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Sticker Sheet Creation with Cricut Design Space

Leona Woolfolk, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, & Blogger

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5 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Sticker Sheet Creation In Cricut Design Space Intro

    • 2. Part One: Canvas Navigation

    • 3. Part Two: Sticker Header Creation

    • 4. Part Three: Sticker Sheet Creation

    • 5. Part Four Sticker Sheet Production and Sticker Creation

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About This Class

Welcome to our newest class here on Skillshare: Sticker Sheet Creation in Cricut Design Space. This course will take you through the steps of creating a professional and attractive sticker sheet that you can share with your potential customers, clients, or for your own personal use.

The topics and tasks we will cover in this course are as follows:

  1. We will learn how to effectively navigate through the Cricut Design Space interface, as well as installing the necessary software.
  2. We will learn the preliminary steps needed in order to create a professional and attractive sticker sheets, and
  3. We will learn how to create stickers to use within our finished and formatted sticker sheet.

Want to learn how to create sticker sheets in Silhouette Studio? Take the class here:


1. Sticker Sheet Creation In Cricut Design Space Intro: Hey, this is the other from crafted by the pound. Thank you so much for joining me for our newest class here on skill share, sticker sheet creation and cricket design space. This course would take you through the steps of creating a professional and attract their sticker sheet that you could share with your potential customers, clients or for your own personal use. The topic skin test will recover in this course are as follows one. We will learn how to effectively navigate through the quicker design space interface as well as installing the necessary software to we will learn the preliminary steps needed in order to create a professional and attractive sticker sheet. And three, we will learn how to create stickers to use within our finish and for matters sticker sheet . If this class sounds like something you would like to learn, continue with us to the next section. Talk to you soon, but 2. Part One: Canvas Navigation: Hello and welcome to the first part of our stickers, she creation in cricket design Space class. My name is Liana, and I'll be your instructor for the rest of this class. If you have not already done so, be sure that you have your cricket machine in printer plug game set up and ready to go along with your Web browser open and your graphic design software open as well. There are many layers to this process, so I will try my best as you're instructed to make it as painless as possible for you to be able to repeat these steps when working on your next project and crooked design space. Now that we've gotten the preliminary things out of the way, let's get into navigating through cookie design space. So in this particular on this particular screen, you can tell that I've already signed in. You can tell that I have a few projects already implements it already set up, but what we're really going to focus on today is a new project because I want to give you guys a glimpse into the navigation of the actual process that cricket design space allows you to have when you're creating a project. So over here, of course, you can create a new canvas, so it'll be just like creating a new, um, document in word. So you cook this for a new canvas? It obviously didn't create a new camp for you because I would have a blood campus. This here is templates. You can if you are cutting fabric or anything that you really want to make. They have pre made templates used to help you complete their partick. I've never actually used templates because I purely use cricket in life space for paper crafts, and I don't need I don't use fire bricks. I don't need any of this or I don't use vinyl whole last autumn. Need to use templates, projects arm, um, pretty self explanatory. They are projects that other users or cricket have shared or been commissioned to share with cricket design crickets, customers and clients to help other people make like projects. And it had It tells you the difficulty level, and it tells you how long it's actually take you to create it. Now that's just a standard. That's not something that you should feel pressured in completing in that format, you have the option to prince the actual instructions and what you need and house how how it can be used also has preparation, which need how cut it any extra, helping tips for any extra tips and in how much the products, how much the designs you use will cost in creating this particular Partick I've never actually used. So that was my first time actually seeing it alive. So I think this is kind of fascinating, and I love how big their community is that they have people willing to share their creations with, um, newcomers or people who are looking for inspiration or looking to create, too tackle a new task. Images is something I'm familiar with. I rarely use anything with an A on it because, of course, that means you have to purchase it. I always go to categories. No, always go to filter, and I go to uploaded because if I were to go to my images whenever you sign up for cricket desire space, they always give you free images, which I think you cannot use for commercial use. I think I've never tried it because I always try to stick to my own creations, my own designs, my own drawings. So we'll go ahead and check their but any uploaded images that you have, which the upload button