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15 Lessons (3h 3m)
    • 1. Stickers, She Said

    • 2. The Silhouette Studio Workspace

    • 3. What's Your Preference?

    • 4. Making A Design Guide

    • 5. Drawing Basic Shapes

    • 6. Getting To The Point

    • 7. Draw A Curve Shape

    • 8. Successful Welding

    • 9. Creating An Offset

    • 10. The Ticklish Trace Tool

    • 11. Text Messages

    • 12. Splash On Colour

    • 13. Passing The Test

    • 14. The Final Cut

    • 15. She Made Stickers

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About This Class


Hello, welcome to Stickers, She Said! I’m Jane, a self-taught digital artist. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but my class is about another favourite program - Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio is a great program to start learning about vectors, drawing shapes, manipulating text and using a machine for cutting stuff out. It's entirely possible I am biased because I can't use scissors for love nor money!

Perhaps you already have a Silhouette machine, a Portrait or Cameo and have struggled with the software, or not getting the cuts you want, this class might just be the answer.

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a cutting machine and wonder if it’s worth it? 

I am going to assume that you are able to download software and follow instructions for installing and setting up the software and the machine.

Other than that, you can be an absolute beginner or someone with a little experience in Silhouette Studio. 

I will be using the Standard Version of Silhouette Studio, which is completely free.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to not only try out this class, but also the software before making any big purchase.

Yes, you will only be able to do the final cutting of your sticker project if you have a cutting machine, although if you keep your shapes simple you could use scissors.

We will start with the Silhouette Studio workspace, setting preferences and jump straight into designing simple sticker shapes. I’ll explain the tools as we are creating, and also point out some of the puzzling quirks that can make Silhouette Studio frustrating and make you want to tear out your hair.

Whilst we are creating stickers as our Silhouette Studio class project, the tools and techniques you’ll learn are the basis for tackling any project with Silhouette Studio and a Cameo or Portrait machine, e.g. vinyl decals, 3D cards, t-shirt designs, wall designs, earrings… I've saved a few ideas on my Pinterest board, Stickers, She Said that might whet your appetite.

I should explain that I have a disability that affects my arms and hands. You might notice some random mouse escapades during the screencast; I get spasms and well, anything can happen. When using my arms I don’t usually talk because I hold my breath, so I might run out of puff mid-sentence.

The print and cut lessons might be even more fun! I’m hoping my able assistant (a.k.a. my husband) will be on hand to stop me keeling over at that crucial moment of discovering if our kiss-cuts for stickers are successful. 

I hope you won't let this put you off watching because I'll edit out the worst moments! And I might even be able to help you - wouldn't that be fabulous?

I'm looking forward to seeing your stickers in the Project Gallery. You can also tag me around the web:

With thanks to:

  • Ian, my husband, for keeping me fuelled with copious mugs of tea, Earl Grey, hot.
  • Becki, for her constant encouragement.
  • Katherine, for cleaning around me whilst I was (supposedly) working.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane Bradbury

I can make that!


Hello, I'm Jane and I never know what to write in About Me sections. I'm self-taught in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Silhouette Studio. "I wonder if I can make that?" is a question Iask myself daily.

