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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Cooking Udon

    • 4. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


We are going to make one of my daughter's favorite meal. The Japanese style stir fried beef udon. This is our favorite weeknight meal because it's just so easy, fast and delicious. Just toss in your favorite vegetables and protien you love because this stir fried udon is the most versatile and easiest dish you'll make over and over again. The best thing is, it only takes about 15 minutes!


Makes 4 servings

  • 4 Packs of udon noodles
  • 3 Cups leafy greens
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 3 Cloves of mince garlic
  • 3 Diced spring onions
  • 11/2 Tsp salt
  • 2 Tsp chicken stock
  • 1/2 Tsp pepper
  • 1/2 Tbsp dark soy sauce
  • 1 Pound of slice beef

Beef Sauce

  • 11/2 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 11/2 Tbsp mirin
  • 11/2 Tbsp cooking sake
  • Pinch of sugar

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Easy Peesy Cooking With Me

Quality over Quantity...Let's Cook!


Hello, My name is Sandy or you can call me Mama. That's what my 2 little girls call me when they're hungry! Welcome, first I would like to introduce myself. I'm a mother of 2 beautiful little girls Mimi and Coco. They are the most fun loving and very energetic girls you'll ever meet. They love to eat, dance and swim all day long. I'm not a professional cook but I've been cooking all my life, thanks to my parents. They own a Chinese buffet restaurant and I got a chance to learn some of the most delicious recipes which I'll be sharing with you here! I'm constantly learning, trying to better myself and pass along my success along the way. I'm a huge believer of Quality over Quantity, in life and with my food. So please join me, discover delicious recipes and let's cook!