is here and you can upload images and patterns. And I just wanted for a minute. It tells you what images are allowable for cricket, desire space, and you can have a J pig GIF, PNG, BMP, sug or the X F and I person like SPG in PNG fouls J pegs unless you know how to manipulate it. Within this software, I will refrain from using. But unless you like, unless it's ah, finished picture, they have no need for manipulation in the cricket dispense space. Then J pegs are fine. But because I deal with stickers, the PNG and the SPG fouls arm or of my speed saying with pattern for patterns the best the best, um, fouled extension I know to use for me personally. Like I said, I deal with stickers this JP and since we're mostly talking about stickers, I would I would caution you to stick to just JP because PNG fouls if you use that in your sticker sheets or your sticker kids, if you get that advanced, it will literally cut out the pattern. And unless you want that to happen, stick with Jay pigs because J pigs will upload as a full image in that any transparency so you could sail already have one uploaded here, and we will do I have more. Okay, I don't have one. So now we're back to images. This is the only one I have upload uploaded right now, So we'll get to that in a minute. Text always is out is always on the canvas. It won't take you anywhere else. You can purchase other fonts because you're finds our station right here. You can look up all which combines the system, which is the fox that are dedicated, secure computer or the cricket cloud, which has the ones you can purchase. So for my system, these are the fonts that I have on back appear. Right now, they are a mixture of ones I bought once I've created. I think there's so much greater on here and once that just came with my operating system. So I purely stick to the ones that I know I can use for commercial use unless I'm feeling, um if unless I find a front that just speaks to me better, and I'm willing to purchase it in this a little bit different, but that's what you So we once you've chosen your fine, let's say I choose, um, this fine. You get the text box and you just typing, and it automatically pops up as you're typing it. And so this is what you will be manipulated in the actual canvas. This is what you're typing. And then once you're done typing, it is now an image, and you can drag it and do anything you want with it. If you want to change the color, this is where you would change it cause and that's gonna be a whole nother the printing cuts. So if I want to change the color, but we're going to get into that later, it shapes same way you have square circle triangle Diamond X, a gun store, Octagon Heart School line. The methods of the navigation I will show you will be purely for sticker she creation, and I'm not doing a whole cricket tutorial. That will be something you'll have to search for elsewhere because I appear Lee use cricket designed space for stationery products. So now that I've actually given you an overview of what's the obvious signs, obvious icons are on the side. I am going to get a little bit more in depth for this actual section of the course. So, as I said with the text, you can enter your text here in this text box. And the font choice is, of course, here. If you always ensure and don't know where to go, always look up to the top. And if you have an iPad, I think it's at the bottom. And then if you want to change the way this fight looks depend on the find, some funds don't have a style. You can choose regular boat italic or bold italic, and this is dependent on the fact that you choose. This is your font size. This is your letter space. So if I were the type, thank you again and I select all and I want to increase the space between the letters. This will increase the space between the letters Now, if I were to have click did and mated to lines and I want to increase the space between the lines I will use this en fr and then you have your alignment center. Right? And this is advance. You can ungroomed the letters are you can un group the lines I'm grouping the letters makes these makesem individual, as you see here in your layers let me undo that. Now I'm grouping the lines now shows you that you have each word individually. So let me undo that one as well. Let me make this left again. Look. Okay. So you have this You have the text used the text tool, use the fact that you wanted the size all that. And I think I'm gonna change to find just to make it a little bit easier to read. Maybe it's worth it. Yeah, and I wanna kind of mesh the letters a little bit to make it look like a script. OK, there we go. And I want to make him a little bit more. Then what? They are. I think I'll just do a negative four. Negative. Maybe a negative speaks. Okay, I guess I'm still have been that I want to get centered. That senate go back to left. So I've got in the way. I wanted to Look, now, we're gonna go up to here. And of course, this is your undo and redo buttons. This is so depend on the type of cricket mission you have. You could draw, score engraved the boss wave and perforate. We focus for sticker creation. We focused purely on cooked. Um, unless you want to get advance. But that's not what I'm here for. So if you want. So with the cut, the cut line is black, just like we talked about in our silhouette classes. You haven't taken that. If you want, it's a cut. Thank you. Like the entire thank you is if you're trying to create a stencil, Think of it like a stencil. If you wanted to be cut, it doesn't really doesn't really matter what you cut it. It would just It will cut the word out like you see here. I'm assuming so it was. So you see the line of black. It will cut the thank you out. Now