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1. Stickers, She Said: hello and welcome to stickers, she said. In silhouette Stadia, I'm Jane, a self taught digital artist, journalist and scrap booker. I am creating stickers in this past, but the tools and techniques I'll show you are the basis for tackling any project in similar at studio. Combined with a cameo, A portrait cutting she you could make all sorts of things with civil at studio, from vinyl decals for walls with those plates for mirrors. Pop up cards final on clothing hearings, Decorated book covers, doormats. Anyone could take this class amusing. The basic standard or free version of single at studio there may time limit of trials or watermarks to worry about. Even if you don't have a cameo portrait machine, you can try out the design software, see what's involved and decide if it's worth spending your money on a machine. Maybe you already have a camera or portrayed, and they're frustrated with software or not getting clean cuts. This class might just help. You don't have to be artistic. I've collected refuelings to websites where you can find free graphics to use. If you need them, you'll find them in the stickers, she said. Pdf in the resources area in our class project will make two sheets of stickers from one sheet of a four or lattice sized sticker paper. I'll explain them. I heard in great detail because, well, I could talk for England and we'll have plenty of practice exercises to. I enjoyed creating us trance for you. I love passing or more. I've learned to be making video tutorial suits. May 2017. Last year, I talked in Person Sticker workshop for the very first time that Planet Fest in Manchester , England. I also create using photo shop and illustrator and in another first last year collaborated with more. Mom makes on the stamp collection. I know many people do a talking head camera for introduction videos. I tried it undiscovered that speaking, moving on, remembering what I want to say, had me running out of breath instead. Here I am, talking away, but without all the gasps. I've been disabled since birth with Arthur Grant. Process on. You'll see later on some of the problems I have getting my hands to do. Is that told just telling you I'm disabled doesn't show you the problems I have, and I want you to see them for one reason. I really if I could meet stickers, you could make stickers on Britain. It's about time to get started. Your first job is to download the software and install it, the links in the description below and also in the stickers, she said. PdF It will require used to go software delivery system called Bo Jo. It's a bit of a pain, but perfectly say I just mention it in case it takes you by surprise. Creates a phone to somewhere on your computer fee across files and resources, feel speakers and download that stickers, she said. Pdf from the results is Area. I'll go and grab myself a cup of tea on when you're all set up. I'll see you in the next video. 2. The Silhouette Studio Workspace: Welcome back. I've got Silhouette Studio Open and we're going to take a little look around the workspace . I got an observation that might help you. Silhouette studio can take some time to own, especially if you have a lot of fonts installed on your computer. The program is reading them all to make them available within cigarettes. Studio. If you start kicking and see the silhouette, studio isn't responding. Message. Just give it a little more time to organize itself. So here we have our workspace and it's made up like most programs off two balls and menus and or such things. Let's start with the panels on the right hand side because thes do on clothes as you click on them. These are the panels. This 1st 1 always opens when you first start silhouette studio and it's the page set up. A panel on some of these panels like this one will have other taps on them, so this bomb has three and it takes us to grid Andi registration marks on. You'll be learning all about these extras as we go along as you click pals, depending on a setting that we're going to talk about in a moment, new panels open under attached themselves to panels that are already there. You could actually have from all alone, but you wouldn't be able to see any workspace if you did that to close them, you can simply click on the icon in this many bar on the night where you can also click the little X in the corner. The panels also have a little power here that is meant to collapse. The panel are just leap. A title ball, for some reason of mine isn't working. I do say that sometimes Silhouette Studio can be a little quirky on this is currently one of the quirks on the left. We have the drawing tools on the selection tool. The main selection tour is this arrow at the top, and you'll see all these other tools or most of them in action. Throughout the class, we've got lying tools, shape tools, text on, really got a nice under the razor. Whenever you first I witnessed the studio. There's always a blank document unquote untie told one. If you claim said, it will simply open another one. Andi, give it a number for our but many pages you've already out and I'm on number four. If you want a new document, you could. But along with the plus sign here across the told, we've got a basic toolbar, this hash area here, this is full color when you come to be drawing shapes, it's a quick way to pick a color if you want to be able to see what you're doing. Similarly, this is the line color found. Usually you would choose this top red for your cut lines on. Try not to use it for anything else in your designs. You can also up in do line styles here on also the width. So you got some usual commands brought here in this toolbar and across the top, we've got a sort of usual menu bar with new file open file say prints, cut copy paste under the do on, then some specific ones for still at. These are the soon buttons we consume in by plus on out by the mindless. You can also draw around in area on. It will soon in on. If you won't see your whole page gay, you can quick fit to win that this icon is quite useful If you draw your bath to old ship, it seems saying, Andi, if you want to see him out, you could pull Show Mass away from you. I quite like that. This hand is the Pam I. Come on, this moves the mat around the window. You don't actually have to click that, though, because you could also hold down the space ball and move your months as well does exactly the same thing on. It's probably a little bit quicker to access a cross on the top right here. We've got four colored taps. The design window, which were already in the store, which is the Silhouette America design store that used to own matchy in here but now owns a separate browser. So we're not going to go look at that, for the moment is where you could buy designs owned to do about you create account with silhouettes America. The third top is the library. If you could get here, it takes up the whole window like this on. You will get some free designs when you first connect your camera or poor traits to your software. I can't quite remember how it works because it's a while Since I've done it, there will be some free bones that he continues and we go back to the design window. You can also access the library down here, All this little top on and see it side by side with your design window so that you can grab designs on Dragon into your workspace. Most of people save their designs that they make themselves to the library. You do get that option. I am going to recommend that you don't do that. Silhouettes. America will always restore your free designs or any designs that you've purchased from that shop. However, they cannot guarantee that any personal designs that you save in the cloud library are safe , that they could be restored should your program or library become corrupt. I absolutely, absolutely recommend that you learn. Teoh say files are going to file three months, saved the hard drive and save it to your own computer. From there, you could move it to your own plant storage ons. You'll know that you'll never lose your designs. It is a big word of warning. I'm giving here because I have seen so many stories off designers who have lost fan sins of their personal designs because they were in the library only on the library became corrupted on a where designs were lost. I really don't want that to happen to you, so we will always be saving to the hard drive. The final window of the four over here on the right is the send With that on. This is where will be learning how to set up our cameo or portrait for cutting will be talking about materials, blade settings over cuts, force and speed all sorts of lovely things on that's all to come later in the class. In the next video, we'll set our workspace preferences on Have a look at how paper size effects are designed area. 3. What's Your Preference?: after that brief look around the workspace that's looking details some of the settings that I find myself changing the most often. The guns weren't in our preferences panel, which you'll find down here on the right hand side, this gear icon. It opens a new little window. Andi will start on this top general. The first setting I want to make sure you change is default. Save location. Let's make it hard disk on then always when you say the file for the first time click file . Save us, save too hard drive just to be on the safe side so that you can actually see exactly where you're going to say your new files. Once you've done it that way, you consider we click the same icon as you're working with that file. Units of measurement tend to be default or auto inches, but you have other options centimeters, meters and feet. If you want to do really large designs, I always have show dimensions checked because I like to be able to see exactly what size my shapes are on the screen. On print resolution. 300 dots per inch is absolutely fine for home printing. It's what I use all the time, and it's perfectly good quality. If you make any changes to any settings you click, apply on it keeps this window open until you finished all of your preference changes, and then you click. Apply under Okay to close. Let's me to the next time, which is defaults. I tend to leave these the same. It will choose your blade tired, depending on your machine. I have a coming in three. And so it's choosing auto played on page orientation. I leave or automatic, too, because we could change that any time that we lie. Default Phil style I tend to use, outlined only on what it is set at Visit red color. Here. You can't have solid fell, and it will give you a black fell. You might not know which you provide until you've been working in still alright street here for a while, so you could always come and change this to suit yourself little later time. I always display the mat, and that's the gray cutting months. The represents the mat, but we actually feed into our cutting machine cuts much of page we're not going to be needing, but I keep it checked anyway, because I do a lot off print uncut projects I turned have every page with registration marks on turn them off when I don't need now become too panel mode. There are three options here, which will probably be determined by the size of your screen that's changed to single panel load on Click apply. And now if I open one of these panels from the right hand signed, it will replace the panel that was there. And if you have a small screen, that's probably quite useful because it won't be taking out your design space. Flexible panel Mood a Trick apply Gay is very similar to single panel mode. If you leave a panel in the top right hand corner on didn a new panel, it will certainly replace What's that If her leather you grab the panel by its title bar on drug it away from the corner on another panel, you can have more than Wall open, which, of course, fees it's flexible. A new crew jack the out friend. Get them, Teoh. You should pay three. It's not very good. Then walk together on you can then move them as one piece got a little extra bar with three dots at the top that already shown you that you can close them by clicking on the panels again. In that side, multiple panel mode is the one that I use the most because I have plenty of screen space and you've seen that already where I compete opening panels and they just snap to each other until well about space. Really, When you have a big Greek panels, you concurs, all of them at once with next talk. So I'll just click a pie against Make Shoulder on In multiple panel mode, you'll find which ones suit shave again, as you'd be working in Silhouette studio for a little while. I don't make any changes to the other options here. Now we'll jump across to display on. I don't change much here it all apart from button size on but in size, or these icons in many down sides and across the top. By taking this stance, a small clique apply. This might be the size of the buttons. When you first install sill at studio assemble with hand problems. I find these a little bit too small on guy kept at Newell the wrong ones at the wrong time . Fortunately, we could change the size and you can choose which one suits you. It will, of course, again be determined by screen space because it does take up a little bit more room the next time I want to look at his tools. There are lots about shoes here. I'll talk about the ones that are used the most after creating a shape, choose, select. Or you could continue drawing shapes. I prefer it. Teoh jump back to my seat like tool. The others I intend to leave except things like using the eraser on my continues in the eraser because they got to do more than just one useful bit before I go back to my selectable. Now let's look at selection tools when drags reelecting if you don't show what that means. That means when you draw out a box like this to get multi and that's called drag still acting and I have it. But it selects two shapes that are touching this box. You can also have, except that you've got to draw completely around shapes and then closed them before their selective. But I find that a little awkward. Have a go with touching the drug box and watch how I use it. If it doesn't seaview again, you can come and change its. When many shapes are selected, I have it as a single bounding box. The other option is multiple bounding boxes that that can get very confusing with lots of measurements and handles all over the place. Editing tools, showbiz, eerie control handles for all points or selected points only if you're doing really, really small shapes or you've got very complex shapes. Having handles for every single points may get very messy. And if you don't know what busy a control handles are, you'll see them seeing the little blue handles that are used to control shapes in at it. Mind you'll see me using it with all points electors in this Krantz on def. That suits you. Keep it at that. But of course, you can come and change it. If it doesn't on with everything else, I leave it us. Default rants Click Applied, so don't have changed anything. Andi. For now, that's all the preferences that I change from the standard in store, and so I'm going to click OK to craze the general preferences. I want to talk about the design space. I've already mentioned it as being represented by this white area, which is the page size that you may be using that zone. Courage. Set up a panel, produce some she Andi, I've gotta come here. I always use a cutting Matt off camera 12 by 12 on my media size or paper size in this case is a four. Now I know that not everyone watching this class is going to be using a four paper. You might be using something else. For example, Letter size, which is 8.5 by 11 inches on the design space, will change if I click on this letter or she could see it's now a little wider. On the little shelter, my A four clicked back to a full. You can see there's just a little jump. A little change. Arby's. I want to make sure that whatever I'm showing you will fit in a design space for both a four and lettuce sized paper. It's not just paper size that affects the design area. Let's go to our grid