't Maybe cos of the many. But I was made. Mr. Scott, your loss who are mainly on companies keep promoters can only think alike to be discovered Just who are here Many basically sorry Cos Daycare didn't give financial statements so strong. But Uncle Management Dona Berkey Unethical activities get out the company's financial statements Strong growth prospectors A chair or company a revolution, paramilitary the locals nicotine which meant so much there Looking over sonny here Arch gives the money inside. Each is okay lover whose company management honest any mandate on a boat boat surgery here articulate me Honest management A city's bunga Just put a bill could be compromising anchors Actor, I gotta get to communicate. Sorry. Jesus! Here growth here evolutions A financial statements achy or buckets of beer. But the company's management the honest me, those company key European Miss Monica Bang But Jacob put up in major league or article you He's a bra here or boards out of Lucas at Tora. Here is legal. Cases become panic analysis Card table school management analysis. Kubelik will be underestimate. McKinsey. Never underestimate the power of management analyst is Okay, you Hubbard. We a guilty obviously may not pan if ironically, coffee hair so good. Obviously. Component Analysis. Carnage Aria The police communicate Management Can only Cisco or to skip about buckets are reaches a can and a Cisco. Okay, but you're pretty component Analysis. Correlated Document management analysis. Cartel taco potential competitor management Taken any hair this up. Capote Minute. Break our job here It's little Get up. You see Indian Company Guy Analysis Carreiro to management analyst. It's a sure what Coro or isn't a fundamental analyst is Casey Risk. It does three part. May her management analysis Cody tell May or Coach Case studies gets out Some junior I shall go to Tokyo for a nominal analysis. Go, you pale apart. A cook was in dialogue are ugly part me, Home management and only sensitive. But what's very interesting about a carnival here? So see you in the next part. Your video. Kuka Salonga Iaapa me Hamadi YouTube channel ticketcity video My comment Car keys over. But I redo the curricular homer discharge ironically up. Come behold behold than never. 3. Importance of Management Analysis: no much God fundamental analysis The selector cities could do set apart my car So I got here early. Part me from your fundamental analysis. Get basics Care about him about Katie or Sathiah. Missem Gotta kick you watch called management analysis Boat. So the important one guy here, The second part me how management analysts for yesterday's Kim of the 30 tell me about current Adam Chester disc in what it says some jingle tickets. A communique. Management corporate not to shoot. What Caring Years Bank. It's hard dummy is bank analysis Kurata that many years banking management analysis issued Walkie. Jimmy is banking co founder. Former CEO Mr Tanaka, who Dukie has banks of coach money on KPIX or come car negatory. Keep our image on good talker than in reality. There may be some near you. Pacifica Monica Analysis Carnival whose company member Motor discussed a kidney. Your hands over Take their hair. Sathiah. Maybe Dick Hickey Promoters not knock It must take place your car Hire company promoters up measures bank. It was getting better. Correspond. Lonely factor here. So Joe shares bank about Give it a shot When a place your skater here a girl gets the company promoters up, needs other shares. Play director What signal? Human. I got our so yes bank shareholding Now break. Okay, Talk about that. Yes. Capital Private Limited. More than credits Private Limited Madueke A poor or maximise private limited You Sorry? Yes, Bank A promoter Say you have glaciers Category me off the exactly Hokusai Maduro Putin Agnes years place like your hair mismo duke Duke es Banka co founder Shoko Party wife will keep us financially told the 19 k 2nd quarter 17 Karol 50 to like 75,000 shares Stay dismissed in 1941% shares Anyone corrode 66 like 75,000 gold shares on a pledge educator for us banking Baki promoters ignitions pleasure and hit a car here to kick both a cheap up here What do you really tinny reality bottle? Yes Bank Private Limited or more than greatest Private Limited. You don't know me, Mr Rana Kapoor Family investment companies here. Mr Renato Borghetti No daughters. Rocky couple turned in Radha Kapoor or Roshni Kapoor in Dona Companies. Any yes, Capital Private Limited or more than credits Private limited Kunar Say the cool Yes Capital Private Limited or more than credits Private Limited in Victory Business operations. Name here. You don't know because in Mossman companies here think I said yes, bank iShares Jessica Alba had exactly yes Capital K Pass US Bank of 3.27% stake or more than credit skippers. Yes, Bank, a 3.4% stake here didn't miss a big Michelle Nunn. A pledging to hit our car here more than credits. Non convertible debentures, a sugar cane in the 160 Kuroda would hire or, yes, capital, NBC. There are Dementors. Kiss, refund. Risky Are here More than great risk is already ventures. Reliance Mutual for nearly rocky here. Well, he s capital care Debentures. Franklin Templeton Mutual for nearly record hair, Morgan credits or, yes, capital, keep as a key asset her or who he has banking shares our own game console. Say yes. Banks in Milan for dividend It's not debentures. Kids repair. Sorry, it's carnival in poor coach limitations. Ot hair generally were total shares. Give looking Charlie's a protest for simple Sorry, it's car sector here, for example, Circassian Mussman company. Keep us 100 Karaki share, say toward debentures. Kilderry, Charlie step a task rodota would be here. You Harper? Yes, Capital or more than traditional debentures. Huk, who has banking shares? Keep basis Birkir to indirectly yes, capital Morgan created snap measures. Place record hair. What's a bigger place? Share? Still, definition may share ski basis, but he shook Avery. Defenders cut sickening hair or the city's commission. Rana Kapoor in a fortified out higher se. Bigger regulations can use our heart company promoter score up near place. She has declared Carney what they're talkin. Mr. School promoter Teixeira Linke Clear ideology I What's a bigger definition model loophole? A. Scorpio Kirk A. Good companies keep promoters pleasures not economically. Share school Gov. Rocker Banks A lonely Nicky Boje I. Is there a share ski basis for debenture Separate? Sorry. Scar a here, but I think it is the promoters Guy takes intentions so much Me outta here. You do? We ate. But Abdessadki says in there Yes. Banco show Cooper do que bien Amro bank a country here. Tony Dukie ended green less banking, corporate finance, Caretaker own Amilcar Surakiart Moon Paper copies Got I got your data. We started Kuwata. That Mr Show Couple moon bigotry, dental better hotel material. Don't you stayed at the start date? Okay. De Mistura Sheikhupura date. We won't keep years. Vanga carry Well person shared. Mr Shaukat Quirky date. Caillebotte shares Honky white Maduaka Park A pastel again. Bodman Mr. Rana Kapoor. Maduaka. Put around your daughter. Go Company activities. Meanwhile Karna Vanguardia. You know Madueke Uppercase Ahmadi Leoben in. Directors can nominate Chiara. Just taken off Miss Madoka, put High Coach Allegri Okay, get bigger bombing. I could make a hockey Machuca put a show Cooper Key legal body say or recently ran a copper case outside Modica Pork over directors co Jointly nominate Karnik Aha! Care Satti Courtney Aerojet Manga Sanjay Paul Way. Corporal Amanda Intend Director's appointment in military body Beechman Mr. Rana Kapoor Any years banking history published Katie was No, no, no Show copper cock A particular Yankee out. So I see. What s Abiomed promoters? Contention What? I take so much. Remember that duty here of us banking management Agua or are crickets? Doesn't their hair Which leg was sallow? C R b a bank Skin pisco Close. Really great. Yes, bank. And please take our table. Our vehicle patella doesn't say wanting kgc quarter may Yes, Banker NP did not use magnet, but such are gonna start at uni years. Bank me, William and Paska number can manipulate Chiat harm Saudi Arabian, maybe by a GS bank. Corporate governments, neighborhood Gumby. Comey are here or banker complaints. Culture people hold carob hair for the banking. Yes. Banking board. Coca, get 34 Jan 2019. Cool. Mr Tanaka. Barca. Yes, Bank Emily or C O clock. Article some up here. Yes, Bank aboard me. Veronica Pocock, Article 31st August 2020 Wanted Veronica. Request Katie for our business request. Rejected. The are they shook. Mr Tanaka? Yes. Bank Obadiah Jittery gets its ally are here. But you're bad management. Go Honesty. Don't get Take Scotty topless and they turned us in the UK Jola Cornish in England. Orthotics, Cough, Aloni carting yard Rukhnama Could be communique shareholders Kibaara Misogyny Factory. Mr. Benjamin Franklin is Erica here? Honesty is the best policy about the example put out there. For example, that beautiful That is the one hosting Finance Corporation LTD key management car. Maybe there is security than exchange. Baldauf Indiana buyer could be a chapel co promoters K company or I says the bank and a Rocky Beach loan agreement. Water This would be a joyful K promoter Ski company. Want one International Investments LTD. May I say, Sir Bank and as a soldier art mill Only a car. Beautiful. Keep promoters Jessica couple Badr on or the radio Holland Top edged I in his company KP Promoter Stare. So the world one International investments name I says a bank and a saloon. Leah that Mr Koppel What One dealer, Jawad one or Barca coach entity's name was Locally security Get torpor. HDL K shares in comfort car wire. Janjalani, HDL cashiers. Cooper will only a car. Winona shares income. Berkey Escape bottom and I see or be escorted from the heat Stock exchange disk A listing agreement with you. Sorry. Cheesy Whose company? Co stock exchange will disclose starting with the hair. But then you just get off a promoter. Snakes and Nikki are you? Does your art cocky? Saw her or I sent you the company promoters. Givati, Miss. A push by a Cardetti here of a highly macabre post Dukic nonprofit media company was not debatable. K promoters for 31,000 card fraud car up like I are here Disc about R O. C. There Did the Registrar of Companies name be a chapel for inquiry? Sugar, the hair victor got on. Now out here. Okay, get three D japonica Management analysts Kiyota or detachable K promoter Score 2008 cases. You care about image and the word tho Friends don't let them do right now. Beautiful ca liquidity crises Remember like a fraud. Kate. Our desk hlt beautiful coastal. 6 ₹50 said Vereker. Exodus likes obese reporter getting out here a public ask about him about Carter Took a little electrical skip out in my hair. Little electrical Skokie's it Both Egypt case here. 2017 Lil Abner Consumer business Lloyd Electric How well Schools Solossa Corona Based er, Javelin Lord Electrical Beta The Blink A market capitalisation 1000 Kurata Dublin Cape as corrupt. Our Socorro Fix A Thursday Coffee. Sarah Results Answer blister or little car. They'll be negligible. Power to live. Keep our to cash or I searched. They wouldn't give value company can market capitalizations. Coffees are that the boats are in Mr School ago. Kelly. Like I said, Blake, articulate crosstalk here discuss fixed assets or cash market capital logician says outta here in Mr School Agha www Google Company Cancers Given Lupatelli Top company car market capitalization Berjaya Little financial statements to communicate to financial hill but are a What about middle? What we behold the object car in Mr Scoppetta Anita Lord Electric bitch Got little formula Evoke a hotel ago Awful lilco promoters for our open, elegant kuna Lord Electric Yasin Similar Oropesa up nearly a nickel er or company K Promoters Boats are up I suddenly to three companies may divert card er hair job in Mr Skin Sorry, just give Army patella Dublin on Ellen's Exactly. No, he better some job sheepishly Excel me Linke Share price Dinosaur Basic Erica Off February 2019 May 25. Rupees Hickory Burger Here You saw the example Something, but they captured competitive financial statements Very different here as active management analyst Is Arjun missing couple holding important. He's stubborn. Get out here You don't go check samples for market. Magical is the boats are issues are just my competitive financials that's unique about you Management get unethical or dishonest behaviour Cure jersey in Mr School Whatever the losses deliberate here It's a Johnny one in Mr Mr BJ KTRK cane Misting in an honest management is the only way to be successful in the market. Sugar Hook, in case studies came with that second management analysis about Imagine Hot, caustic name Ilaga Fundamental Analysis. Groceries Google Apart from the kinky management analysis, KCR gotta hear a quick video or electricity Scarcella Yakima Fee notions triple for you at the gym. A lot calm. It's pretty milker kids over. But I we do technically up. Come behold behold the Nimrod. 