what? We just not what we want. We want this to be printed because it's going to be on a sticker. She is going to be in a on the overall shape. So we want the stickers in the sheet to be could, but we want the outside. We could differently about making sense so we don't want to cut this. So So we go here and we hit print. Once you hit print, it automatically avoids the cut section is not going to cut this out. It's only gonna print this and you want to change the font color to something different. So now you have. You have your thank you. You have your sticker now pretty much so. If you want edited, you concocting cut. If you want to be selected to be selected, you like all and if you want to flip it too could flip it horizontally, vertically And then this is where you can change the size. Hit this in the unlock it or you can hit it in the lock it again. This is where he rotated. And this is just changing the position of you. See as I move it, it changes exactly where it's where it's at on the canvas. Okay, this is why I didn't much care for Oh, okay. I see what's going on. So there you go. So whenever you push anything, you're using up into the top corner. It will always go to zero. It will be the perfect, perfectly snug, into that corner. So you have your sticker Now what? I will show you in the next sections. Or the next part is that in order to create a sticker sheet, this is Let's say this is our sticker sheet and I want to make it longer. So this is my sticker sheet. I want to make it the color white, but I know it's so you want the sticker sheet because so you want to leave it like this. You want to leave it white or whatever color you choose. You want to leave it like that? Because let's say you also want to change it down here. Oh, come on. Okay, so this is my sticker. So if I want to have a bunch of these So let's say I have it like this and I want to duplicate it three times. Let me block this. How? Select all three and I will go up here and I would do in a line which our district because on early and then I will push them all up to the top. So I could So what I could do could go my shapes again and I could create eight. See, I want to print, So I so it will print and then cut. So I pushed this to the back and I align these two. Well, let me go ahead and do away with things got ahead of myself. So I will work on these two. I would align these, open that lift the vertical, and then I'm a changed the back. This to Pete. Okay, So, essentially, you're creating. Sorry, you're creating your stuff when you go to print. This is what the print and cut would look like. But if you want Thies to stay together, you don't want them. If you don't want the the, uh, font could you would flood. And so now this is one image. So this circle will only thing be cut out. And so I've already give us I've given the preliminaries. So essentially is just like a graphic design and software. Just it has the capability of being sent to a machine. So we have these. We have that situated. So we're now going to go into our graphic design software which I hope you have it up and running and we will move on to the next part of this class. See you there by 3. Part Two: Sticker Header Creation: welcome to the second part of our stickers, she creation in cricket design Space class. I hope you have your graphic design software open. It could be Photoshopped elements or a photo shop CC or can VA or pick monkey or any type of graphic design software that you use on a regular basis and that you're comfortable with . And if you want to follow me and see how I used photo shop elements, you can definitely do that. But if you want to learn how to do this in camera, I can do a small snippet of that in this portion as well. So I have my photo shop elements open, and the first thing that we will have to do is if you're I'm assuming if you're taking this class, you have an idea of what you want for your sticker sheet. Um, you probably know the design, how big, how wide you want. Your sticker sheets that crafted by the pound are sugar sheets are seven buys, 4.65 and our resolution, which it could be between anywhere between 306 100. Dependent on how crisp you wanted to wanted to be. I'll leave it at 26. This is our custom sticker sheet. This is the size of the mentions of our sicker sheets. So I will insert here a look at what our new sticker sheets look like and give you some idea of how were you spacing forward. So if you would like to use the size, it is seven and height, 4.65 And with and the resolution is 3 26 So now that you have that open, if you have a blank screen, you have a blank everything. You have nothing on here. You don't know what you want to do. So the first thing that I usually do is that I always uncheck this background because more likely than not, I am getting ready to manipulated, deleted something. So what I'm gonna tell you to do is that instead of creating a new layer, I'm squinting to drag this up to about one inch. Probably get it perfectly. So it probably just stop in 0.994 and I'm a leave it there now. Me Personally, I don't too much care for black or colored backgrounds, but I understand the the importance of having a section dedicated to your shop name or your business. Name your business, Social Media, where your customers can find you. I'm all for that. So since this is up at the top, we will manipulated slightly so that it is attractive and it works for your overall sticker sheet. So another thing you want to be mindful of is that depending on how big your stickers are, if you are going to have a small icons or small stickers, um, I'm speaking mostly of like tea ends hope any two weeks like small stickers less than 20.5 or maybe around 0.5 point seven