settings. This is where we can turn the great on or off. Andi, Here's my spacing. While I'm here, I've got spacing of one inch on eight divisions within each inch. That's my grade. We also have snapped with. That's really useful. Later on three, let me turn off the grid again. On you can see that we've got a red line that aligns with the black marks on this page and also a thin grey line. But the edge, the thing gray line is set by your printer on. You could have it showing here by checking Ansel turning itself. I always leave it on. On the red line is the cuts border and these guides to help you keep your design within these limits so that you don't lose anything when it comes to a print and cut. Finally, registration marks also affect the design area registration months of this black square with two right angle wines in the top, right and bottom left corners, and they're set on this third top on the page. Settle on. You concerned them off here when you don't want them, and it takes away all that hatch marking, too, turning back home. They have the length and a thickness. Most people don't alter these. I do. But again, for this class, I'm going to leave. But the cities they come with and then we have position on inset. How far in all the marks from the edge off the page perfectly spool defaults. You'll see that it's actually changes a little on gives us raw space to work with. This is still the letter sized page. So if I know, go back to buy page, set up initial time and change this back to a full. You'll see the change against the page narrows on Langlands. But I've still got quite a lot of area to work with to make this a little easier to visualize, I have a little graphic that I created. This is a page that I have saved. That's on a full page on your registration. Marks, already restored to default have already creeks them. Andi, I've got two rectangles on here, a dunker pale blue on the people behind. This is the latter on this is the full size on, I said. He drew out the rectangle to fit within the hatch. Malkin's once I heard boy pink rectangle for a four size I switched my paper to matter drew a difference rectangle to fits within the margins for letter size because I know that they read the little onto the area that they a lot is what I considered to pay the safe design area. Anything within here is going to print on CART without any problem on. I don't have to worry that anybody watching this class is going to find bits of their designs disappearing off the end of that page while I write more about ready to start House Speaker Project in earnest on in the next lesson will make the design guide that fits in this design area that you consume me here. 4. Making A Design Guide: for our class project, we will be making two rectangle sheets of stickers that will fit within the design area. Here, um, I to rectangles. I'll just click undo to put them back together. We will be able to cut these from the full sheet of sticker paper. I find this better than a large sheets of stickers. It keeps the paper from getting tatty while using up the stickers. Let's first open a new file on. Of course, there's many options for doing this. We could go to file on new on course. In these menus, you'll see all the keyboard shortcuts you can use if you prefer to do that. Another option is to click this new drawing. I called him files, but they obviously called them drawings on another quick and easy way is simply to click this plus sign on the top Here said, That's what I will do if you know what you're going to call your new file or drawing. This is a good time to say that I always go to file Andi Savon's safe too hard drive. When I'm initially saving the new documents that way, I could be sure it's going in exactly the right place. Now you can see this is the one I've just shown you. Just like they were giving my name here. And I called it Sticker Guide three warm to this one. That I'm joy. I'm going to just highlight the war and change it to To I'm going to click Perry now, when I'm working, all our needs do is click the usual save. I come on the menu bar here to make sure that I saved my work regularly. Before I start drawing anything under into which I've got all my settings correct and open the panels that I need. I'll check first, my media size, which is going to be a full. I've got my print on cut border shelling on. I'm going to pop into registration marks on click Restore Defaults going to go to my grid settings, which is the wall that I leave open most of the time on for this. I'm going to use snap to grid. Andi. I'm also going to use the Zeon tools up here. I'm just zooming once so that I can see this whole design area. The panels I usually have my line style panel Open finds one. Phil and I could just need my page across the little. If you don't want to use the bars at the bottom on the side for navigating around the window, you can hold that in the space plan on quick on track. Next. I just checked my line on fill styles. A cut line is usually a solidly The thickness is zero because that means it doesn't print. I want my corners to be sharp, and I don't know why, but I was like my ground and caps for position. I don't tend to change this very much, so we'll leave. It is the default for similar at studio. You want to use a color that won't be in your design so that you can give your cutting machine the command to cut depending on line color. Weapons used this left most red color, so let's creek that will probably talk about these colors for lines on what they're going to do later on. Let's also choose fill color just to make it easier to see what we're doing and will choose this muted brown. Now we'll pick up our drawing tool on. We want the draw a rectangle. We got the plus sign on. We couldn't go anywhere you can see it is I'm drawing its snapping to grid lines Now. I've already worked out Michelin's for us for this eight inches high on 3.38 wide. Now, with snap to grid, um, you find it difficult to do exact missions like that that you can see. This is jumping from 3.375 to three point side, and I wont 3.38 If I go back to three inches and let's go, I cannot alter this in a couple of ways. Up here is a quick to menu bar on This is the width on height so I could type into this box 3.38 The proud walk at the end is to keep the aspect ratio. So if you want to make sure that it was all in proportion, you would click that to look it. However, I know I want my height to remain the same, so I'm going to leave it as it is on typing 3.38 on you just press enter on. You can see that now I've got my exact size. You can also do reciting with the transform panel. And sometimes this is easier. It's the second top scale. You have percentages for doing quick changes. You can also type in any percentage that you wish on down here we have with aunt height and again the same padlock, and you just type into here. None of the changes are made permanent until you click either the apply button for specific dimensions or the apply button for any percentage changes that he made to close the panel. You could click on it in the right hand side. Then you go. Or, of course, you can use the little X. We don't need to visit me, draw out the second rectangle. There are lots of ways to make a duplicate. One of the quickest ways is this little duplicate icon in you up here. Um, if you pick that, you get a second box just going to do that so I can show you the other options fuel round and select this one. You can use copy and paste, and that will give you a second home. You could also go up here to the edit menu for copy and paste. And, of course, use the keyboard shortcuts. You could also go to object. Replicate Andi. Choose from here you could duplicate on mirror and all sorts of things. There is also the replicate panel from the right hand side on. That gives us all the same options. That's the objects. When you put in easy click buttons on, I want to duplicate right than the really good thing about this is it lines them up exactly . We can close that you don't need that. I'm now going to take off Snap to Grid, and I'm also going to take off show Great Onda. We can see our two rectangles more clearly. I'm also going to just go around them both to select them on and position. When it comes to printing, asked occurs, we're not going to want a muted around background color. We're going to want it white or clear. We can't make our Pilcher transparent by using this little sort of diamond D shape, but the beginning of the power trio, and that just leaves us the outlines on. Once you've done that, you can no longer click inside the middle of a shape you have to click online to be able to relieve acts. Click Undo to put it back. Drove around the bus. Okay, The other sometimes drawback is that if you also leave it transparent, have grid showing it then becomes a little harder to see. Your guide cuts lines because of all the other lines, so it may be that you want to select them both again on Children with a white color. And then when the grip is on, you can see your area much more quickly and easily once we're happy. But our stick a guide is ready. We've been quick save on, move onto whatever we're doing next. Your project for this video is to go. I create your line sticker guide file and save it to your class folder. I'll see for the next video where will create our by six stickers, shapes 5. Drawing Basic Shapes: I'm going to drill simple shapes for our stickers. Rectangles Obama, A small scallop pledge under little heart in these next four lessons will learn how to modify group and world shapes. Angie's on offset Open the new page or used the untitled one if it's available on immediately. Say that as any file in the past folder saying Hunton past files. I've got one here already said. I don't have to type out the names. Okay, yes, this file could become a basic shapes template where you can have different shapes and keep them for future use. I'm trying to give you hints that make working sue at Studio easy on. I should really take my own advice because I spent a lot of time redrawing standard shapes instead of keeping a template for myself. That's open the panels that will be using from the right hand side and also check all our grid on page 13 while we're at it. A full coming refusal, right? This isn't going to be a prince on cup page, so let's go and turn the registration marks off and I could go back to my currid, Tom Leavitt said. Best so that I could use the grid options. I'm going too long to my line style up here, my full color. I'm also going to using Transform Hello, that son stage and replicate Power Benji's my Humvees with last role, leaving little gray by the side and then many of my page dance that I could see the top raising space full in the next. Full lessons from minstrel one. Shape off each design on. We'll start with Rex Angles, which we have already mustard with design guard temperate in previous lesson. I won't make you sitting Watch where I told them all. I don't speed it up, but if you want the measurements, I'll put them up on the screen at the end so that you could make a night off them. 6. Getting To The Point: the next shape introduces point editing on this allows us to turn a plane Magtanggol into Obama meant turnem. Snap to grid Teoh. Help with accuracy on guns. Pick up my draw a rectangle tool. I'll give it fill color so that you can see it like the ones already on the screen on dial Sevens. Change my line. Teoh leaves change. I can't truthfully. True. Fine, you were tongue go. That's one inch wide points trees. Seven. Holland. I want to invent the bottom of the rectangle to make the banner shape and stood back. I could open edit points from the left hand side just behind the selection tool. And then I'll do that. You can see I've got four Ray points. Beach Corner was my direct tango Onda up the top here. I've got an extra toolbar working to bar that tells me all the options that are available to me. The problem with this toolbar here is that without hovering over each of these icons, I often forget what they are. If I return to my selection tool, I'm instead double quick my shape it earns a point editor panel on this is much more use because I've got a text that tells me what the icons do and thats much easier when we click on a point to select it. It turns holler on a thick red line will appear, and that's the active line. That's the line that is being edited between that points on the left on the one on the Bryant on That changes with each point that you click on more than one point could be selected at a time by holding the shift key on picking a second pulling toll. However money that you want, you can move them together with the arrow keys on the people. So while smacked, a greedy song will always jump by one. Greg Align. When you finished editing points, you can recall different one. It will release the ones that you were under 10. I want to add a center point to my banner, and I don't need to actually make the lines active to do that. My father over the line where I want my point b and C my cursor changes to like a little arrow on why, with its not to riddle, it's easy to put this point in the center because it will simply snap to that nearest good points. That's why I have made this rectangle on inch wind. I like to make the numbers easy to make the Centrepoint up liken taken, hold it on drug. And now I'm thinking, perhaps snapped breed isn't as useful as I want because that's actually quite oddly in Dent on. I don't know if I wanted to move that much, so I'm going to put it back. Turn off, snap to grid. And now we've got much more control with 1/2 fall. This point means, of course, one snapped, agreed is off. That means I could change the center point accidentally by clicking on it and drugging, and it won't be sent it any more. But why? It's selected up and, of course, use my keyboard powers, uh, to leave it as far as I want. You could also hope that the shift key while you're doing that, ask before Andi jumps in silent, bigger increments, but not quite as big as the full grid line. So looks se. Does that look about? I mean, I could spend ages. Let's say that that before one sign happy with the debt off my in them to the bomber. I can pick up my select tour again. Now, just how to resize my wanna save my file and I could move on to the next shape. 