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Sticker Sheet Creation with Silhouette Studio

teacher avatar Leona Woolfolk, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, & Blogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. #1: Software Installation

    • 3. #2: Sticker Sheet Basics

    • 4. #3: Function Sticker Creation

    • 5. #4: Sticker Sheet Production Ready

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About This Class

Are you wanting to open a Sticker Shop on Etsy, Shopify, or another E-Commerce platform of your choosing but don't know where to start to begin making professional and unique looking sticker sheets?

Take this class to learn the basics of how to use the tools of Silhouette Studio to create sticker sheets that will set you apart from your competition. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Leona Woolfolk

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, & Blogger


I am a St. Louis digital illustrator and creative influencer currently. My early work was influenced a lot by the doodles of my imagination that I later turned into sticker designs.

Unbeknownst to me, I tapped into a hidden passion and talent.

Lately, I’ve become very aware and curious about how far I could take my passion for digital illustration. Plus, the direction my art style seems to be going in has begun to bleed over into traditional art. So, I don’t know what’s in store for the future of my creative endeavors.

Since I’ve just recently begun to take my passion for digital illustration seriously I’ve progressed into several drawing styles. Instead of switching between each one, I seem to be on a journey seeking the art style that... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi Money was the honorable folk. I am the content creator, Blogger illustrated well crafted by the pound and our etc. And will calm restore stickers in me. I spent four plus years encounters. I was working in Silhouette Studio, using it to create hundreds of sticker sheets to both sell to our customers and to use personally. This course will cover four main objectives. We would create a sticker sheet outline. We will create a sticker to use for the sticker sheet. You prepare our sticker, she for production, and we will learn what printing cut settings will work best for our sticker sheets. With a host of tips and tricks, explanations and an in depth walk through of the tools available ting through Silhouettes studio. I'm sure that by the end of this course, you will feel secure in designing your future sticker sheets. So if this sounds like a skill you need to learn, let's continue on with the next course. See you there 2. #1: Software Installation: So first, what you want to do if you never. If you don't have any of the tools, if you don't have any of any of the software installed, as you should go to so it America, which already have link to sudamerica dot com. And you don't want to go to shop, although you could you don't wanna go learn, although that's a great place to go to her about the machines and other instructional videos. As you can see here and stories is pretty much their block posts of what the creations have been made with their machines. But you want to go to software now and saw where this is what you see when you come to this page, Um, it tells you about the different versions of it. Now, will you first install this on your computer? If you've never been started before, you will get the free basic version. Now, Now, do you need the software? You need the hardware if you do not have a salute, portrait or so Kimio. I'm not saying that you still can't use this software, but if you are looking to actually cut your stickers out, you need one of the machines, so the better version of the software is not stable, not a stable version. It usually has more added features to live because it's being tested out, it might not be compatible with Dick Pewter. You might have more issues than getting a current version or legacy version. Now legacy version older versions of the software I am in many Facebook, etc. Shop and shop owner and business on the groups and the one consistence that have always you've seen the new edition comes out for Sylhet studio is that the new releases has a glitch, and it always who works horribly with their computer in the beginning, So some people have stayed with a legacy version. Some people have just uninstalled the newer version and garden installed with the older versions. But me personally, I've always upgraded to the newer version because usually has more stable, more stability for some of the capabilities of the business edition. So I've always upgraded it. I've had problems, sure, but with every software you ever installed on your computer, that's knew you might run into glitches. That's just windows for you. Now, if you have a Mac when I had my Mac. Um, I didn't have as many problems. Actually, only a few problems I had was freezing. And that was former. That was, too the, uh the ability of my graphics card. In my ram, I had a Mac Book Pro 2012 edition, and my ram was up to 16 gigabytes, which was the highest you could go. And my graphics car was until was ah until 1000 something like that. And it only had to do you buy room from our graphics card, and that wasn't enough. I need a grade in the on the grade I was able to go to was Windows, and that was a game, a computer. So with that being said, if you want to install the software, you will hit the windows. If you have a Windows computer or Mac, if you have a Mac computer and if you want to be a little risky and you wanna, you know, go above