4. How to perform Management Analysis: no much God for nominal listens. Collector cities get hurt partly because they got their wish. Electromagnetism Gotta kick you Articulate Management Analysis Car number. Jose Rijo kr here Coach Case studies beyond knows makeover KP Torture management analysts Kasicky A data is topic for about Carnaval here The Coca Civic Kamenica management analysts . Car Nikolay Octopus Eighties When I behold surgery here or of Okay, whose company management said You read it are two management analysts. Car in Italy, Of course, management said, You read data your information. Collect Carney hoagie. So combat caring kid data Information Alcohol, chocolate cars. Octavo Subset Philip Who communicates EU 30 chief executive officer CFO, the chief financial officer. See you there. The chief operating officer communicate chairman, managing directors, founders Her company situated Mackovic to card data collector Naga Job. Google Karki, whose company giving sightseeing whose company ktrh be that is dropping red herring prospectors ingested, juggles a prop Construct a home sathiah Pincay interviews Decker. Yeah, couldn't keep our image on the whole management analysts Car illegally occupies a few nirvana. Behold boards every here or maybe fear is a great cardio. In my regiment analysis car Nicolle a corner up. Keep us on a boat. Pottery here or bowhead loco pH and make a home. They could logo pattern. The common experience outta here You would have Technically, a commander. Carnegie's around here. It's good or school. Connect. Karen Asic, Naga. Hello, Dictator! Kick a hopper up co management analysts. Kelly is a really data or information, really. The palace also interviews companies that do the most correct Jessica, CEO, chairman, managing directors or founders in game that it was all taken a home game or in Cuba took a few courses. Nagar Company Get from Charles Communicate Management Company or RG Veronica General in the second. Sorry, cheesy one came through Sickness. Clear. Okay, What about Cuba's logo? Patch Anika Who? Maradiaga Open. Contrary Suncorp Attacker Broke A key. Bookish type Paper. Some hair. Southie up. Reforms under of Nor India industry magazines. Part nature year. Magazines. Makuch companies or sectors. Cool detail Makeover. KRG Outta here. Okay management about me. But Harper Up Company management body Could extra information Minimum A that gave ugly, important source. A conference call company her court Remember financial result declare charity here Eroski Sarti Company Co management earning Conference caller in Jakarta Here this May Kamenica management in Mr Scoppetta que scored from a company called Performance Guys are here a good profits out of the company's management, but that I think you will profit. Gilbert, get out here. Similar longer profit Come. Why, you'll also y Combinator management in Mr Scoppetta. Los que Who are here? Is there a competitive performance or planning? But we start major chocolate their hair. It's like company confidence called. So number holds every hair to give Harper. Of course it. Financial data. Any company can management got to do to be potentially could be potentially a company called management. I got on sale critical t over the air to summon Nicoletta Yahtzee on here. You feel what Nikolic easy or came at him are a two years about going home. But our son is a potential legal to communicate management, cooperate, nickel you both a chance or say so. What? Your conference call common there. Simple hair, both simple. Here. Sub Sibila pooper earnings conference call transcripts. I cannot go or escape family court. This company conference call transcripts are here. Who's gonna more money control type? Colonel Hogan, for example, a good PCs care names, Conference call transcripts. Ou taco, Google per earnings conference call transcripts, PCs, Money control as a type. Kuranaga just give up course Company care. Nicole Conference. Get transcript killing gunmen jaidi a glass or say Glassdoor dot co dot in glass. Doric as a platform jobber company K employees company came very, very rude. Alter here clearly was the Corp attach a legal use company K Employees Company Management to Kush. Hey, Anna. Here, quick. Younger company employs Kushi so he will communicate customers. Coco struck Fine, Gael. Bobby is a bakery company employs companies that Kush Haryana here. Static Lederberg qui employees were delta. That would say you people charge out a key component in management. Okay, I advise you not trying Game Glassdoor put in tribute scooper could communicate management about to make both achy ideology. So glad door reviews Because the rules are a partner hand procedure about simple hair subset Philip glass door dot co dot in this website Shana Hogan porphyria Company reviews Barclaycard Naga was given discomfited by employees. Well, Cooper Night, who's gonna McQueen search box Multi Karna Hoga or fear? Yasser Sparkly Karna Hoga landscape of this company Get number click. Kirky Acquia Harry will sparkly Karna Hoga. Job robbery was exactly whole Saudi of employees in issue. Could be we originating the checkers at the home All those Jessica Lisa reaches a check cars actor whole or because I started sources say Jocko management And this is no help occurring game or don't get body may come next part about caring you actually a margin. Sorry. Sources cook over carnage but it'll be a Tory corruption Nicky Jesse, article your part Harmony A cut. I'm gonna Noppadon are shocker Tokyo Cupertino person dialogo ugly, but man management analyst Surgery k Interesting. She's okay. Bottom about caring Come, say juridical up on my Facebook Twitter or Instagram for for local attacked a whole video Technicolor Marissa Jude ironically a cop. Behold, behold in your bar. 5. Understand Fraud Management: no much God for number did analysis collectors. There's gets total partner Castle I got there. We stay apart from the management and this is Car Nicholas, which is a Czech community would give him about keeping W Karabell. Nikki were Jesse. What's for local me? Automates your number larger. Most video. Continue going or management analysis. Gynecologist celebrities. Everything would get better. Maybe start much are suffering. We should part in the conference calls Glassdoor per employee reviews, magazines or components is you didn't kill them to scare interviews. Ends up giving him about Katie Karajan. Continue according your money. Like magazines saying money, Life like I say magazine to regularly fraudulent activities or scams Cover carpi here. A girl fraudsters can Scott just started Kogi Taco The reader in for carnival. Okay, be happier when I talk about in a potentially go. Joe Quagga, Joker management analyst is Kurt Telecom. I got Satti a company called management cases like electric EU turkey unethical activities . Cartier is keep our maybe potentially go. Mr. Do you never said my test came on cover key Otto or a physical cause. Can some money left Max And you found their hair? Do you have a poufy little Children commissary. Financial fraud skippering potentially go based thing. Yea, Kin, foreskin bottom. A particle acquired am HIV. He can consider like electric a financial fraud. Still right here itself Going forward. Carnival. Okay, buddy. Me or throw or management? Give him a potentially go. Philip Quinn for carnally. Look, your management can elicits Karna Hoga. Don't get Be heavier. Uni So cooperate. Naga is this provocative study Kuranaga Fraud Carnival Lucas about media Cook said he said businessman's other successful look. You don't have no business. Kabul hardboard Successful banana. Nobody humble. Oh, they're here to help Mr Warren Buffett called a clue. Mr. Bill Gates. Mr Jackman. Michelle Grt Data, Mr. Return Data. Mr. Azim Premji. Mr. Radha Kishan. The money in a day. Clo Yes, Arlo Bahati Humble here. Do you put that? Can make it up quickly, but And this is garlic is a root neighbor here. The management analyst is Kurt Hummel Ago, Nicky. Nobody humble, passionate for our logo. Humble Luca, compared to analyst Iscar, never go to run potential Garriga for our local Mackenzie characteristics. Okay. Or humble and passionate. Local may coincide characteristics Okay. Here to money life aquifer or locate characteristics. So much name a mother. Correct money like magazine articles up money like Don't in isn't given Cyprus AKEL people set the whole of a management analyst. It's got a better into Rekha who skipped out on me about you're in game management analyst escaped by their interest a year. Company employees say competitive management give Army in formation. Are silicon now? Oppose company employs in milker. Yona Contact Turkey whose company management give our image. Answer people. The company boards that employed school. Whose company management about him in depth. Giancarlo t here for cable TV But he competitor management Jackie A cheap your fraud activities cartel here, for example, it more messy. Tortoises still company analysis Corral gotiscoming Regiment Analysis Car Nicolle Men Whose company cake employees Lindenberg contact lenses. Competitive management about in the future. Tony. But I accuse company management. Kaka Haircut Jakarta here. No, no, no. But I become panicky promoters. Seikaly Sorry, cos here what information? A unitary chemical to hear you say. Still, company couples are one cos Mitchell ajar. Jessica is still companies like plan just a copperhead. Would you go promoters K k c. Company here or furious Still. Company bomber Before the limited Jagger You scared for your hair legitimate ago was still company. You has been a qwerty Whose car Vereen most promoter. Key company. Co Baraja Record AP Hear what I said the orchestra Anonymous. Jason. I just came out of news company can and this is very parochial. But not anymore. Preservation and Charlie are haleem abundant bank analysts Kurata or assistance element will get service Casey or does JC packages? Okay, John Nickel Metal cone Conical, abundant bank excels executives or managers in Milan. The bottle bottom American support Sharia. Abundant banking culture per or abundant banking management. But don't take our beach are here when I'm with alcohol que Bella dfc or invest in bank make, I'm going to get here. Abundant banker culture here. Alcohol, Cuban, then monkeys. Other branches rural. Any Grameen areas May example Get or for anonymous Chipata cake borrow Branch. Was it Carnegie Abundant? Banky grew really Reiki branch. Make whatever happens. Remember where the unit is it economically? Hockey. Karam Sorry, customers go dd dd cocky or but he ever hear a car there? Or Bailey? But the customers gets other chip warning banality here. Don't go be trusted Later here. Now get. But I give a hunky bond and bank employees a procedure. Miss our employees can open out there or sub looks out. Milker Kandahar or Jobe Visiting faculty. Cooperate. Maybe we can open our own navy up next out breath occur Can knock a lot here, Just a bank. Make what you do my whole body or sorry. Employees cobank me up. Nothing lucked out here, but then got your micro finance Businesses will be Sitara Sexual Die Linke Micro Finance Business card loan repayment collection for daily basis for Carta You any lonely Nick about daily way fixed amount on Speculate Carter Here, Daisy on my monthly photo Sister, Your daily collection. Gardez here, you know. But I our customers, our employees give it me achieve wounding bungee Because the bigger key city up nothing. Take Senator Nikki with Jesse A good deal Installment pain Acre party to his collection Carnival employees a Kati Kim Apple Corrupt Come Cuba Jesse Art government vehicles that Michalak Oh logica or Kulka It's a donut Payments Cardona, don't take any comment. Laptop keep London banker culture body simple or positive Here sat alone alcohol. Cuban Done make a management before support. You here actually met my lady Bund in the making off a bank You book part. You gotta dismember Diageo people then Casey. Sure. We don't get what The Laker of it A customer is book member Diageo here D c. Parker Moved Abandoned monkey management give out. I make a charity are getting so job woman then bank employees with abundant banking management give out any but already Just remember the making off a bank is bookie summaries on Bravo dont simply dependent banking management Give automate Baldacci idea military for many up nine And this is our guy. But I so company employees whose company management about image and Nick I bought a chest or say discuss the company's management. And this is a hooker and I was company came close The sentiments that the whole unit Lyndon for contractors like their home villages. Joko Management analysis Carnival check continuity. Oh, yeah. Kick outs Company, Kiss your company cologne the are here. This is cool, but technically I'm a competitive balance checker and you're here to argue Telcordia Financial statement Analysis Gary Thomas Tropic Probably tell him about caring or it Is your coach a carnival? Oh yeah. Company promoter, ski or concurrency? Companies here or car company promoters. Young companies that are like a trick here I gotta how to kiss the Rocky company promoters or concede company skeleton you. But technically, abs ogakor dot com Its Web site for Zachary, art director for Clickety or this promoter. Key components covering up Cope Attacker and I was promoter Khanum, your type kitschy cable promoters of the wife of a diabetic and number of the company's been outta here. So promoter gets pose, son, your daughter. Economy hard, Alka up takers at their home. Calgary company or get company CA Promoter again Cos. Gets out quick Look at hay on to management analysis. Car Nikolay Sorry, it is your coach, Jay Carney. Hokey. We happen more often. Dominate and listens. Cacho Top Arts Amato Pretty okay, Saleh, Your definitions. Triple fired, original or calm. It's for milk or Kiser, but I im said you did a nickel up on my Facebook twitter or instagram before Lugar's. At the whole, we do technical anomalies. That juridical couple hood, both in your body 6. Learn Company profile analysis: no much card for number one and this is completely do parts. May Management analysis Kasicky I got the haste Give him about Caray here, especially dough parts. May Hominy become management analysis Technical agility Thatcher You will cancel it now to Jessica Preciado Parts Medica in management Analysis Car Nikolay Company situation McUsic got a chocolate karna Hoga When k interviews dignity magazines Partney Hungry earnings conference call to media blast door But employees get reviews partner hungry So the employees coast competitive management bottom a car I you be a hopper Name a Lego Just give other money left my example Me this Mapco Financial frauds Cuba may potentially go then, Cos gay employees go contact our management in formation Go have carnal Hugo Ayurvedic Nahoko Company company promoters communicate Zachary Transaction key I hope the bookies practically transactions saying yes. Sorry. Cheesy unofficial department that he had Gucci monopoly money You deeper management analysis Kasicky our data Your video player Chiat are toe over the observer Decay was memory management and in this case, it was a coach or tricks. But I hear does make important point here, but I got your company can I'm gonna get fraud scam If I Our case is fine. Ban in just icky where she was coming here. Google it, sister. So good company Nobel agree. Fraud es can keep talking to dental surgery. Military ago. A company. You, But I fire you. Quit your company, but we banned two years. Sarich is a Google search car. Never searches. They remember HIV. This'll ages, Carnaby. Behold boats every hand do you number. But I who is our riches? Economic about? Of course. Competitive management said you wreckage Bluesman Jang gave or incluso George worker a quick conclusion. Women Jagger or married men give him a catchy or clear idea. Jaggi, the management analysis card table should want me up. CSR it easy. Check learning about. Be guilty as or hungry. Or are we gonna be a commissar? Their nanny Congo Leucistic Experience foot up Nickels seeker up. Management analyst is my expertise Hostile Carson People took a sip. Accompanied analysis. Carnival Arms is company go belly management analyst s career. Both that and nobody remembered. Obviously when and if this couple apart skip card at their hair The poor analysis Kartini Adam again And it's a short or could say this company means to be a bill called Been accurate analysis. Amateur Tell my career or to scale up way for his role in imparting. They could, you know, be. But in Mr Snell stock markets in $1,000,000 billion. Come, I mean sorry in Mr Snow could use a company to incorruptible attack on my should. What's a home? Cook it. They are India. My management analysis Car number holds every time you because they are in India. Make a city component Analysis Corp subsidiary Management analysis Karna Hoga. Do you? You get is gonna doing the up, don't you? Genitals? Keep out of me about there. Disick comes of Cooper time in them a lot Street me Bill will be strict. Me aggregates a company management go for article. Get profit. Milton Oldenburg. Strict action will be happy to need a car back in coach companies with I say Carmelo be here for you. He's a coach or a ticket and Mariko Satyam Computer scrambling around. You set them competitive auditor PwC That is PricewaterhouseCoopers. Who? Your foot is guessing, brother. So in some neighborhood where they can't hear. But it would be Quist retraction really ago. But I said, but every crime Carnegie Bobby I got a strict action Helio Data