7. Draw A Curve Shape: drawing the heart shaped brings in another useful tool. The line tool specifically draw a curved shape. So you got lying to draw a shape, going to use the grid lines. But without smart grid enabled on, I'm going to see him in just a little bit more so that a cleaner feei I'm going to start with the dick in the middle of the heart on men's just click anywhere where it Ridgeline meets. Let's start there, Andi, I get a wrecked ult on you can see I've got a red line, and when you see those two little blue handles the moment, its remaining a straight line because it hasn't got another point going to yet. So then I'm going to come up on do the top left of the heart, and it's like click and drag. You can see BC a handles or busier handles that change with the way that the line is pulled around. So then I want to kick to the bottom of the heart. So you say, huh? On Monday's come round for the Soap life Son and I connected this so it doesn't master looks lopsided. I'm known as I come to join up. You can see that the line. We're old friends. We find it started. Just click to finish her shame. Now it doesn't look much like a heart, does it? So let's comments because my point editing panel is already a great double creek. I'm just going to click on at it. Points from the left hand signed. A night can see. I've got my great points under one little blue handles on. This is where we just bear around, edit the shape into the heart shape that we want and then start in the middle, even actually have to click on the shape until you want to change one of these options. Let's say it's telling me it's a corner. So that means thes handles are going to new independently, so to blossom. Grant this woman do the same and I think my debt is a little bit too deep. So let's pull out now. I could do with songs I've been to make it, and this is telling me it's a smooth point. That means the handles to get you can pull them out, make them different banks that they will rotate in the same way. So Let's just make a rough heart shaped do the same, this one on this sign. Oh, if you click outside one of the usual boys, just click. Undo. It brings from Bob. Want we don't we don't at the Bolts room. You can leave it us a smooth point. I'm just ringing in the handles to give you a defined holdings When the shape is being cart on. Do you want a good, clean, defined edge like this? It's worth making it the corner. What? Come get my selection tool back on, then this heart is ready for me to resize. There's talk a little bit more about coins, points a very important when using a canyon or portrait as they tell them she how you want to cut a shape. The aim is to have a few points as possible to create shape so that your machine is not over word trying to read multiple points. This gives clean, smooth cuts on also reduces the chances of the blade chewing up your paper or the material you may be using. Call employees like those at the bottom off the heart here. Andi in the middle not only offer independent editing of the handles. It also means that later on, we can add on over cut in the cut settings, and that's another way to ensure clean cuts. As it tells the Can you hold trades to pick up the blade unchanged direction, smooth points and have bloody tooth uninterrupted, which is especially good for curved lines like around the side of our hearts Here, point editing consumed to be a TV ist job, however, it has great benefits, providing clean, smooth cuts, un reducing the amount of paper or other material you're wasted. If you have a come your portrait, you're probably familiar with the stuttering sound it cannot for make. And yet the blade doesn't seem to be moving. This is caused by multiple points being so close together, that machine is trying to read them on. It's often what causes the blade to snack on paper or vinyl. In the next lesson, I'll draw the final shape. The scalloped edge talked about the world tool on. You'll see just how important Point editing Bay 8. Successful Welding: creating the small scholar shape demonstrates how to align shapes. Underworld them together to make one shape. That's start by turning on. Snap to grid. Scroll down to give Prius race. Donald Droll look tango. That's 0.375 wide on wall in the hall, inches too. A. Now once draw a circle. So let's go back to our drawing tools and pick up True on the lips. It's that bread on. It's really easy to draw the circle. That's always going to be equal, because you can snap it into a grid square quite easily if you haven't got scratched. Agreed on on. Did you draw on your hips? You build to draw any shape at all. However, if you hold down the shift key A. It will always keep will shape in proportion. And I want to resize this circle slightly on because it's a proportional shape. I'm going to use the padlock. I'm just going to change this to five to your point. Juicy right pick upon has just made it a little bit larger. Men's foot snap to grid back home. I'm going to leave the circle. Truls the Work Tango Andi, where it it's center. That's where this green rotate tumble is. These marks being overlap the rectangle, but I want it to be aligned to the top off my rectangle. In a moment. It's just a little bit past now. If I it's select both of these shames on our comm use up here. These transform tools to align top, but I could also use transform here while the panel is open on bond. Two for two. Clear line, then to talk, you see, just undo. And if you watch carefully, rectangle will need to the top of the circle. Select my circle and I will three of them to write Scholar. So I'm going to use the record. Kate's panel do a column three. Now, of course, it's easy to see that my lost circle here is overlapping. The rectangle are quite around Andi. The tendency would be to simply select both the rectangle on the circle on and use vertical align bottom. But of course, that doesn't need the circle up to the rectangle. It needs the rectangle down to the circle on Now my top circle isn't aligned with the top of the rectangle. It's one of the little quirks all similar at Studio on. The way to stop that happening is to select the shape you want to align and make sure it's actually belief the top off the shape you want, relying it to the top off if you see what I mean. So if I now select that circle on the Rectangle Creek physical align talk, the circle will move instead of the wreck tango because it was already below the top. Direct on Go. You got the hang of it with practice. It is a little bit peculiar. Now I want to make sure that my center circle is actually in the center and step out concerned all three off my circles, knowing that mine awesome circle Here are my top circle that worry a fixed position or exactly where I want them on dykan use this vertical space to, and it will mean the center circle so the digits perfectly spaced between the other two. If you have multiple shapes to space, this option still works set for two outer edge shapes, so that would be like the top on the bottom or the left on light. Roughly placed your other shapes between those two points, then click either horizontal or vertical spacing on, although shapes will be districted even way, I told you it's ma check. Of course, if one of Gil circles is answer, the lineman's horizontally in this kinds. Then we come select all three of the circles. Um along left, I chose a line left because the circle was be behind the left point of these circles. People have bean to the left, like so I would have selected the circles on the A line right to bring the middle circle to the others without interfering with that alignment, we can see the scallop taking shape, but at the moment it's still full, different shapes that will cut independently if you don't join them together. How you can imagine there are multiple options to achieve one shape from four sec ret shapes. That's draw around all the shapes. To select them, you can use this button here, which I call quick weld. It's always on the tool bar, where you have multiple shapes selected on. You can click that, and it will weld the shapes together. You could also open the modified panel from the right town sign. Andi, that's just me, Phil. Here. Andi. Hey, We got all our other options on here is wild. You could also front kick a NTU's. Well, I'm finally you can go Teoh object. Modify Andi Weld. Actually, it's not quite finally because if you're a keyboard shortcut person, you can also learn this people shot cut. One quirk of still at studio that I find is sometimes welding shapes together like this. Producers multiple edit points. So it is good practice to check your shapes. Once you've completed all your welding for any extra points, that might be unnecessary. Remember those extra points, maybe the calls of jagged cuts or chewed up paper. So it's really worth doing some editing now and then to turn up snap to grade Andi, choose my edit points because my humble is still open here. Actually, this one is going to prove me wrong. He doesn't look too bad, but it's no always a spoon. Is this less? Zoom in nice son condescend to use the space bar to scroll across just to check. It's actually looking all right, although I think I can see an extra warm, great point in that on one of the ways that I check is I clicked on a point and I just move it slightly. Oh, look there. We've got one hiding on me now. Remember what I said that sometimes you're here, your core traitor. Come here stuttering because it's reading lots of points it would be reading, however many there are under here. Well, there's only two, fortunately, but that could have been more so. Let's do Monday. One really quick. Well, to try and get rid of unnecessary points is to use a simplify command now. Sometimes it might not be enough to clear out unwanted points, so we might still have to check another drawback of using the simplify command. Is that it, Colonel? To the overall shape, That's quick, best and see what happens. Well, I still got a very nice curved that's so perhaps hasn't halted any shapes. As much as I think. If I'm with this one ham, it's got rid of that extra point that was hiding. Let's do so I can scroll down and have a look. It's left a smooth point in the middle. The and I haven't got that many points on my side. I'm tempted to leave, but on. I don't think we got any name. Let's click Undo to put back. There's no extra points hiding here either in the debt of scholar. So I think simplify has day worked really well in this place. When using the simplify component does change your shape, it's still worth doing the extra point editing because further down the line, not only will you get the desired shape, but you will also get a good clean cut. I'm going to quickly Reese Ice Mine Scholar, I'm going. Teoh also cruise the majority of these panels because I don't need them. Now I'm going to use the fit to window command so that I could see my whole design area. Just rearrange some of mine shapes, so they got plenty of space between them. Andi, remember to save my file in the next lesson, I'm going to be showing you how to add the offset on and talk about why we're even using an offset 9. Creating An Offset: one offset concern to purposes. It could be a night to create white or colored border around the shape. It conserves the size of any imported image, allowing the actual cut line to be just inside. This second option is called a prince bleed. A cut line inside an image means that any areas of color will overlap the cut line on hopefully, eliminate any random white edges on shapes where you don't want them. Silhouettes. Studio office. A global print bleed option Here on the page set up page. The Bleed radius is the distance from the cut line that you want to extend the design to. I'm not using the global print breed for a couple of reasons. It doesn't offer a preview on the screen like I have here with my green line, and I like to see what it looks like before Prince. The whole sheet stickers. Also, if you have a mix of solid color shapes on shapes where you want a white border that could be unforeseen size problems again, no apparent until the page is printed. Using our own off sent gives more control on. We can see exactly what we're doing before we commit to printing out pages you with shapes we created in our previous lesson on blitz. Now on our offset to them. First will draw around all of the shapes to select them well. Three. Offset panel. It could be from the right time side with the start here. Open the offset panel, and also it's probably the top here. Miss Toolbar offset Selected shape. When admits from the top, it immediately puts lines around, and they're the same color as the original Shame. This offset which we've got and internal set, is self experiment treat. That means it comes within the line that you already have that you can choose. The coma can t o straight on r four straight on off set does not have to be huge. Most come years and poor traits cut with fairly good accuracy. The offset just provides an extra buffer zone and is used by professional princes. 20 crisp edges in Prince. Also, when the print area on the page is limited, we don't want large offsets taking up unnecessary space. We can change the size by using the well. If you know exactly what sign she won't you consider me type the figures in what you do with any other missions. Insulin at studio I usually bury for something point for fine or zero for five, actually. Oh, even no 0.4 c right on. Then you apply now, of course, at the moment it's got the same color line is the shape that I want Content on this offset isn't being used for cutting anything. It's simply our visual guide for image size on redesign our speakers. So let's change that color now before we decent act everything on who gets what line style A. Me to just close this up a little circle, some more rain and I want to get advanced options and in here rgb things change it to a really bright green. So they're going. Just typing 255 Press the top time is zero impress editor, and now I've got green lines around everything I can click away to de select everything. I'll turn the grid off so that we can see the lines just a little more clearly is always with checking offsets once you've done them because sometimes on multiple shapes you might have extra lines. I think here on thes two shapes. I'm actually alright. Everything looks as though it's nice. Even so, I think I can call but done your project for this lesson. Mr. Practice shapes with measurements that fit the sizes of stickers that you want to make. Use the tools to resize, replicate on world shapes so that you're familiar with the process and finally create your stickers. Shane's offsets. Do you show your stick shapes in the class project area If you don't like to. As we're getting ready to design ass stickers, I'm next going to look at importing images on ticklish trace tool problems you may encounter on what to do about them. 10. The Ticklish Trace Tool: within the standard or free edition. So at studio you can pull J P G or PNG images. Sometimes we'll import to you J P G images. They will be absolutely huge as an example. Let's open this pink, but absolutely huge. All you need's remember is one rule of thumb in silhouette studio. When using J P. G or PNG, images work large on go small. You can always make an image smaller, but if you start small and try to go big, you will eventually see the low resolution warning about print quality on that is here. This little yellow triangle on That's because this is an absolutely huge J P. G. In age eight. Smells going to prince particularly well. That's what it is telling us. If I select the image on quickly resized by using this quick 33% it might disappear off to a different part of the screen. Might not even be visible at all to easily bring it back to the design area than that, you can click this center to page icon Andi. It will bring it where you can see it. Three signs and images pull show using the mass just click any of the corners and black you can see now that I've looks. My yellow warning triangle must, because is telling me there are enough pixels in this image to give a good print quality. Often you will use in just as they are only smaller. But there are times when an image requires more everything. Perhaps it is in black and white. Then do you want to add cover? Or perhaps she wants be a interests and change the colors? It's witchy. Best will have to trace the image so that it becomes separate back to shaves that silhouette studio come read. I'm going to open this cat image, which is one of the easiest images to trace because Silhouette Studio sees black very easily. I'll just bring it to the center of the page so we can see it. Let's open our chase panel. Is this little butterfly type. I come Onda, we click select trace area. You get the mitral small. I want to just fool around the whole shape. When we let go, it will fill with yellow. Now it might, depending on the settings being outline. I got something really funny going on with my suet studio. When I click out why nothing happens on then I come back to solid fill on. I've got outline and then changes again. As I've said before, Cinnamon studio can be a little bit cokey. This design is traced quite well. Have no had to alter any of the default settings. That's complete set by looking at the options. Next, there are three options. Trace with the double lines. This traces around all the black eyes and leaves empty space between, so it will make a shape of this yellow. But leave all this anti in the middle. Trace out edge means it will just do around the answer edge of shapes that's useful for som ID images or where you know you only want amounts. Why trance on the touch removes the background image and also gives you on outlying only trace. I'm going to click place on the window disappears Andi, You congest about to see that we've got red lines around all the black that