inches wide. And if that is your that's your thing, then this. I think this amount of space to work with the perfect for you. But if you want to do functional stickers, I would say something a little bit smaller. Maybe around 0.5 for your hitter. We're work better because you want to give as much space to your functional stickers. It's possible you don't want to just have three and three and be done on a least. Get three rows of three on a sheet. You want me personally I like to monopolize much space on my sticker sheets. It's possible if you don't have some type of identity on your sticker sheets, it'll be hard for people to remember you and continue to find you. So me personally, I like to have the header at the top. What I would caution you to do is open up another blink foul and you have the wis. You want to keep this with the same, but you want to either choose one inch as the height 4.5 point 75 as the height. And if you choose either of those, I'm a choose personally 0.75 So once you once you got in that open it looks large now. But essentially is the exact saying Is this just smaller? And the reason I said open up a news document. Open up a new canvas with those measurements of the mentions it so that you get easier up close and personal. You are what your head it will look like and they will also help. When you exported toe api and jean, it would keep it crisp. It will allow you to know whatever you're seeing here on your screen is what you'll be able to see on give sticker sheets going forward. So with that being said, you could go ahead Unless you wanna keep this open so that you have an idea of the space that you have available unless you want to keep this open. Just a look at that. I know what my sticker sheets look like. I'm going to go ahead and delete this out of my box because I don't necessarily need so we're gonna focus purely on this header portion. So I used to go first to my fun because my fart usually sets the tone for everything else. And I would just to give you guys an outlook of what's my header looks like for my sticker sheets. And I hope you don't duplicate this, but my sicker sheet header looks like this is my secret sheet later. So I have my have my my, How does I'll just put into here? So as you could tell, this is our new header. This is what is on the top of every sticker sheet that we have and the sticker sheets that I've shown you guys of what our new stickers she's look like this is at the top and if you can tell how, Chris But let me zoom in. So this is at 100 zoomed Ian Comptel, the crispiness of the header, the icons, the wording all of it absolutely love the way this cover this hitter looks. I've changed the funds. You can tell the different found styles amongst the header and that is the the The The great thing about it is that you can manipulate you haven't looked anywhere you want it to without fear of it. Not working this personally works for me. These are my shop colors. So it works for what I have in store. So if you want to work on your, um Harris old, let's say we want to do you, don't you? You won't have the same flats that I have, so we are going to say so we want this to have So let's say you want this in the middle. I'll use the sugar shop that I used last time stickers and me. That was an actual real store. But I decided to go back to my old name, which is my business name and just just work on that. So So we wanna have stickers in me in the middle and let's say we want to have We wanna have our social media on the sides instead of directly under it. So i g f b and so we can go ahead and no, take those here or less A. Instead of that we have. And then you can include thes here at the bottom and then rises up a little bit. You can shrink. FIS mines are magnetic, so it already automatically puts it in the middle, puts it on the it dimensions it or, um, it's directed appropriately. And if you wanted, If you want to duplicate this, you can always right click and hit duplicate duplicate layer, or you can do control J. And if you want to put your website down here below, say, I think it was crafted by the pound com slash stickers and me was what I was. I was at the time. Now it's just crafted by the pound. And if you wanna, I guess make this larger is like it's a tower. So you have this and beautiful script lettering. You have this. You have your I g have your Facebook. You have your website. Now, if you want to just keep it like this and just turn this off and make you transparent, then it will look like this when you imported into cricket a design space. But if you want to keep the color, if you want to keep the background on and let's say you want a color to it, um, se you want purple? Maybe that is your store colors. If you want a purple with Well, let's say maybe it's a okay, boy, feel that your pattern. You want to use a pattern on this unless say you want to use? Do I have my bar? Let's say you want to use this actually like that. This is your This is your header. You want this to be your header, then all you You don't want to use a PNG format forward. All you would have to do is go to foul save as and you would just go to J pay and you would go let me actually save it to That's the thank you would just say I guess, um, stickers and me hitter. So once you do that and you save it, you will go to cricket desire space and you imported. And the way you do that, as I've spoken up in the first section, is that you will go to upload the upload image you hit, browse, and you go to wherever it was that she saved this hitter it, That's it. Stickers and me header. You can do complex because complex it'll have, um, more challenging to work with. Or if it's a simple details and colors high contrast insurance