to back it. Criminal minded local by psychedelic There The second game. Gobert element Because I have done a good job. Ramos Sorry Cherie flow here Do we make crime religiously? Come get away My law Street Parent Salvager Nomi Satyam Computer says Kambara this man Mr School Behold, behold Knocks on Over or Angela Books Arab I sort of girl. September Fake invoices Rates could get not even uber Tabernacle Psychiatry What? The Saudi financial statements to manipulate Tiago Price Waterhouse Cooper. There is a bit of Lucy, said Tom Gorey, director Tim Curley salads At 9 40 Elaraby will be played abolitionist another, and that's cardio. But maybe the basic ability Viagra Or does calculate Vanguardia area. You get number. The crime Keely Coffey concerts are He sees the like accounting scam. Us Maybe. What jokey us? Get up Keyboard Body company and Run me. Who discovered later Arthur render Santa is accounting scam G about Arthur Andersen, Doshi, Viagra or for Securities and Exchange Commission. That is sec jokey, say picketer. Usu stock market regulator mostly Arthur Andersen, the accounting business business a bodyguard er the next time other us like we ordered from historic a scam Karnik Abandonment. So checker. So skinny Mommy, there's a riot. Go get him cricket businesses or is the recorder in the umbilical beaning Abdul Tariq Escape Army. But it's on a Reliance Communication service. Provide KP this keep also protesters are Connectix and gonna hit the affair. This kid with hysterics and cool another court which occur card number. Or they could sell us we get about should be done on campus on Humira recently, Supreme Court noted Ambani Coca High Chiacu, Ericsson Keep I say 200 government or started 12% interest to Erickson Cup eyesight masala Syria. Tanaka Miki with Jesse Reliance Communication Marianela Money Berkeley Street Action Illegally Don't go Bezos among person, but and I'm going to respect Mikelic SCK single this kiss that baby sing brother's name 40 . Such are so thin Career being a bookkeeper missions in the country. You any unethical Terry kissing when a company see what pasok I've cardia Job company questions Give Army Katula Tony Singh Brothers take your complaint. Finally this Give up Kourtney Onica Jr President and Garnett here That's it. B number Keep permission case are represented complicated for you. Sorry. Unethical activity or to regions Zakarneh. Mechanic about. You'll be seeing brothers Progressed Protection in the area Captain Barkey bought little Kittens picnicking number asking Tiatto, but the rhetoric made number that's came Karnik about You'd be kitten Body keeps azotic. Okay, Does is 15 Selke says. Family here or December do Just a traveler Who's the stock market? Me and Michigan is a banker, the other. So now the stock market retreated because of Tokyo Tokyo number Eskom Karnik about would be kitten varicose. 15. Selke says family in the city's okay with just a criminal minded locate the mark Beaches. Bragadottir, Tiago, Ambika Rocca, Karkare Head Mohammed These other questioning but don't insult, he says, are the ages. But they're looking for hotels right here inside each ISO saying Mr School boards. But do Schubert week Ahskahr Duany, But no for we ordinary or Southern misters booked a You know what I say? OK, it's not much to go. Could jagna Hogarth's attack right now? God What? Islam Barber, K K and Eman management analysis Car Navajos, others are re here is letting dig for a body in misters management and disperse autofocus. Cut their hair. Got rejected like Englishmen. Philosophy that cookie management and under suspect boats out of Focus, Carter or time to time Up Next week. Kids, Every local management analysis keep army. But after that there recently in America High came misting and honest Management is the only way to successful in the market. Sorry, it is Open up. 200 key or management and disco bill will be escape Now hurry. Do you have a tomato phenomenon? This is carpaccio. Parts off. I shall go to Tokyo up video person die hookey said you let anybody up on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram But for locals who were technical around what is a juridical? A couple hot before never. 7. Introduction to Balance Sheet and other Financial Statements: no much car fundamental and in this case, check her apartment. So I got here for number 10. Analysts keep its language parts May Hominy management Johannes take about a neighborhood coach about taking or UBC car bonus management. Okay, SEPA, Johnny or Fraud Management took a sip. HR name licking management analyst. It's honest ticket Vitamin E on a stupid remains. Lived out of focus Carnera to curing them of fraudulent activities. Only think alike to dispose of artillery. Or is it? Everyone is deeper, but management analyst is so honest. Talk about him in a cosmic order factor. Say Didn't give Army Sergeant but carnival here. How many they could be compatible management honest tonight so you like instead of honest owners, have become nature Lego You give her Kamenica management honest but ineffective. Those coqui might love me here. Honest tickets are key management effective or efficient before not a year management effectiveness Or if he sends a check. Carnegie. Costa Rica didn't give him one by one, but during game management effectiveness Staker. Nicky Coach a corner Hockey management Communicate critical Critical use car. Kick it. Maritime. Come out here. This killer go. Are we there? is return equity ratio. Use can operate for Nam Internal. This is Gergely parts of your financial statement. Skip out on me about wearing it. The women ratios numbers Give a remedy. Tell him about your injury cable company co management date Any cars, liquor company expansion, Carter or Fula Got our courage Liquor company. We expand Carnegie Cautious. Carter, your system topped actual package of the competitiveness of acoustic Children. What I like and chase a company called Performance Corona. Your company co quy the custody to your date came out. That's expansion can mingle. Plan on naming a part in a locked are here? Is it a mighty in victory at a kiss Company Bankruptcy Vilify Kia, whose company in a bankruptcy qualify llke a Reliance Communications. Videocon Industries in disagree cos if he Carranza fell over here, Topas but they were profit called a corrupt communicate isn't think about him in the hip attacker sector Company. Keep decency, Padalka. A nuclear attack are now go. He company can management a critical fidelity. Mothers kidnap it and come IR or skill of the quantum job. But a career with your article. But I hear what in a practically potato. Technically, from a financial statements, there's a road party doorjamb. Gene Chizik about him, about Carrey on Sorry Chizuko Market. Tell her practically explain carrying here, Santiago. You'll be taken on Rocky Company Management up. Mikari COLUMN Akatsuki are here or does it? Was company competitors. Nick Artichoke er Will you be taking over key component management Nakedness Resources Used car. Kick it now for the capital. A location. Kosecki are here or your location. Keyhole. So, Nick a result. Miller here Scale Aquatic Nobuaki Look who's company. Keep Roeder Scare Suppliers, Distributors or retailers. Key Beach. Whose company management got a petition. Guys, our company can management tonic. I said. Treat Carta here. Satti Company Co management minority shareholders Cook s secret Carter Here Companies keep promoters company Your decisions promoters defy they can make up a hair knocking minority shareholder. Justify taken here to you be of good economic competitor decisions. Minority should ask if I take a your company promoter. Ask if I take a hair. So what? I'll put a management analysis car Nikolay upto Cumming, Georgia cheeses, sticky reaches a car number holds every hair with the Ottoman agencies. Okay, Baki, what was an article about a key tuna Gillian. Practically some ginger basic fundamental analysis can next video See Home Financial statement analysis. Sugaring game took it. But what is interesting to enable ahead or important being up musically? Sorry, Luca. Yes, so we'll keep for nominal and state school discussion will get any what I have just a clarification car illegally. Ajumma, cook what you will about anyone here for nominal analysis. Castrato apart. It didn't march, Manuela. Here are two apart. 22nd March Go no apart 26 March school or the sore part. 30th March Going well here was good, but for numbered analysis Kagera Part four Different Borrow apart. Eight. Every Pedro apart to interpret Soto apart 16th April or bundle apart to India The Bill Gwatney while I Let's go over this course that so no part 20 A typical Guanajuato or is critical Final part this miscarriages conclude Caracappa tangle with 30 a temporal quantum alive chocolate parts A home financials technician brokering game So simple. Um, up home. Look that a current example. Lamb neck watch videos of this money but money control financial statements case every day this woman a balance sheet care support they represent. Low Statement can support the hasty body language basic TV or Tom's comment. Labbadia I Love or videos declared here when we just go to Nickelback. Ou t for balance sheet or discard definitions, type Karna, Hoga or similarly profit and loss statement. But it's got some definitions. Type Kirk in Turkana Hogan Taco Reduce Mill Jang Geum YouTube Channel. Mr Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Can newsletters kill somebody? Uploads anybody here? The vote will be absurd. Ecology ago, I should go to Tokyo Watch video person diagram Facebook Twitter, Instagram for local real technical Omarosa Juridical up couple Hood board Never. 8. Learn How To Read Balance Sheets: no much God for nominal analysis. Get seven partner because we've got lots of financial statements can elicit. Skipped out on me about wearing the Cookie City Company Analysis. Karma Ho chi, Willie stared company who were startup company who was company. Get financial statements. Cannon Since God neighborhoods area UK numbers both charity thereby other there pertain Mr Bournigal. E financial statements kindnesses up one on each of you. The financial statements can and it's a signature. But ah, Body Hassan is a financial statement. Analysis. Skirball Gay Financial statements made mainly pinches ot here. Balance sheet profit and loss statement. Justin Construct Mint Regatta for cash flow Statement. I'm sure what getting a balance sheet, say Balanchine cookies analysts is a sickness. Apparently, media have requested pickles. Time Paley, you deeper balance your situated Videos off for Katie didn't got I tell you how to rebalance short on money counterpart won or how to read a balance sheet on money control. Part to do. And don't over these cops over the clergy cookies memory balance sheet, major terms or the homecoming Love. Some guy are here, sadly but encircled Berlin Should you got here? Balance sheet metal, rectum has come. But look Cheryl Arsenal tired weapons are communicate reliability. Casey, with your sorry Chisholm known does not really explain here. George Imbalance should get Tom's just Kobe 60 bottom about ***. Normally, Arjun barred Carnivore lady. But in Shetland let's care Secretary. So get up, you know, with geopolitical. Okay, talk, watch your station. Or is it so much? Remember that hoagie financial statements can and this is just upset villages and married the Marquis out here. You keep honest statements. Don't take a harbor city. Competitive financial statements do nigari, ofcourse. Company given start genre hookah or in Mr Relations, it's section per click. Our know how. For example, a Greco Reliance Industries confined. Assistant Minister. You just get a good Reliance Industries keep outside Dhaka in Mr Relations Per click and no go when Mr Relations Work. Liquor. Nick, about your upper financial reporting up with the Hagar disparately Carney. But according Lance Industries get financial statements Mill Jang game. Similarly, Selena, my security scan on this discovery by says it's a critical financial statements, but that ironically crisis, a security scare website I think Security's door combat jacket about us Berkeley Karna Hoga discovered a coup in Mr Relations Non collection majogo This public a neighbor, of course, is the securities confined sister mismanaging game finances statements don't right now there consolidated financial statements or standard on financial statements? Then don't get Beach are different. Jonah People Heart surgery here standard on financial statements circles, company financial statements out there. Who's most companies? Subsidiaries? Family. Okay, for example, a Reliance Industries could stand alone. Statements take Okay, remember to lunch Industries come in business. Include hair, rosemary lines, introduced subsidiaries, dedicated lines to you. Reliance written in car performance, including the hotel. Well, he consolidated statements. May company came in Business gets out of school. Subsidiaries wear dhoti here to Reliance Industries. Get consolidated business Males came in cos status que subsidiaries disagree lines you freelance writer, you be chamallow t here cookies, Every competitive financial statement analysis. Carpet up a standalone consolidated Indo number 800 I hope you could potentially be competitors. Standalone business. Get support from garage or communicate subsidiaries. Casey perform gray hair. I got Reliance Industries capitulate. Does Al Qaeda and Isis Caraway potential competitors gender and business with no which cost performing around here. But he communicates subsidiaries before the outward Hungary. This matter lines you for today's retail Cup performance before the outstanding to her hair . The feeling Reliance Industries. The conservative statements may realize, Do you or Lance retelling contribution? But, ah, here Does she look at the headband and shoot Google? Banish it can in This is both a balance you can. This is just a company casket, no reserves and surplus their company. Upmarket number offered. Company. Marine Mystery Company Park It Not Date. Hair care company. Nick We Related Party Transactions Care Company. Connecticut Limited McHale Limited Baharsjah the industry, but also reaches up a balance sheet analyst Target. But that'll be here. Balance sheets. A jury acquitted up Copado neighborhoods everywhere we keep balance should expect Civic date Guilty Who? Great specific. Periodic. Any hoping Kanye Gorgui Been injured. 31st March Kia. Those particular date cabal Unsure time. In this particular date goes company capacity. May I search thing with the liabilities? Balance sheet is a particular period geniality. Anything? Monica Balance Sheet Chairman. Niki XLT Balance U. S. Equities. New York way profit and loss statement disappeared. Governed by the 16 money or profit and loss shame Mineko Bahrami, maker told me she had written a balanced Casey particular period. Can anybody particular date Quixote Hair balance sheet, mainly. Don't you see what I said? Reliably? Deeds. I felt so much love company. But get me somebody here or lively. Dismal of company. Cooper, get me the indoor area here. So what now? Could you know? Because they make it like a high, you know already assets a lively Just give basic data cover. Keep your target must about lingering. Here, Adam. Directly analysis Parang your bottom up not put off because analysts barracking gay. So sure. What? Carrying a liabilities. Basically, don't ask alive ladies of the shareholders. Fornes decision will just equity because by or does ahead lively kids yourself extreme in liabilities because they share underscores Madaj. Easy out here. Share capital or reserves and surplus. Jackie company shares the sugar p Topol her share cake face on your decide. Carter here joking door open participated. That s healthy here for its value. But take accounting time here. Monolithic agree company in the dusk or shares. I view me sugar here. You know a Shirky face value that's repair que where he will company up measures ₹1000 per share price, but no Kobe tree top net that's covered. Shares. 