and beyond, you can do the better version, or, if you want to be on a safer route, semi safer. You gave Click one of the legacy versions, but if you could one of them and you continue on with this class. Be prepared for a difference and how it looks, because a lot of their legacy versions had a different, um, interface. So where they say, you cook on whichever addition need and you would go through the installation process and there are two things that you will have to accept as an administrator on your computer. Other than that, everything is straightforward. There's no extra software you need in salt. Everything is already prepackaged in this. I won't go through the installation process because I've already installed it. I've already put in my key for my business edition, and so let's go ahead and get started in the actual creation of things. 3. #2: Sticker Sheet Basics: thank you so much for joining me for the next course. This is actually the processing of or the designing of a sticker sheet. Um, I have five plus years and doing this. I have had many trials and errors. I've had a lot of research to do. It's all about what you want to see on your stupor sheet or how you want to make your, um, your work slow work for you in saying that. It said many, many times for me to even understand what the heck I was trying to do with the sticker sheet. So I'm gonna try to go through the steps this simple as possible as simple as possible. So there are two different sticker sheets of stickers. Styles. If you want to that you want to create to make your sheet with professional and appealing to your clients or customers, so one is a completely square shape. Now, usually when you're in Silla Studio and you have, um, you create a shape, it's gonna come out with a red line. There's a way you can change this, which is in your settings, um, going to default, Phil style. You be to have a solid field where be filled with actual color or outlined only now. Not only is having read or you can have it in black, but the reason I'll say it doesn't matter which you have outlined in because eventually you changed, and I'll explain that in just a minute. So you either have a square sheet or you have slightly rounded sheets, so you give the have. It's slightly rounded. It's such or and I hate control day to duplicate it. Or you can have it, um, left surrounded. So, like you could tell that's not as rounded, but it's still around it solid to you. But these two dots here help you change the curvature of the box. Someone to leave that for now, since we're only gonna work with these two, so you either have it this way or this way. So with these boxes depend on how you want with style sheets you want, you can always remember if you have squares, you can always around them post cut imprint. What I mean by that is that once you've printed out, we created a sticker sheets, friend them out in your printed with the car registrations and you cut them. You can always use a corner rounder to around your sticker sheets, but you will have to, um, allow for there in the production of your sticker sheet a game. If there's something you want, you want to exit question about, you can actually in the comments, Um, and I'll be sure to answer it. I know it sounds complicated, is really not. I'm sorry I'm making it complicated, but it's just so many things you could do and still a studio that will help you in the long run to make it professionally made sticker sheets. So me, personally, I like. I like the look of the rounded ones, but I actually like working with the squares. I'm go ahead and delete the rounded ones, and we're going to focus on the squares. So me personally, the size on my sticker sheets, you could come up here and change it. Or you can come down here in here and change the width and height. Or you can lock this and make it evenly and evenly. The mention shape I put them exists, so I usually go up here. I want to make it my sheets are usually well. I have three sides sheets my kids have. I have kids sheets, single sheets and I have, like, itty bitty icon sheets. My singular sheets are big enough for like, functional boxes. If they're like a single sheet of functional boxes, which were going to be doing today so that that's a sheet is 4.75 inches wide and the six inches luck. I know this looks each, but I have got it down to a science. This box here takes the size the with oven Erik Condra boxes take up through. So I want to utilize this much space for my sticker sheet is possible because I don't want away stick a paper. Also cut registration lines. This is not the defoe for me. I always hit the default when I do a new sheet because it pushes it all the way out. Now, when I do a size, A sheet decided because you never wanna have your stickers, she anywhere near these lives because your silhouette very well may not recognize it, and that is a whole headache in and of itself. So what I usually do is I used to go up once. My right, Let me go back to restore. I go up. I go down once. Now I'm doing this. Let me show you a secret If you push this all the way to the side or even if you go to that longer line over to the other side and you duplicated, let's say you want to sheets per page A You pushed us all the way over. You're able to get two sheets on one page comfortably. They don't touch the registration marks so you don't have to worry about, um you said the wind. I recognize anything but it. But when you get to that last step that I'm talking about the last step, this will be easy to work with. So if you want, take a picture of this so that you know what you want to actually see maker sticker