parent. I will go with moderately complex because it's not extremely well. Maybe it is because it has the background out. Forgot about background. Besides, you could see there is nothing that I need a racer change because it's a J pay. I don't need a kidding thing out. And so I want to say that as a print, then cut image, not a cut image. Because of his cut image, it will cut out an actual square. I want to save it as a print, then cut because I want this to be printed. I don't want a blank box printed. I want all this to be printed, so I'm going to save that the Sanoma upload is successful. So we want to do a can va same scenario. So can Va. You can go to same thing and what we say. We said it was 4.65 and Minds was 75 So we want to create a new design, same scenario. But the difference is that with Florence, say with stickers in me. Or maybe I'll do it the way head before stickers and me Here we go and we want braised stuff a little bit. Maybe the Thomas that we need to go. You stay within this block. Or maybe that I don't know what that block is to be honest. Okay, so we have that and say We want to do a little bit of body takes, so I g. And then it's at stickers on me face boot stickers on me. And then we are going to make this smaller so that it fits. Now, if you have the premium version of can a boo, you can import your own find. So if you have a script find like we used before, go forward. So we want us make this a little bit smaller. So they did it looks nice. I want actually change this guy. I don't like that. Oh, like where am I going? Um, I want to change it to passports. Uh, I like it, but I don't don't work from, um There were you, OK? And then I couldn't copy this. What did I say? Crafting. And I found a com slash Cruz and me, You know, I get a bit bigger said about the tower, and I can make these two a little bit further down from stickers and you so that it gives to get in the same room. I can raise this up a little bit. Here we go. And so for background. Unless, of course, you decided to do away with a background and you want to just downloaded as a PdF Giza Udell, it'd as a PNG and, of course, the same old download for free trial. And you will go into cricket design space and you upload image you can dragging and dropping with cricket with is this chrome and it's not letting me for some reason here we go and I will make it. It's not okay. I'll do complex things that another without much of a difference and I want to erase. There we go. I won t. Ray said entire entire background because it was supposed to be a PG and I didn't click transparent background because I did not have the events version of Canada. So I want again the print uncut version, not the cut image, because this is it would just cut this. It would not print it or anything. And I don't want the actual hitter to be cut out. So now I have this one, and then I have that when I have, so I have to do from ones. But of course I like this one right here. So now that we have that out of the way, I think we're now ready to actually put all these pieces that I have had us construct together to make an actual sticker sheet in cricket design space. So I'll see you all in the next part of this class. Talk to you soon by 4. Part Three: Sticker Sheet Creation: hello and welcome to the third part of our Stryker shoot creation and cricket designs for his class. If you have followed us from part one and part two to now Part three I commend you for taking on this split seems as ah, hard and tedious task. But to me it's actually fun. So I applaud you for continuing on and I hope that I have helped in some way. And I hope that I have helped you inspire or hip inspire you to do things a little bit differently or two fields if you don't need to purchase what everybody else in the stationary world has purchased for their store. So you can see we're right where we left off it from part two. So we will continue on with creating or combining all the elements create our secrecy. So I was show. I just want to show a brief look as this Well, at this sheet, I can close it out. So this sticker sheet So this came from my ipad pro. This was when I was still at sicker than me when I still had that open on etc. And we were using our pro our iPad to just try to eliminate all the extra step. Who really trying to focus on how we can create on the go instead of being in our office or being in our home office and having toe only purely work on our computer there and not be able to take it on the road with us. So we try to use our iPad pro to create sticker sheets. I personally think that it was an OK job. If that was the image we were going for, there's nothing. Probably creating everything in You're graphic design software. But this wasn't the look we were going for. We like clean cut. So this wasn't for us. Although it was fun to making, it actually looked pretty as it went on. It just wasn't something that we wanted to have as our sticker sheets. So we have our two letters here. You have the PNG were made in canvas and you have the J paper made in Photoshopped elements . I'm going to import both or a blow both into our actual candidates of the sibling canvas we've been working on since part one. So let me go in and separate them and As you can tell already off the beds, they look like they're two different sizes. To be honest, they are not because we eliminated the background for the for the hitter in Camba, it shrunk it. It made it smaller because now you don't have the parts, the white part that it came with. So now you only have the words. The only have this part. You don't have all this space anymore. So now when you erase the when you race the background, this has now become your only image. So because