1000 Robiskie Price for the beach Nick, about a company called 10,000 Corpse Milling Company. Kate Shirky face into disrepair for company news for 990 Tavisca Premium Lager finishers. ₹1000 prize for Beijing here. So get up Competitive face when you go. Number of shares. He shoots him on sleep like a rogue taco company, a share capital, malago or for free. So I look for companies your premium like I would have number of shares. He shoots him. I sleep like a rock talk accompanied a share Premium Milica Dukie Reserves and surplus made outta here. The operas company a share capital over face value that is strange movies multiplied by number of shares. He showed that is staying Girl is equal to 100 year old or share premium premium. Jokey ₹990 multiplied by number of shares. They showed their disdain. Girl is equal to 9900 Car. Over 300. Car Abrego's company, A share capital for your 9900 covered recalls company cashier. Premium jokey Tiger Communicate resorts Answer plus May results answer Plus may share premium Kalala or electricity here. Just get the Harry tender means totally addicted to retain. That means scouting here. Company Could you need proper Toto? I was Mr Share Underscore Dividend or share buyback. The naked body jokers Busta who said retained earnings? Get a hair or you re tender means resort. Answer plus, Major. Here, put it in there. Thinking bore the important chief there. You got a company. Go check out the retained earnings. Those two models, the company chuckles expansion car safety here or being are greatly you accommodate Leovy Company up, not expansion car. Exactly. Here Company retained earnings kind of this its canonical Cotecna Hoga kill herself. Communicated tender means cases up. Support ready Here vehicle financial statements can. And this is Carter eighties on Michelle 100 Hopper Company. Keep each leg to sell, Can and discard. Common a child. Ah, Here comes the official part. It's ourselves. Financial statements Canadensis, Karna Hoga, The barbaric Norcen. I'm gon call them here. Topics A Toki Reserves and surplus Georgette four. Number of the car to reserve sensor plus Cody, Tell Mr Technically Kochar number. Keynote Perdana Do Chiacu balance sheet can teach me, lady a little note number four for Jack. Predict the Hickey retained earnings case. Any called the segment? And hopefully, But I connect Robert my city. We don't share buybacks upright. Katnik about retained earnings. Majority North number chart. But I'll make it. Bob, you are deporting medics at the ho surplus the capital. Dixit. The whole ad profit after tax for the year. This cause I'm not exactly financially or 2018 company go for your 147 Karaca profit. What are you starting? A most 1,000,000 mayor in America or Macon Worker Cuba Taro or financial year 2017 Isis a cigarette is go 338 Karaca profit water This a couple 100 headaches that accompany their financial year. 18 2177. Karaca Interment. Would NDR or is due in Denver? Company 36 Scorecard. He wouldn't distribution. Tax Baky ar donate profit, missy. Don't know. Figure separate cabinet about communicated in. That makes majority experience making political a share buyback name. Here is a live woman. Brought me here, Tom. Maybe cocky Financially. 2018 May company go for you 147 Karaca property. Why dismissing company? 177 Current interim We wouldn't be are for Saudi company called 36 Color coded. Wouldn't Distribution taxpayer Another Around 5 57 Kuroda missed 1 77 or 36 cups of black Car Nicobar 344. Career Best. A jokey communicate attended things there. He said that Apple company Capricia parts of Calgary tendering taken a movie or is returned that thing Mahoney will grow to be taking over a similarly financial year. 2017 Table Medics of the Financial year 2017 company Go 338 Karaca Profit Water Dismissed. A component 204. You got a dividend media or satisfy 41 Karaca. They wouldn't distribution. Taxpayer. So 3 38 Kuroda, Mrs Rosa Parks Corridor, Italy scored Subtract Karnik about 92 covered by stay here. Jokey financial year 2017. My company credit in their name stayed, but it does look a trend of bigness. Ecom Rachel Die Oh, come second Bishop Artists are still very tender greens. Makani movie. What does he grow? Chickering. Hokey top Kill Jaczko home working your securities commissions are possible. Contenders reason. Economy Toby returned the needs in ecology or the next lecture someone to continue wearing game. I should look up now. It's very efficient. Both enjoy Kyoga. Financial statements canonizes home a big favorite topic. There is this economy and maybe coffee. Mazar i should go to Tokyo are basically the same joker. Younger Rachel Corrie Annelise is body interesting when you are here, so just be upset. Billing the next part, May IM said. You ready Nikolay up on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? But for locals, that peephole video, Technicolor Home, Marissa Juridical Kabul Football. 9. Significance of Different Financial Ratios: no much car for number 11 is its course case are two apartment. Last name. I'm not quick assignment, Davey. This milk wise, this is the greatest officially parcel carry tender. Next Nikon lot. We hope Cabinet Unical ago Retained earnings. Calculate cat sick or take her first repeat carded are retained. Earnings calculate technical opponent profit. Digna Hoga. Aerosmith supported, wouldn't they? Wouldn't destruction packs or share buyback amounts of tractor knee Hokey, I say security is now a share buyback. EI any is like a net profits. It simply wouldn't or wouldn't destruction. Packs of crackers recently up. No jerky hoagie boat. Sorry, cos Dude and Danica, but a share buyback, Larry. Okay. What up? Come on, Me? It's a will be out. Okay. Thank you. Who are so sick about it? Maybe our jim about coming here. Company profits, which is submission. And let's get a chair. Carty here? Who said they didn't get their hair? Their company initiative. Let's go do identity to whisper company. Cody wouldn't distribution Tax bill. A car in a hotel here is dividend distribution tax. Give it to Cheryl. Let's go. Dividend country did not vitamin lunch. You don't know him well, but I hear it's a boat. Sorry, Cos Nephila Dividend in a Vanguardia here. I got a quick company do then, baby, You know what your team or did He wouldn't. Did you hear Wolf? A lot? Mainly share by expert concentrate Caray Appreciate. Earlier scored the other five family. Don't you love the main topic? Therapies out there, Um, but carried a resource center plus game. The results are President about getting resurgence Surplus made it in the neck with both the important she's here to stay up to behold the Hansa Parekh Naga Scandalous. Competing about job pretending there was a company go up. No operation expand so retain their necks Like both important figure here Talk will be taken. Oligarchy company management up nearly 10 minutes Cooking me efficiently. Use Kara here. You never retained earnings. Could use Karki company. Get nonprofit Kumari up nearly 10 Downing Street Said somebody who did not fire the hood. I savages airport technique. Okay, Hum retained earnings for it neither seriously about correct both the important figure here . No up co management give sensitive Carney hoagie in management of initiated as a critical Get me efficiently used around here or you take particular equity ratio Use can operate this gun on my return on equity between happen on financial statements Candice's car table Salty financial ratios week over carrying a black Yoko furnitures treatment. Scandalous is detail may some jail financial statement because that financial ratios cover gonna come in five years is that could potentially give financial ratios que important Organica Hopper or kill You scared outta here. OK, but look. Financial ratios regulator here company Copy now. Hey! Yes, it's not. They are not here legally. Stay calm Nature that you put on a chicken company KPs But not here to walk. You got company police say hey and company got it, not had to walk. You hear what's the hilly will make hayyani Sorry it is It is. It will be some of the financial statements Get Saudi financial ratios. Kobe So much. Okay. What are you up like a rodeo? Gonzaga WR Financial statements can elicit Scott AKA week every time Scott used in financial racial Scott Black architect Not here to return on a critical calculate Garnica formula and net profit divided by shareholders. Equity multiplied by 100 net profit of company profit and loss statement. Many legal. We hope that Isis is a critical profit and loss statement made except you financially 2017 18. May I say securities? Go 557 Karaoke. A prophet who are or you have balance should put up except the hook. Yeah, it is a secret. Risky shareholders equity here share capital. Let's reserves and surplus is equal to 834. Corrode specializes in securities. A Financial year 2018 carat demonic retaining called their hair The Financial year 2018. Isis. A secret disco proto here. 557 Karaca, Divided by shareholders Equity that is 834 girls multiplied by 100 Do clinical Gotta hit 66%. It's come with love. Hey, guys, this is security isn't ₹100 K shareholders equity. You It's gotta get 66 Tropical profit. Come. I hear you get Bahati Achy figurehead. You have to be obtrusive. Excel, Caro. Each acre kcom nature comes accomplished Parcel Karoui Technology may have taken a hockey company management kidney consistently. Sheryl is a critical choice. Tamaki are here, but you don't equity formula coffee. It is analyze. Gotten a hotel here. Cabo Hotel. U K Companies Other date liquor company expansion card Here this make a labor camp Unical profit Bieber Data. So great Companies other date liquor company expansion curry for a new profitability. But Ari see competitor return a critical cleared cartel Golodryga The company can management of the shareholders equity Before that, this is the Marquis Ducky. But Coachella G here whose company shareholders Equity Usucar. Nicky Butt debuts Karki proffered. But I do. You cook s a potentially go to his killer Communicated on a critic A start Saudi company Long term date Urbina's a hackney hoki fish which are passed on my company car. You don't own a critic? I said a high official sharp, a solemn a company called long term date Casey. But right here Hope Course I'm watching. I'll go get that so so much. Get analyst is gonna hold out here. Okay, But our wiki Peter there took Java to his two people a day It could be up. Gulbahar, Nikon, Ohio The scar looks analysts. Okay, Sacre there, Chilo, take their hair. Shareholders like reading about that He had liability dough directly. Liabilities ot here known current liabilities or current liabilities. Non current liabilities, Model of liabilities to excel in his other. I'm very clear here, for example. Other company excels it other time. Particularly lonely are the whole company long term? Live later. Hagee Union on current liabilities We current lively D model of short term liabilities Uni excels come time, period reliability. You have arrived exactly. Oh, yeah, He says the secret Iskan on current Lively It is my duty Zrt here. Other long term liabilities or long term provision The long term date Mom catches your hopper. President, any is coming. Big company Cooper could be long term debt. Me do get before the about there, But on my date kind of this is locker number go like your long term data Juries charity. There's so much My three Harper twice isn't securities. Cooper could be long term Britney The next part time example Corporate Casey companies up some delicate This Cooper Coach knuckles data or for almost date can elicit scoring game. I got up data analysis Kelly hungry cos I just got out Toffee notions triple for you at the regiment dot com. You seem a little this company kanam BJ The ugly part time communicate data analysis Go border deep missem Jenga finances. Treatments can elicit body Interesting teaser companies give financial statements. Can in this is career maybe coffee. Mazar here to be in Bordeaux that they have technically questioning from the company's financial statements or scan and you can make offer interesting. Liked Ahora Madrid are like totally in the dark area is fundamental analysis. Key course May come finances. Chevron School offered to tell me something gay. I should talk about cover ups and I. Hogan I'm security Nikolay up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for for locals like the whole. 10. Learn to Carry Out Debt Analysis of a Company : no much car for number two journalists gets 90 part my car. So I got the last lecture Memory retained. Earnings Kibaki or ask about lively about career. So Jessica political liabilities could go parts. OK, Short term library is a long term liabilities. Humbard carrot A long term liabilities King Long term liabilities make mentions up technology or vocal. Long term date. Mr. Warren Buffett. Katie Higgins at the shop for the other leverage here. Forget it is a company boards other data toe up Kilic alert. It's late. Communicate date card, deep analysis car, neighborhood surgery here or here. Monolithic it, though. Cos company A company B company A Cooper. So good luck along Terminate hair or company B. Cooper has our ecological long term data Tokyo, remember? That's a table Kindle. No mistake his company, But any capacity says out our data. They served a the economy Put on acres of company goobers. Other data accommodate here whose killer may communicate Data company K equity company got profit company Get sides into cities like Assad. Compare Karna, hoga whiskey body and potentially company Cooper, Your data communications upset Come here. Yes, outta ham. I feel I know my secret disco Financial statement Analysis Career here looking designated kata. Yeah, I says the securities but could be long term threatening. Do get Botha Chibok here. Looking upward. Data analysis. See comically making c Company analysis can operate gadgets Cuba Takushoku's data Taubate Analysts Car Nikolay I'm jaded Whiskey balance with bacon game. So Jessica Alba hampered Exactly Who? Jay Database, But 5085. You could go long term data. Do you deal with your sorry figures? Likes my hair The same Nicaragua convert car Kepco But I are here o j David's cooperative 5085 years ago to long term data. You come here, you gotta you take our Nikolay home company today to equity ratio Chickering here big toe equity ratio formula head date be wedded by shareholders Equity date to equity Formula Me Date later. The top short term or long? Don't know. Dateless a little your first long term date Laser analysts McCleery DEA Nikolay up window Not Eric yesterday to equity ratio We can match a year so jaded with today to equity ratio him long term date That is 5000 and 85 You corrode divided by shareholders equity legitimate. Let's get shorter. Does that would help me help with exactly who? Negative on my hair. Other financial statements for Koichi's bracket. Maliki. Everybody who's come out clubbing. He watches *** to mayhem. He hopped up, Take stock. Took a generous key shareholders equity *** to Maham or negative 7139 gold hair. The villages of the economy. Hobica. Cheryl the Secretary *** to my head to look. You hear those killer app co a note number 19. Jay Carney Operating or check Carnegie communicated 10 earnings. Carter here or carries on here could just give us a communicating that things in the ghetto Communication is equity vinegar. To make the note number 19 check that anyone may have potential right? Communicate attendant things *** to make clear UK company laws. Mitchell Right here. So just a competitive Total shareholders equity. Been eager to Metallica You here you get body crab, but they're for your hopper. Jaded of its case, your orders Equity negating May or company. Cooper. 