sheets . Now, if you want a slightly smaller sheets anything smaller than 4.75 and with a sticker sheets , I want to have it at Defoe because you won't have any problems. So I'm a restored a default because we're gonna work on one sheet and I'm a zoom back, so I don't like this red when I do my digital listen so I usually do a light brown. I used to do the one, the 1st 1 to the rights a want, and if I really want to see the lineup is really that important to me, I'll change to reveal of it now. Speaking of this box, if you do use a cameo, you a sticker sheets unless you're used inscribed with paper, you only need to Cuba that letter only me to keep it at letter. Now, if you want your cutting mat to be cameo, this is what it before cameo. But this will be your cutting area because your sheet says is for letter and not 12 by 12. I have a portrait, so I'll go back to portrait. But since I and I goto landscape, I like using landscape for cheats this size. I usually use portrait for my smaller sheets so I could see the line here. But I can also see the line when it is here. It's probably hard to see, but I know it's there. I probably trained my eyes to see like this. I like it like this. I don't want to be able to see the line so well when I be my listening photos. So now we're going to do the header. Me personally, I use camera to create my header. But for the sake of this video, we will use the font here. Now this one that I'm getting ready use. I have purchased through the hunger J pick. It is mind to use forever. Um, I'm but this is the brand of thought that I use in my store. I have three flocks that I use it for my brand. And this is my header font. So my sticker shop has caused the Gru's and guys and simple you and me. And so this is what it looks like. Anything you put on your sticker sheet or anything you put in the work area. So the whip will come with the outline that is free is pre set for slowest CIA. So again, I don't like the red lines matter. Fact, I don't want any red lines because I won't be cutting this out. So I took off the no line just here and I go over here and I wanted to be black. Could base colors are white, black and gray, and I want to shorten it a little bit. So I see the line. Although if I were to go to a learn and go out with top and center it, you could see that it is cutting. Well, I can see that it's cutting into the lines, so I'm reported it down a little bit. Now, you don't have to have your head or this huge you don't have it Could be something small in the corner, but I know me. And I thought, Well, I've done the smaller ones. I've done the ones at the bottom. It just never worked for me. Um, it has not worked for me. So in order to put a band a line down, you just blowing over here in shapes and you're getting the line We're not gonna go advanced and doing polygraph shapes and curves. Shapes were just going to align. So what I learned to keep a straight line is the same as you wouldn't photo shop is you would draw you a whole just shift button down and you just drag across. Now the same rules apply to this as creating a shape you would go into lines if you wanted sicker like personally, me. I like it It one inches and I would go to, like so that my line of people it But it's too over the over the top. I was lightly having over like so Mm. Then I will just center it see, And then I will use my arrow keys just so I could be size and I go a little bit because I'm not gonna put on social media on the sheet, although you can also you also put your logo somewhere up here. But for right now, this is my local. So with all that centered and friendly, I will group it with which is controlled G or right click and group zoom out of you. So you still see the outline? And the reason I outlined my sheets of this color is because when I go to sand like, let's say you're finished with your sticker sheet. Don't ever use simple. Simple is actually not simple. Simple is very, very complicated. I used to do this earlier in the day in one of the older versions when it was easier, but I have learned of easier way which is lying. Go to line. Always now did you can see this color matches my line Color You click on it. This is the line is checked. No color. You don't ever want to check No color unless you purposely make something with no line color and everything that's has a line cook which would be weird for me. And you want to uncheck this because it would cut that out. So just so you know, none of the life show in print. There are only there for the purpose of cutting. None of the lines show up print unless you move it passed zero that what I mean by that is the same. We've created this line. This line is at 0 to 0. This will not show up when you print. Now if you bump it up even to 0.25 It was people prints Have you pumped out more? It was so pretty. But if you have it a 0.25 million 0.0 It will not. This will print This line will plant so this I will not because is not a line. It is an ash alive because is 0.0 Hope that makes sense. So long thing that we're gonna be cut right now. If I were to practice and cut, it will be my outline. Now, the outline is if you don't want to actually physically cut your stickers Want the silhouette to cut your stickers What I have in the setting which again take down as well and use for you. So I had I will go to white sticker paper, keep it on the wretched blade two and just right here and just change the force and many passes. So right now I want the speed to be a We just just says you have fast, it's gonna coated. And I want this to actually be at eight because I had it at six. But sticker paper I