Stitch your Pics: Printing and Stitching your Photos on Fabric | Marie Elcin | Skillshare

Stitch your Pics: Printing and Stitching your Photos on Fabric

Marie Elcin, Fiber Artist

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8 Videos (35m)
    • Welcome to Stitch your pics!

    • Gather your supplies

    • Choose and edit your photo

    • Printing on fabric

    • practicing stitches

    • Stitching photo tips

    • Frame your project

    • Going forward


About This Class


You’ve taken a thousand or more photographs- which one could become an heirloom? Whether you are an embroidery novice or pro you can mine your camera roll for stitching inspiration. You will learn how to print photo imagery onto fabric, explore which stitches best express the textures your camera captured, and complete a photo-inspired piece of original stitchery.

Maybe you want to forever remember a special event or make a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your last amazing vacation. Turning your photo into a work of embroidered art will rescue it from the digital cloud and make it last forever!





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Marie Elcin

Fiber Artist

I'm a fiber artist and art educator from Philadelphia. I have taught screenprinting, basic design, and fiber artist at Fleisher Art Memorial for over 8 years. My favorite media are embroidery, textile design, printmaking, and watercolor painting. I love sharing ideas and techniques with my students and seeing their creativity bloom!

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