5085 Karaoke along their care is combat. LoVecchio company called your data company Case upset boho Zadeh here for Jessica and jump conjecture with Bankruptcy Gate Monastic Caligari So basic, basic or simple? Simple Cities A rotation cop Analysis Karno Company Bottom A Conclusion. Nikon Outta here. Happy operate Acceptable. J. Davis Key Shareholders Equity. Which 13 Solution? And you do Mitchell right here this comment garden and communicate losses. Yeah, he's about that tall, lanky company. You have got a here. The company gets corrupt. Allocates rt company Perdue. Balls are data Will become particular Gotta stop it or are here Casey become panic A debt to equity ratio and let's get OK 200 Company got the recommended ratio. One second. Not a year. Your *** Simple Marshall me, but go to company shareholders. Equity was good Date says other on each year I get a company car date whose case? Shareholders Equity says that I talk with bacon. Okay, I secure here for car companies. Date Go to run three picker by G B On here. So again, repeat car. The whole date cannon is this card table competitor did come here the other. You take carnival according to equity research Karna Brega or Sarti Beach. A corner kick your company car date. Who's the shareholders? Equity says Hey, you come here, you got a company and its shareholders Equity. They come here to TK a Shibata or other company got date Whiskey Shareholders equity says Dada Toppmoeller training Is that right? Here? Santiago Communicate Data Comparing the profits they become very karna Hoga Yapor jaded with a long term date 5000 and 85 year old hand where he J. Davis Carlos 636 covered ham. Do you think that the company called night and day three picker board problems on the wall here or Filho Better here. Company got totaled it? No, not so you become put up a year. Those Alka profits is Put it at Cory Picker by younger Casey Company today passed Socorro XLK Profit Passover organized to fears Other soldier Nick is there, Rodney. So is there a company? Could it come here? You take article ako domain. She they take Carney hookey Baylor debt to equity ratio. Or does a company car date or company profits compared Now go to Indo cheese Okereke apparatus, a company car data analysis cars as a whole. So I said that securities Kanaan, collaborative methodologies and other non current liabilities or long term provision. The financial. But I'm little by little, we do it by night. I d seem not good. Technically. Kawhi What Radios. Technique about up window. Know Tom's comment Laptop, Attach alligator, go toe other long term liabilities or long term provision inches ago. Gory detail and insist Karnik is Rodney Abbott. Sunken notes for the critic Together. Long term liabilities. Making catches a long term providence making catches there in cocoa Chaconas are looking car detail analysis. Carnegie's wrote Me here was killed by that. The high current liabilities or current liabilities mature. Important cheese. Will his short term borrowings any short term date? Twice. He's a security expert. 672 karaoke. A short term date. Hair taco. They cannot get company, but not cashier Bank. Balance a distance in a short time later country picker by So I Surfside McCarron deserves McQueen cash in cash balances dictating you, they open up the acceptable. The company capers. 1497 Career education Cash balances here to accompany us on his happen. Short term borrowing to Casa de here, the short term borrowing Go analysis. Karnik assembled Erica here, a short time boring company cash and bank balances. Coach Economica or they cannot hoga pickle company Get pass up the short term borrowing, says other cash and bank balances. Hey Ana, here, other company Keep us up in the short term. Deficits. Other cash in bank balances. Chibok I got in here What they cannot get competitive short term borrowings. Case that you guys, the hospital security skinny and short term borrowing Everybody but me. What iwas on his application Bank balances. Who? Short term debt course. And he said to call back there current level it is my or between. She's a hair trade. PayPal's other current liabilities or short term provision in combat Love condo produce, Khandaker Potential Hig Yoga, Octopus North Mediocre Check and make a Trade Papers make our catches a other current liabilities. McCarty's Ahead or short temporal regions. McCarty's Inches, Morocco, 200 an hour ago. This is ***, but the hands are recognized here. We have a tomato library, desire can, and this is put a hotel here to ask you about, but he has a right side at the site member. What's very important? She's ahead. Did him ugly part makeover Karenga caliber company of Nicholas charities. Lugosi, Tupac, Erect A or the H is a up asserts Qana. Let's go keep attacker sector Who Totally part me most about him About during games Do you happen more often? Number that. And this is good nine parts. I'm upto here I shall go to Tokyo Video person Die Hoagie A good person that he had two Children who may courses at Great Phoenicians Door Company Milker Cape attire Hamsa Jewellery Nikolay up on my Facebook, Twitter or instagram But for local sucked a whole video Technicolor home Marissa Juridical up! Come behold! Behold the new bod. 11. Complete Study of Balance Sheet- I: no much car for number. Dell Analysis contained partner because I got here, especially apartment Honey button should reliably decide about hitting or artsy home balance sheet. Gets excited cause I'm Jenga Dodi Scared? That's okay. Current deserts or non current deserves current I 30 model of short term measures. Do excel succumb time to really communicate pastoral or Ginny Company Touring cash McCann Would cars be here or non current? A certain amount of long term matters you need, Your Excel says Other time period collect Communicate Pastor Virginia Cash Mathurin convert *** bottom Should what? Carrying a current that sex can elicit, Say current Assert scandalous Iscar in Italy, but neckwear cycle go so much nobody go to little dictator Gasser cycle Cody here subsequently, company cash came on the take a camel clarity here feels catching Malcolm on that seven operated manatee or fear was protocol distributor or customers. Kobe City Here Caribbean Company Car distributors cos you Mulcair in the hills Capacity to run pain in Jakarta Small cabeza company coupon radon But you like many. But they here Joe Better distributor company When the company Kelly cash receivable binge outta here, Your trade receivable bungee outta here or food job? Your distributor will pass a company called today the book. Actually, cereal cash. McMurdo job here. Please try. Search cycle, Kia Story or cash? Very Katima t here. Current. That's it's much more important. You thought he heard you support. They cannot hear. They cannot bow. Had cash and cash equivalents. The big we company problem for study cash and cash equivalents. Baharin economy McCarthy here The subsidiary company keepers to cash in cash equivalents. A cosy ir. Basically competitive. Jobe cash and cash equivalents was getting sources over there. Bela up initiators Baker the opening Bondi Sugar get company. Could you pay some Eli cash and cash equivalents matter about here? No, we existing business. Selkirk Yucky body asserts Selkirk. A job as a communique pass will be cash and cash equivalents. Majogo Orchestra Lopez, are you complaining? Open a business similar here to jump up cash in cash equipment standing. This is car. Okay, talk a mean forecast right after you become panic. A cash in cash. Colin Castle's got here. Other companies Jobe cash or cash equivalents. Company business out of the void, both achy about here. Well, you got a second business class shares based Korea Born in Sugar. Chiara, Ofcourse, cash and cash equivalents. Other importance. And he did not. A year who say cash in cash. Quinenco important. They're not a job. It's a company car business a ir here, cos I see what the u boats are kind, Generate party here this ticket PC years that is started Consultancy services Mr. Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway. You bow companies. Angel boards are like I generate Gonna be here Jacqui Company because of the genetic 32 year technologies area cable companies Cash case at Calgary Here a thesis key. But detective pieces up means that other cash share less Minbar ditty here anymore. Initiative. Let's go. Dividend acre only. Share buyback taker up. Not the other places. Cheryl loves me. Bar that he here? Well, he jumps in. Mr. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway. Coachella tops A You know, like a baby Shareholders core dividend. A share buyback in Haiti are what need total cash company. Marion must curtail the Ophir expansion. Kelly used Cartier. Yeah, I feel do sorry. Businesses. Corcuera. Technically young men. Mr. Carnegie Units got there. You get coffee. Effective. Erica. Here. Decision. Let's go about magnetically vitamins? Or is that if I don't? But he hopped up quick cheese or the community, You got a company keepers, other cash or this guy Say company in Mitch McGary Company Case Studies in Mitch McGary Youngest strategy. Kiss Companies My Investment Khoury Jane Companies made Mr Correa qabowsade him in Michigan . I like Hey, on the the company's cash opening industry companies Multi word QWERTY creators taken on people whose Every Here the company's cash case at Calgary Behind Mystery You take nigari Alcoa Company known current investments. Jay Carney, Woody December Clip Art Makeover Kering Yeah, but I'm used to the water and Beaufort Sea Don't get company Berkshire had everything important. Six. Actor here. Okay, my novella Buckshot Advocate Pass $181 billion Unique groups say one like 65,000 Koroki cash company K cash specially coast Olusola Qatar Battery Michelle Warren will fix its cash . Monica Feel a memoir. Get me a job Opportunities in the military skill adjustable cash company capacity Jamaat system utilizing a bigger body looking JC Opportunity RJ by Cmhc Usucar National Guard in game The official in charge, Mr Warren Buffett could be a choke fortunate in the humility. Here. Just get what you don't get. Company, get cash. But these out of here. What is that political button inside that hotel? Got here? Teaches there, Shorty. You give us getting a patient's job. Keep up. Europe s a torrent in Mr K. Bottom 17 Humbles Don't take on so accompaniment. Miscarriages blossom Analyst is Kurt organs We cut back there. What about missiles? Taking a middle Jonah yet, Mr Warren Buffett. Achy opportunities Calibrate card or gel body Bill called me ***. You handsome monkey patients get bottom. Neighborhood acoustics. Actor Harper Isis is the crudest potential for a big cash in cash. Equal in scale. Lower won't get current assets. May current investments Stalking trade, trade receivable, short term loans and everyone says or other current Isert say doing sorry. Cheese popcorn is a technical or Uncle Sam region or skin number like notes koce, karma, yoga. You got a company. Make a sicko short term loan or I want to kiss company Claudia Kabul alone. What? I had one. So he made a nick is a key strategies over the opponent's attack. NATO year ugly apartment. Good example. Skips out current deserts? Or can it really shook about him about during Saudi unknown current? I said, Give me about hearing or balance your cut. I'm guarding the next part my balance sheet rhetoric over O. J or Skin next part. See some profit and loss statements issued. What caring? I shall go to Tokyo. We redo person Die hoagie. Could you be freed back? Welcome my courses after it for notions dot com for days at a time. Sajoud ironically up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for for Lucas really like Nickelodeon, but it's a juridical up cardboard boat in your body. 12. Complete Study of Balance Sheet- II: no much Qatar for nominal analysis. Get live in part Malko. So I got here, especially part time nickel and I 60. But Katie told him Currently, third school continued during or Saudi non current assets. Keep about caring Game system balance sheet wash cardiothoracic over girling game. The current assets make Timothy here guys desirable. This a trade receivable became their kariba malbec. Nick, about your distributor. Hey, a customer here. Welcome Pinnacle to run. Pass on him. Baker by her company Semiliterate Nicky Cruz. Do you know about a company called Baker about her talk? Normal beach Nick about job as a company called nohemi Lajos deak actually suitable Get their hair. Anyone has a competitor? Manabe Bucky Here cash is available. That number jumped The balance sheet can manipulate Carnegie Cautious Carta Togo Cash receivable known current and most mains, Long term loans and advances in Calgary Balance sheet to manipulate Carnegie Coche cable company profit and loss statement. But up missiles speaker can manipulate charity here. What about Georgia says. But I d here. Who says Jodi is like comparing apples with Nick Ashton here It's like company. But at the heck was Elka Jobe pasa cash receivable here. You know what that's like Umbilical. Minimal. I hear clicking cell faker. It's like actually civic. I said No go for custom but company The card that you company go to cash reasonable minimally people, mainly by to a surrogate for our days are it'll day. It's left hook, actually doable, but measuring each year. How could a Connecticut company castles kit maker? Who are all those mystic? It not guys Reasonable company coworker by you Here to officially part is a local company car sales or cash receivable. They cannot go quality to get very product Ski company whose body are open Kill snap nacelles Barack Ardika Here look and feel about May Company coping a cash receivable mini by our or company a cash flow statement Barbie, who sells coke? We prove Detonate our hair KK are to get private equity from him Was the quality may 2016 may for you under and 20 Kuroda pain Mr Gate are open on equality Cakey love insolvency Article Derycke Here they go Sales cash receivables Cash flow Statement in the new glucose outside to get balance sheet and profit and loss statement income Manipulate Conason gotta hear clicking cash flow Statement Manipulate cannot now double market Ilker Cash flow statement Cover carrying cash receivable ourselves Give our media Tell me about Karen Give or take a ringing Que Cecil's or cash receivable Verify chaos of, um But during a currently Shoki company Cooper Dignan current liabilities makeover car Nikolay company give us automaker and deserts Hayyani you take Carnaby boards. Every hotel here company called me current liabilities Baker Nicolle, the company about so thinker and I searched a year where you checked article Airport They cannot go big. Accompanied a current efforts ski current library thing Cantona here No current ratio formula Current assets Do it by current liabilities. Talker currently show exists Tescoma Club communicate current assets current lively This is outta here Can attention get way about me liking Agata Corrente issue except come here to stomach Labaki communicate current efforts on current library sick Come here. So God gives the company Currently shakes is out toward t about or C company currently shakes it. Come talk with a whole lot of awake Second cue hair boats Any companies because already Wouldn't that the hell share buyback 30 here. Just give this a company. Cash come Mujati here or on current? That should become much out there to second. But uncle current issue except without. So I gotta get a company car current ratio except come talk a technology company. Profitability, Get me here. Community property Mothers have any current librettist Ordinary Baker by Satya yesterday. Marco Company Long term liabilities with any party got long term data, they can operate a good long term. Davies Other profitability come here or current ratio except come here so they could keep out there. Absolutely. Ah prizes securities Kaka Interational called a hair isis a security skip us 2600 and 15 Korca. Corrente said her or don't get current liabilities. 