used I need a little bit more, uh, push on. It sells at eight. And I only need one path. I'm not. Oh, no, for officer. I'm sorry for the outline. Sorry, I'm good that I need this at eight. And I needed a 14. But I may do 16 because that wasn't all that perfect. And I want to do three passes. So this will cut this shape out three times and then I'm a do save as. And that's what I mean. I use it as border change the name, name and I'm a boost border because my stick of paper is mad, but it's likely sick. So that works for me. That cuts it out perfect. But my studies used to be eight for speed, 14 for forests and three passes, but I wanted to up my pet my my force. So I don't really deal with any of this down but low. I simply deal with these two things. So that's that one. Now, while we're here, I would also create eight my stickers stickers saying, And that will be eight. Miss B will be eight when we go back to two. Didn't tell it to move back to speak. Eight in one pass. Say that. Okay, maybe we exit out, but for the outline, I want to make this border So you want to go down. It always be at the bottom sticker. People border. So let's say what will get will come back to this. Let's not say so Now this is say egg your border, so that will print that will cut out your border, and that will cut it out three times to make sure when you lifted up off the mat the sticker. She is now an individual sheet. So now that we have the basics down, you join me for the actual sheep, too, with the shape screen shapes, stickers. 4. #3: Function Sticker Creation: Hey, you. Thank you so much for joining me for the next class and exports in this s which is drying the shapes to create actual stickers. We're going to be fun focusing on functional stickers. So I want to say, Let's make wait, let's make have a trucker's So I use the square tool Or like I said, you can use around tool. But I like the square when you use a square tool and I'm just gonna make us shape there that I'm a him appointing tool and I'm actually go up here and I would make it one and 1/2 inches wide. You can make your have a trucker is long issue or a solid one. But I personally like it at one inch. Even you've been so points and five inches. Yes, slightly better. Like Okay, so again, the line is rate and you all know we do with lines. We turn them off, no doubt. No doubt. What am I thinking? So on the record, the line is read. You can choose to keep it bread two different a gate from the background line me personally . Like I said, I like to do my digital listens here, so I like to make him life that are really seen hard to see. So I go all the way down to the so the lightest color I confined. I might even put it at this so you can't really see it, but it's they. But I go to the pink like a pink, pink, pink light, light, light pink lying. So I have my line. Now what I do before I do anything else is I create an offset. I create a offshoot of what I have as my stick it, and I would find that in a minute once I actually haven't put. So I put my offset at 0.25 and it hugs it. It comes writing in when museum it does it. It is right there, and I turned the border color off. I'll explain the minute. So wants that border close off in ads of 0.5 inches to it. Overall, I group it now what this does now. If you two different shapes together, let's say you were to make this color. It gives you a safety net because when you're cutting, you can never could perfectly if you're cut decides, you know, let's say it doesn't reach there all the way to the best of its ability. And it cuts little walking to the left. You wanted to still catch the color. You don't want to catch the white, so I do an officer of 0.0 to 5 to give me a safety net. You could make this a bigas you want are small as you want, but this is what I'm comfortable with. You could still see where it would cut it. So this will be the actual box. This is where it will actually cut it. The rest is just shaking it. The rest is just the safety knicks I made. My safety net now can turn off outside color off, and we could be working on the rest of what makes a habit tracker. So I actually like around its shape. So where I'll write what my habit will be, what I'm actually gonna be focusing on. So this is what it looks like when she put it out there. I wanna put in a little bit, but I actually wanted a little bit rounder like I wanted. There we go just a little bit neater. So I am going to get rid of these lines because anything inside the shape I don't want any live show because, Well, I don't want any, uh, Cutlasses shows. I'm just gonna created a new color board. I want to actually make a voter line because I would be doing something difference. And I want the line to be black, all about the bonus. So now that the line of black his boat let me fill it in, I'm going to fill it in with white, but I'm at a transparency of 15 to it. Now, when I add the color to the background say I'm green a sheet of a great color. This is what it looked like. You added the line. We put the transparency of 15%. This is what it would look like when you cut it. So any color, it gives you something somebody you just clients in yourself something to write on. So this is what it would look like. And so now this all this left report, this time just a little bit. All that's left is the days now You can do days, or you could do circles. I A person likes to do days because I check them off or you could do circles with the days in a Let's just do that one. So this is another shape. Now, if you want a perfect circle, why, why you're holding down the shape to stretch it out, hit the shift heat and