this is a J pic foul, everything was included. Now we would have clipped this back. It would have eliminated everything. So you can very well make a J pig foul into a PNG within cricket design space. But I don't see why you would do that when you could do that in the graphic design software that you use to create whatever it was that you imported or uploaded. So what I would do is I want to make this decides of what we had in cricket design space under me in Kampe, so I would keep it locked, make it 4.65 So as wide as I needed to be so that Wallace locked it would automatically proportion itself toe where is not distorted this one. On the other hand, you see the size of it. It's 11 inches wide. I don't know why. When you import something into cricket, deny space, it works it to the point where it's not like its original self. Because, you know, here we made it 4.65 Why you won its toll 4.75 tall. So I don't understand why it worked it, so we would just do the exact same thing. It's a noun. We have our header. So now that you have these two different headers, you have them set at 4.65 with Let's go ahead and actually get the sticker sheet together. So I know in my silly software class, so it's studio class. I talked about the rounding of the sticker sheet, that something you could do as a post production test. But we're not gonna focus on that in cricket design space, because cricket is I space. It doesn't give you a lot of customization options, so you want to just get done. What you want to get done And don't focus on any of the extracurriculars when you're focusing in Sylhet software facility design space. So what that? Say it. We have our box, which I will make white because I don't like the black a bit of the dark gray of it. And we will come up to our trusty box and we will make it. Oh, so well, uncheck it, especially if you have a sticker sheet size in mind. If you know what size you want your sticker sheets to be. This is where you would come here to play, play and make it so, um, just like we did in photo shop, you once. You Once you have what you want, you stick to it until you change it. You're gonna make sure that everything is very uniform across the board. So, like I said, ours is 6.264 point 65 cross in, seven down. So this is our sticker sheet, so I'm gonna put this behind, but this behind. So as you can also see again, this is slightly large. So I am going to make it to where I wanted to look better I'm going to go ahead and shrink it a little bit and then I'm going to center it horizontally. Then I'm going to duplicate this so that I could bring it over this way. Okay. And as you can say, tail, this is again slightly worked. We're slightly I don't want to make. I want to make it slightly bigger so that it actually cuts around it so that the background and still attached to the sheet and there isn't any white of the sticker white of a sticker sheet shown, So this is a little bit longer. This is It's exactly the kind of with that you want that I had set in Photoshopped, so Oh, and it's actually kind of okay, so I made it wider This so, as you can tell, working in camp you don't necessarily get the same dimensions that you acts for is that you can see his point is 4.65 by a 0.75 and this is almost an inch along, and I had a shrink it so look a little bit different. So canvass not necessarily reliable source for creating accurate graphics. If you create a one inch icon and camera. It won't necessarily translate as a one inch icon in cricket design space just to let you know. So if you have these two together and you want them to stay, usually you would need to group them so that you know what goes with what. So you have two different groups here, so we're going to blank this one, and we're going to focus on this one. So, as I mentioned, Or maybe I did mention with chrome Google chrome cricket Desire space gives you a limited amount of cuts face. You could very well turn this around 1 90 degrees, turn this around and then duplicated the scene. If you'll be able to get two sheets, her sticker paper and it says it won't well what it is Friday my support about your current machine to resolve select okay to just be affected layers so OK is too large. So this is what you can for krigger desires for cricket designed space in Google Chrome. This is your dimensions. You can Onley have your sticker sheet or your party go to 6.75 wide in 9.25 long or less so If that's the case, that means that means you might not be able to do You might not be able to have the same length of sticker sheets as you would be able to insulate design studio. So let me delete the first line and then let me hit this one and make it a little bit smaller. Include them, because I am going to need to shrink this a little bit. So I'm gonna make it maybe six. Yeah. And then we're going to bring it to you, right? And leave it as such. Group it again and then never see. We can make this to sticker sheets. Okay. Mm. Okay. Touch and let's see if it'll let us make it. No. So maybe you need to make it skinnier. So this is this is the kind of game you would have to play in cricket design space to make your project work. Essentially. So let's not have it. Let's have it at four. No, what did it? So I kept it locked, so it would need to be at a four. And this will need to go a little bit a little bit, and then we would align it again for clothes. Okay, so now we're gonna group this and let's try it again. So numb necessary. Not only will it depends on the type of graphic designers, all where you use it also depend on your really what cricket designed space would allow you to use. So let me give myself some wiggle room and I'm gonna really Vialli's I think I messed it up and then attach