let's take grid off, still not particularly clear, so we'll leave the actual picture on there. You can see the trace. That's how to do an easy trace that's in black. Now let's look at one that's a little bit more tricky. I'm going t o. Another image on will use. Hello. We can not going to resize it because it's big enough and we can see it. That's click select Trace area. I'm true around one of that guy. Nothing happens. And that's because all the colors here, a quality light on So it's not seeing any areas of black for it to trace. I can raise the threshold, and so it starts to pick up colors. Stop picked anything up yet? Well, very guys. 72. It's seeing Hello, we can, but the hours is still missing. Could he going to say we got arrows? So I might got something like 85 and say, Yep, that's a good trace. And of course, I won't trace full event. So under is just trace and then just click on the color and move this out of the way and you can see I've got another good chase. Click on this. You can see it's traced. Us. Warn hace I'm going toe open this cat image because it's one of the easiest Energis trace because it's black on So what Studio sees Black Very well. Let's quickly Reese ice that I'm really to the middle off on Let's show select trace area Onda. We get little just sign and we draw around the area we want to trace. There are options he could have a solid fill or announce line. My similar studio is doing its quirky thing that when I click outline, nothing really happens. Pick somebody fill it does very changes. Back on that line just gives you a thin yellow line around where each tracing I prefer Phil , because it's much easier to see, especially if you want to have an overview of the image that you want tracing. And she could see the design is traced well, and I don't beat Walter any of these people. Thirteen's There are three options, but completing the trace. The full trace, which will trace around the yellow lines either side and leave all this middle of the cat. For example, entry trace answer edge, which is useful. Full solid images or way. You know, you only want on that line around. Be outside or something trace on detach, which gives you a solid outline again only, but also agrees. Any other background. I'm going Teoh, complete with trace. The window disappears. I couldn't leave the original PNG's major out of the way, and you can see we've got traced image underneath. A more tricky image to trace is this one? Hello. We can reflects, like trace area and live like a gun. Unlike with the cats, absolutely nothing happens. The colors here, quite light on the shades of black to grey. That silhouette studio reads to trace an image aren't dark ing up to read without some adjustments. So we first go to fashion. I'm just keep increasing it until we see the yellow appear. And what about 70 I get hello weekend, but the almonds are still missing. So I continue on until I see the hours a swell and decided that something like 85 is a good trace. And then I can click my trace entire image as before to complete the trace mais my colored version to the sign, and I've got a really nice trace of Hello weekend. Some images will always be tricky to trace the matter what Ugo that's open this bro's image on assuming a little. In fact, click trace area. Andrew around it. Nothing's going to happen, as we might expect, because its like two colors. But even if I take up official right to 100 it's not going to do the entire image. I did try playing some of the others, but I didn't get anywhere, so I found a quick late to fix this. It's critical now. Raise on Jeep located on Believe That Complete answered the way Select the monster on the page on Within Trade, Open a new panel called Image Effects. There's a few options on here. We got great shade and hue and brightness contrast in saturation that this is the wrong we're going to account gamma. And if I take this down to the left, lowering the number considers making my race a lot darker. That's like you want to see right? It makes it black on what we know about black. That's right. Sibila studio loves to trace images, but a black don't pick the apartment at this stage. It does something really funny. It makes it go well. Big, nasty. So Astri come day. We just want to keep it now. I could do my select trace area just like before. I got a really, really nice edge for Well, it's still a bit Draghi because it's a water color thing. By tidying that up later on for this one, I'm just going to do trace out bench. I condemn me, the black out of the way, I might know, even wants to any more. Andi could get rid of it using cut on, then bring in the original image and like any tough question, right, spend more time. Line it up. But now I've got a couple I around it, and I can use that line when to make any offsets. If I want to have a boulder, let's take a look. One more image, a bouquet of flowers because this is quite a troublesome image. I know that just simply tracing might not work because there's a lot of light colors, so I would immediately go for doing the gamma trick. So I need a copy. So that's you know that's out the way I'm Let's take Gamma all the way down. Andi, looking at that, I'm thinking, even when I traced that, it's still going. Teoh, give me Farmall detail, but I actually won't. It's going to be cutting very finical pieces on, but it's not going to be happy trying to cut all the little holes in the standard lion head . If that's what it is, I could chime trace out edge. So let's do you know and see what that gives me and spoke Trebor. But if I double click Oh, look about for points Even if I used the super If I command, I've still got not small points here than I won't read it on I mean, he's done dalliances. Oh, handsome, don't answer. Well, slack by Tyson. Just delete them. A simpler but perhaps more time consuming method is to draw around the shape by hand, leaving a white border. Let me show you how online starts this. I'd probably choose my draw A curved shape, too on then I was probably very roughly from a distance. Just start kicking. Um not worry too much, aiming for some places where I might want to get in and out. Why so on, then, once I was happy with the sort of shape that I have. I'm going on at it. Me, Hoynes where necessary Because he already I've got a lot less points than the trace that we did on. In fact, I did do a finished version on and already here, so you can see. And here's my idea of what this might look like. Us. A sticker got nice, wavy lines, and if I double click them, you can see I've got very few points, which means I've got nice, clean Suze cuts and hopefully, no chewing off paper. There will always be tricky trace problems or images that don't seem to do what you want. I'm so stupid that often spend much more time than I should trying to make something work. There's a little project for you at the end of this lesson. If you have images already in mind for your own stickers, trying to trace them and see how they form. If you're not getting good traces around them like this on, leave a white border, see if you can get some interesting shapes on. If you do, don't forget to share boom your class project area in the next video, we're going to be tackling the text 11. Text Messages: although this lesson is that taxed, I'm really going to be demonstrating how designed this first sticker, which I creatively call day trip. I also explain how to get a shudder. In fact, without the use of the struggle function that is available in paid upgrades off select studio, I'm going to start by opening my speaker shapes from the class files. I'm also going to find the cats in the car, and that's in my art file. P and G. Andi. I'm going to save this file. It's called a woman at the moment, which isn't very descriptive. Something to be file. Save us. See the hard guy. I don't want to save it in art. We're going to say that in my class files, I'm creatively. I'm going to call it day trip. I'm press enter. I'm going to resize my cats in their car for this, probably with a quick 33% to fit it on the page. I'm also going to soon in, so we've got 20 off white space to work with. I'm going to my sticker shades on and then to choose this large speaker shape first. Instead, Jill round and select both of the lines going into creek. Okay, Come back today. Trip quick pace and just bits over here. I don't believe the cats over. It's a bit more. I'm going. Teoh, open my line. I'm more Phil star, Pamela, when you put them side by side and then to change the gray color here to start with too transparent, transparent is this little sort of diamond shape the beginning off Any of the color palettes there is not chosen transparent rather than a solid color. If I make this a solid color, even if it's wind know how we can just draw on our page on gets these marching ants for doing selections. Well, once this is a solid color you see, I don't get a narrower I get a hand. That means it's just going to leave the shape rather than let me select anything but above it on because I'm going tohave Artwork on this I want to be able to select BR were not necessarily getting the shape underneath, so I'm going to make it transplant. I want to look at this outside lying now disagree. I'm swapping around how this sticker is going to cut. I actually want a white border around this sticker with a decorative border inside. But first I need to look at my distance, and I don't think this bring wine is giving me a large distance. Some days just come up gently. Andi touched a line so that he's selected Andi going toe transform panel because it's easier to type into the boxes and see what I'm doing that at the top of the screen. Well, its not on equal dimension shape. It is in proportion. So I'm going Teoh, look the aspect ratio so that I could keep the size on the goings. Just cook in here on, see if I like the distance between the two lines and I think of want. It's just a little bit bigger. What just jumped to next? Wait seven. Fun That might be too big. That's leading to that. Needs close Transform on. Now it can change this color to Blue because I know this is where I wanted to cut. I don't have to worry about any color being here because I don't want border. I'm going into advanced options so that I can choose that really true blue going by talking zero in green. It's happy through typing 255 on pressing Enter Now I've got two blue lines. So now they select the inside line. I'm grains change color. I'm also changing the style on the thickness or the wit. Let's do the width first so that I could see the loin ums won't make it one. Maybe one points You fine if I go to the hour here, the style I've got some dashed lines that I could choose Spell I'm going to choose this one at the bottom. I'm happy with that alliance. I'm going to move on to the next stage and I'm just going Teoh, assuming a little bit more, make sure that you could see clearly. I said I would show you how I make a little Chabon and I want type of shadow to this. Why? The first step is to make a Jew precut shape. So our goods do that, Um, because it's a line I need to change the line color over here. I could use the gamma trick that we did earlier in the trace videos, but because this is already about to shape, I can just use the straight mark color to make it look more like Shug. Oh, I'm going to increase the transparency, Andi. I don't want it very dark. It also probably good. Something like 80 Fine at the moans. This shape is above the yellow lines. Andi, if I want to line it up like a shadow, it needs to be behind. Now you've got some controls here to move shapes or arrange them in front of each other. Here is send backward. Now, sometimes if you've got lots of shapes on a page, or even if you just drawn lots of shape and then close them, you could be clicking. Send backward for ages. I'm thinking nothing's happening. In fact, I am clicking. Sent back word on. I'm not entirely sure anything that has happened is cartel. So if you're wondering about that, you've got a son to back to make sure. Now I'll come align this underneath my yellow. Now, once it's very close to another shape like this, and you like going. It's not selected anymore. Your finds that it's a bit difficult to get hold off without moving the top shape out of the way. So if you want really, really fine control. Leave it to one side. We could still click on it and then use the keyboard hours to leave it in a little at a time until you get it positioned Exactly where you want it is here. I'm not looking for a great big Chabot. I just want the Haines of something. Now that I'm happy with its position, I don't think that's to a total. I'm going to draw around both of those lines. Andi group The Shapes Together is a group icon here that I could click. You can also right click if you prefer, in fact, tried that repulsive things that you're doing is still extremely a because there's different right click menus. Depending on what you have selected on, I can click group that she I can now grunt Molly cats and bring them over. You can see here that that behind oh, sticker shape So we'll click on our cats and say, really to front on and the sticker shape has disappeared. Andi, I want to make it smaller, so I'm just going to leave it and I want to do this, but I so I'm just going to keep moving it on robbing a corner on Reese Lansing. It I want it to fit within the yellow line with the little white space around it. So it looks relatively, even something like that. I'm going Teoh seem in a game a little bit more so that we keep good for you. What time do they let's make it just a little bit more interesting. We're going to keep our cats straight online. We're going to get them a bit of a jaunty angle. A green dots here, above any shape, is the rotate handle conceded changes to little rotate armored. If you hold on shifty while rotating and drag, it will stamp that 45 degree increments, which is really quite useful. If he wants just a small rotation, then you can just turn it a little bit by I and say, Well, I think that's good enough. I'm not going to make the shadow, but I go to the lines on this time. We're not going to use the same trick as before. I'm going to duplicate our cuts. Open image facts. It's gamma because this is a pierogies. There can't just click black invites have no actually show you what happens if you do? Just click black on appear G or J P. G Image. Even though it looks as though it's transparent, it will just fill the whole area on. That's why we use the gamma trick. So when she take this pulled way down to rock, I'm not going to pick up I because remember, it does funny things. But I am going to increase the transparency on for this because the colors are a little bit darker on the yellow. Even my go for, say, eight say that what I'm trying to say, how to make rounds, numbers. I'm going to decide that it's going this very much like this shadow, but the light coming from the bottom right so the shadow will be going to the top left. Beings decide roughly where our concerts. I'm going quick, send backward. I can then click on the cat's front, amuse my keyboard arrows if I just needs a little more alignment. And once I'm happy with it, I can just select both bays on click group selected shapes. Not well. Mommy's us one image. I'm going back to the sticker shapes someone to pinch this heart names copy it on pace. Don't over here. He's going to the back. So let's bring it Forwards. Change the color to red. Make line transparent. Expect. Want any lines on it? It's just for decoration. I'm going to response it. I'm drugging Cornett to keep it in proportion. Found. Use the green handles to retract it on positioning where I think you look good on once. I'm happy with that. I'm going to bring it over here on Mike a copy. Fill it with black because it's a shape, so I don't need to do gamma slip. Increase the transparency to about the same as the counts. Andi, send the copy to the back. I can bring the whole food on a line that because it's small, it's a little bit physically. So I might find this easier with the He bought our eyes stupid one that drew around both Greek