it will make it a perfect shape. So now that I have the shape, I am going to test it out to see if this is the But let me see if I can get seven in here. That's for, uh, 67 So I wasn't able to get seven in here, so I'm a shrink. These a little bit. It's a lot of playing around. I enjoy it because I you won't find a perfect stickers anywhere. It actually do space in between things, so I want. But if you play with it, if you manipulated how you wanted, it's all about travel on errors in space and time slightly. It's all about how you want it. I had to learn this the hard way, but it took a lot of hours my leg nights, just figuring out what I wanted. So because that's out of the shape we're going to once again. Now, if you want to select multiple ones, shift is your friend. So if you want So when all this is selected and you see that auto Barca selected shift and then hit the shape that you don't want in your box, that's better. I think so. What I'm a do is I must do this temporarily. Then I make it into the new. There we go. That affect I would put the whole shape and then why have all these good together? So I don't have to do multiple ones. I am going to mark the lines and do the same thing I did for the book. So now that we have that done, I can group right click on group. And now let's get down to the actual, um, front. Now I thought that I would like to use is only use the front that I started off with student samba due Monday. I'm just gonna do on the doom individually so that you can see this is a huge letter. I'm a get rid of binds and I'm gonna give shape the color and I'm a heat control de multiple times. I didn't count seven, but doing multiple times. And then I'm a recess this to make it to see if it looks like looks good. And here now, before we actually tried, I tried toe eyeball it, but I realized, will be resized it shortly and it's a t saying with this, you just go down the line. It's too small. Hey, um, I don't want to be too. You can always resize thes here, or you can who size them in the other avenues and told you you could. So it looks like I won't need all these friends, but you can never have too. And if you instead of and if you do this way, instead of doing them horizontally, all group together, you can always change the fine and have multiple finds on the page or have multiple sheets of different styles. Or you could just copy and paste because I know opens out of the pain to create a new thing . And it had the chain choose your five all over again. So I used to just have a couple on the side here. Okay, so I won't need these. That I'm not doing another style sheet, and now we're gonna individually sooner. And so I'm just consented them. Since there's a lot of overhang for this, science makes it taller than what it actually is. Some some center, them all this button here will send them in both vertically and horizontally. But like I said, I don't want I don't want to centred them horizontally at one. Soon, vertically, horizontally. We'll have it all out of work. Now we have that. Damn! Now you have your first sticker finished. And so now we'll show you how it looks when you actually do prank cut. So that's a This is your sticker. Now, this is Thea actual. Since it's the color of the line, this is your sticker. This is what will be kids cut. So the second stating that we made in the last video it will be always about on sticker paperwhite stickers with the 88 in one pass. This will be what is cut. This will kiss that it won't cut through the paper, but it would kiss cut it. But in order for it to be cut first before this sheet overall, she is cut out because if your if you're mad is had a lot of love and it's not a sticky as it was when you bought it, you do not want to cut she out first. Want to cut the sticker out? So you just drag it to the top. This is this is your order of sequence. This is your cue. This is what gets cut first and how it gets cut. So in this order your stickers. Beans? Well, no, I didn't. Groupies. Let me go there now, Mother, this pink line where your stickers are not the offset, not the inside your stickers sheet, will. Your stickers will be cut first and wants all your stickers air cut on the sheet, then the background, because so you could choose if you're mad is not a sticking. You can choose for your silver to kick your back your sticker sheet out or you can decide to hand cut it yourself with the Gittel team or with some sisters. But I've always been securing my man because I always we restrict them with some adhesive spray. So clean him and into eggs a spray. So I always have the option of could of my sheets out because I don't never get imprecisely Cook when I do it. So that will be how you do it. So now that we could this we will, the next class will be about the actual full production Love the creating the whole shoot created sticker would created the sticker sheet Now would be actually great in the sheet and maybe escapee, so I'll see you on the next lesson. 