it and let's see if it allows us. Yes. So now these are the two sticker sheet you are able to have. So now that we know we have the right dimensions, let's go ahead and see, but still eat this one unless make it's unattached, this detach. And then let's the league office and we will make this for the first sheet there we dio a little bit lower unless align it. There we go. So this is groups. So we have one group with the old with the header from Camba and we have this one from Photoshopped. And as you can see, if you use a P and G for your header, it always remains crisp. It is easy to shrink and large. It kind of keeps this. It retains its resolution as you manipulated J Peg, Not so much as you can see here. So we were toe have done Jay pig as a as a PNG. We would. It would be still looking as crisp as this. So we have our sticker sheets. I want to bring it back. Mm, Whoa. What happened? I want to bring it to his ex straight. Okay, it is. I don't know where I didn't think he was. Okay, so we have our suit to sticker sheets here. They're the same says and they are ready to go. So we have essentially created our sticker sheet. This is our finished products to go sheet in the both of the header designs that we've created. So I thank you so much for joining me for this portion of the class. And I hope you continue on so that we can create an actual sticker to put on our sheets and they move on to the final production of our sticker sheet. See? You see there But 5. Part Four Sticker Sheet Production and Sticker Creation: Hello and welcome to the fourth part of our stock of sheet creation. And Kirk, it designed sprays class. Oh, so glad you guys made it to our fourth class or fourth part of this class. I understand it's a lot information. I'm throwing at you, but you can always rewind. You can always re watch. You can always Paul's take notes. You can always do that. Don't ever feel as if you have to watch it all the way through and then be overwhelmed and frustrated. If you have any questions, don't ever hesitate to message me. He'll here on skill share on our YouTube channel on any of our platforms. So I'm trying to make this a simple is possible. This took me many years to actually learn and feel comfortable to be able to share this information with you. Also do not ever feel as if I don't understand or is. If I'm so advanced that I don't understand that I'm probably speaking a foreign language to a lot of you all. So if you ever have any questions, if you have ever have any concerns, do not hesitate to message me, contact me or actual peers for questions, if you fellas, if you are bossed. And if Kruger design space doesn't seem as if it's the platform for you to create your sticker sheets, that is not a problem at all. If you feel is if Silhouette Studio is best for you, we have our class link down below in the description to does So go ahead and check that out . And maybe that's the platform that you might need to use, since it's all in house and there's not a lot of extra stuff you need to use for it. But I know for some people love their cricket. I love my cricket. I love my silhouette as well. So it is all about what you're going to use your possession for. What are you going to use cricket for what you gonna do silhouette for what you're gonna get Photoshopped for. It's just all figure, not your methods. You can always pick and choose and put things out and create a whole new method has never been done before, but I'm trying to make this class its simplest possible. But like I said, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me So in this class we will actually be creating stickers. So there are two ways that I want to show you how you can create stickers. One way is as like I've done here, so and the sticker sheet that I showed you previously it has the doodles that I have that I drew and is actually part of the sticker sheet. But what I want to show you is how you will you export your duties when you export your illustrations or scan your illustrations in to make them into a P and G how you can then use that as a sticker. So this is one of our cactuses that I drew for our part up of kids. And if you follow us on YouTube, we recently released, uh, Erin Con Drain Planners. Eric Condron plan with me with this kid. The pre format, the previously formatted kick we just reformatted and just released it. And we just released our bullet journal. Set up with these with this clip art. So is hand drawn, but I call it clip art so that because it's what I used what I created him for, So, like, always we're gonna uses a print and cut image and not the cut image. The cut images on lee something use if you're creating a vinyl. If you're cutting fabric along that nature, if you have something that you don't necessarily need it to be printed for, so we're going to save it as the printing cut image. And so I'm going to upload this into the canvas and, of course, is going to be overly large. Okay, get it. Make him automatically goes to every you tell itude, so I'm gonna make a little bit smaller. So this is one way if you have pre if you have pre drawn anything, if you have an illustration if you have a Nikon, if you have something you've created in photo shop and you want to exported and imported into cricket design space, that will be how you do it. Just like any other image we imported are uploaded into cricket desires Race. That is exactly how you would do it. Now, if you want to use cricket design space if you use it on your iPad, if you want to use it purely to create every sticker, you you want to selling your story use personally or gives a client. Then I'll show you that in a minute. So let's say you want to create the script. Fine stickers. Let's