together. And then what? You see Price on one. Somehow you that I'm going to your crew around the both again conceive it off selected. That's heart shaped like a very faint grey border around it. So I know I've got everything so acted I couldn't click group before moving onto adding text. I know that the cats, the decorative line with its shadow on and be cut line along the outside, all want to be together. If I move this around on my page, I don't want things getting Antal position So again, Marines who drew around everything. Andi trick group again, and now that whole piece for the sticker will leave as one. And that means I could just move it over to the side while I work on the text. Let's text star panel on. We'll also need our text tool so you need two things to be able to do. Text the text style and you need to click the text tour. Once you click the text tool, all the funds that are on your computer will show here on, you'll be able to use any that you have in stall. I wasn't particularly adventurous with this, I know, but I'm going to use a very plain song Serie fonts that I like called open songs on. Do you sit me? Click on it when you want to use it so I'll kick open sounds. The default size is always 72 on when we start typing. You just come over here. We've got a little Kirsten upright curso and click escalating a huge box because that moment was assumed in. It's a great distance on. I need to put my capitals on for a start typing. You'll see. I've got a day. I'm just gonna leave it at the day for the nine months, as the preferences are that shapes our aren't line, only that also applies to text. So that's why we've just got a red line on. Of course, I know I'm not going to want to cut this text. I'm simply going to be using it for decorative purposes if I click out sign that gets rid of the actual text box. But I can click it as a shame. Andi. Sometimes this is what I do to make sure I'm going to get size before I go any further with typing letters. I know I'm not going to need in that line, but let's put a color on this D first. And for this, we're going to use the eyedropper for the first time. It's appear on the panels, the color panels, some blades Click Phil on Jupiter, and I'm going to flip over to our artwork here and just pick one of the darkish, please. I'm gonna kick that. It fills my letter with that color on now I could go to the line style on happily take off the Brighton line at the ATM. One more thing and they point out, is that there's lots of NT space around this day. You might expect that the water would be closer to the latter when text is still in creditable mode. In other words, if I double click this Aiken still edit it similar at studio will always leave lots of space around letters because you might put in what are called Cliffs on D. If you don't want cliffs, are, you know when you see harmed writing fonts and they've got all those extra wavy lines that go everywhere and do funny things. They're Griff's or ligatures or fancy. That's whatever you want to call them. Open sounds doesn't have any fancy bits, but just in case I might want to use, only it leaves all this space. I'll show you how we can reduce that space shortly, but for now, let's type in the rest off the better, so I won't. Okay, why Andres cook outside on just me. That and I know that's way, way, way too big said. I can either click on hand and choose a phone size. That's probably going to be too small. I could also tie the number into here. So let's say pregnancy text diesel was in points. You can also make other changes down here. You know? T bolt bowls. Talic. I'm under lawn. Sometimes we'll be an island like this. And if the phone tons of options presidents, I've got extra bold light, semi bold. Then you builds. Find your extras under me. This are thanks used Burkina. Of course, there's also the alignments you could left center right. Andi. Justify. Let's be honest. Most of the time I don't Well, they're just a line it by I. Here you can change the direction horizontal or vertical? Um, other. But we have some more options. Line spacing, Welcome shape. Well, I could show you this. That's going to line spacing on bond if I aren't and so so in line. Spacing will be those gut between day on a trip that at the moment it's 100% if I click, that's 75%. So you could move your letters close. Well, you come make the really fall apart. How it to spacing is the space between the letters on. You don't actually have to select them to do this armed. You can even not be in the editing mode for this. You consider pre selected with the select arrow and then alter beans this place. So there we are, 200% character spacing. And here we are at 80. So again, you've got some control over half all your Lexus arm. One thing you can't do incinerate studio text is you can't select two letters like this. I m p on make this gap smaller on its own. It will still affect the whole off that text finally coming. Kerney is also the gap between letters. But here it's saying, how do you want letters? A and B or the way some letters like that that between the A And why here to behave? You want a guy? What do you want them to be close together? That puts that one. You saw them jump little all I can happen with a guy if I put this back to 100 it might look. It does. He looks a lot more even. Nancy, just edit this for a moment on take out trick, because I just want day. Let's do the next word trip. I need to pick up the text tool of gay. Of course, it's gone back to 72 but my concern, the 20 press and and now when I click it will be a reasonable size type in my world trip on . But of course, is defaulted Teoh No color, but with a red outline. This time I want to make it a bit of the right from the consummating Teoh he cut the I took again. Andi journey to around until I find assault. Two rides that I like it. That's noise. I'd like American take off the lawn. I got my curling the same. Everything else is the same, so these two should be the same size. I can align them by using the lying tools. If you remember now, let's talk about how we get rid the bigger boxes around things sometimes when, especially if you're working in a small area, this extra stuff around letters gets in the way. Also, it gives you a false idea off. The science presidency is telling us this is 0.37 inches high, but we know it isn't because there's all this wasted space at the top whenever you're going to make changes to text. If you think you might ever want to edit it all, you want to know what fun used on a design back in 2060. Make a copy of it and keep it intact. Once we make the changes, I'm going to show you the text will not be creditable. So let's make a Jeep haircuts. Let's bring it together while it's still together. I'm just move that answered the way. Let's select the text will easily Andi go Teoh objects convert to path. You could also right click. Remember sets. Sometimes there are always things that change the venues on. You can also do it here, comfort to path and you can see immediately. But, uh, bounding box is much closer to our letters because it's not allowing all that space for funny little fancy bits. You'll also notice that our text style is grayed out now, and that's because this text is no longer an creditable word like this one down here, although this isn't showing that because it's great. But if I am great, that's we built to still at it, these words down here and that's because each one of these letters is now a shape on. If you look up here, you'll see that our Greek selected shapes is actually great out because these shapes that make up the word trip already reached together on do you contest quite tricky on grade. When you do that, you get little fate lines around each individual letter. And then if I click away and then click on the P, you can see that is a separate shape on its own on. I could move it independently. I'm going to select Chip again. This one Andi Greep it on. I'm actually good. Select both of those Greeks. Andi group them together. I'm also just going to make another copy on putting over here weeks amid Shea. Something else you could do with letters. Once I'm finished our sticker with this text a day trip, I'm going to put it into my sticker on the first full names. Bring it across on. It seems to what's going behind. So let's bring you Get forward on TNT, rotated by 90 degrees well minus 92 to the left. Ongoing Teoh. Have a guess, but where I want it, I don't want to close what country we want. Space. I've done a pretty good job, and it is purely accidental of gauging how big the latter should be to fit in my sticker. But I do have a bit of extra space here on, so sometimes you can get away with picking in the middle on. Just make the letters a little bit sore. You have to sort of do this by I don't want to. It's look a bit old or anything. I'm also going to do exactly the same things before and make a shadow. So I'm going. Teoh duplicates on these filled with black on. Before I do the transparency, I'm actually going. Teoh, put this in position. I've got to remember the light is coming from the bottom, right to the top left, so that means this shudder would be going something like bats. Let's increase the transparency. Probably about 80 again, Andres Click Send to back Andi. It might still be a little far, so I'm just going to click on the actual colored letters. Andrea, Ethan, by a couple of pixels up and white. And then I'm going to try and just select those two sections of text round group together. So now my lettering will live as one as well. Children position on Finally invades drew around everything getting because underneath is born shape. Anyway, I only need to catch parts of it on and group backed a swell. And now my whole speaker makes a small case before we end this text video, Let's have a look. What else you can do with text? I'm just going to plays the text panel. Good to hungry my lettuce. So keep clicking. I'm great. They should all now be separate. Hey. Huh? Because these letters amount shapes. That means we can use our old friend Delman. Yes, point editing. What if we wanted to be really clever? Has cheese? Hey, and that's double click to open point editing on. You can see we've got a lot of points on this also demonstrates what I I was talking about before when you're making small stickers with small letters, all these points the machine will be trying to read on. There are quite few there on. I probably tidy them up if I was actually cutting out the letters. When it's just the decoration, I'm not really that Colbert. Now that we've got our points showing, you could also hold down your ship. Key on, Let's say I just want slight these two points after Bolton I cannot use mine are keys and stretch out pay. Hold your Roky down for a while. You cannot go bit, but it was still keep moving. So sometimes it can catch you out because she think by holding it down it will stop. Assumes you let go. But it doesn't. So you could move your see. It's still carrying on. Then go up. Is it going to stop? Yes, let's come down a little bit. You can also use the shift key, which is probably a bit better until you got it where you want. It's very so let's say I want to lengthen that p on now. Actually, I think I want strong line underneath. I can then pick up my rectangle toe. Um, draw the rectangle. I could fill it with that same color. Take up the line. Andi. It's a little bit thicker than the lettering, so I might want to make it a little bit. I found my ones like it's a bit longer now, when it's a small shape, you can't help but grab it at the corner. So it's gone. Pick going there. So my decides down again. Andi, if I had more time, probably make sure that I got that exactly how you want it. But he got the idea. I could also close legs in any thesis and because I don't want to leave them, if I can help it, I like the alignment on my point. Editing families open. I could just click edit points. I can hold my shift key ban on because there's nothing behind or interfering with it. I can stroll around those two. Andi used my I could have the t join up with that line, too. Maybe I also want to do something difference with a on perhaps of it it, um, angle. Oh, maybe I wanted to actually be meteo with the date. I'm maybe that home through the why. And of course that means I've got a big gap so I might decide to draw around all three of those letters on and use my arrows to leave it. Costa Close. Then I need to make my line a bit shorter. So I'm 92 Important editing on that hold shaped. Select these two points at the end. I'm just bringing in my line so you can see there's lots. All things that you could do with letters. Convert to part allows you to mess around with letters and see their actual size. These are only simple changes that I've made to the text here. But I hope it gives you an idea that you could get as fancy as you like, especially if you've got some really fancy phones. All you need is the time to play around with point editing. I'm written. We've got all the tools and skills we need to make our sticker sheets now. So it is time toe. Have some fun 12. Splash On Colour: the time is right to turn. Learning into a page off ca local stickers. Here's my sticker page. You saw me waiting around a bit at the beginning of this class to show you how designed each sticker would make. For a very long and probably very tedious video. We've already seen how our creates a day trip. In this lesson, I'll show my complete process ful Hello, Weekend on, but also the strip of Walter Color triangles for the remaining Z criticize are briefly trust about my method with an explanation. If I've done something really fancy and show you my working everything out page, is that people to you? Okay, marvelous. Let's turn out playing shapes into colorful speakers. Let's button are stick a guy, the one from class files. Let's save that immediately with a new lane for the project stickers today something like parts, she said. Stickers version one. So go to file. Save us save toe hard drive on drive Already called it. That saved it, But I'll do it again and it say she watching me trying to time. That's also sticker shapes, templates. Let's say this within you name to save us so the whole dry on. I've already saved it. But again, she said, shapes the one on that is not going to be easy to say later on. Okay. Um, yes. Saving our files in this way means we don't accidentally change the temporary files that worked so hard to create. Let's start with hello weekend. Now you may remember that I use this is an example in the traced video. So I saved that as Studio Three file which I can open on. The hard work of tracing is already done on. Allow me to do is change the colors and the size it at the moment it's in warm, large piece on. If we look up here, there isn't any option to ungh group. These two icons, grouping and on repaying are grayed out. So we have to find another way to separate these so that I can change the colors at the moment if I accept my line style on my fill style. If I feel this with color, it will feel everything that isn't really what I want. To separate this into separate shapes, we can go to object. Andi release compound path on this People shook up that if you prefer also, I can't modify panel on a quick release. Now something a little bit old will happen when we do that. The gaps in letters like the D on the O on the tops of the Els and he and such, Why get filled in? Don't worry about that for the moment. They are separate pieces that we can actually move out of the way, but I don't want to read them. Instead, I'm just going to select all of the hello and China is get anything else and then I'm good . Click the make option again. This is make a compound pass on that returns the holes. I'm going to also do the same with We can't on Make the Arrows don't have any holes that need to be made back into a compound path so I can actually click group on the arrows now. I couldn't do my colors on runs, so let's start with hello. I'm going to change that to a dark blue. And of course I'm not wanting any of these to be cuts and turn my like her too