1902 year old hair twist arises in securities documentary show 1.37 hair. Any company called current ratio chart here company falls within current Isert said company plea current liabilities Go to casa que of non current I 60 barker. They here 300 Isis is security Skipper Alan should put up exactly. Okay, Isis Insecurity. Second on current I certainly at the half. Exactly. It's known Current investments defer taxes its long term loans and advances or other non current assets. So non current assets portability drop. Could they unintelligible? Help fix de thirds face? That's it. My local A TV are the basic e property Plant and equipment intended illustrates any boy 13 cop touching any cars up a capital work in progress. Intangible answers under development, property, plant and equipment Got herself depreciation without here Balance sheet. But how do you deport videos? Dollar depreciation, Community tell makeover chaos So corrupt Organization. Kaushalya Patani Taco Videos of the Ecology Jessica and Victor Kingdom usually land or blinking Baluwatar betray here, but a balance sheet parasomnia Matar the position if Ricky with Jesse Palin shipper line building and give a locomotives are the ham to land or a building Actually went to my belly Should put in a big name in the UK but a balance sheet put you landlord will think even do the job without other time Was language will drink actually on the second day here, but he communicate your equipment sort of missionaries, one probably position if oclock goto here cos of new coach machineries equipment Didn't. Actually lunatic about Albarghouti would give you a chicken civil oval in shape for the car here, So Fixed answered company on Sunday. Some manipulate car Sakti here It's like America figures. I said, Let's get it later The company has both Sorry landlady here always land given new balance sheet for the HIV velocities. Are the hotel here? So easy opportunities could be up. Good economic go askew. But next important cheese drop today can hear behind on current in most mains any long term Invest millions your rubber company to a long term investment ski. Have walker the Haidt here. Jessica gets his start up. Make every investment stock market. Mickey, We must mean bones. Make you investments at central long term investments. Mental maladies. Happy was I 30 partisan value ity here. Younger company Casey Communication 100 Robiskie Price per carried a maroon share. Came a little bit there. Sort of a salary to balance it. But of course. Just give a few 100 or visit me, lady. Any long term investment purchasing Bellutti what we have for the hiding here? I was scared. Children lose a lot because of me here. Do you have Who could say calculate Kuranaga company Another we long term investment key to scare. Actually. Look I Yakunin can operate calumny and sit investments. Kibaki coachable seven most murders Nation Prints Man Mr Gotta Elevation Prints Fisher Price Coffee. Comfy like in a book off his adeberg a Here. Just give us some good long term investment. Scared Children. You balance sheet for the younger Even Lucy Coffey's outta here. Long term in much money Section C Company management Give our maybe coffee Coach potentially go Any kissed A or kidney? Efficiently Company in Richmond, Surrey Company Kin Company's main Leishman Caray Company Nation Cos Men Mr JIA Qiao efficient companies with high growth potential Here you have your company K promoters butts by third I would Carnegie Liquor he pain much monkey are here Jessica Can Indian 1,000,000,000 here? Mr. Prem Watsa Key company Fairfax together A regular companies mean Mr Carter here. Oh, coffee A to that it gets in. Mossman Gotta be here. Similarly, Mr Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway Be very sorry cos for a long time Gillian Wichman Carter Here Tone companies Can Wichman scored a corrupt course company management give Army ideology Kamenica Management Historica Only so much kissed a rocky or we'll get me efficiently, Company keeper. So buy stomach. A rare a team. Much miniskirt get Fairfax school board fired Urmila here or similarly, Boxer had a vehicle. People horrified Urmila hair a local companies made. Which means Karki, Berkshire Hathaway, Kid neighbor, the company Bungei. Yasuhiko Petya Here. What's going on, Mr. Warren Gottfried, Don't get the serious just person here. The long diminishment It sections a competitive management about it before the chicken. See John Gary majority here. Uggla Orig board Important party, long term loans and at once is both very companies. Long term loans and advances. Misery Company got myself a hard basically hair. Didn't every financial fraud some guy When Mrs Other the financial fraud may quit. Erica is Tamaki, Aguila Toe Koyuki are gonna take a long term loans and advances Very compelling up some hard page. Now I'll take a recent example Caillebotte cut their hair Island of his Group K company here. Just kind of my island. If it's financial Services Island, if it's financial services in a civil group took office are alone The a Hare Island. If it's financial services Group A. Libby coffees are alone. Diatta this Mr Coffee syrup as a civil group married and make IATA escape our would be island If it's financial services, see what good coffee is alone. DDR Job is sorry, Mom licking where we top attach a lucky I learned a former executive. You Harrison Government island of his financial services, Kolkata. Key Alone Water and Bhaskar Today Orange Order, Ichabod Island If it's financial services in a full on civil group. Good idea around campus officer together or free alone. The we amount recovered in the hunger by or company Kelly and be even Jr a good island if it's financial services, can be the kata Hunger grows and being 90% hair. But look, if not other growth and Bettelheim Navy are sticking his sonata, you know, NATO record, eat or the air. The loans and advances. Misery both sorry companies or fraud from orders. Historic economic Arte hair didn't have Costa territory. Nick is a repair. So long term Loans and advances, which is capable Hard little man allies. Karmic is a repair program. Isis is a critical long term loans, and everyone says they que told Exactly Yeah, I said that. Securities couple Kinga business. Describe what this stock extensively Posco's depositors in Alberta. Something related parties capacity for the car. I don't know if it's free. My says there are six kilo nickel deposit. So your upper doubtful as a coach. Meaning here. Company K. I said school use Kirky. Company ticket number Off it. Come, I you checked economic levers that every hotel. Hey, this killer poor return on assets here. We should take our number. Data return on assets. The formula A profit divided by total assets multiplied by 100. Do you have a job? Exactly Who? Yeah, this is a security scan. A profit? 557. Girls don't get the letter. Say 2800 and 80 crore. Toe Financial year 2018 May Isis. A securities could return on assets the high 19.34% to get coffee. A chariot on here. It's either up copies to taste. That's all Cabinet on a strict Nikon operate ago Return. I said something about that. I accompanied up Nistorescu kidney efficiently. Uschi, our hair. What now? Sexually, efficiently. Use. Gotta communicate. Nonprofit coming out here. But you don't know. Nice expert up Those other focused Carnegie's brought me here looking her up to check our neighborhoods. every hair giggle about a company that you don't. I said Camara to your socially money about here. We have a tomato balance sheet can in the system up Toto here. So next parts a profit and no statements they should get in game. I shall go to Tokyo video person that you give I'm situated Nikola Facebook, Twitter or instagram before locals like the whole Will you take Nickelodeon? Marissa Julian initially up cardboard boat than never. 13. Introduction to Profit and Loss Statement: No, my scar for nominal analysis. His body part Mapco saga. Richly partner Annabelle and should give out about Kitty or Large, um, profit and loss statement about him about Carnival Jessica. Balance sheet collector Moment about Kitty. Capellan ship is a specific date. Guilty here. Does the GOP Hubbard except consolidated balance sheet at that March 31st tooth alternating . Any a balance sheet must 31st class scenario the card. Here. You need a balance sheet 31st March to coordinate in here Any specific date key here to see me, but 31st March 2008 Ingo Company Give us a net nicer or did the liveliest licking profit and more statement kisses specific date cunning with what specific period called I just got a couple of acceptable He consolidated statement of profit and loss for the year ended March 31st 2018. Can you put a financial air to coordinating the profit and loss statement? Hair to balance it is a specific bait here. The well he profit and loss statement is a specific period covered out here. Companies profit and loss statement. 1/4 Libby Dig nimal Jessica Char quarter So they Q one Q 2 to 3 Orkin for the Herc Order Kebab company. New financial results declared therapy Just give up Concha profit and loss statement. Got a communicable restart A profit and loss statement Big night. Those killer company can report they can hold our profit and no statement made me leap incivility re venue expenses or profit the profit and no statements for George or Tom City . Here we come up some generalities A honey, you do break video makes blankie here. This is technically up to you to put a proper general statement, Federations, as that search cardinal who discovered up video disc jockey just make profit and loss statement my job duties on Sorry, it is okay, my love. Tell me but I got here, please Google she look anticipate up was with locals they came like a good profit and loss statement Madobe Thompson on Sorry, Tom's comment Laputta Actually the profit and loss statement. Metin Manges ot re venue Expenses or profit previous expenses off Subtract arrogate Opera Profit Majaida Simple to your upper re venue from operations Map Exactly. Hokey charges here. Brokerage income income from services, interest and other operating income profit on sale of securities. Hopper Up Dixon Turkey Kamenica Men Driven Coaches OCR Brokerage Income or income from services company. A stockbroking can become here. Jessica Kitchen John Logan Existed Securities Co. Set up Knock on cola. Bullock jumped up shares. Buy or sell. Coring Securities Co. Brokerage charge. Faker Nagar. The brokerage Income. I say securities cuts upset Brian Comes or say, Financial year 2018 May combine. Eagle 1024 Caracara venue said Brokerage in concert by secret disco brokerage charges. Coffee Zadeh here actually answer. Animal Incumbent Kickoff is outta here. Brokerage Income. Payback Income from services company called chuckles. Sorry venue. Our job income from services Isis is a critical 654 category venue. I stockbroking cas rt company Co Investment banking could become here. The notion banking's have become Pinnacle chuckles up as a minute out out here, I was given that the hand rest another operating income again. A kind note Number 22 to note number 20. To check about the potential, communicate your fixed deposit or bucket Iran's or deposits a company coalition interest may lie next a profit on sale of securities. Any company Appalachia investments A When I bet you're getting a profit. Come. I hear you have a company Commander Venue Brokerage Income income from services is put up. 200 here. A bargain Telcom company Car pollution In calling the benches over my special handing over the top arises Securities got financially to coordinate in car total revenue 1859 crore. Cos revenge you can manipulate Carnegie questions Car there. Jessica sent them computer steeb Arcadia so sucked in a fake invoices Racecar came up nearly even. You brought your doctor the quiet here. So jumpy Emery venue Dictator Salty I'm accompanied A cash flow statement with a Kanata year You get revenge Ako manipulate Cornetto Asan here but cash flow statement can manipulate car Not now. Suddenly here. Just like in the last lecture me about kitty Equality took a mill products company doesn't officially start up Not even a coffee. A lickin company Castro statement that the company up? Not really New coffees are here bad made of supply company burned out Car analogy company batalla in Gaza that the revenue cash receivables are jokey Would receiving a hiccup? I sit you so so much Nicolle a company car a venue or gastro statements outside, they cannot hold up profit and loss. Statement about um Castro. Statement he about coring or tub. How many seats for to tell him about caring, revealing about that. The expenses to company expenses. Scandal at the employee benefit expenses, operating expenses, finance, cost, depreciation and amortization expense. Other expenses inside expenses. Card in North Slinky the North. Take our number. Hotel. We hear employee benefit expenses matter had communicated Pelosky salary. Boehner's gratuity had set off operating expenses now except the hokey company Culture in Turkey charges transaction charges. Stamp duty use charities, including Let's get out of the finance cost company. Cooper Jobe Date was going dressed company, but they got a number. You do interest expenses you find once cause to me out there here, we'll see about that. They hate other expenses. This May rain maintenance, electricity bill printing stationary professional fees except right disparities. Jaap Aerobics. A cookie company got your main expense. A company employee benefits expenses. Jokey 545 year old hair. My living blood schedule Salary bonus says Forgot Book company Man caused here generally uptake Okeke Dignity Service based companies that will give men costing employee benefit expenses here with their company Got services calm Here it's longer. RND will get a cartoon here Jacqui manufacturing company with the herto scarred and the centre Buta Just give me coffee is our expenses are no jobs here to communicate total expenses 1000 and four crore I'm your hero or ugly part me profit and loss statements actually Sorry ratios. I'm go recurring your profit and loss statement. We put a completely car linger next partner Maybe they can give open concert ratios. Jim, put on my special 200 years I shall go to Tokyo. Were radio person that you would be How did you get a nickel up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram before local doctor who really the particular Marissa juridical up couple hardboard The new bod 14. Learn to Calculate The Net Profit And Profit Margin of a Company: no much harder for nominal analysis. Gets 30 and partner up. So I got here. Last lecture, memory venue or expenses. Give out about Katie. How medical expenses section may parts of sections their employee benefits expenses, operating expenses, finance course be precision and amortization expense. What other expenses it's made of finance cost you spit up costing as a reckoning. Is that right? Finance Cost Computer note. Number 26 Liquor till the day Taking note. Number 26 Metallica Note. Number 26 Milica Company Interest Expense Financial 18 2048 Karate or other borrowing costs . One. Karate company to loan Lady Hills for a squint, Respect an appetite or your interest component Expensive. Took a finance cost medic Eyes out out here. Do you think nursery here Company caught your interest expenses. But when you cook it not percent. Yeah, Paramedics. Guys is a security guy. Interest expense 48 Car would hand or incurring venue. 