5. #4: Sticker Sheet Production Ready: welcome back with the final class or the final listen on this class. So if you stuck with me throughout all this, you created stickers who created sticker sheet? Now let's actually finished what we started. So Zoom Dan for you all We did group all of this and then we're gonna un group it. You know who done it. So if you want to instead group elements of your stupid to get to make it Because what we didn't do was that we did not make these white with same transparency is what was at the top. I don't actually know. We're not gonna make the same transparent. See, We're just gonna make you white. So this will be white. That would be the field. So now that we have all that situated, we can we can group it and then we can group this and this together so that they are together always. So I like minds slush up against all of the lines. Like take it is much space on my sticker sheets as possible. So I really I buy eyeball in this side right here with that said, we're long to be changing. No, we're not so like I said, 4.75 which is the width of my thicker shoot. What is with low? It's not anymore, but it is. Once all this up gets a new group to it. It is 4.75 with us say that means I can equally distribute three across with appropriate amount of space on each one. So what that means also is that I've been a group all these together and then open it. Distribute down. I will do column four. Or does she down that way? Because I don't want to be doing one at a time. Yes. So now that I'm down here, I like to have minds flush to the bottom like that. I want to take a much all space I can take up on the sticker sheet, causing problems. So I like to always mind it up to this bottom line, and then I'm just going to distribute them evenly. Very good, so that it's right amount of space and you have a full sticker sheet. Now, with that being, say it up into on group them all, now that they're evenly distributed, I don't need any extra charges now I need to get the color on there. So let's say I want to do a I want to do a pink ingredient, so I will do this one. So I do. When I do ingredient, I do the 1st 1 to do the middle one, and I do the bottom. It creates the perfect amount of great year. You could always through the complicated or not complicated but oversaturated one of doing all sighs. But I only do three, so we have 123456 We have six, so that means we could be two rows of the same color. So So, like there's something wrong again. I'm using the shift key to hold down the stickers that I select. So now those are pink and it's all you have the eyeball it to make sure you know which sticker which element of the stickers directly selecting. But that's why I put a lot of space into my secret, because it's easier for me to grab. Okay, so this new a new version and makes it hard to multiple select stickers on multiple select items. The other version wasn't it's hard to do, but that's what comes with doing new software. So now that you have your speakership, you can decided to group all these together. But I'm not content with what this looks like. I like it. You might find this secrecy in my, um So the sk you since this is, however, tracker are you to do my escape, you with the first letter. And so we don't h one and I keep it in the same thought because that's my brain in front. And I promised my escape use at 10.3. Do as and then I do the same thing. Fill it with the black and I take off the lines and I put it all with and I make sure, of course, because it's not a word. I put the Scooby line, but local line. But more than that just kind of tall. No, but the H is now on that line. Okay, there we go. S o I iss make it more centered, and then I group the entire shoot. So since I keep it or it might keep my campus horizontal, I'll move this bad boy over to this side, and I will match up the outer line and then I'll go over here and I will put my insect down one and then I move it over some more. Then I will duplicated over once two sticker shoots on a page. Then I'll go. So let both level you need to do is send it to the page or just center. I do send it to the page because I wanted to send it all the way around. So with that being said, this is what it will look like when you cut it. These lines were here. Do not show up, but these lines in black line to do the red lines. Do not the red lines adjust your cut barrier. You don't want to put any stickers outside of this line. This grayish blind is your print border. You don't want to put anything that you want to print outside of this border. If you use any printable sheets, you usually seen that most sticker shops put their information out here within the prank border have been, then put their sticking within the cut border, so the black registration like marks are the only thing that will be cut along with your actual sticker sheet. this will all be good. So you go. You say you printed out your sheet and this is what it looks like. Separated from the graph lines. You would load it up on your silhouette. You want to make sure that your pink line is your sticker cut alarm just year top, and it has the right cut sitting. Then you want have your border? We do have a border if you don't, because you want to personally cut them yourself completely. Skip this step. Your cut line for your border is second. You do now. If you put any voter lines like you have with so call line into your name don't want that check. You don't know anything you don't want could checked. So now that you have that sudden set up, you've connected just so the way I don't have my select connected right now you would hit sand and it will rightist through your lines or a bridge to your registration marks. And once it accepts it, it will start cutting your actual stickers and then it will move on to come on. The board of your sticker shoots So with us, said, I hope I really do hope that I had made this process is easy and as simple as I could make it. It's taken me years as you get this comfortable and makings to give a sticker sheets. But I hope that I helped you all and doing it. And I appreciate you all taking this class, and I hope that this helps you take your sticker shop for your dreams of having a stickers shop over to the next level. Thank you so much.