transparent so we can't I'm grains, cheese bread and again make the line color transparent for the camera is going to choose this nice sort of team color under a day. Make the line color transparent. When I'm happy with my colors to group everything together, we're I can copay Vance, Betsy, my shapes pile. Andi, pace it, Andi, it's going to be big because I've zoomed in quite away on this page. So let's see lack tent. I'm just use our quick search groups. Sense reduction. Can you? It's time I'm going to put it into this square here. But I'm not going to use that. The genre Let's make a copy because I might want it for another speaker later on. So just come down here, Andi, while I've still got a dark color in the sun to that, I'm going to resize this to fit. Now you see, is I drag this across here? It's gone behind everything. So again, I've got to bring it to the front. Are these the mass and drag the coolness? I'm then position it so that I've got sort of almost some, uh, got of white around it. That looks pretty good. So have a close look. So I'm going to stay a read across. If you want to make sure that you have a long something in the center of your stickers and not just gauging by like I did, you can select that a blue Why Angela Design on You can click Cento horizontally that you can also click Align Middle. Another option is this icon. This also will send her to shapes together. So by that's why, on me, this is the guy on then selecting bows again. The Blue Line under Decide Creek Center. It will leave on center. You might wonder why I wasn't easy, the grieving fine on the outside. That's because these two lines the green and the blue no actually agree on. If you do see separate shapes, they all sort of a line differently. It's not about what it's a proper square like breast. They probably would line up, but it's always better just pick her ones that you know you want to align. The second thing I want to do this schtick is I don't want it to actually cut inside on this blue, actually fancy having a bigger white border around it. Somebody's change the line covers instead of this one being the cut line. It's going to be my guideline on. So I'm going Teoh, just click on grid. So I've got room toe, not advanced options, and I'm going to change this to my green guideline. Typing 255 Pressing, pressing zero. I'm pressing and so are not guns. Change this green line in the same like in turn, Seaver Top 255 for the blue. I'm impressed on that sticker is all done. Got 20 it white around it on implants, I might decide to. I think this actually go right up to the sign off the cream. Andi Realigning middle. I'm going to select the whole sticker design. Click Green. Now I know I want to make another one of these. So, really, I should have just duplicated the one, but I have that. But instead I'll go and fetch it again. Do you copy from back to shapes place that's due to the quick resize That's steep sense on a small ship down a little bit more not to use picked toe so quickly. I think I might choose this sticker. It's not got a design around it, because I did. You can probably just use it us one with a light bulldoze. So that's duplicate that on. Just bring it here. I'm then I could use module around my house to see I'm going to change this. Too transparent. Bring in heaven. We tend I'm going to make We can certainly fits along on Don't want such a big white orders I got here. This one could be a bit smaller, so I'm just going to this so gauge it by I or I might even just try. We'll see what it's like centered. Yeah, a lot weekend, but of course, Hello isn't going to fit on there, So I'm going to angry with the hours for Simon. These hello Damn somewhere. Like, uh, Andi, I've got really probably for one arrow there. So hungry from reading. Now, once it's you end with Deepa so it's probably a little bit way, so I congest it's time that smaller get rid of this one. I like that. It's a little bit different. I'm going Teoh Sure ground the design you breathe and then around the design with its cut line inquiry on. Now I'll show you how did this repeating pattern of water color triangles. So going to Goto open on Haber that would cover triangle so open that you can see there are a tree. What big So men to copy them on will go back to, she said. Shapes. I told you it would be difficult to say. I don't know why I called It won't I'm going to pace found, Of course, that guy's pretty, very big sigh. Let's move them down. Andi Lester, 50% resize just to make them a little bit more manageable. Man's goats pit window on. Pick up my long thin strip. Duplicate it on. Bring it down, Andi, use pill around with my mass too soon in. I'm going to make the background transparent straightaway. I won't triangles on a black background on it Doesn't matter it that behind the lines this time, as long as I can see them, I want to just resize this until the triangles fit within the blue hotline with a little bit of wides to the top. On bottom on, if I want to make sure that I'm getting it, actually, sensor, I'm going to catch the design. I'm just get down. Stop! Believe going again on a Creek Align Middle on a little bit more room at the top. Then I have a bottom s so less just take that in a little bit further. Of course, now is not digging up to fill this strict. So we've got to repeat it. A might stop by happy a lot to the cut line and go up to my green over lack proven lead line on the side here because where it does run down the color, I don't want to have a bit of white where it shouldn't bay. I'm going to click Mark Design on me, Teoh close modify on open replicates and let's go for a run off full. Andi, I'm very fortunate that the gaps are pretty even. But if I'm not happy that they might commit them along in a minute on, I think I'll just stick another two in. I'm then see whether I think that the gap between the green and the Ella started. The pattern is bigger than between all the others. And if it is, I'm going to just kick home right. I'm nudge it across with my hands. Ah Hampel, Quite a bit overlapping at this side and I'm a great want that on my stick sheet because space is at a premium, a concern light that shame design on the green line. I can open motif on click crop. The Green Line will disappear now because it's been used to crop around this image here, so it's no longer bear. But I don't really need it because I know that I'm within my print. Lead guide matches drew around all of those blue line on the individual images on Group them Together, I was a relatively easy way to make a repeating straight. And to be fair, it was an easy pattern to remember to regularly save your work with the Save icon asked what helps me relaying it, straight way won't lose any of your, But let's be one more on out the the Cats on This is from the trace video, so I saved it as a silhouette studio file. So let's open that it takes a little while because it's quite a big file on. I'll just may the actual original PNG. It's the sign pounds. Let's look, it's our cupped here Now this one is simply on out. Lie on. It's very similar to what we did with Pellet weekend to make different colors. I'm going to need to release the compound path because again, I can't just agree. So that's click release, and you can see I've got lots and lots of gray lines. And these are for all the different shapes that make up this design back, cook outside now and then click on any of these lines. Everything will move individually, so it's quite easy to actually mess up the whole design. So I've got to be a little bit careful with my clicking. I'll start with Do It later and then to make it the compound path again on and minutes turn off the line, I'm going to fill it with that us to sort of cover. Now it's going to get a little confusing around the council D. So let's first do the easy parts. The eyes I'm going to do in dark blue and don't forget to turn up the lines I'm also going to do. The outline on the online is actually one full shape. Become dudes. Put it back in position so I can pick on that. I fill it with little I mean it does look pretty awful, Amendments invites. I'm going to undo that because it's easier to sue. Act this inside shape without that, because I can just drag across to this little inside lying here. On day, I could click the yellow to fail. It's much easier, because now I can just go up under the bottom. That's select the underneath on. So, of course I'm missing the holes at the moments in my letters is really should made the compound path. But I don't want to do that yet because I've just realised I've missed the yellow parts of the tail on and the foot. So let's undo that again so that I can just catch a lot. These separate shapes by drawing could hold shift to make sure I get the other ones, and then this one over here on a my teeth group those together, fill the Vienna on turn off the line, and then, if I ever wants change this cat's color again, I've only got to click on one of these. In fact, I should also at the past border, because that's the same color. So let's Creek Group again. I'm the game. Make sure we've got no line. Uncomfortableness counts body there. That's a much better way to do that on now. I could feel the blue. This is often the way I will account how to do things. I found it a lot easier but zooming in and trying to pick flying lines to select these fields. Habit, trance, pound on drag to select. It's really personal choice now. I can feel late, sir, but of course, and my holes to make the blue back to his compound path to return the holes in the letters here and he to actually selected from the top. Andi, catch all the secret little lines if I threw him in a little. You see, I've got little boxes around. All those polls say Come and again, just come in, make sure catch that. Oh, the but hole. But the on, then truly all being careful not to catch anything else when I click make and it will bring everything to the front sunny Sunday backwards again so that it's behind the yellow parts of my send it right, too. I know about these three adults here, so well, I'm handing slack stays more. She's just gonna make those a touch of bread. Don't forget to turn off the line. Hamlets route those together to, because then will be able to easy change them. That reminds me I still go a red line around my believe. Let's change that. So I'm I'm nearly done. No, I've for gotten his nose, so I need to try and click on that. You could see how when I'm soon that it's been difficult to get on that like, Oh, money, shit found. Let's feel about with red. I'm terminals the line. So the colors that I'm going to keep together might brute together so I could greet the nose with the three adults. And then I only have change What color? Once the blue YSL together, the yellows together on his do it covered. Yes, So everything is now all together changed. So I need to know rude my whole piece together. And I might even save it like this because I've done all the hard work of separating the designs. Orban's change colors in future. It will be handy tohave it see like this. So I mean click save. I'm going to copy, burst now and go back to shapes on paste. It's going to be huge on or giving a quick 30% reduction. I think about what size sticker sort of problem me shape. I once pretty to Andi. I think we'll do it in this one said G. P A. Huh dancer here on a true around so that I can work this because interest space bringing forward That's blood. The Coleman under the sons he picked Great. While I'm working because it helps Mr or doing, um, I've got a beautiful problem. I got enough. But the sides and what's remember do it is just a little bit too close to the top. So I see change the background, Teoh transparent so that when I click on Why design here and hungry pits come move my letters. He's I and I could just sort of me that to the side, like Sai to make it sits the size of sticker, but I got So now it's free all of the cats together again on the group it with its cut by. Let's open my working file. This is why I created a lot of my designs, will take a little moment to open because is quite a big, complex file got what's in it. The bombers all quick, easy. I feel the green banners shape with the color that I wanted. The cut line remained trance balance inside. And then I added text. Now, to be sure that I had all of my letters the same size I started with the longest word on use that to gauge the phone size that would fit within the Obama on. Then I could. Sydney duplicates one banner to make a Cullen off seven and then just change along the mains off the day. Some days I wish equity is very similar to how we did a day trip. It's just parts rotated on, arranged to make a little see on some text uttered in a font, and I think I got a little shadow behind that on. While I liked it on plain white, I actually thought it would look good with that pattern paper. This is actually quite a big pattern that I just resize to fit that green print lead guide that is around the stickers. Here. You can see the blue cut line inside on. Then I had a guess. The with a Boulder wants to leave the White Square. There is but temps a transparency so that it doesn't detract from the little design. But I've put in the middle. So this is supposed to represent me working on this class for the world. I did exactly the same state trip. The inside cut line became this dashed decorative line onto the outside green, principally blind becomes my new cut lie so that I've got a nice white border all around that speaker. Finally, these little letters love G. I liked hm on. I want to do them in various color ways on and that is only the same thing as you've seen do. But we traced the original on a separate all the parts of the design so that we can change . Come on, a man because I wanted a sort of legally widely border Shea. I drew around it like you saw me do with that bouquet of flowers When I said sometimes it's justice quick to draw around an image to get a sticker. That's what I did here so that I could keep my points to a minimum. Andi, I just made it look relatively decent. Bit of white order I didn't use the scallop shaped. In the end, I filled up my page bother and talking of the prince and cut page. That's what we've got to do. We've got to put her designs into, uh, sticker guys. You remember this stick? A guy who got to know arrange everything within these two. She's for Clinton. How you do this is entirely up to you. Let's start with the ones that you just seeing me doing. I'm in selectable days. Parents cope with them on paste, keep things, usually opens the left off the design area until I'm ready to use them. Andi, I think I'll start with the strip. Andi. It's going to need very tight ing from holding a ship. He down and then I can move it across, and it's very sure I get sort of unequal space. I don't want to be right up against these cut line. I want a little bit of space. Say I my drool around like this so that I can see chasing it. Replicate is handy at this stage, especially if you're repeating lots of stickers. I can replicates the left, and I can either do two or three on because it aligns them. I know this is going to actually do a really good coats for May. I've been soon out with fit to window, and then I'll start casing some of these and see what sort of gaps gods. So if I use this one, I might be able to put another stretch on. This one could fit that. The bots will bear because I probably won't get much else in. Does this one fit there? No, it's a little bit times could trying a line that but ah ha trouble. But what I can Teoh is very take about two. And then that was it nicely if I want to make sure these to a level at the bottom, because I like things looking, a fact I could just give them a quick ally. Let's just even a little bits market a bit easier, so I've made a start on now can think about. Do I want any more versions of these when I might want some more cats? So let's replicate one up owned must even do want to the sign. I'll go to my working designs here and pull in the ones that I've already may. So let's get day trip on the computes ago on the wish I could