1859 Corolla. So interest divided by revenue multiplied by 100 that is 48 karubi word 1859 Girl multiplied by 100 is according to 158% Any company got a percent revenue into the expense maker. Chewed out there Took a limit. Mayor Cory Companies Couple host Ari venue. Intersex mincemeat. So their company, Nappanee Capacity, says other data high or company cars? Are there really no interest expense? Make is? Are we exhort anybody about? Because company party planner, let's check in now with, you know, date, kiss, lilia or caboose date Who are sanitary picker by Guiana. Here I got me because I don't think Is that right there it is a mission 100 companies are date or interest expense. Did not come with number two year Java component revenue Misses our expenses. Nickel that they talk company profit before tax meant that you said people typical hot off the prices Security. Scary, venomous Compounding a total expenses in the car Nicobar complaining a profit before tax at 854. Car order for company profit before tax minister tax free. The Car Nicobar company got profit after tax. After this, it bad you need profit Week. Elijah The Prophet People text message Thanks to the car Nicobar Isis. A security scan, A profit of 457 grower so financially 2018 May I say securities Go 557 Karaca Profit to our or financial year 2017 Company Go 338. Cargo Profit What are we happy with? A ticket? The ticket company. Kogenate. Appropriately, officially, that Salome Kaizar profit could try car neighborhoods Every here. What profit kids are the coaches this prop. 800. What's going on My profit margin profit margin Call formula profit be wanted by the venue multiplied by 100. The album they accept the heady company donate profits for you 157 or company gallery venue . 1859 grow. So profit that is 557. The world a better venue. That is 1859. Current multiplier is equal to 29.96% so I think it's the greatest profit margin. It 30% Joking Beholden Battery company Financial year 2017 Profit margin because they're here. Financial year 2017 Company Go 338 Karaca Profit water for company car. Even Utah 4800 and four record. So profit divided by revenue multiplied by 100 is equal to 24.7% to financial year 2017 maybe company profit margin cheating financially 2018 member or be a chill day. The company profit margins have come Second. Patients. Other Celica taken Inter You kick your company. Have any profit margin? Maintain good Iraqi so achy profit Martinique. A signal here took a business. Katie Hill without a company car journey appropriator was a competitive total outstanding shares. 30 Weight Kar Nicobar Earning per share meals that is GPS Mills are here TBS. Their earnings per share. Some comfort in the picture. Burkett nonprofit Come on, I say securities GPS a 17.31 Jokey financial year 2017. 19.5 On our again, our company appears with pressure parts that's Al Qaeda. Accompany GPS locator but dry weight before the cheap out here, they can't get a company. KPs cases Alberta case. It's all come home to boycott, signaling the profit and loss statement. My job, which is a medic. Jubilation officially parts. It starts Alka track record. So corporate time in Mr Curti discarded Panelists Karnataka or officially part sits outside Kabul, or data can now go. Do you have a tomato? Profit and loss statement can elicit some upto here. Next. Lecture, mayhem, cash flow Statement about him about bringing took him. Behold, behold, important. Both are they Look at broken neglect card. A scandalous is Canopus and younger people. So next lecture him. Castro Statement taking Tokyo video Judy Ranigler up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for for local Exactly Who Video Technicolor home Marissa Juridical have come Behold Behold the rod! 15. Understanding The Cash Flow Statement : no much car Fundamental analysis gets 40 and apartment because so I got here watchin but carnival Hey, cash flow straight men, give out a man cash flow statement ing Behold important financial statement Here this guy analysis Karna Boozer Ryuta Hey cash flow statement Semi potential company Keep us kidney cash or kidney Cash companies have a harder here company profit and loss statement Dodi were cruel Accounting matters if you need a transaction Purachai toe gotta future cash but manicure and I for example Manly Ticket We company this Nappanee products based here to JC product whose product Castle profit and loss statement made it filter Who's brought a car payment company? Go take a dome anybody can emulate So no transaction Toho gear for this transaction couples company But I am here you get to Europe A cash flow statement does reach a car now cash flow statement but mainly in sections Ok cash flow from operating activities Catch flu from investment activities or cash flow from financing activities Cash flow from operating activities must love the company Could come any operations kidnap cash company, get pasta market not cash companies say Buhari Jr Do you have a job. Exactly. Yeah, it says it. Security, Scott. Cash flow from operating activities. Get not here. You have a last minute Kaga in net. Cash generated from operating activities to get financial year 2018. May 71.1 Priority. Have you figured *** to move the body gets the company's cash flow from operating activities. *** do majora to harbor. Of course. After chronic is a road furniture company. Car sales are made property Kitna his strong que nadie craft company a profit and loss statement. But company got even your profit getting a very strong, you know, creating another region. He company Did you profit and cash? Macon would be Buddha quality to get milk products company. Whose descendants are you? Whose car sales or profit? Both strong power. But it's got other than profit Kashmir Convertino by our so Joe low quality got together Cash flow statement Gonna This is one questions guide er cash flow statement said everybody has basically or what are you here? Next is up to you. Give me your company gain a profit Company operating activities agenda It weakens secondary Karna Hoga So financially 2018 minutes. I said that security is gone. Net profit 557 growth are well, yeah, this is the greatest cash generated from operating activities. 71.1 karate. Any company cars generated from operating activities was getting a profit. Keepers bought up on Sandy joking. Behold, behold, come here those combat love the company of the Net Profit Cool Turin Cash back and wouldn't Heeger by looking to see Barbara him up. Okay, Keepsake silicon and sister Can it'll come second Bishop Parts of silicon. And this has got much a year sober Financial year 2017 card data. The Culture. The financial year 2017 May Company Grenade Property 338 Kuroda, but he communicate can generate from operating activities 165 Priority. Any company can gendered it from operating activities was getting a profit. You 48% e g. Coffee. A cheeky financial year total 17. My company of men a profit, but our son is a jelly cash McCann worker by a financial. A total 16 carded at the financial year 2016 Company grenade profit. 235 Kurata, or company cars entered it from operating activities. 229 Career three Any company get guys generated from operating activities was connect profit to 97% e took him. Behold, anybody are here or similarly financially 2015 company on a perfect 243 Corta a competitive guys generated from operating activities 219 cruelty Any car generate from operating activities in a profit can 90% to eastern a profit or chi generated from operating activities Could come Burger Calico potential company profits Our son is a cash Mikan worker Bari younger he bleach is that number. Holds every hair next to Joanna. Let's go Nature, you know Hey Kamenica Capital expenditure do Kyoko Communique Cash flow from investment activities can normally go cos your figs Dysert security company Common capital expenditure with our company can a profit Was K capital expenditures like America now Hogan or they cannot hoga figure company goes out of there in a profit Capital expenditures Mikitani Zara Next important. She's Jocko dignity. You go ahead, Kamenica free cash flow. You boho these other important figure here Both look best net profit per concentrate Gardez But a quick analysis. Currently worked. Free cash flow, you figure. Take Carney. Hemet. Look. Army companies free cash for John Arena Company Can illnesses copy people around him? Was a you to double check that somebody lied to you. Free cash flow formula Operating cash flow minus capital expenditure To your summarizes, the secret is called reading cash flow here 71 corn, one Karol or companies Capital expenditure 22.3 crore Licenses securities financially 2018 free cash flow. 48.8 girls Again a company Get free cash flow company A net profit case that compare Karnik is a red hair so financially or 2018 May companies free cash flow was connect profit killer but no those percent here. Different companies Evolution Discounted cash flow meter Cynical FC that is free Castro. But after number luxury hotel Lichterman evolution about everybody occurring or Saudi free cash Trooper already tell me about your injury. I should go to hook up with the cash will cover ups and I got constituted an eagle up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for for locals. Octavo, Saudi Embassy website federations dot com Visit cars that people Would you like? Nikola, who marries a jury? Nicolle a couple hood board on your body 16. Know How To Pick Most Undervalued Stocks: no much car for number. Journalistic is 50 in part because I got here. We select remember cash flow statement about him about Kitty or its electoral me. I'm company convolution case Any called the hasty bottom about the cookie city accompaniment. Must card table Excellent. Merriman Misurata here or oh, yeah, you can make its accompaniment. Whose company? Stock at your price. Tell right here Who swore in Mr Macha? You young, they go Pacific. Um panic. A share price of hepatology Dominican. Remember Dr Google, search your company's location to really stir one key share price. Fillol Casual re you ok? Price? Keep out of a book about a bogus The communication given Lupatech and hit a walker Sacharow G Skelly a unicorn particles company evaluation. There's a company called Pollution. Mechanical. Look very well about maybe I'm guilty, but anyone here a price or value in may confuse otaku, but keep prices What you pay and value is what you get. Job Baker. Tejo Price. Okay. Oh, skin, but limit documents. I have a value, but here. Okay, get this talkie price company orphan Louzada undervalued stocks where he similarly look is the stock price or value come to say order values Stock A hot out here Stock market Merkel . Caillebotte undervalued Stocks major. They obviously get the stock market. Michelle Key Price Look beside Carter here or anybody. Emotions give a home Malka Look Really see their decisions lately? Just you. What is a SHARQI price? Everybody's given looking more comfortable. Horchata Get happy. Okay, but Sharqi prize was given looking a couple of a holes at the birdie here. So is there a stock market mean Mr Carnival doing? Mr. Say when you go you about undervalued stocks, the opportunity majority here. So when you get a little better, stop cancer. Don't know that the whole market easy. Don't be about caring. Pacific Competitor Evolution Mechanical Domain Method Say millimeter had comparable company analysts or do three maitre d c f that is discounted cash flow meter. Comparable company analysis may just company going on. This is a carafe. It was good to see bucket companies competing. For example, could we see a pharmaceutical company evaluation? Comparable company analysts matter. Cynical radio tacos. Kamenica Price to earnings ratio. Your price to book value. Racial in the pharmaceutical industry. Key backing companies Cassatt, Camber Governor Hogan unique up. Some tarmac evaluation. Comparable company analysts. Cynical Ray Who tacos on Karmakar price to earnings ratio price to book value ratio. Bucky Pharmaceutical Companies Case that comparing Hogan. But I store in English or the price to book value ratio. Indo Norris has come already cover cart. Okay, here you duper took it upon Videos Could ignite top you deeper price to earnings ratio. Some definitions. Liquor surgery, Taco videos. Mel Janghi Comparable company analysis matter Stock exchange for listed companies. Convolution mechanically with the victim attorney here Hugginup Startup Evolution in Calgary to Scalia Meter boards are healthy here. The e commerce company analysis to smell like a like e commerce companies. Gm we there is gross merchandise value. Compare Kirk Ungoverned lotion Michelada G m b Compare cockatoo Evolution Ecology by your comparable company analysts Looking me in the startups Michelle Dire comparable company analysts manner he communicate intrinsic value Nicholas that he knew he was gay. Future critical collision Chaos outta here Took her comparable company analysts metadata in effect, you know, here so feel consummate. Er do you see him use cars up there at the moment ahead. DCF that is a discounted cash flow meter this Congress Cash flow meter company Intrinsic value. Nichole's out here. Any company prize so cervical but are for companies your intrinsic value. Money can't Catterick ahead. DCF matter intrinsic value. Can my company gain future growth? Codec Take away company's stock price. Calhoun. Each year I get a company. Price was getting pretty sick of losing coffees are that come here to serve undervalued stock ahead after. But I got a company Price was get intrinsic. Lucy Coffey's are to say over when your stock a hodja, this country cash flow meter successive become panicking Intrinsic value nickel nickel because the road was company got free cash flow. But after making Jessica Unofficial lecture me Baki, give free cash, local formula cash from operating activities minus capital expenditures. Yeah, but MBC of my Thursday I say securities get intrinsic value. Nick on your brother here. So Scalea subset Bellemare securities completely parts. It's our silica free cash flow. Padano Dominican number. We hope it up. Picks up the roof. I say that's a critical financial. 