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1. Introduction: Here is my version of the stir fried beef Rudo noodles that will only take less than 15 minutes to make. You'll learn simple ingredients that makes it so easy and simple to make any day. Thank hi, Welcome to my kitchen. Today I'll be showing you how to cook one of my daughters Favorite dish to eat. It's my certified baby food on the stir fried beef you don't know does is very similar in taste as the beef noodle noodle soup. The difference is one is in the noodle soup, and this one will be. It will be Easter five, so it's a lot less step, and it's very easy to cook. It's one of my go to me when I have no idea what to go for the girls on. Every time I make this, they always. They always love it With this one. You can put as much vegetables, different kind of meat, any different kind of meats if you like. It's very versatile, the one I'm making. I'm going to be using the green leaf lettuce and beef and just mean. But like I said, you can use different vegetables. You can use broccoli. You can use green pepper referee or any kind of fish mosey like will be perfect for it. Also, it's also a good way to get your kids to eat your vegetables, because the seasoning and this sauce that will be using to cook with it. It's so delicious on the protein side, I'll be using sliced beef, but you can also use chicken. You can use shrimp or you can just stay or you can just leave it as vegetarian. It's really all up to you. Okay, in this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make the beef sauce. I call it the beef sauce, because I use it four to cook with my feet. Or you can just use it as a seasoning sauce or just the sauce. I'll be showing you how to make the beef sauce. It's really easy. It's very little ingredients. You can do that in less than a minute. I'll be showing you in that. This is a short tutorial, so it's not like my other ones that are there. So many steps and so many ingredients to follow This one. It's just nice, simple and easy. OK, so please follow along, and that's cooked this delicious start five 2. Ingredients: There are lots of different versions out there, but I prefer mine with leafy lettuce and beef saves you lots of time and its ingredients. You could find anywhere first. We have seen who don noodles. The who don't know knows I'm using is Nama modem. This'll new note. ISS doesn't have to be refrigerated. It's found on the I found this in the Asian ill in any of the supermarkets. Their shelf life is a lot longer than the other types of O'Donnell Noodles I found, and is a lot cheaper to the pact that I have is a four serving size. I've seen ones with three serving size, but the four serving size is perfect for my family. Next, it's the leafy lettuce, those different type of lettuce. I like mine with the green leaves so it's more leafy. You can also use any other types of vegetables as you like way have butter, minced garlic and green onions. This year we have salt, chicken stock and black pepper. This is the dark soya sauce that I use. The dark soya sauce doesn't really have a taste to it with the doctor a sausage. Is it really nice golden brown color. If you don't have it, your noodles would just look a little bit paler. That's all Maren and this you can find in the Asian supermarket aisle. This is Sachi. This is not the usual second that you will have in the sushi restaurant. This is a cooking sachi, so it's kind of like a cooking wine and less sodium soy sauce. This is the light soy sauce, and I used this one because it's less sodium. So for the protein amusing, I'll be using the sliced beef. Here you are. I have the sliced beef that I pre bought from the grocery store. It's already pre sliced for me, but if we don't find any, that's pretty like pre slice for you. You can easily get a steak or a beef chung, and when you slice it, the tip is to put it in the freezer for two hours. Taking out it is a lot easier to slice thinly, so just remember to slice the meat against the grain by doing so. Makes your me a lot more tender as shown here. Okay, now, so we're gonna Duthie beef sauce or the marinade sauce hair. We have the low sodium soy sauce. And then we add the marien, the cooking sachi and a pinch of sugar. That's it. Stir it mixed well and set aside. We'll use this when we cook the beef. 3. Cooking Udon: this traditional Storify, you know new nose dish can be made with an assortment of veggies and protein. It's terrify with savory sauce made with low sodium soy sauce. Maren and Cooking Sachi that Udo knows is thick and chewy. But you can try with other types of needles and make it your own. First drop the NATO's and hot boiling water. You would just want to cook the noodles with the texture to be chewy yet soft. Stir the noodles gently until each strand is separated. Don't start to hard or break to tiny pieces and becomes mushy to slightly shake it so it becomes lose and separate as soon as the noodle separate, given about a minute and poured out to a strainer. If you don't plan on cooking them right away, drizzle some oil to keep them from sticking together or company he Japan or walk in high heat. Drizzle some oil and add in your minced garlic. Just cook the garlic and toast turned slightly brown, adding your sliced beef. Stir for a bit and at one tablespoon of butter. First stir fry for another minute and then add in the rest of the butter. Once you see the beef is well absorbed, the butter at in your beef sauce. I would just add in some first, make small, then tossed in your noodles and in your salt chicken stock and pepper and mix well and in more of the beef sauce. Have your veggies ready and toss it in. Stir fry and mix well. But for the rest of the B sauce, you want to add them all. And now I like to add the beef sauce in stages so every ingredients can absorb it to make your noodles more appealing at in some dark soya sauce. Now your noodles are turning golden brown. Stir fry and makes mo to coat evenly. Lastly and in your green onions, and that's it. If you do happen to have some leftovers, it's easy to heat up in the microwave. Enjoy 4. Final Thoughts: here is my version of the stir fried beef brutal noodles that will only take less than 15 minutes to make. You'll learn the simple ingredients that makes this so easy and simple to make any day of the week. Okay, there you have it. That's my version of the stir fried beef with all okay, as you can see in the video, my daughter had some and here and here I'm going to show you that I'm gonna have mine. If you like to eat yours, your noodles spicy, like me. I like to put so Russia or any kind of hot chili oil any kind of hot sauce you like. But I just like mine with lots and lots of so Russia. OK, so now let's give this a taste. It just so satisfied, so good. And if you were to make this and bring it to a dinner party or a potluck, everybody, everybody would love it. So just a few key reminders that I want you to remember is when you cook the noodles. When you put the noodles in there, don't just lightly shake it off, shake it lose. You don't want to press a too tight and happened in those break apart cause it will, it will. I've done that before and it broke apart too little pieces. And when you start, if I guess really mushy. So just use a tongue And, like I showed him the video, just lightly shake it. Shake the noodles loose to be apart and do not cook the noodles too long. Okay, Once he knows it's done, poured over in a strainer. And if you don't cook your noodles right away, if you cook your noodles right away, then you don't have to run to threw cold water. But if you don't, your your you cook your noodles first and you want to set aside to prep your other stuff. I would run it with cold water and squeeze a little bit off oil like olive oil, any kind of oil just so that it doesn't get to motion and it sticks together. It will be a lot easier when you fry it, okay, and the brand of the brand of the judo knows I show you. You don't have to get that one, but it's just the one that I have is everywhere you get in any supermarket grocery stores, and it's a lot cheaper than the original Ludo noodles I've been using. Or that you see at the Asian supermarket in the frozen aisle. These ones here, they can last on shelves like for a longer time. So I always buy a whole bunch and just leave it in my pantry. And when I feel like noodles, I have it. Or the dark soil sauce. There's not really a a taste to the doctors. It's more for for coloring. That's what the dark Sir Sauce is mainly used for in Chinese cuisine. They use it to make the dish looks look more vibrant and look more like attractive and golden brown swishing when you frighten noodles. OK, lastly, for the beef sliced. If you can't find any pre package beef slice, I you can also get a beef chunk or even a piece of steak. Freeze it in the put in the freezer for a couple hours and by freezing and you can get it to slice thinly really depends on you. I like mine really thin, so it's just easier to eat and also for my kids, is a lot easier for them to chew it. So a tip is that just put in the freezer for a couple hours, and when you take it out to slice, it is a lot easier for you to slice thinly. OK, so I think that's probably what I That's probably all I have to remind you. And, you know, for the vegetables, use any type of vegetables. You don't have to use lettuce that I use. I just use that because it's just it's always on my house, just, you know, it's really versatile. Look in your fridge. See what you have. And with the B sauce that I've showed you that can be very first child in cooking anything and making everything and anything very delicious. So that's all I have for you for this tutorial. Thank you for watching. And please be sure to poster work up. I would love to see on the gallery board, and please do check out my other cooking tutorial videos. Okay. I'll see you next time. By