say you want to, um so you won't do it today. Today header onto a sheet of today header. So I didn't know I had my cap lock down. Read. Write it today and you want to make the letter spacing a little bit more together when we get a lot more together. So they look scripted? No, not that much together. Okay, so this is what you want, and then you want t eight. If these are gonna be today headers on, we uncheck, unlock it. You want to make it to where you know the size. So universally, most hitters are 1.5 and with in 0.5 or 0.75 in height, so we wouldn't need to change that. So we if you want to make it colorful, let's say you want it to be passed. Still colored. So this will be print. You wanted to have purples and pinks. You want to have this type of color. So let's say you might need to make this a little bit smaller to fit in here. There we go. And just like you would in any of the software. So now you have years. You have your today hair and I personally don't like my stickers all the way on to the side . So we would group this and duplicated And then just because I like to use all the space that I need to, I would It is 90. I want it 90 degrees. I would put this heat and then I will make this food. But I have. That's the thing. Those like this court to make sure everything else doesn't move as you are going. So if you want a multiple multiple select multi select, you would click on one and you press down on the shift key. You will select the other ones that you want. So because I have make sure these two are at the top, make sure this is at the top. It of look like it is. There we go. So because I have this, I want to change this color to the purple and I want to change this color too. The balloon. And then I want to duplicate this down and I want to make this color this blue, and then I want to duplicate it again. And I want to make this that yellow on. Do more term for these for this bro living in this, I guess would be the orange. And so now I can start duplicating the co's already done. Now, you could very well do this. And photo shop. But I've never been one to actually make my stickers and Photoshopped and import them into any of my sticker design and let that be the end of it. You do this and I wanna make this 10 so that it is You go. And then I would duplicate this one, and I'm gonna make this 1 90 Well, if if there s a real okay, so I can go ahead and align these make to the right. Here we go. And then mark unjust. Continue on here. Wonderful king in and mostly duplicate. Who can see I like something with you today as well. So now that we have this, we have these two where we want them down here. So now we can select all of these and we can distribute them vertically. same here. Okay, so now you have centrally a sticker sheet. So we're going to use our clip art for this sheet. We're going to make one large one implicated. Oh, what was that? I don't know. They that I have never used this. I'm not going to talk about that here. And then I'm gonna make that one here that I'm a duplicated again and never make thes They're smaller. Then just duplicate these across. So multi select them. And I'm, like, Did should beat them horizontally. And I will make sure these are both the same, but, uh okay, Okay, so now we're going to group this entire thing, and then we're going to a group, this entire thing blue better me to duplicate it. I also used to duplicate that. I just decided to it again. So we're gonna group it, not dedicated, group it. So for this sticker sheet, I want to rotate it 90 degrees and I'm going to put it here. And then I do the same for here because what I learned is that if you put it sideways, it gives you more room to simply do what you need to do. So I need to put this up here because I'm a little down. Okay. Then I'm gonna make sure that both of these are wine, right? And then now that they're both selected now, if you have both of your sticker sheets selected, you need to go down in the Ted. You do not want to wield, because if you will, this is what will happen. Essentially, you just made it shapes. So we're not wielding. You do not want to flood. And because it doesn't do anything but make a new image. So now it's just an image it won't cut. Is is not gonna do anything. You only want to do a flattened If a flattened just messes everything together. We want to attack because attaching it attaches it to the Met and makes it tells the machine. And it sells cricket studio. My design space that this is what I want. This is my, um this is my project, but we need to unattached it because I just saw something that I did not go over with you all. So, as you can see, the text is all in cut mode. We do not want that. We want all the text to be in print mode because we wanted to print, then could. So I'm selecting using control, pressing and holding control. Is that click to? So like all the text that we put in this project And I am going to print and I'm a change the font to black, which is what it should have been. I'm sorry I didn't catch that. So now that everything is set and fixed, we can now a touch everything. So everything is attached. Now we can go to make it so. As you can see, this is what our sheets will look like. This is the cut line. This is the cut line. This is the registration marks. These air, the new registration marks where your cricket. So now you're ready to go now You know how to create eight a sticker sheet in cricket designed space. I thank you all so much for joining me for this class. I hope I have helped you Hope I have inspired you. Hope this guys have been beneficial to you. And don't forget to leave a review for leave any questions you have down below and I will see you again in another class by