drink, see? Move. It's this form will there? I'm not spending as long on this as I did when I was doing it for myself or the move things around quite a bit to make sure that I didn't have much wasted space I haven't made is meet a job of using up this space. Us. I did. Originally, I just want to show you how you can rotate on, organize on, squeeze things in to try and make the best of the space that you have designing stickers on . Put them on your print and cut template on, then share them with us so we could go away and all over lovely work. We're also getting close to the big moment of truth, the print and Kurt. The next lesson is going to be the true test 13. Passing The Test: the drill back. Doing what cut some things to use means it didn't occur to may test the cut settings until often. My stickers were printed on Ready to Cut, but my mistake didn't give me the idea Testing huts for my already printed page. Another benefit. I realized that if I had used a play increase of sticker paper, it's unlikely I would then peel it up and use that sheets to print all. Sometimes the cutie mark can leave a bit of stickiness behind on the paper, so I doubt I would have put that through the princess. Anyway, Let's have a look how I consider my stickers and did the test cut all on the same sheet off paper. I have been your print uncut stick of our I'm using the one that I did off screen and were made a better job of aligning everything. Check could paper settings and that registration marks up on. Even though you save the file with all these settings, it's still worth doing a check. I once had a problem with my Comey and miss aligning the cuts, and strangely, it was because I had a different setting in the media signs. This often happens when I come back to a file on in here. I might chosen printer instead of the actual page. Size is a full on that might still be selected on. It was enough to throw off the cuts. 1/4 challenge So it's worth checking that you still got the same media selector. Remember to click say, From this point on, it's important not to move any of the stickers for your design guidelines or the cut later will not be in the right place. You can still like prints from the file menu. Use the keyboard shortcut control plus pay. We'll use the print icon. Send printer. You might have more preferences here, depending upon the principle you're using. I'm using a H pre on the 55 30 on. I have an option here to go into preferences to choose my paper type on prince quality. I don't have an option for sticker papers such so I use PHP mats, presentation or other maths paper. I leave my print quality at normal. I find best actually puts down too much in Kandahar, end up smudging everything when I'm happy with my such things I can click. OK, I'm then our consume plea Click fruits Contact. You do about that moment because I have a little office move around on. My printer isn't corrected. Once the printing is complete, the stickers can be drying while we do the test cut settings. I added a sticker shape from our speaker shapes file to the bottom of mine Prince and cut five here priced. It's pretty damn here, a little bit big for what I want, so I'm just going to resize. It doesn't matter about size or anything here. Andi West zooming so we could say to keep from getting confused with flying colors. I'm going to fill these shapes with different colors, but turn off their lines. I'll make my outside well, a purple on more kick on the gray Andi make it yellow so that I can see them easily select both of them to make the lines transparent. I can click outside now, need registration marks on becoming a well read them. But it doesn't affect answer shapes because they will just cut where we've placed them. On this page, I've started at the right hand side of the page because I know I could reach that easily when the cutting matters in the cameo on. Also, it's away from any of the registration marks. So if the paper gets a little bit damaged, it won't effect the rest of the sheet cutting later. Let's save our file, turn on your camera or pull traits so it's registering with your software on less Select our son window. You should see them, hand says. Come here ready or pull traits whatever your using, because this is a page I've already worked on its defaulted toward are safe, which is line. But when you first go into the sanguine that you might see something like this. Hey, it's a little bit scary. It's reading all the lines and everything and saying, Oh, you want to cut all this out? You know we don't So let's go Teoh line Ocean and you could see here I've got my red on Blue, already set from one on. Did this the first time, so I'm going to click at this box here, just dislike them all. So now it's say, nothing is going to cut on this page. That's fine on our grades. Very to this option Phil under gain is going to pick up all sorts of colors that we've got in our design. But it's left these two the purple in the Yellow Sea acted. You don't have to leave them at the bottom of the list here, and in fact are you would usually just drag them to the top so that they're always going to be the first thing that are done. It's also kept my sticker settings here, but let's start first with the purple on, Let's go down hand on change. Best to the default sticker paper that comes with bacillus. So Andi here is stupid paper white, so that's pretty back. Also, check that your action is set. Cut on the tool, whether you got auto blade or ratchet laid now with the rush it blade, you may have to take it out to change the blade steps when you're doing stickers. This is why I love the auto blade because it's going to do that automatically for May. The suggested settings for sticker paper are here. We've got the blade that which is to a force of 14 on a speed off AIDS. We can leave the purple set at that and see what happens. The anything it doesn't have is something that I do suggest. And that's the over cut, which is this triangle symbol here on. You would click this box to put the over cut on. However, you can't change the settings from here for the other cut. So we need to go into the mall option, which owns the advanced materials settings. Andi. It will then go down to user defined because it's recognizing that we've changed a setting of the default. So now we can see that's a little more clearly late. Dirt cheap forced 14 speed. Eight. I'm very, really go that fast. I probably take this down to five or four, but let's leave it it. Eight on his line segment over. Cut. Who wants check that box on? Increase the start on the end to no point choosy. Right millimeters on. We don't have to touch anything else. It gives an option to save these because it isn't the default setting anymore. On when you click say bus, it looks like nothing has happened. But if you scroll down, you'll see here. I've got one that's called sticker paper. White to And that's because I did a test earlier and sticker paper white one. So it's giving it the main. It's the stick of paper white default. But it's called it, too, because you've changed it and you'll have a number. I was particularly descriptive name. You got to try and remember numbers when you come back to a file in a month's time. So let's DoubleClick head on. I'm having trouble by double clicks today. Come on, uh, on Let's call it stick of paper, Bynes and you might call it through, meaning it's going to go all the way through the paper and then you press Antam. Andi, it's say now you can close the advanced material panel, but it hasn't changed it here in this panel. We still need to actually go and select it, so we'll click on the material here and swell all the way to the bottom to find the one that you just made. So it's sticker paper white on three. Ah now line segments on Andi. Everything else passes is how many times it cuts through everything on. Usually that's one that you can do double cuts by increasing the number of passes on. That's what you wouldn't take the Matt out of the machine, but let it cut again in the same place. Purple is going to be my cut through setting. So that will then be this red line to give us aren't two separate sheets for the inside shape. We're aiming to get a kiss cut. We want our sticker to cut through cleanly, but not to cut right through the backing paper like we've set for this purple shape. Let's select our yellow on. Go straight to opening advanced materials on 13. Here is a little plus sign. I'm going to take that to add a new material, a cold sea, the numbers that I had for sticker paper wine through. So is with sometimes writing them down so that you remember them. I didn't know it was a bladed to on the force of 14 on a speed of eight. Andre, my line segments his point. Teoh zero millimeters Looking at the blade. Andi force numbers. I'm expecting this is going to cut through all of the paper. I can change the force to zero, but Blake depths of two might still be too d, so I would probably change to Blade one straight away, but it comes to false 14 my enough, but I think I'll try something like 18 to make sure it's still a clean hiss cupped, and I can click Save now. We'll give it a new name very well. Where? Here. It's a double click on high. Let's call it stick white. Um, yes, on the compressed, and I cannot get back through my mind. Suddenly caramel cheese scroll to the bottom on a boat speaker paper, wines, hips conclude. Thanks on everything changes to the settings we just made while in this window. It's worth just popping up here and picking, say, so that we know that the changes were made will be remembered are printed stickers should be dry so we can position the paper on the cameo that aligning with the top left square turned. Smooth it down. Generally load the cutting mats into your machine on the coming out. I lined with the two hours on the left, and I pushed the mark gently and sweetmeats the rollers and then press load on the camera, pummel. Come back to Silhouette studio and click the send button on, then sitting watching machine do its work. - When the test flights have finished, you don't have to unload the Matt. This is why I placed the test squares at the bottom into the rind. I can pull up the edge of the paper to see the results without upsetting the rest off the sheet. I use the default setting for the three carts on. You can see that worked perfectly. I forgot to make a note of the settings for the test his skirt when I was doing this. But I remember I didn't change the blade that, like high suggested that you did on so you can see it's actually cut right through. If that happens to you, you're going to need to do another test so we can come out off the sudden window on into design. Select our blue on yellow, open the replicate power, um so that duplicate and then do eat the original. We don't want them cutting again. I can go now back to the send window. My test books is in a slightly different position. Andi. I can change the yellow to get a better kiss out. So if my blade of wall and force of 18 is still going too far through. I can learn this down to something. Why a. I'm going to save that so I could man click se. My cutting mat is still loaded in the come here, so I don't need to do that again. I consent pre click send, of course, because I've got the registration while still is going to read them again. But that doesn't really matter. We're just interested in how next test turns on getting the right. Settings may take some time, but is enough room here for another three or four boxes before we get anywhere near this registration mark area. When have the correct settings double check that you have saved them? You might even want to relaying them again. For example, let's have a look at my user defined Saturn's. I use a code for my sticker paper A V because it's Avery. Andi. Cut through is to cut through all the paper. Of course, on a BSP kiss cut is for the actual stickers on. In Spite, it'll be ever options I've got hang around in my settings here. I know that those two a vsp other ones that will always work on Avery White paper once we're absolutely certain that we saved all our materials on the cut settings that's uncheck these Phil colors so that we don't start cutting anymore squares out of the bottom. Go back to design and click Say, I know this seems a slightly complicated process, but I promise you it is worth all the effort in the next lesser, I'm going to cut out stickers. Shall we see how they turned out? 14. The Final Cut: our time together is almost up on Dhere. We are at the final cuts. I'm picking up where I left off with the test cuts. My cutting matter still loaded into coming over not moved it. A tall andan still here with my print Uncut henge. I'm going todo in sound on I'm going to the line top, which is already starting for a on I'm going to sort aren't my settings. I'm going to do the kiss cuts first, so I'm going to check the blue color. Andi, I always have a look on the screen. Steep up any stray lines where I don't expect to see them on that looks all right to Mae on . Of course. I've got mine settings here for every sticker paper I've got a blade is warm before 10. Andi, I did mine at a speed off. Fine to Red line is what's going to divide us because into two shades on. So that is called Avery sticker paper. Cut through. Andi, I have that on a blade off to a full 6 28 on the speed is still five. And of course, I've still got line second on as well. I'm already to press the send button. Andi, sit back on. Watch the coming in work. Thank you. - Okay . Okay. I don't own load the cutting mat immediately. I do still like to do another quick peel test to check that the cuts are all right. Once I'm happy that they are, go back to my sou at studio on Back into the Design day on guy kick. Say on that, just make sure that this file with these settings is saved. If ever I want to use it again. One sub saved my file. I go back to the cutting mat on start to relieve the sticker sheets on Ben generally or difficultly called the stickers from the mat that if you're Mark is very sticky, you'll sheet my co. If that happens, just put them face there on DFAT name underneath something heavy. A couple of books. That's what I did. Cutting mats can be incredibly sticky when you one solution writes to me is to doctor a clean cotton towel T shirt all over them at a few times before its first use. It fluffs up the mats enough that it won't rip your paper but doesn't shorten his life. Another way to reduce paper curling is to bend the mats away from the paper. That's why I used the edge of more table to bend the mats and gently release the stick of paper. Here's my mons. Truth. Have I got a good clean kiss? Cut. Oh, yes. Uh huh. Look at that. Her effect. I'm going to have a well earned cup of tea. I'll see you for the wrap up in the next video. 15. She Made Stickers: Well, here we are at the end of our cross, I've got stickers and I sincerely hope you have to. I thought I didn't with video of me trying to play with paper whilst we wrapped up our time together. If you've never used a little at studio before, I hope this class has given your ideas of what you could do if you try it. If you've never been happy with Sue at Studio and your Kanye or Portrait, I really do hope that showing you how I work helps you make the best of your software machine. Throughout this past, we've set up a good work for saving files and keeping templates for future projects. We've tackled all the basic tools used to create designs, whether it's for paper will vie. You seen. I don't do anything terribly fancy to get good results with an ordinary printer and everyday sticker paper, and you can too messed herbal. Have you enjoyed making you stick us? I heard the class projects helped you work along with May. I've been working the Silhouette studio for almost two years now, and I still make mistakes armed lots of mess, so don't give up. If your first page of stickers are quite artifact, I know you could do it. The final tough skis to show your completed stickers, shovels your fabulous designs in the project. Thank you for spending time with me until our next plus together Goodbye.