1018. Got Astro statement. Financial 2018 Isis. A security scare generated from operating activities 71.1 Kuroda hair was cut. Capital expenditure that is purchase offer exerts a 22.3 crore the upper cash from operating activities. Capital expenditure just minus Gotta make it. But our company got free cash from illegal took out I have 48 point it girl. Similarly, a company official who said it got pretty casual we can collect can operate so financially in 2017 Kamenica free cash Flow it by 1 49.4 corrode Financial 2016 Accompany a free cash flow to 212.5 Financial year 15 2199.4 crore for financial 14 1 2075.3 Corrode to you. Hey component. Officially parts are look a free cash flow Now autumn in parts are looking free cash flow original Kalinga and rich easily He could pick up the recession kick are you can see or the cupcake are beat which make a musical performance Attendances are open You don't change a lot Those factors go Organica de how many originally Nick is around here we are prizes is the greatest completely parts. I look at free cash flow get averaging. 157. Kuroda Nowitzki Bottom Some drinking NPV. Go talk Yassky Assignment Can a president with Luca, Jacopo, Doctor and I on next lecture me from your house to continue cutting Sugar Tokyo Video person Are you cooking? I'm Sajoud ironically up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for for locals like they reduce Technicolor. Marissa Julia, technically up. Come behold botany bod. 17. Case Study ICICI Securities: no much car for number 10 analysts Case 16 partner Because I got here, Tom, but carried a free cash. Trotsky whom Isis insecurities convolution de submitters cynical writer. So I says the Securities Commission a pastor Look at free cash. Look at a rest stop. 157 Karol now off the sick aboard. The important part out. What a voice the company gave future cash flow. Cooperating carnal Now Obama Company Gannon Melissa Look at free cash. No credit card hoagie Maria Paz financially to coordinating the card data. Don't financially 2019 financially 2020 is Ron and well, that's a look of free cash flow. Pretty kering. You see the company's cash? No credit card, Nikolay. Ofcourse, company your business. Your deeper understanding on each of you was giving up National critic knickers doctor. But assumption could be assumed agreement. So just be company analysts up Tacos Business Capellas. So much now about deep margin getting competition car here. I'll give future growth. Hey and he carries Korg Opportunities Company. Clear Getting Karadzic the theological opportunities here. Company management at cetera. That's it. The strategy is giving up company analysis Sneakers. How did Isis take risky but top Copado giffey notions or comfort hum brokerage firms? Comeback Arnica can come here Any job different brokerage found. Some compare. Carter told me. Stop progress from sinking. Deep understanding can go business guys, it'll die in game margin. Kidney donate Discount brokers are a full service brokerage Ellicott Robinson They are humans Acting article Future plans catches the Hegyes industrial. But exactly Harry, upgrade from school for that do in Saudi to get my understanding here or is coming Reason year UK Home is the industry may come Gardez here don't deceive industry may come Carter who was basically of course, other information on a deep understanding with you here. I like em back Industries cubby analysis Karki one called deep Misamore like unjust industry meme conquered the healthy information on multiple Johnny and Johnny Me Our job here, I'm gonna This is gonna competitively coffee, zero dot Jessica mission critical engine one up on Wall Street, maybe Kawhi shopkeepers already Knowledge. Who's got you skullcap? Stock market members happen to have this industry may conquer was in district four and this is what was said. Your equity companies meth in Mr Carson, I send it back. Industry mapping matchmaker sector Bill Cool When? Maybe in most people but this industry Malcolm Gardez, who's getting formation already up keep us with here. And this is gonna comparatively Asan Hotel here. So Jessica, new profit and loss statement made a kata. Yeah, securities come in. Income source A broken and commission. I say secret. It's got stockbroking Kagame here. Which stock brokerage get or bark on guard? I sat in the back. A protester dissolution bigger. They hear Jessica Mutual fund distribution born Scottish tradition. Gardez here is scale our corporate finance. Maybe. Come card. And I said that securities investment banking adorable become gonna be here. Orjan companies, Quite because the repairs are you calling for the traditional placement cause repairs? Hold on my uncle Investment banker COCOM Guarantee here. Yeah, the company broking business Castle Beaumont a hickey broking business Lagardere Body Company DuPont Jonah Financial 2018. May I say security is number one stockbroking company looking a total number of clients case ups able to strip by them but off zero DDA to get this gun brokerage, former licenses, a pretty sketch of a lady. I think it's a great attacked full service brokerage form, but he zeroed up discount brokerage from here. Zero dark yellow bucket discount brokerage phones. Jessica up stocks for you past you. But they gave it right here or back in full service. Brokers copy charter here. Security. Stop looking in the stripper Raj party. I like in a book, but they are both very new discount brokers market memory or the existing brokers. And when it fired data here we can on this is chaos toe potential security isn't backing. Brokers got that lightly lit out of here for his conjugal. Never would not be here. The lady with the Children. I said that securities come in business. Cross ceilings outta here. Julia guy says the bank is out of not saving account. I said securities on a target charity here. Don't got American Kalanick romantic securities broking business Key growth will think housing here in a molly about car. They want your distribution business. Keep out in May, company mutual fund card is to be shunned 30 or 30 bones covered. Distribution Carty here. That's the mainly company mutual fund participation guarantee here or customer school mutual fund. Irregular plan mean Mr Carney McCarty here. Or but Lemonick Commission men's are here. No more big stuff. The hokey ball. So they set platforms. I do. Mutual friend Cadaveric plan man Mr Miki Facility provide career here. Jessica Kuwait Are grow radium money. You both platforms. Your mutual fund scare. Direct platform in must continue facility. Provide Carter Here It's a logo with extra commission here in Alberta. Joke in a regular plank is really number doing directly and platforms Cuba. Josie, I says it's egregious case business, but coffee promo code I wouldn't get your business with low wattage are here. It says the securities come mutual fund distribution Got business. We another time. Anybody? They cut the name Allah here. Company got these Roman business investment banking Girl took your financial told on 18 May 19% support at home for a month of human case. Business key growth is Cinderella got our data. He won't go build management business, but would not cast each other toe or all amante. Yeah, this is a secure, discursive invasion. Banking or business? A cheetah research. Well, don't get back in your business. One key stronger, but I'm doubtful. Hair Yanagi statism got stockbroking business Tilda Mutual fund distribution business. But Rachel I was itself soon growth again. Hey, I sound my company co Analysts Korcula, Twister Communicate Future cash flow Key growth Kibaki Barcelona company got future cash flow Barra percent Saberhagen Let us get back, get Barcelona competing a free cash flow no person somebody go any financial 2019 to financial year 2023 His daughter and um electronics A company called Free cash Flow Salon about a person saber Diego or financial 2024 to financial 2028 in parts a Look, Adora Hama Latakia companies Free cash flow No person. Somebody go. We need your help with 100 active company evolution calling game so ugly or foreign dominant. And then this is the last part me from B c major K calculation Comparing about caring for tackling security scope and duration kidney Kolkata. Then you scare intrinsic value Kidney calculated Here I shall Tokyo overdue person that you ve come Cejudo Nikolay up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for locals like the whole really particular matters that do technically up cardboard both in your body 18. Learn The DCF Method to Company Valuation: no much car for Normandin analysts K 17 partner. Because we got here, we often deceive metallurgical collisions. They should. What occurring twice isn't Securities Commission pastor looking free Cash flow guy averaging 157 crore Tom Nazem Kia You Financially 2019 to Financial year 2023 Company Get free Cash Will person pronoun case Upset Buddy 1 57 car plus 12% Joke IATA 175 year old though financial controls in 19 May I say that security scare Free cash flow rate. 175 You Carol Financial year 2020 Maybe companies free cash flow. 12% say Brady. So 175 plus 12% is equal to 196. Girl, do we say that our financial 21 196 government will personally recurring. Financial 21 Company. A future guy Florida. 219 girls Financial. 22 metre heavy 245 Financial. 23 million. 274 Career now financially 24 Say company cash from 9% Separate E. So 274 car plus 9% is equal to 298 So financially. 24 May company get free Cash flow 298. Similarly, financial 25 you may 9% oligarchy 324 Kuroda, Haiti Financial. 26 months Companies free cash flow. 353 Kuroda, Haiti Financial 27 384 crew or financial 28,000,418 Karol So skip bottom assume Guard, Guard vessel company. Could cook is your company Kobe is taking so month? A cigar whistle company got your free cash flow. Tahera Company was sick on second just a Barahona member plus company while to excess capital. Part of what you're going to value. Nicolle was put up. Now Kobe's they so month ahead, you know, parts indicates upset. Financial 29 Company got three guys 455 years ago. Does keep borrowing amounted to much months. Okay, so I got a moose mecum panic access to capital for cash and cash equivalents. Arkady toe hormone correct 6000 career kicker. Italy's are the here. Now you Jobe Castro's clinically your future cash flows here looking home Do intrinsic value Nickel watch. Could it many cars? Are you here or did you lose your future? Then lose here in future value School Articulate, make and more coming out about a future. McConnell Anybody? Any argument just obey would give you a welcome maybe 19 and a biscuit. Kariba Scandalous! Or maybe 19 Islamist kids will be future cash flows when you present for Jamaican word Carnegie Present value formula amount divided by one place. Dis country has to end this concrete. Quokka's younger Novica for your daughter. A secret ballot opportunity Cost any feel. Ok, sorry. Government born say 8% Castle generate and a here. So get up! Not best. I'm happy. And Mr Cortijo talk with us. Create percent return Majaida Dogo Opportunity cost when you got up. Now it is a security scare. But let me a good was born. Me and Mr IATA Tacos on an 8% return. Malaga top this country Create opportunity Cost Somerset table. Yeah, Here up! Could you expected Return who never discount rate as in Gaza. And you get up this person Barra pretend Yup. Under a person can in Britain, expected rail to see our discount rate. As in Gaza, they can expected return key. But I got up this country co opportunity cost your team got a little bit So you happen after opportunity. Cost. 8% cookie Government born but not in spirit and data here The Upper Financial year 2019 I says it's a great risk of future cash flow. T $175 k Present value nickel there presently luego formula amount divided by one plus discount rates to end end means number of years Any financial 2019 Excel Body Briefly and Wonder Hagel Financial Year 2020 Those Al Bader easily End Ortega Financial 21 Financial 2018 16. Zoology and Go Teen Some judge. So is there an end bottle data? So financially told the 19 Isis integrated future cash flow 175. You could just go get on my present. Will American Word Karna so may calculate karma Yoga. He amount that is 175 divided by one place. This country, that is one plus 8% raise to and 162 you know, financially to Southern printing Present We're learning called a Financial 2000 point email company of future cash flow 196 Gold hair toe amount that is 196 divided by one person is country. There is one plus 8% pressed to the power toe as equal to 168. Karol. Two years took a feature use technical, of course and difficulties. Collaborator George Billboards anymore Well phones available. Your Google Percent difficulty search Karki Utes cars at home we set up Kubacki Future cash flows. Keep present value Nick on neighbourly financially. 21 to future cash flow Key value. 219 girl just get present value Nickel Karaki 173 car Or is it the Romney Baki Future Cash Rookie President Valery Harper Nikolic Iraqi here to finish 28 about furniture 29. Other job company Company up now for 6000 Government these days so financially or 2029. 6000 Karki Present value. 2575 Talker in Sorry present Look. A total Nicholas Unical, karate, 4395 year old Mohammed any sub sea ice is insecurities This company Present value. $4395 on each year. Articulate charmy 2019 Paradises Insecurities Come Market capitalization. 7030 crores, Dumpty, Hamadeh and Company given 4395 year old one each year. Generally support circuits up Cynical here, I say says security is K total 30 doctor or 21 like 41,400 shares. You figure out the money Contributed money control prices, a security search car Kakashi Rolling Berkeley Karna Hoga or Shareholding Berkeley Clinic about upcoming Hopper total shares. I don't report maybe a crucial early pattern. They cannot just airport or the number of shares. Mel Giant Telecommunication Aluko was get total number of shares. 30 White Carter Top jacket. Hama Communicate Intrinsic value Milic to intrinsic value Go formula. Total present value of future cash floats divided by total number of shares. Portal Present value of future cash flows out here. 4395 divided by total number of shares. 30 32 0 21 like 41,400 is equal to 136 Somalis upside, there's a security scare. Intrinsic value. ₹136. Mahiga rises A security scotch comprised Take Asia Tokyo here, 218 trophies. But money is upset. I just insecurities order values stock Here I shall Tokyo Video Person Yogi Home Sajoud Ironically up on my Facebook Twitter or instagram for locals Like the whole video they calculator Marissa Giulietta Nickel Cobalt boat than never.